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Vanessa grabbed her husband's hand and told him to give her a kiss.


Jebadiah raised her vail and saw her horribly disfigured face. Her lower lip was pulled across towards the side of her face, eyes bugged out her smile has a large over bite.

The transformation from cattle to vampire was particularly hard for Venassa, but Jebadiah still loved her her face may be disfigured but it's still the woman he fell in love with eighty eight years ago.

Jebadiah was one of the first of his kind to come to the new world from Europe but far from the first vampire to live on the Americas. When he first came off the ship with forty people they quickly settled into the wilderness, and they named the now lost colonel settlement Salvation.

It was a remote settlement deep in the woods but close to a river and plenty of solid ground to settle on.

The group of men all started to chop down tress and began to try to carve out a new living for themselves and it only took a month for them to build wooden shacks for themselves and their families.

The trip to the new world was where Jebadiah and Vanessa first met, on the boat where she was married to a foolish man named Jacques Cobbler. Jebadiah was in love with her from the moment he layed eyes on her but Jebadiah couldn't do anything at least not on the ship as fear of the night stalkers ravaged the European countryside most of pilgrims feared that vampires might flock to the new world so they held every one in suspicion.

Once they reached land he quickly befriended Jacques and plotted his death, maybe a tree will fall on him or he would be attacked by a wild beast. Little did he know that he didn't have to wait to long for Jacques demise. The land they have chosen to settle in was held as sacred ground to the wild native Indians and they sent braves to first warn them to leave by firing arrows at them for weeks intentionally missing but still close enough to strike fear.

Jacques was first to pick up his musket and fire into the bushes and killed a brave when a arrow came close to hitting Vanessa. Later that night the settlement was hearing demonic howls and screams with other noises to keep them awake and tired, but to also work the braves into a killing frenzy. The men of the settlement had very little sleep all are dead tired except Jebadiah who never seems to get tired or need much rest.

When the sun rose from the horizon and the warm rays of sunlight hit the shacks of the settlers was when the first braves came to attack. They were led by a native Indian named sleeping bear who called himself that because of his deep sleeping fury that rested below the surface of his normally kind and gentle nature. The attack was quick with a volley of arrows flying at the settlement killing all the men who came out once they noticed it was quiet, but Jebadiahkept the other men back inside of their shelters waiting for the charge.

"Don't wast the first shot if we kill enough of them we will kill any fight left in the rest." Jebadiah shouted from his shack to the other men who all silently agreed.

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It was quiet the native Indians seemed to be waiting for something but then all of them charged whooping and yelling axes and spears in hand. "Now! Fire!" Jebadiah ordered and the men fired pistol and musket shot into the wave of Indians and fell the majority of them as they ran back frightfully at the thundering shot of the settlements defenders.

The men stayed inside of their shacks reloading quickly preparing for the next wave.

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"Stay ready!" Jebadiah said as he saw the foliage around them shake and move as a unearthly thumping came from the back of the settlement. Jebadiah knew that sound it was the slow and distinct thumping of a vampires heart quickly Jebadiah ran to the back of his cabin and saw a brave wearing a large animals skull over his face and covered in the animals blood make it's way to the settlement. The feral looking brave was Sleeping Bear.

Jacques came out of his cabin to see why it's grown unearthly quiet he saw the beast in front of him and froze petrified of the tall and demonic looking man.

Sleeping Bear stared at him and hypnotized Jacques making the man paralyzed. Sleeping Bear howled and jumped on the man tearing at Jacques flesh draining the body of his blood and then in a gruesome act Sleeping Bear tilted his head up and vomited over himself. Letting the blood drench him and he howled at the sky when Jebadiah charged at the Sleeping Bear and then shot at him and began beating Sleeping Bear with the musket gun but it seemed to have no effect.

Sleeping Bear absorbed all the blows and didn't fall instead he punched Jebadiah in the stomach and tore out his guts in a single blow. Jebadiah doubled over and was knocked out and left the settlement to be purged by the native Indians. Hours passed by before Jebadiah woke up he saw the settlement in ruins and grabbed his abdomen and saw his stomach ripped and pouring out of him. The pain was immense never has he felt such pain, not since before he was turned so long ago.


Gathering his internal organs in his arm and trying to stuff them back into himself Jebadiah got up. His first instinct was to feed and found a victim groaning, her clothes torn and ripped she was bruised probably raped her face bloody and swollen.

He hasn't feed in weeks not on a human anyways Jebadiah has hunted some wild animals and drained them but human blood has this effect on vampires that just doesn't get replicated in animals blood.

The effect is the same as drinking poppy milk you get a intense bliss. Jebadiah crawls over to the woman her face to swollen to be recognisable and her heart beating weakly but enough to feed on her.

Jebadiah grabbed at her face turned her over exposing the soft neck and began to suck on her life essence. When a vampire drinks on human blood the life experiences of that human flash behind closed eye lids, and soon the life of the woman he is ravaging passed threw his mind.Summer days on a farm in the French country side, a abusive father while growing up, running away with a childhood sweetheart then marrying, and losing a child with sickness during labor.

Then Jacques face came into view leading the woman onto a massive ship heading to the new world.

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Jebadiah realized who the woman was and quickly made the mark on her back sending her soul to the pits of Hell and hopefully she will live. Venassa felt a cold air grasp all over and then eventually saw her own life flash before her eyes.

The one image that stuck out was how her and other women were taken unwillingly by the savages who attacked Salvation and killed her husband. The feeling of the savages poking and prodding her every opening and hitting her whenever she would struggle to break free from under them. Vanessa was filled with so much hate she cursed every single one of them as they finished in her.


Then she woke up next to Jebadiah who was crouched over her body his stomach red and purple with a ugly scar and bruise that covered his stomach. Jebadiah nursed her back to health but noticed that because he waited so long to try to turn her it left Vanessa face severely disfigured.


He still loved her and both of them got revenge on the tribe that wronged them. Vanessa sodomized every brave that she saw with a smooth ten inch wooden spear end being extra vicious to the braves that she remembers assaulting her.

As Vanessa terrorized the tribe Jebadiah killed anyone who tried to escape after he sneaked in and killed the other vampire who nearly disemboweled him by striking his hand into the rival vampires chest and ripping out the still beating heart out of his chest. Jebadiah can still feel the slow beating heart in his hand whenever he reminisces about the native vampire he killed. Later that day around noon the party was about to start all the house slaves had placed the special utensils on the table the silver wear was polished to a almost blinding shine.

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Elegant plates made of the finest French porcelain are placed neatly and spaced equally infront of the solid chairs that had soft cushions stuffed with cotton from the plantation.

The day was to be Miss Chastity day and the cooks had spent half of it preparing fine delicious delicacies that were just about done when the first guest arrived.