Daddy fucks me and I cum

Daddy fucks me and I cum
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I smile, fighting the urge to look up into his amber eyes as I hear him walk in. and close the door. He turns away to hang up his overcoat in the closet, whilst I sneak a peek at his tall frame, licking my lips slightly at the tailored charcoal suit that hugs his tall, muscular frame, the silver shirt and indigo tasteful tie making his cinnamon skin tone look even richer.

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He comes to sit on his chair while casually raising his polished wingtip Oxford to rest the heel on my cushion, tapping the pointed toe against the open, pouting lips of my cunt, my breath catching in my throat with a whimper as I can hear the sound of my wetness squishing loud enough for him to hear.

He sits there quietly, slowly taking in the sight of his prized possession displayed for him, enjoying seeing the reaction of my body to his foot rubbing on my clit, watching me trying so hard to hold still and not to hump his foot. He leans forward, tucking his forefinger under my chin so I can look up at him, a smile almost lewdly playing on his full lips as he says, "I see my girl followed my directions precisely.

I am very pleased, I love seeing you beautifully dressed and heated for me when I get home. Now, come here and give Daddy a kiss, and let me see what I can do to reward you." I grin up at him, my love for him shining through my eyes as I lean up to his beautiful face, offering my lips to his, tasting him softly.

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He grabs both sides of my face with his large hands, pulling me closer as he devours my lips hungrily, making me moan as my body responds, my pussy grinding down on his toe in wanton show of my absolute hunger for him. He pulls out of the kiss almost reluctantly, gently kissing my nose and grinning at the soft begging noise that comes from my throat. "Stand up, little girl, let me inspect you." I get up as quickly as I can on my near-jelly legs, bending at the waist and making sure to give him a good view down my bodice as I get the cushion to put back in place beside his chair.

Standing in front of him, I spread my legs wide, lifting my arms behind my head and crossing my wrists, thrusting my tits forward again and looking down. He leans forward again, sliding his smooth, warm hands up the outside of my thighs, pushing my skirt up so that it frames my exposed, bare pussy. He pulls on the exposed ring hanging down from the ben-wa balls, making them move inside me. Sliding his index and middle fingers along my swollen cunt lips, he murmurs, "Mmmmm, someone is soaked, even your thighs are completely covered.

Did my dirty little slut play with herself when preparing?" Swallowing, I reply, "No, Daddy.

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I was a good girl. I followed your directions.

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I wanted to be a dirty little slut and make myself cum, but I don't want to be in trouble tonight. unless you wish me to be." Grinning, he looks up at me, "Good answer, my petal.

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Now, turn around, show Daddy that you followed all the directions I gave you." Turning slowly so he can enjoy the show, I spread my legs wider, arching my ass up as high as I can by standing more on my toes, and reaching back to grab my asscheeks, displaying the glass butt plug. "Just as I thought. It looks far better inside you than at the store." Grabbing the flat part, he pulls at it a little, making the first section pop out, listening to my gasp for air before he slides it back in, twisting it a bit and grinning even bigger as I moan out loud, my cunt dripping juice as I try not to move.

"Please. Daddy, I am so wet. Please, may I cum for you before we leave?" I bite my lip, guessing already what the answer will be. "No, mine.


You have to wait, but if you are a good girl tonight, I promise it will all be worth it." Slapping my drooling cunt wetly, he grins as I cry out, "Thank you Daddy!". "Ohhh, you are going to have fun tonight, mine.

We better get going, don't want to be late for the show." He drapes me in my long dress coat, making sure that I am covered before touching the small of my back and guiding me out the door of our home, and into the car.

30 minutes later, we arrive at a place I have never been to before. The 2 story brick building has no large logo, but I trust him to take me somewhere interesting when he gets like this.

He opens the double doors for me, and guides me gently into a restaurant, checking our coats at the front. At first I am worried I am a little under-dressed for a nice restaurant, then I notice that most of the women inside are dressed either like myself in "classy slut" attire, or in various forms of fetish. Some are even kneeling or in nadu position beside well-dressed men.

He notices me taking everything in, and whispers, "I think we might like this place, my petal." Looking up into his eyes, I grin before the hostess comes to get our name, check the list, and guides us to our table in a corner.

He points to the cushion on the floor beside the booth he slipped into. "Sit, mine." I slip quickly down onto my knees, resting my ass on my heels and smile up at him. She hands him the menu, and he orders for both of us. The food smells divine, but I am still heated from feeling the balls moving inside me every time I move slightly, and the fullness of the fat intruder in my ass. He notices this, and leans over conspiratorially, whispering, "You know what is even better than the food in this place?" "What is is that, Daddy?" "Look around you, my little horny girl.

tell me what you see?" I glance around the room, then see something that rivets my attention and causes my cunt to clench around the toy.

About 4 tables down, a Dom is looking down at his submissive girl, who is on her knees, ass sticking out from under the table as she deepthroats her Master's cock. My eyes focus on his hands gripping her hair, shoving her down on that cock, his eyes watching her taking it down before he slowly looks up and looks directly into my eyes just as his body twitches up, making it very apparent he is giving her a good appetizer of sperm down her throat.

I look away, a light blush covering my cheeks while my body tightens up and my mouth almost salivates. I look up at my Daddy, whispering, "We can DO that here?" "Oh yes, princess.

and upstairs is a play area. Complete with toys, and furniture for dirty little girls who like to show off or need to be punished in public." He grins again as a deep whimper escapes my throat and he swings his foot back out, slipping it along my swollen cunt lips.

"Does my girl like my surprise? I know how much you love showing how slutty you can be for me." "Daddy, may I? I am SO hungry, please? It will be a bit til they bring our food, right?" My pussy leaks at the thought of doing something so filthy, so lewd in a restaurant where everyone can see.

"Okay, but if you feel the urge to cum, remember to ask permission, and then deepthroat me so you don't startle the guests; you know how loud you get." I eagerly look around, seeing that other subs are entertaining their Doms, so I slip my cushion further under the table.

Reaching up and unbuckling his belt, unbuttoning and pulling the fly down and spreading his trousers opening wide to gaze longingly at that thick, throbbing, uncut dark cock that I crave so much. Leaning down and rubbing my cheek up the length, inhaling his heady scent before looking up into his face, seeing his eyes as I whisper, "Thank you, Master." I kiss the head reverently, flicking my tongue along the exposed head that is gradually sliding out of the foreskin, tasting his excitement before sliding my hand down to expose the head further.

Licking my lips to lube them a little, I slide my wet lips over his head, taking it into my mouth and feeling myself salivating at the taste of him. Hungrily sucking more of him into me, I feel the toe of his wingtip pressing into my pussy, almost entering me, while he grabs my hair and shoves me down further onto him, making me choke a bit before I adjust my throat.

Starting to control my pace, using my hair as a handle, he start slowly fucking my mouth, working that fat cock deeper, letting his precum lube my throat before he enters it, making me gag as I leave drools of spit running down his shaft with each upward pull before he shoves my head down harder.

I start humping his shoe, shamelessly feeling my skirt ride up so everyone can see the butt plug peeking out if they were to look as I shine his shoe with my pussy juice, gurgling on his cock as he holds my nose to his dark curls, shoving his hips up so that it feels like his throbbing cock is past my voice box. Suddenly he lets me up, I take a mouthful of air, looking up at him pleading. he whispers, "What do you need, my slut?" "I need to cum for Daddy, pleaasee???


Please Master, please? I want to swallow your cum while I cum on your shoe, I promise to clean up my mess after," I whisper, letting my teary eyes full of desperation and well-used lips scream what my whispered words can barely say. I quickly devour his fat shaft again, fucking my throat down onto his cock, letting him feel my insane need for him, for his seed down my throat, for me to release for him.

"My horny little whore, I love seeing you so needy for my cum.


Hold it.Don't cum yet. Wait for it." I whimper on an upstroke before his hammering cock cuts off any sound again except the wet sound of my drooling horny mouth getting reamed out by his cock.

My arousal can almost assuredly be heard halfway across the room, as the knowledge that people are definitely watching drives me insane. His grip on my hair gets tighter, hurting me just enough to make the pain go straight to my engorged clit. "Now, baby, take my cum, cum with me." He slams my face down into his groin, pistoning his head as far into my tight throat as he can before shooting what feels like gallons of cum down my gullet, making me scream silently in my head as I gush on his shoe, my body shuddering as I release.

"Mmmm that's my good girl, drink it all. Make sure to clean up both messes, and I will reward you after dinner with a trip upstairs." Just hearing that makes me have a mini-aftershock, my body twitching as I cum a bit more on his shoe, purring as I clean his slowly-softening shaft, working my way down to those huge balls I love to suck on.

Afterwards I get down on my hands and knees while he refastens his trousers, slowly licking my cum off his shoe, trying to make sure I get every drop before he hands me a towelette so I can dry and buff it a bit to make him presentable.

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I look up at him as he tidies up my messy bun a bit and smooths the front, cleaning up my makeup for me. "Such a good girl, I know how hungry you were.

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Good thing dinner is coming this way." **to be continued**