Fudendo a priminha quando a tia saiu do jeito que ela gosta

Fudendo a priminha quando a tia saiu do jeito que ela gosta
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"Magical time of the year, my ass!" I said to myself while I waited in the mall for my wife to call me on my cell phone. Here I was at the only mall in this town surrounded by umber-white, cheese eating, un-cultured pig farmers doing their Christmas shopping and my nerves were beginning to wear thin.

My wife, Susan, abandoned me to run to her office for a small medical emergency. That was at 11a.m., it was now 5 p.m. and if I had to hear another damn Christmas carol I was going to snap and go on a shooting spree. How did I find myself condemned to the land of pig farmers and dairy products you might ask?

Well that is a story in itself. Six months ago, my wife was a plastic surgeon to the stars and I was one of the top talent agents in Hollywood. We went to movie premieres, went on vacations with movie stars and went to wild parties. You know the kind of parties where people would do coke, drink and have orgies at each other's houses.

But I had a mild nervous breakdown and was at risk of having a stroke. My doctor suggested that I quit my job and move away from Hollywood and my wife agreed with him.

So she quit her practice and started a new one here. I fought her at first about moving. I explained that all of our friends where in Hollywood and how good of a life we had there. But she told me that we could have just as good of a life anywhere else and that the 'friends' in Hollywood only liked us because of our connections. She also said she would do anything to keep me healthy and would make up for dragging me away from my beloved Hollywood.

How can you argue with a woman that has your best interest at heart? Once we got to Iowa, my wife established her new practice and I was able to get a teaching job at a local university in the liberal arts department. It wasn't what I was used to, but at least it kept me from losing my mind completely. My cell phone rang and I eagerly answered it.

"Where in the hell are you?" I said harshly. "I'm just pulling into the parking lot, Quinton. I will pick you up at the Dillard's side of the mall." She said calmly, but I could hear her, 'don't get snippy with me', tone in her voice.

"I'm sorry dear, it's just been a long day and I'm tired." I said apologetically. There was a slight pause and I thought for a moment that she had hung up on me. Then she broke the silence.

"It's okay sweetheart, I would be a little upset too if I was stuck in a mall for six hours. If it makes you feel any better, I have a little surprise for you", she said mischievously over the phone.

"So you better hurry up and get out here if you want your surprise." Before I could say anything else she had ended the phone call. When my wife acted that way I knew she was up to something, something that I would like. So I started to move to the other side of the mall. With each step I found myself moving faster and almost ran an old lady over trying to get to the exit.

When I got outside it was snowing and I had a hard time finding my wife's GL550 Mercedes-Benz. I only had to look for a brief moment when I heard a horn and turn around to see her, flashing the lights at me.

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I ran to the SUV and jumped into the passenger seat, getting out of the cold winter's air. Susan's red hair was neatly pulled back into a bun and she was wearing a very snug white blouse that was unbuttoned just enough to show a little cleavage of her 36D breast.

She had also worn a flannel gray skirt that had ridden up her shapely legs to the middle of her thighs and a pair of black knee-high boots. She was always about being in fashion, even if it was minus five degrees outside. "So what is the surprise you have for me?" I asked. Not taking her emerald-green eyes off the traffic in front of her she said, "I'm too excited to tell you about it yet.

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Let me park first then I will tell you about your surprise." Susan drove around the mall parking lot for about five minutes when she had found a spot, far away from the main entrance. She put the SUV into park, but left the motor running so we could have the heat on.

Unbuckling her seat-belt, Susan turned in her seat and said, "You know when I left you this morning to go to my clinic? Well I was called by Mrs. Kolowoski. She is one of my biggest clients and she wanted to get some Botox done to her face." Still not impressed by Susan's remarks I said, "And.

this is important to me because?" "Don't be rude", she scolded me. I closed my mouth and let my wife finish what she had to say. "As I was saying, Mrs.

Kolowoski needed to have some Botox done to her face for a big costume party she is having in two weeks and we were invited to go", she said. I lifted one of my eye brows in disbelief and said, "So you kept me in this god-forsaken mall for six hours to tell me we are going to a costume party?" My wife has the patients of a saint. Most women I know would have slapped me and made me walk home for acting that way, but not Susan.

She just smiled at me and placed a finger on my lips to quiet me. "There's more," she said. "She had me use my panties to R.S.V.P." With those words I shut my big mouth and listen.

Susan told me while she was injecting Mrs.

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Kolowoski's face, they made small talk. Mrs. Kolowoski asked Susan how she and I were adjusting to Iowa and if we missed the fast paced life of the west coast. Susan said she told her that we were getting along, but did miss some of the parties we used to go to. Mrs. Kolowoski asked several questions about the parties. And before Susan knew it, she had told her some of the wilder sex parties we use to attend back in California. "The next thing I knew Mrs. Kolowoski had me on my exam table and running her fingers up and down my pussy, teasing my clit", Susan said.

"Really, what happen next?" I asked impatiently. My wife reclined her seat and closed her eyes. "Well she spread my legs and kissed her way up my thighs to my pussy.

At first she licked my pussy through my panties, which really turned me on", she said. "And?" I asked encouragingly. Susan's hands slid down her thighs and grabbed onto the hem of her skirt.

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She continued with her story, "Mmmm. she licked my pussy through my panties until I had soaked them completely!" While she told me of what happen, Susan had lifted her skirt, exposing her shaved wet pussy.


I was freaking out by what was happening, but excited at the same time. Here we were in a middle of a crowded parking lot with holiday shoppers coming and going to their cars and I was afraid we were going to get caught. But seeing Susan getting turned on by telling her story excited me more and I didn't want her to stop. Susan's fingers worked their way to her pussy and began to probe her tight hole.


From what I could see of them, she was turned-on and totally wet. "What are you doing?" I asked. Sliding her finger in and out of herself, like it was a cock fucking her, she said, "I can't help it.

Mrs. Kolowoski really knows how to please a woman and thinking about her hot tongue on my clit has gotten me hot again." It had been a long time since I seen my wife's pussy eaten by another woman, and listening to her go on about her 'mid-day delight' was making me hard.

I could feel my cock press against my wool slacks begging to be touched by her. "Quinton, you should have seen her eat my pussy", she said in a shuddering voice. "She had two fingers in me and sucked my clit like it was the last one on the planet. I almost screamed out when I came, but I didn't because I didn't want to let everyone in the office know what we were doing." Still a little concern about my wife masturbating in the car in the middle of a crowded parking lot I said, "But there are people all around us!

They might see you finger-fucking yourself!" Susan opened her eyes, looked at me as she continued to play with her pussy. "It never bothered you when people watched me fuck before, so why is it a big deal now?" She asked. I hesitated for a second, "Well this is different!" I had a difficult time with my argument, she had a good point. I do love to watch her get fucked by some movie star, or have her ass licked by some starlet, but I was in the land of pig farmers and they weren't good enough to see her.

"You need to lighten up", she said between gasping breaths.

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"But." I was interrupted by my wife as she put her right foot on the dash board and began to cry out from her orgasm. "Oh fuck! That old whore has got me so turned on!" She screamed. I looked around to see if anyone heard her. I only saw an old couple walking away from their car and by the way they moved in a hurry to get out of the snow, I assumed they didn't' hear her.

Susan shook violently as her pussy gushed and coated the leather seat. "God Damn it, I need your cock and I need it now!" She said. Before I could protest, she had spun in her seat and unzipped my pants and freed my thick 9" cock. Leaning over the center console, she engulfed my cock with her hot mouth. "Oh shit", I yelped. Once I was in Susan's talented mouth, she deep throated me and she caressed my balls with her fingernails.

I pushed the button on my seat and reclined as far as I could, giving Susan more room to pleasure my cock, while at the same time I held my head up making sure no one saw us.

Susan bobbed up and down hard against my cock and she made loud slurping sounds. Susan was very sloppy when she sucked cock. Her saliva coated my cock and I felt her spit run down my balls and drip onto my legs. Normally when she sucked cock, Susan would take turns from just sucking my tip to ramming my cock so deep into her mouth that I could feel her nose press against my pubic bone. When she did go deep on me, she would take all of my cock down her throat and lick my balls with the tip of her tongue.

But this time it was different. Instead of her normal routine, Susan would deep throat me hard and fast.

For a moment I thought she was going to break my cock off and swallow it for a snack. "Holy fuck, what has gotten into you?" I asked. Pulling my cock out of her mouth, Susan looked up my body and stroked my spit covered cock and said, "I can't help it! I'm so fucking turned on!" "I can see that!" I replied. Susan reached behind herself with her free hand and lifted her skirt above her waist. Then she began to crawl up my body until I felt my cock pressing against her dripping pussy.

"I need your cock inside of me." she whispered in my ear. "Here, now?" I said with concern. "What about the people walking around outside of the car?" "Fuck them, if they want to watch let them!" She said. The mixture of feeling Susan's wet pussy and the fear of getting caught had me so excited that I didn't care if there was a grandstand just outside and a million people saw us fucking.

Susan rocked herself against me for a minute, adding her pussy juice to the spit that was already on my cock. Then she lifted her hips up and eased my heavy cock into her tight pussy. With her being so wet I slid inside of her easily and she moaned out loudly as she lowered herself onto my hips. I almost came right there, but I controlled myself so I could give Susan the fucking she so desperately wanted. "God Damn." Susan cried out. "Fuck me with that big cock of yours!" I placed my hands on her hips and began to rock her body.

Each time she pushed forward I heard her pussy make sloppy, gushing sounds. "Is this what you want? My big cock fucking you?" I said in a hush tone. "Oh god yes, I want you to fuck me while Mrs. Kolowoski eats my pussy!" She yelled out. I looked out the side window to make sure no one heard her and unbutton her blouse at the same time. Once I felt her soft breasts on my face, freed from her bra, I went to work on her hard nipples. I took one of her nipples and used the tip of my tongue, tracing the quarter size areolas.

Then I placed her eraser sized nipple into my mouth where I flicked at them with my tongue and nibbled them with my teeth. "Oh fuck.

I'm going. too cum!" Susan screamed out loud. "Oh that's it, fucking cum for me baby, cum and think about how much cock you're going to get at the party!" I yelled back. Her pussy began to contract around my throbbing cock and a river of juice flooded out of her, covering me, my pants and the leather car seat.

As she coated me with her cum, I felt the tip of my cock grow more sensitive and my balls tighten.

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"Oh shit. I'm going to fucking cum to!" I grunted out through gnashed teeth. Susan still rocked herself against me and shook from her orgasm and said, "Fill my pussy with your hot load!" I rocked her body faster and harder against my cock, using her pussy like a cheap sex toy until my cock launched hot sticky cum inside of her.

My body shook as wave after wave of pure bliss filled me and the last of my seed oozed out of me and into Susan. Susan nuzzled her face to my neck and my hands roamed around her back as we came down from a shared orgasm. My eyes sprung open when I heard a light tapping on the SUV's window. Both Susan and I turned towards the passenger's seat window and saw a sexy blond standing just outside.

I reached to the power window button and pressed it down just enough so we could hear her. The blond slid a business card through the crack and said, "I saw the whole thing from my car over there, and let me tell you it was totally hot, don't you know?" Still not sure how to handle the situation that Susan and I were in, I looked at the lady and said, "Um thanks?" "Don't mention it", she said with her Midwestern accent.

"If you two are looking for a third party for your 'play time', just give me a call." And with that, the blond lady walked towards her four wheel drive pick-up truck. Susan and I laid there quietly for a moment and then laughed out loudly at what just happened.

Later we called the blond lady, Maryanne was her name, and invited her over to our house for dinner and a few other things. As for the costume party, well we went to that and had such a great time that we insisted to Mrs. Kolowoski that the next party would be at our house.

We are thinking of having a Roman night, complete with the traditional Roman orgy. You know, this place of farmers and livestock may not be Hollywood, but that's okay. I am beginning to find a new home here in this 'quiet' place.

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The End