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Free big arse darksome porn
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I was working for a large pool service company and my last stop of the day was at a retirement condo complex on the beach. I had worked my magic cleaning the pool and was doing my last job cleaning the scum or water line with some "Greased Lightning" and a scrub pad on a pole.

As I worked my way around the edge of the pool I saw (heard) a group of 5 ladies standing at the shallow end gabbing about nothing but their no good husbands. They talked like I wasn't there but they were talking loud enough for the second balcony could hear them. I heard one old bitch say, "I just buried my third husband and was he ever a pain.

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I had to wait on him hand and foot and I will never marry again, husbands are just too much trouble." I made my way around to them and said, "I know what you mean, if I had to do it all over again it would be hookers and maids for me!" I continued to scrub the sides as they all exited the pool talking under their breath at the nerve of me. I just knew that I was going to get fired when I get back to the office.

I got back to the office and turned in my papers and got my truck ready for the next morning. Not a word was said.maybe the 'ol bitches didn't call the office.yet! I went to work the next day wondering if it would be my last day but everyone greeted me with a pleasant tone, no yelling or screaming.

I got my schedule and supplies and headed out for my first job and it was a private home (estate) where an older woman resides but she was currently away on vacation. She had given me the key to the back gate to service the pool.

I went in and started my job of checking the chemicals and backwashing the filter etc.


When it came time to scrub the water line I looked at the pool and it sparkled in the warm morning sun and looked so inviting. I didn't have my swim trunks on and I didn't want to get my shorts wet so I stripped off my shorts and since I wasn't wearing my swim trunks I always went commando. I found out that when you get wet wearing shorts and underwear, it takes forever to dry but when you are wearing just a bathing suit the suit dries in minutes.

I stood there naked, grabbed my scrubbing pad off the pole and went down the steps into the cool pool. It reminded me just how much I loved skinny dipping as a kid and then at my first time in a nudist facility and got lost in thought of those earlier times as I scrubbed the pool sides. I did not notice the nude woman going down the steps and she didn't look around to see if anyone was in the pool. The same thing happened at another pool at a condo when I was vacuuming the pool at the other end and this lady went down the steps and plunged into the pool swimming toward me.

She came up startled and said, "Oh my God, I didn't see you there!" I said to her in a stern voice "lady, this is Florida and you never go into a body of water without first looking around to see if there is anything in the pool.

I've pulled out snakes and even alligators from pools so make sure you look before you leap in." She thanked me for the advice, said she was sorry for getting in my way. She turned and got out of the pool so I could finish my job.

She decided to soak up some sun. Back to my story, she started to swim and was quite shocked to see me in the pool but she didn't see I was naked.yet!

I was near panic, this was not going to go well with my boss back at the pool service shop. I told her that I would get out and let her swim while I service her hot tub.

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She swam to the side of the pool opposite from me and waited for me to exit the pool. How was I going to do this gracefully was my thought as I worked my way to the steps. I turned and asked her to turn her back while I get out because I wasn't wearing my shorts while cleaning the pool.


Her face went from bothered to a broad smile as she said, "You're naked in my pool?" I told her why, the not wearing a swim suit and didn't want to get my shorts wet. She then said, "never mind, I'm nude as well, let's just enjoy the cool water together" as she swam over to me standing on the first step with the water just covering my pubic hair. She came up exxxposing her very well kept (probably due to some plastic surgery) tits with unbelievable long stiff nipples, the sign that she had nursed a few babies in her youth.

She stared at my hardening cock and said, "aren't you going to introduce me to your friend?

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How long can he hold his breath?" I stammered a bit and stepped back to the next step up and soon my hard cock (I can't believe how quick it got up being as how the water was cool) was laying on top of the water like a floatation device.

She reached out and grabbed my cock and gave it a "Hand Shake" and said"Hello, my name is Helen, what's your name?" I stuttered out the name Dick and quickly followed with Richard and she just laughed. She continued to hold my dick in her hand and she then started to slowly stroke him.

She got down to his eye level and drew herself closer staring him in the eye and then she kissed him on the lips and slowly gave him a tongue lashing that murfed into some very nice cock sucking. She didn't bring him to a head but slowly released him and asked me to get her floatation devise for her.

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It was a floating chair. I brought it to her in the shallow end and held it so she could get up in it and I was soon looking right at her fairly hairy pussy.

She smiled as she slowly spread her legs and invited me to get a closer look. What's a fella spose to do?" I just dove in head first and tried to reach the bottom of her pool. I wasn't going to reach it with my tongue but as long as I'm here. I gave her such a tongue lashing she finally had her first orgasm. She jumped out of the poolchair, grabbed my Dick and led me out of the pool and over to her hot tub.

She got in and I got a good view of her asshole making a note to self, "that needs a good lickin' ". I followed her into the hot tub and she was all over my Dick, couldn't get enough of it and said she wanted me to fuck so many words. She stood up and knelt on the step giving me full access to her asshole and pussy.

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I dropped to my knees and started to lick her rear hole, fingered her pussy and rub her clit. She was wailing with pleasure and I stood up and reintroduced her to Dick as I slide it right into her waiting pussy that was as warm on my Dick as the water was to my balls.

She took it with ease and soon I was plowing her deep and hard until she had a second orgasm. I pulled out and she sat down and pulled Dick to her mouth to finish him off. We stayed in the tub until she had to get out. She went into the house as I finished up and left, draggin' my ass behind me. A few days later I went to work, got my things and headed for my first job site. I looked at it twice, it was the same old folk condo where I had my run in with the group of old ladies.

My boss solved the problem by scheduling me early morning instead of late afternoon so that the ladies in question would probably not be there, they are creatures of habit. I started my routine cleaning and backwashing etc when I noticed a very much younger woman get in the pool. She still had color in her hair but was probably in the senior citizen age but not by much.

She had on a two piece suit that exxxposed a good share of her body.

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I had trouble keeping my eyes on my work. She got out after her swim and grabbed a towel and wrapped it around her body covering up her tits. I watched out of the corner of my eye as she reached under her towel and released her top and then she shed her bottom and held them in her hand as she walked by me and stopped next to me. She introduced m herself to me and asked if I was the new pool boy. I told her I was and to call me Scott. She then asked me if I could use a good cup of coffee and I said, "Oh god yes!" She then said, "when your done come to my condo # 115 and we can have a cup together as I learn all about you." I said sure thing as she walked away.

I was wondering if I should take her up on the offer. What if someone sees me go there? Can I stand another miss step at this location? How could I refuse without making an enemy out of her and what about the customer is always right? I said to myself, "fuck it!" I headed to her condo. She opened the door before I even knocked and I walked right in.

To my surprise she was still in her towel from the pool and nothing else! I sat down at her kitchen table as she handed me a hot cup of coffee. We sipped and chatted for a while and I said I had to get back to work.

I stood up and she followed and somehow her towel let go and dropped to the floor. She acted shocked and said, "Oh well, once the horses get out of the barn." She made the first move knowing that I couldn't.

She came over and kissed me on the lips and forced her tongue into my open lips. I responded with my tongue wrestling hers. My hands came up to her tits and got stuck there. I felt them all over not feeling any silicone bags in them. I leaned down, sucked a nipple in my mouth and began to lick nibble and suck it to full erection. I then did the same to the other nipple.

She then sat back down on her chair and slid her hands up my thighs to feel my cock that was already dripping.

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She then grabbed my shorts and pulled them down. I was going commando as usual and my cock sprang out and poked her in the nose. She grabbed it and took it in her mouth and had me fuck her mouth as she held my ass cheeks and helped me with the thrusts.

I told her I was cumming but she ignored the warning and took every last drop before letting me go free. I pulled up my shorts as she stood up and kissed me with a mouth full of cum.

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She asked me if I liked the taste and I told her that I would love to taste it from her cunt sometime. She said, "the coffee shop is open for you anytime!" The END. maybe