Straight amateur getting his cock ready for hot blowjob

Straight amateur getting his cock ready for hot blowjob
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My name is Alexia. I'm a young teacher, 28 years old. For the past year I've been dating Vic, a 44-year-old widowed father of two girls, 18- and 20-years old.

I teach math at the local high school, and Vic is a plumber. He has a good income and is eager for us to get married. However, having just recently gotten out of a horrible relationship, I want to simply enjoy my freedom.


This creates some tension in our relationship, but Vic hangs in there hoping that I'll change my mind. One problem with Vic is he is so unromantic and lacks imagination. For example, I enjoy dining, dancing and watching recent movies in the theatre. Vic, on the other hand, enjoys staying at home and renting movies.

He claims he is just too tired after working a long day to go out. The truth is he is anti-social whereas I am gregarious.

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Another problem is our lack of sexual compatibility. I have an intense sex drive, but Vic has a difficult time even getting an erection. I don't say anything to him about it because criticism would only compound the problem. He has to watch porn movies in order to get an erection. He's into those movies where the porn star gives a blow job, then gets a rather unimaginative fuck--first in the missionary position, next doggie--and finally, a cum shot.

I act all enthused when he asks me if I like that. One time he rented a short video to show me how sick and depraved some videos were.

It consisted of a girl who was blindfolded with her hands shackled to the bed. There were 10 men surrounding the bed and each one in various ways used her, ultimately climaxing all over her body and face.

She was literally covered with cum. The movie had me so excited and wet!! Vic was so surprised at how passionate I was. The good thing is I now knew what turns me on. I went out and bought the movie he'd shown me and a couple of toys.


God, I would come so hard while watching the movie and masturbating with my vibrator and dildo! I told my girlfriend, Rita, about the movie and she said that she wanted to see it. "Frankly," she said after watching it, "it's not my thing, but Hey! Whatever turns you on." Rita called a few days later inviting me to go out with her on Wednesday night.

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She belongs to a sex club similar to the movie with Dyanna Lauren titled "The Zone" (one of my favorite porn vids). The sex club to which she belongs has special events on Wednesday nights because attendance normally drops off.

This night they were having an ejaculation contest, she told me. I thought it might be fun, so I said I'd go. The thought of watching guys masturbate, and then having judges measure the distance that their cum flew, sounded like a real trip.

One thing about Vic, he is a trusting guy. He had no problem when I said I was going out with Rita. Of course, I didn't tell him where I was going. I dressed in a sexy outfit that complemented my figure and, just in case something came up, was easily removed. Single ladies are admitted free on Wednesdays so entry was no problem.

We strolled around the club and checked out the action.

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The doors to various rooms had windows so you could see the activities inside. One room was a bar and people were commingling in side. In another room, there were several girls going at one another. There was also a male gay room and a heterosexual room. This room had the most participants. Watching people fuck isn't really all that interesting, so we went to the room where the contest was to be held because we wanted to get a good seat.

Soon, someone brought in a microphone and speakers; a mattress was laid on the floor, and the floor was marked off with masking tape at six inch intervals from the starting line to the head of the mattress. A projection television set was also placed close to the head of the mattress.

Soon, a crowd of spectators had gathered. I recognized many of them from watching them in the various activity rooms earlier.


An announcer explained the event. Four contestants at a time would stand on the starting line. A porn video would be played on the projection TV. Fluff girls would have gotten them close to ejaculation. They each were allowed 3 minutes to ejaculate without penalty. After four minutes they would be disqualified.

A total of 16 men were in the wings, he said, and now all that was needed is a lady volunteer to lie on the mattress as a target. A buzz of excitement spread around the room. Rita raised her hand. "My God," I thought, "Rita is going to volunteer!!" Instead, she said "I nominate Alexia here." Stunned, I shook my head no, no. She stood up and told the crowd how I masturbated and fantasized about having guys come all over my body. The crowd began to shout, "Alex, Alex, Alex, Alex.

We want Alex." "What the fuck," I thought.

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I stood up and stripped off my clothes and laid down on the mattress. They offered a mask to protect my eyes but I declined. "I want to watch," I said. The first four contestants entered with huge erections. Their balls were tight in their sacks. They lubed up their palms and began stroking. Soon I saw an arc of cum fly toward me. SPLAT! It landed on my left ankle.

I could feel it start to drip. Soon, another contestant let go. This spurt landed somewhere between my spread legs. The second spurt landed somewhere short of the mattress.

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The second crew of four entered and stood on the firing line. Evidently, the sight of the cum from the previous participants aroused them so much that each came more quickly. Their cum reached various spots from my knees to my thighs. Eight more to go, I thought. I was disappointed that more cum wasn't reaching my body.

The third team, all well-hung black guys, came up to the line. The first contestant arced his load and landed squarely on my hip.

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My pussy started to drip. I knew they could see it from their position. I hoped it would spur them to shoot further. I was shaken from my thoughts by one contestant saying, "Fuck it. I quit." He came up to me holding his huge, black, tool in his hand and kneeled between my legs and guided his prick into my wet pussy.

The others gathered around my body; one put his penis in my mouth. I started sucking it while the one guy fucking me came in my pussy. The remaining contests, witnessing the mayhem, came out and joined in. The guy whose penis was in my mouth came copiously; two others came on my chest and abdomen.

Another stuck his penis in my mouth, while yet another entered my now soaked pussy. He was so huge that when he came I could feel his throbs. God, it felt wonderful. The crowd cheered them on. One after another they came on me, and they came in me. I was covered with cum. To breathe, I had to swipe it from my nostrils; whenever I licked, cum entered my mouth.

My pussy was a veritable swishing pool of cum. Satiated, the men stood back from the mattress and began to clap. The crowd joined in. Rita came down and kissed me, sucking some of the cum into her mouth. "I can't wait to get you home so I can lick the cum from your gorgeous pussy," she said.

Wiping the cum from my eyes, I noticed the video cameras. I was being videotaped! "I wonder who will see me?" I thought. As the crowd dispersed, the announcer brought a towel and showed me where I could shower.

"While in there," he said, "I wonder if you would consider signing a release so we can offer the video for sale. The terms of financial settlement will be generous." That evening in Rita's arms as I was about to drift to sleep, I reflected on the day and how wonderful it was to fulfill my fantasy. Then the thought of girls just like me being able to watch my video gave me an immense feeling of satisfaction.

If you'd like to see it, look for the title, "Alex: The Queen of Bukkake."