Eatin my baby mama pussy while she on the phone tube porn

Eatin my baby mama pussy while she on the phone tube porn
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Village Idiot My father had called me an idiot from the day I was born. I'm not even sure that he knew my real name. The thing was that I wasn't an idiot at all I actually got very good grades in school. I was just shy and sort of clumsy that's all. As I hit puberty Mindy the preverbal girl next door used to tell me that my village had called and that they wanted their idiot back.

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That was just about the time that the Village People were singing YMCA and In The Navy. Mindy often teased me about joining the group. Then when she found out that they were all gay she stopped teasing me about it.

I was a nerd but the thing was that back in those days we hadn't put a label on it yet. I really liked her though but I couldn't talk to her without mumbling. Whenever I saw Mindy out walking I would ride my bike into a telephone pole or into a mailbox and make a fool of myself. If I saw her in the hallway in school I would get nervous and then I would almost always drop my books. One winter Mindy threw a snowball at me.

When I threw one back at her of course I hit her right in the face and made her cry. It was just an accident but I couldn't do anything right when it came to Mindy. Then one day Mindy finally realized that I was in love with her. I think that my mother and her mother got together and told her. Things seemed to change after that. My mother threw me a birthday party when I turned fifteen years old.

I was very upset with her about the whole thing. I was too old for birthday parties. I couldn't believe that she did that to me. She put some food and drinks down in the family room along with a bunch of board games. Then I was sent down there to wait for my guests to arrive. It was a Saturday and the party was to start at noon. Later I watched in horror as Mindy descended the stairs. I couldn't breathe or talk and I couldn't keep from shaking either. That was my biggest fear, being trapped alone with the girl of my desires.

Mindy was the only guest to come down those stairs. I heard the door being locked from the other side. What was going on? Mindy explained that she had been the only guest invited. She had on a cute gray pleated skirt that went down to her knees and a nice light tan sweater along with her black shoes.

Mindy's straight brown hair hung down her back almost to her waist. It had a ribbon in it to keep it out of her face. She looked radiant. She was everything that I had ever desired. Mindy told me that she knew that I liked her.

She said that she was my only guest and that we were locked in the family room together until we could get along and talk comfortably. What? That was right. It seems that both of our mothers and Mindy had discussed my problem of shyness when it came to Mindy. They had devised this plan together. We had plenty of food and drink and we had a bathroom too. Mindy went back up to the top of the stairs and brought down two suitcases. I recognized one as mine. Our mothers were planning on us being there all night and gave us a change of clothes.

Then she went over to the closet and took out two sleeping bags and two pillows that had been put there. They were the kind of sleeping bags that zip together if you want them too. Mom and dad always did that whenever we went camping. What had my mother gotten me into? What had Mindy's mother gotten her into? Most mothers didn't want their daughters spending the night with boys. This was really weird.

Mindy was only a month older than I was. She boldly told me that she was on birth control pills too. Then she showed me her round pill container and said that she needed to take one in the morning when she got up. I couldn't imagine where Mindy would need birth control pills. Now Mindy was much more mature than I was. Mom had always said that girls mature faster than boys do and she wasn't kidding. Mindy had no trouble at all talking to me about sex, about her body, and even about my body.

I could hardly breathe let alone talk to her about such things. To let me calm down and relax a little Mindy suggested that we play a game of Monopoly. That took almost two hours but we did start to talk about school, our teachers, and our friends. We had some snacks and drinks too. Things were going pretty good then Mindy said that she had to pee and went into the bathroom.

She left the door wide open and from where I was sitting I could almost see her in there. I wanted to stretch my head to look at her but I was too scared that I'd get caught. Besides I couldn't move a muscle. I heard Mindy's pee tinkling into the toilet. It was a sound that I probably would never forget. It was like a warm rain on a summer's day hitting the tin roof of a picnic shelter in a State Park.

I heard Mindy pull some toilet paper off the roll and then I heard her flush. She didn't think anything about leaving the door open but I got a hard-on that I had to hide from her. I always got like that whenever I was around her.

For the longest time I thought that I was allergic to girls then I realized that it was just Mindy that caused my problems. Later when I had to pee she asked me to leave the door open. I did but I was so scared that she would peek at me that I could hardly go.

I kept looking out the door but she never got out of her chair, thank God. Finally I was able to relax enough to go then I flushed and came back out. Mindy doesn't have any brothers so she asked me why I didn't wipe after I peed.

I told her that boys don't have too. That opened up quite a discussion about the fact that maybe one stupid drop of pee had gotten on my underwear and soiled them. I wasn't about to tell that I soil my underwear every night soaking up my cum after jerking off to thoughts of her. Then to my horror Mindy insisted that I drop my pants and show her my wet underwear from that one stupid drop of pee. I wouldn't do it of course.

I couldn't do it she had made me hard again. I couldn't even stand up let alone pull my pants down. Not for her anyway. So Mindy stood up and removed her skirt so that I could see her panties. Oh my God I had never seen her like that. Mindy sat back and opened her legs up. Then she asked me if I could see a wet spot from her pee.


She was very bold and I was very embarrassed but I couldn't resist looking at her panties. I don't know how many seconds passed but I finally told her that I couldn't see any wet spot at all and I couldn't either.

Then she insisted that I take my pants off and let her look at me in my underwear. Now I really couldn't do that because I had a raging hard-on again. Mindy said, "I'll show you mine but then you'll have to show me yours though. Promise?" I was back to mumbling to her again but somehow Mindy took that as a promise to do it and then started to remove her sweater.

Soon Mindy was standing before me in just her underwear. I had seen my mother in her underwear before but not very often and she didn't give me boners like Mindy did.

The more I looked at Mindy in her pretty white bra with so much of her breast flesh showing I could just feel the blood rush to my pecker. I had already seen her panties once when she sat back and spread her legs for me but in this standing position I could see how they had formed to her rounded pussy. I had imagined my hand holding her pussy just like those panties many times before.

I was afraid to look down and see how big my bulge really was. Then Mindy reached back thrusting her breasts out at me even more. I thought that they were going to burst free when Mindy finished unhooking her bra but they didn't.

They just stayed right in those little pockets until she pulled her bra off from them. I had only seen pictures of a girl's breasts a few times at my friend's house. His father buys dirty magazines. I wished that my father bought dirty magazines. Maybe he did but I never saw any of them. So anyway seeing Mindy's bare breasts was a first for me and it didn't help my erection one bit at all.

I watched as Mindy rubbed her breasts with her hands where her bra had left marks in her skin. Then I watched as she pinched and twisted her cute little nipples to make them stand out ever so nicely. I was very impressed. Mindy was a beauty.

I finally had to laugh as Mindy said, "There! Now I have two hard-ons, so you don't have to be embarrassed any more." That sort of broke the ice.

Then Mindy removed her panties next. She had more hair on her pussy than I had around my cock. I couldn't see anything because the hair covered it all up. That wasn't fair, my hair didn't cover my cock. Then I realized that she had shown me both of her tits and they sure weren't covered by anything, not even the hair on her head because that was down her back. I smiled as I thought that Mindy had three nice places to look at and I only had one.

It seemed fair to me so I started to feel a little better about it all. Then Mindy said, "It's your turn now." As panic set in and my breathing became very hard again I removed my T-shirt. Mindy said that she liked my chest. I thought that she was just telling me that so that I wouldn't quit.

Then to stall a little bit I removed my shoes and socks. Mindy had just flipped hers off.

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So then I stood up with a full-blown erection in my pants and then I bravely unzipped my pants for her. As I lowered them my cock stuck right straight out in my underwear.

I had to sit down to remove my pants. Then I stood back up and let Mindy look at me like she had done in her underwear. Then with a little coaxing from Mindy I lowered my underwear for her. It wasn't easy getting them over my stiff cock but I managed somehow. Then I stood up and tried to display my body as proudly as Mindy was.

We stood there both naked looking at each other. Mindy was the very first naked girl that I had ever seen. I knew that I would remember her for the rest of my life. She told me that I was her first naked boy too and that made me feel much better.

At least I wasn't the only one that hadn't been around. So as we stood there naked facing one another Mindy asked, "Can I touch it?" I just looked at her as if she had slapped me in the face.

Once again I couldn't say anything. Mindy can always makes me speechless. Mindy said, "Oh I'm sorry. I really do make you nervous, don't I." I managed to knob my head yes. Mindy stepped over closer and reached out her hand.

I couldn't move to get away even I wanted too. I was glued to that rug. So I just stood there. As Mindy grabbed a hold of my pecker she said, "You can feel me when you're able to move again. I promise." She knew! Mindy knew that I couldn't move. Did she know how scared I really was? Could she feel me shaking? God I just wanted to curl up in a ball and die. But wait! Mindy was stroking my cock. No one had ever touched my cock before except me. It felt good. It felt real good.

I liked having Mindy touch my cock. In my dreams she always strokes my cock.


She sucks on it too and she even lets me fuck her with it. I wondered if I was dreaming? No I wasn't because in my dreams I can move. In my dreams I am suave and debonair like Cary Grant and I can seduce women like Doris Day too.

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I concentrated on my breathing and I got it under control then I concentrated on my hand and managed to reach out and hold one of Mindy's breasts. She had been concentrating on my cock in her hand so I surprised her a little. Mindy said, "Well it's about time. How do they feel? I love to play with my tits at night before I go to sleep.

I love to play with my clit too. If you like I'll show you how I do it and I'll let you play with my clit too. It's my magic orgasm button.

I can come a dozen times before I go to sleep." Shocked I replied, "Really? I can only jerk off once or maybe twice while I think about you." Then I realized what I had said. Mindy just smiled and said, "Really? I think about you every night too. In case you haven't noticed, I like you a lot.

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Why else would I be standing here naked letting you play with my boob like this." I confessed, "I get so nervous around you that I can't do anything right." Mindy said, "Well you're doing a very good job of playing with my tit but squeeze it just a little harder. Ouch! Not quite that hard but it won't break. Its like playing with a water balloon isn't it? Now tell me what I'm supposed to do with your Peter." So as we stood together naked in the middle of the family room Mindy stroked my cock until it spit cum all over her stomach, her leg, and her hand.

She said that she loved it and that she wanted to do it again. However first she told me where her clit was and then she even showed me where it was and let me jerk her off too. She didn't squirt cum like me but she sure moaned a lot and her knees got so weak that I had to hold her up.

Afterwards Mindy hugged me and kissed me. Other than relatives Mindy was my very first kiss and I was hers too. As we hugged Mindy felt my cock raise up between her legs. She said that she liked the feel of it and that it excited her to know that I got hard because of her. She said that we could masturbate each other again or that we could do something different.

Then with Mindy in charge we put the two sleeping bags together and put the pillows on the floor. Then we got on them and went back to kissing and cuddling.

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When Mindy was ready she got on her back and pulled me to her. As I lowered myself to her breasts she poked my cock into her pussy and wrapped her legs around me so that I couldn't get away. Then as if by magic I seemed to know exactly what to do. I slipped my cock in and out of her sweet little pussy like I do in my dreams. It was simply wonderful. I just closed my eyes and remembered all of those dreams that I had about making love to Mindy. She had always been the girl of my dreams and there we were fulfilling those very dreams.

I was very happy that Mindy had jerked me off earlier because otherwise I would have shot my load a long time ago and pulled out missing all of that pleasure. When I finally did cum, so did Mindy. We had both been virgins before that day.

We had a mutual climax that was the perfect ending to our first sexual encounter. We knew that there would be many more such encounters. Needless to say we made love as often as possible until mom knocked on the door late Sunday evening to see if we were still alive. I was never nervous around Mindy after that. We remained true to one another and married after college. The End Village Idiot 130