Innocent Girl Alexis Crystal Gets Creampied

Innocent Girl Alexis Crystal Gets Creampied
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I just bought an NFL team, after the game I invited Jessica up to my private box.

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Jessica is 23 years old, very attractive with a hot curvy body. No matter what she was wearing, all the men stopped to watch her. She arrived in my box wearing a short skirt and blouse.


I closed the door locking it. I showed her around and offered a drink. I grabbed her from behind pushing her to the floor face down. She screamed " GET OFF OF ME." I whisper in her ear, " the fun is just getting started." Tears streamed down her face as her I shove a finger into tight pussy. Her slender toned body still showed the sweat from working the game, her I had shoved her panties into her mouth, muffling her, and shoved her face into the floor.

" Damn, my lucky day. You are a virgin. It has been a long time since I have fucked a virgin." I grabbed her hair pulling her head back towards me.

" Now get on your hands and knees." I said. I climbed off of her, Jessica struggled getting on her hands and knees. I roughly spread her legs, her firm ass and pussy now exposed to me.


Her skirt was flipped up over her waist, and her blouse ripped open down the front, letting her breasts hang free. While her soft brown hair fell in a sphere around her face.

I push my finger roughly into her dry pussy, pressing against her hymen, sending pain shooting through her. Tears continue streaming down her face, her scream is muffled " omg.aaaaaahhhh.aaaaaaahhhhh." " I love popping a virgin's cherry. Fucking tight pussy." She squirmed and grunted, " AAAAAAHHHH.AAAAAAAHHHHHH." I stood up dropping my pants kicking them to the side.

My hard cock jutted out like the merciless instrument that it was, it was ugly looking with large blue veins snaking all around it. Long enough to slam a woman's cervix, and thick like a baseball bat which meant it really stretched a tight vagnial tunnel. The head was a bulbous one.

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I kneeled down between her spread legs, sliding up into position, she could feel my hairy thick thighs rub aganist her soft inner thighs, I spit into my hand, coating the head making sure it was slippery enough to get in. I line myself up and then grab her hips as I lean over her, the head of my cock pressing against her virgin pussy. With a grunt, " UG.UG.UG.UG" I drive my hips forward using my weight.

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For a brief moment her lips resist and then split to allow the hard instrument to enter her. Slamming through her hymen driving in about six inches. Women and especially virgins are not meant to be deflowered like that, so I was not surprised when her whole body jerked in response to the invasion of her tight narrow tunnel. The white hot pain of the instrument slicing into her. My face only inches from her own as she gasped in pain, " UH.UH.UH.UH. AAAHHH.TAKE IT OUT" through her gag.

The humiliation was worse than the pain. She sobbed as I continued loving the tightness, and getting off on her screams. " Oh, Baby your soooo tight" she heard him whisper in her ear, licking the side of her face, making her sob louder, her body racked with pain.

Burst of air shot from her nostrils as I slamming into her harder, faster, my hands reaching around to maul her breasts. Her slender young body shaking with every thrust, and her cunt pulsated with pain. She cried out into her gag as my fingers roughly squeezed and dig into her tender tits and pinch her nipples.

I felt my orgasm approaching, I slammed all the way into her stopping and holding there as the volcanic eruption pumped streams of warm semen deep in her. Done, she thought, he's done. But I didn't let her go. I held her there, my cock still buried inside her violated pussy, my hands holding her tits, my face against hers, my sweaty body against hers, for seconds, then minutes.

She felt suffocated, violated. She wanted out. She wanted him off. Please let him leave, she thought, sobs still shaking her body.

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When I finally pulled out she choked back her sobs, hoping I would let her get dresses and leave, now. She lays there face down on the floor limp as she feels my cock slide along her ass crack and press against her anus.

What was he doing, she thought, then began to scream, " NO.NO.NOT THERE.PLEASE DON'T PLEASE.STOP!" and struggle as I continued to press into her ass. Her body blazing in pain as my cock, slick with her blood and my cum popped past her tight anal ring into her ass.

It felt like her ass was being torn apart as I forced myself into her until my balls rested against her violated sore cunt. She thrashed about wildly, out of her mind with pain as I began thrusting my cock in and out of her tight virgin ass, using short, hard strokes, holding her down with my body.

She was totally encompassed by my body, held like a shivering rabbit as I took my pleasure from her body. She jerked again and closing her eyes, her long black eyelashes glistening with her tears against her cheeks, as I reached up under her and jammed my fingers against her clit.

Her cunt still throbbed, and her ass was a firecracker of pain, as I begin rubbing her clit brutally while twisting my cock around deep in her. I was whispering things to her, whispering how tight she was, what a sweet cunt she had, how she loved it, how she wanted more.

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She bucked her hips back against me, trying to escape my fingers as I sent painful sparks shooting through her body. Her own breath started to come in rhythmic grunts, " uhh.uhh.uhh.uhh.uhh." as I began slowly fucking her ass, all the while ravaging her cunt and clit with my hands. Both of my hands were at her pussy now, tearing at her abused flesh, squeezing and pinching and rubbing her clit as it hardened beneath my fingers.

The pain in her ass continued, to be joined by the rough rubbing of her pussy.


A low, tingling sensation, like when a limb, is asleep, begins to slowly awake, joining the agony coming from her pussy. Slowly I continued reaming her, now being gentler with her cunt, sliding two fingers up into her slick hole while rubbing her clit back and forth, back and forth.

Her slender body tensed as she jerked under me, her whole ass and pussy feeling like a limb just awakened from numbness. A guttural groan, " OMG.UG.UG.UG.UG" came from deep in her throat as it quickly became unbearable.

The pain was gone, replaced by this overwhelming tingling which was spreading to encompass her upper thighs and her stomach. Each thrust of my cock into her ass causing the tingling to shoot through her body, making her shiver in reaction, her stomach heaving as her hips rocked uncontrollably against me, guttural grunts, UG.UG.UG.UH.UH.UH " escaping her gag. Her tits began to throb in time with my thrusting as I reached down with one hand and began to manhandle them, tweaking and twisting the nipples while I sucked on her neck and continued to thrusy my fingers into her cunt and against her clit.

Her whole body started shaking and bucking uncontrollably in my grip as I increased my thrusting, sending shearing jolts of sensation through her body.

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Her fingers curled and her hands tingled, her toes followed as sharp pricks of sensation tickled them, her whole body dancing in the uncontrollable grip of overwhelming passion. She screamed as she came, " OMG.YYYYEEESSS.YYYEEESSS. OOHHHH.OOOOHHHH" feeling my seed spilling into herher body exploding with earth-shattering pleasure, her slender form jerking and twisting and spasming on the end of my cock.

Both of us lay there breathing heavily, both our bodies hot and sweaty, my cock slips out of her. I whispered to her, I will call you for another meeting. Come up here after each of our home games, and the away games come to my hotel suite.

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