Tied up busty babe sucks dick on knees

Tied up busty babe sucks dick on knees
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The Hot Orgy It was a heck of an orgy. I was in The Palace Club, a swinging spot that was modeled after Plato's in NY. The Palace offered some interesting diversions within its walls, and quite often it was crowded, especially on Saturday night. This was one such crowded night. The Palace takes up two floors, the ground floor and a basement floor.

Entering on the ground floor, you enter a lounge that looks much like a small bar. Except that some people are walking about, dressed only in towels. Newcomers are still dressed in street clothes, and some have paid the entry fee just to come in and gawk.

Once past the front lounge, you enter a larger lounge, complete with a bar whose business is mostly fruit juices, water, and other light refreshments.

Most people are still in their clothes, not having made it to the locker room off to the right. In front, there is a raised stage, with tables scattered around. The "dance floor" has been taken over by tables, reserved for resting party-goers, most of them still nude or wrapped in towels. After undressing in the locker room, you have your choice of where to go. Back to the lounge and catch an amateur show (which can be very hot), or off to one of the group rooms, the pool, or a specialty room.

The group rooms are smaller rooms with mattresses for groups, private or public. They are various sizes and if you want a private one, you can charge it to your fee (based on the number on your wrist or ankle band). By far, some of the most popular rooms are the specialty rooms. These are in the basement. There are three B&D rooms, with smaller "private" B&D rooms nearby. There's the S&M room with two smaller ones, the "rubber" room, for those interested in the wetter aspects, complete with four full size bathtubs.

One of the most interesting aspects is that there are showers scattered around the building, and each will hold at least four people. It isn't unusual to walk down any hallway and see a man or woman dressed in bondage equipment or to see something like a woman leading her man by his cock. As I said, the Palace is a good place for orgies.

I'll skip the requirements for getting in, except to say that you need a clean test report from your doctor, dated within a week. This Saturday, my wife and I had gone to the Palace, after getting young Lisa to baby-sit our 18 month old. We had arrived earlier in the evening, and now I was heading towards the bar in the second lounge. I needed a break as much as a glass of OJ.

I'd just come in from the pool, after helping a man fuck his wife. She'd wanted a fuck-sandwich, so I pumped her pussy while he filled her butt. She was a very sweet gal named Diane, and we'd all enjoyed it.

My wife was off somewhere, getting her thrills, which we'd share later tonight after we returned home. The OJ was good, and I watched the show on stage. A pair of girls was 69'ing each other while two guys pumped them. These were not pros, but average guests, showing off for the crowd.

People were clapping and making approving noises as the foursome switched around into a variety of positions. The men announced their orgasms and came inside their ladies, and the girls continued to lick and suck each other's pussies for a while.

The men sat back and watched. When they were done, the foursome stood and held hands, bowing to the audience. They were glistening with sweat from the hot lights, and their exertions. The girls' faces were shiny with love juices, making their smiles even sexier.

I was going to wander into the back, near the group rooms, to see if I could find someone I knew, or someone new. As I passed a naked young lady who was sitting on a sofa in the lounge, she put her hand on my thigh and stopped me.

Without a word she took my semi-hard cock in her mouth and began to suck it. Sitting next to her was her husband, fucking a big-tit woman of about forty. The gal sucking my cock was rubbing the older woman's clit as she and her husband fucked.

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On stage, several people were setting up for another show. All around us, people were entering, leaving, or talking.

Some were slowly masturbating themselves or their partners. At one table, a woman was stroking her partner's cock under the table, while fingering the pussy to her right, and carrying on a conversation with a woman across from her.

The gal sucking me was doing a great job, obviously having her fun with my shaft. She would suck it down her throat, then lick the underside and even lick my balls. She slid up the shaft and held the head in her mouth, swirling her tongue around it and flicking the sensitive head and area just below.

Then down her throat again.


She did this with unabashed enthusiasm, as if to show me that she really loved to suck cock. On stage, a lovely young redhead came out and sat down on a thick carpet, spreading her legs to the audience. She began to masturbate, and after a few moments, five men walked on stage and stood around her. The men began to masturbate, offering her their cock’s one at a time. The redhead liked to suck too, and she took a huge cock down to the base, making the audience applaud quietly.

The gal sucking me had me aroused and near orgasm, and watching the stage show, I felt a surging deep inside. I looked down and the gal was sloppily licking my shaft with her tongue, and rubbing it all over her face. She sucked the head and then looked up at me, mouthing the words "come in my face". I couldn't hold back. She had the head in her mouth, just as my sperm gushed out and began spurting. Waves of pleasure spurt from my cock, and she let the hot gooey cum splash on her mouth, cheeks, and chin.

When I looked down at her, her face was streaked with white cum, some dripping off her chin onto her ample tits. She silently said "thank you" and I watched as she moved around and kissed the woman fucking her husband, smearing sperm against her lips.

I walked over to the bar again, to relax, and returned to watching the show on stage. The redhead was still sucking as each man jacked off next to her.

The man to the right pressed his cock against her cheek and shot his load of thick cum. The girl turned and sucked the head, sperm dripping from her face onto her left tit and shoulder.

The audience made some low 'ahhs' and then a man moved around and spurted his cum several feet onto the girl's creamy white tits. They all started to cum quickly, and seconds later, the redhead's face and tits were drenched in hot, thick sperm. The men helped her up, and they bowed as the audience applauded wildly.

The redhead couldn't keep her fingers from her cunt. She stepped down off the stage and into the audience. She walked over to a table where a pretty brunette was sitting with several other people and said something to her. The brunette, wearing a white towel, had been fingering herself during the show (I'd noticed).

The redhead pulled the towel away and then pulled the brunette to her feet. They kissed, and the brunette went wild. She began rubbing her face and body against that of the redhead's and licking her drenched tits.

One of the men at the table lifted the redhead onto the table, and the brunette followed, rubbing her tits against the redhead's. The men at the table took opposite ends and began to fuck the redhead's cunt and mouth.

The brunette and redhead shared the cocks and in short order, both men came, with the rest of the audience applauding and cheering them. One man came all over the brunette's pussy, while the other came in her face.

The girls licked each other's faces and finally got up, with the cheers of the audience. The bartender told me that he'd been backstage before the redhead had gone on, and that she was acting out her fantasy.

To wit: to have lots of people see her get covered in cum, then has sex with another girl. He said that she was fairly new here, and that her name was Kathleen, or Kat.

Two young girls came up to me, and we talked a little. Neither of these two girls could have been much over nineteen or twenty at best. Both were clad only in towels, making my nakedness and swelling cock obvious. We finally went to one of the larger rooms. Both the girls were brunettes, and one had shaved her pussy. We entered a group room that was fairly empty, save for two couples at the far end. I began to suck one girl's tits as the other sucked my cock, saying that she could taste some cum still around the head.

She wasted no time in sliding her cunt onto my cock and riding me. The other girl, Patti, sat on my face, letting me taste her freshly showered cunt. I was under them both for a while, letting Patti get my face nice and juicy, when they switched. Now Patti rode my cock, while her friend Debbie got tongued. Debbie came very fast and her juices flowed down my cheeks.

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Then, she stood up and grabbed Patti's head, shoving it between her legs. From behind, I watched Debbie's nice ass clench and shake as Patti sucked her pussy. I grabbed Patti's hips and slammed my cock into her over and over. Sperm rushed out of my cock and into Patti's cunt, and I could feel her cumming too.

Debbie pushed Patti back, and bent down, pulling my cock out and sucking the sperm from her friend's cunt with loud moaning noises. The girls were doing each other wildly, and I laid back and watched. Some other people came into the room and began their own party.

One of the girls from the far side of the room crawled over and began sucking one of the new comer's pussies while the two guys she'd left double-teamed the remaining girl.

After watching for a little longer, I decided to try and find my wife. I was fairly sure that she was in a room with another woman at least and maybe even another couple.

As I entered the hallway, I almost ran into the redhead who'd been on stage. She was even wetter with sperm and girl-cum, and even her hair was wet.

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I told her she was incredibly hot. "Thanks." She smiled. "My name's Kat." I introduced myself, and we walked downstairs towards one of the larger shower rooms. As we walked, the sperm on her tits ran down her stomach and made her look completely drenched.

I asked her if her fantasy had been fun to perform. "Yes!" Kat said, her eyes shining. "Especially Michelle afterwards!" I found out that Michelle was the brunette at the table.

Michelle and Kat had gone to another group room, and every guy came on them both, then they would find the bi-ladies and lick their pussies. "I'm just about to call it a night. How about you? I told her I was looking for my wife, and that perhaps we could buy her a drink, or dinner afterwards.

Kat asked if my wife was bi, and I told her yes. Kat agreed to a drink or dinner, saying that she would like to have some "swinging" friends outside the club. Just as we entered the hallway on the bottom floor, we saw a tall, dark haired woman enter the hallway, wearing high black boots, elbow length leather gloves, and nothing else. She had a petite blonde with her, walking on her knees into the hallway.

The blonde was nude, save for a collar, and wide wrist cuffs. The blonde was tied with her hands behind her, and a leather strap ran between her legs from her cuffs to her collar.

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As we approached, the blonde's face glistened wetly, and her long hair was tousled. I recognized the tall mistress, as Mistress Karen, from our previous visits. I let my hand slide down Kat's ass, and I found her entrance as we still walked. She wriggled her butt and my fingers slid into her sopping pussy. I called out to Mistress Karen and introduced Kat. Kat told her that she looked sexy, and that she (Kat) had always wanted to try a little B&D to see what it was about.

Karen looked at me and then my cock. "Well, have you been pumping cunts tonight?" She asked, and then looked at Kat. "Or maybe cumming a lot on a redhead?" "Oh! That's not his cum." Kat said. "This is from about eight guys tonight, and a few girls." "Hmmm. You look like a sexy little slut." Karen said, eyeing her red bush. Kat's pussy contracted around my fingers, and she pushed back a bit too. The blonde was kneeling and listening to all of this. "Have you forgotten your manners?" Karen asked me and then nodded to the blonde.

"Oh! Yes. Kat, this is my wife Tracy. Tracy, meet Kat." Kat looked down at Tracy, and Tracy looked up at Kat, noticing my fingers deep in the redhead's cunt.

"I want to suck your pussy pleeeeezze!" Tracy begged. Karen had obviously brought her to a high state of arousal (again), and now she wanted release. Kat stepped away, grabbing my hand and holding to Tracy's mouth. "Taste" Kat said. Tracy licked my fingers off, sucking each one greedily. Karen watched, then began her specialty. "You want to suck this sperm covered slut's cunt?" She asked Tracy.

Tracy's moaned a yes.

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We went into a small unoccupied room. "Lick the cum off her tits." Karen commanded Tracy. Tracy stood up and began licking sperm from Kat's tits, lapping like a kitten. Karen stood next to me, stroking my cock as I stroked her clit and pussy.

Karen had large tits, the kind that sag a bit, and I fondled one while we watched the two girls. "Yess." Kat moaned. "Suck my tits. Lick the cum from the nipples." Tracy did, and Kat pressed Tracy's face against her sperm covered chest rubbing her tits on Tracy's face.

"Eat her cunt." Karen said after I slipped two fingers in her soaked pussy. Tracy knelt and began sucking Kat's dripping cunt, with both of them finally lying on the floor about a minute later. As we watched, Karen and I both got hotter and hotter. I moved behind her and slid my cock in her cunt and began to slowly fuck her as we knelt and watched. After a few minutes, I whispered an idea to Karen, and she chuckled, nodding her head. "Enough!" Karen snapped.

"Tracy, lay down on your back." Karen retied her hands, this time to her feet with long leather straps. Tracy's legs were wide open and bent about halfway. "Now, I want you to fuck Kat, half-standing." Karen told me. Karen moved us into position. Kat, standing over Tracy's chest, bent over and put her hands on either side of Tracy's hips. Then I slid my cock into her wide open cunt and began to pump.

Tracy had a good view of me fucking this hot redhead's twat. Karen moved Kat so that her face was inches from my wife's blonde cunt, and Kat's tits barely- touched Tracy's stomach. "Now," Karen said, "pump your hot cum into her cunt. Fill her full of cum!" I began to fuck Kat, feeling her soaking cunt drip as I stroked in and out of her.

Her hips were slippery from all the cum that had run down her body, and we rocked against each other roughly. Then Karen ordered Tracy to urge us on, to tell us what she wanted to see, because Tracy wouldn't get her pussy sucked until after Kat and I had both cum.

"Fuck her." Tracy said, knowing that this wasn't enough. "You can do better than that." Karen said, pulling on one of Tracy's large dark nipples.

"Fuck her cunt. Let me see you cum in her cunt!" Tracy said. "C'mon slut!" Karen said, still pulling a nipple, "I've heard you do better than that. Get nasty!" Tracy did, and she got us all very hot. "Fuck that sperm covered slut!

Fuck her wet cunt. Cum in her cunt and make her suck my clit and cum in her face. I want to cum on her sperm covered face!" Karen was pulling Tracy's nipples now, and talking dirty too.

"You like to watch your husband fuck little sperm covered sluts? You like sucking his cum from slut's cunts don't you?


I'll bet you're his cum-drenched slut at home. I bet you love his cum on your face and tits don't you?" Kat's tightening pussy and the dirty talk got me off. I moaned and rammed deep into Kat's cunt, filling her with cum. No sooner than we'd finished, than Karen pulled me out, and made Kat kneel over Tracy's face. My still hot cum ran down her thighs and dripped from her cunt, right into Tracy's mouth and face. Kat sat down on Tracy's lapping tounge, and began to cum again.

Karen pulled me away and sucked my soft cock while we watched. Kat bent down and she began to suck Tracy's cunt, sucking her clit hard. Tracy always came hard, and now, fully aroused and begging for release, she was out of control. Tracy arched up, grinding her cunt against Kat's face, and then writhing underneath the sperm drenched redhead. Kat too was pushing her cunt against Tracy's face, and the two of them moaned and thrashed.

Karen had sucked me to hardness again, and I told her that I'd just about had my limit. While the two girls sucked each others cunts, Karen mounted me, and began a slow fuck. We watched Kat and Tracy, redhead and blonde, give each other multiple orgasms. Kat was sucking cunt like she was starved for it, and Tracy was trying to keep her face in Kat's gyrating crotch.

Karen rose up and then lowered herself onto my cock, letting me penetrate her asshole. As we fucked, Tracy saw that I was fucking her Mistress's ass. "Butt-fuck her!" Tracy yelled. "Fill her butt full of cum!" Karen's tight asshole gripped my cock nicely, and I let her set the pace for now. Kat untied Tracy, and they were getting off again. Karen seemed to be more excited by their actions than by being fucked.

I began to ram up and meet her downward moves, drawing a small gasp from Karen. As we began to move faster, her tight ass milked at my cock, making me feel that I could come again. Tracy and Kat crawled over, Kat licking at Karen's wide open and dripping cunt.

It was Tracy who stood, sweaty and glistening from the cum off Kat's body, and she grabbed Karen by the hair and pulled her face to the steamy blonde cunt. "Suck my clit you butt-fucking dyke slut!" Tracy said as she shoved Karen's face between her legs.

"Suck my cunt you leather loving lez. I'm gonna make you lick sperm from our cunts, and fuck your butt with a huge dildo!" I could feel Karen's orgasm start, her asshole twitching as Kat licked her clit and Tracy's words took us all higher.

As soon as the first orgasm stopped, Kat made her come again. Then Kat and Tracy switched off, and Karen did lick some of the sperm and cum from Kat's face and tits. She also sucked any that Tracy had left in Kat's twat, licking the redhead's cunt until she came. Finally, I told Kat and Tracy to each take one of Karen's big tits and to rub their pussy juices all over them.

They did, and Karen was moaning, her fourth orgasm making her ass twitch and pulse. That sent a signal to my balls and I could feel my cock swelling in her butt. Karen grabbed Kat's ass and she buried her face in the redish bush, sucking and moaning. Seconds later I was pumping her butt full of cum. My cum spurted in her butt, and Tracy's fingers slid deep into Karen's cunt. "I felt it!" Tracy said gleefully.

"I felt you cum in her butt!" Karen shook and moaned into Kat's pussy, and then she leaned back and relaxed. We all did. Kat, Tracy and I took showers together, and Karen found another girl who wanted to lick the girl's juices from her breasts. After our shower, we all decided it was time to go home, and Kat, Tracy and I returned to our house. At home, Lisa, our babysitter who was 18, was paid and I took her home, a drive of only about three blocks. We'd met Lisa's mother, a very attractive woman in her late thirties, at the Palace, but Lisa didn't know where we had met her mom, nor that did we go to the Palace too.

Arriving back home, I checked the baby, and then went to the bedroom. Kat and Tracy were already naked and slowly caressing and kissing each other. They asked me to join them, but I was fucked out. Kat crawled down the bed and she sucked me into hardness, saying that at least I could fuck them all night now! I told them I had to rest, and left them to 'play' for a while. I went into the kitchen and put some decaf coffee on. I was now wearing only a robe, and the warmth of the house felt good.

I was pouring a cup of coffee when a small noise made me look around. I listened, and then heard Tracy's soft moans from the bedroom. As I walked into the bedroom, Tracy was sitting on Kat's face, clenching her tits and cumming.

A movement by the glass door to the back yard caught my attention, and I dashed out through another room, and around the side of the house. I ran smack into Lisa, knocking her down. "What the hell?" I said, looking at Lisa panting on the ground. Lisa was looking at me too, but her eyes were fixed on my open robe and my cock hanging down.

"What are you doing here?" I asked her, closing my robe. "I-I.I mean.I." was all she could muster. "Spit it out." I said, leading her back towards the kitchen door. "I was curious." She said meekly.

"I sorta knew you were swingers, and you brought someone home." She went on to tell me how she had snuck out of her mother's house and jogged down here, wearing only a t-shirt and a pair of nylon shorts with her sneakers.

Inside the kitchen, I offered her some coffee. "Well, what did you see?" I asked her. "Ummm. Tracy with that redheaded woman." She said, sipping her coffee. "Okay.what were they doing?" I asked. "Eating each other out." she said quietly. "Does that bother you?" I asked. "No. It.it's sort of sexy.exciting I mean." "Have you ever gone to bed with another girl?" I asked her. "Once, when one of my girlfriends slept over. We messed around a little." "Did you like it?" Lisa's eyes dilated, "Yes." "Are you still a virgin?" Tracy's voice asked from the edge of the kitchen.

Tracy was wrapped in a robe, leaning against the wall behind Lisa. Lisa turned around, a little startled. "No. Not since sixteen." She said. "I've heard most of what you said." Tracy started. "Wanna join us?" Lisa started to look at me, and then looked back at Tracy. She seemed to be unsure of how to answer. Kat appeared from behind Tracy, still stark naked, and she opened Tracy's robe, squeezing Tracy's left breast.

Lisa slid off the stool, and walked over, running her hands over Kat's back and ass. Kat took Lisa's face gently and kissed her lightly, and then Tracy did the same. The three girls moved off to the bedroom.

Tracy crooked her finger at me and I nodded, whispering that I'd wait a little while so they could enjoy Lisa to themselves. A bit later, I checked the baby again, and then entered the bedroom.

I'd been hearing their muffled moans through the bedroom door, and wondered what sort of fun they'd been having. Finally, I had to join them. When I walked in, a very erotic scene hit me.

Tracy was tied to the bed, something she likes, and Lisa was fucking her with the long double-dildo that I'd bought her last year. Kat was butt-fucking Lisa with a strap-on dildo and squeezing her tits real hard.

Lisa's face was flushed as was her chest. I moved over to the bed and dropped my robe, kneeling next to my wife's mouth.

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Tracy sucked my cock, and I pulled on first Lisa's then Kat's nipples. Tracy let go of my cock and told me that she wanted to see me cum on Lisa's tits. Lisa had fine, firm tits. They weren't round, but rather elongated and still firm enough to stand away from her body. I began to move around when I thought of something interesting. I moved behind Kat, and slid my cock into her sopped pussy to get it nice and wet.

Kat moaned and rammed Lisa's asshole even harder and Lisa rammed Tracy's twat. Tracy was getting wild, unable to move the way she wanted. She was holding on for us all to cum with her too. I made Kat stop and I slid my cock into her butt, feeling her tight sphincter let me in slowly.

"Ohhhh yes!" Kat moaned. "Fuck MY ass too!" As I pushed forward, Kat pushed into Lisa. Lisa, with her ass and cunt stuffed full, began to cum, panting and telling us that she was cumming. Then I started to move in Kat's butt even faster, making her fuck Lisa too. We were a freight-train, every forward move echoed right into Tracy's cunt, and then as I pulled out, so did Kat, then Lisa. Lisa was moaning and panting out loud, leaning over and licking Tracy's tits with her tongue.

"Cum in her asshole!" Tracy commanded me. "Fill her butt with sperm!" Kat began to cum, and her butt clamped down on me like a vise. Kat was shaking and moaning, with Lisa still trying to move under her. Kat asked me to pull out, which I did gently. When I slid out of her butt, Kat sighed, and then her hips shook, and I could see her thick white cream run down her thighs. "Kat, let Tracy suck you now!" I said, and helped her move over Tracy. Her cunt was literally dripping on the bed, and Tracy sucked and lapped it up from Kat's pussy.

I went into the bathroom, and washed off my cock, wanting to fuck Lisa's cunt, not her ass. When I came back, Lisa was working the thick double dildo up Tracy's asshole, having removed it from her own cunt. I crawled up behind her and licked her sweet cunt, and Lisa pushed back, moaning softly.

When I looked up again, Kat was sliding her sopped cunt on Tracy's tits, and she had spread Tracy's cunt lips wide so she could stroke Tracy's clit. Lisa however was already tonguing the exposed clit. On my knees, I slid right into Lisa's tight pussy, and began to fuck her tight little body.

Lisa moaned and sucked on Tracy's clit, then on Kat's as Kat moved down and sat clit-to-clit on top of Tracy. Lisa had both girls moaning as I fucked her hot slit, and her juices were soaking my crotch and the bed under her. I was near to my own orgasm, so I asked Tracy about what she wanted earlier.

"Tracy? You still want me to cum on her tits?" I asked her. "Yessss!" said a voice from behind Kat. "Cum all over her!

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I want to lick your cum off her tits! Cum all over her please!" I moved from behind Lisa, and she sat up, sucking my cock into her mouth. Kat moved off Tracy and watched, as did Tracy. "Cum! Cum in her mouth, on her tits too!" Tracy moaned.

"Let me lick her off!" Tracy was struggling at her bonds, urging me to come. "Soak her in cum!" I pulled out of Lisa mouth and jacked off, with Kat fingering Lisa's hot little clit. Cum spurted against Lisa's face, then I aimed it at her tits. More white cum splashed against her tits, and ran down over her nipples. The last spurt splashed against her chin, then sat back. "Let me lick it off of you, pleeezee!" Tracy begged. Lisa crawled up and let Tracy lick my sperm from a nipple. Then Kat came up and showed her.

"Press her face against your tits." Kat said. Lisa leaned down and pushed Tracy's face against her tit. "Now rub your tits over her face." Kat said. Lisa began rubbing her tits against Tracy's face, smearing the jism on my wife's lips, chin and nose. Kat was licking sperm from Lisa's face, and then kissing her. I picked up the dildo that Kat had been using on Lisa, and then crawled between their legs.

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My semi-hard cock slid easily into my wife's thoroughly drenched cunt, even with the large dildo still in her asshole. The smaller dildo, I slid up Lisa's butt and began to stroke her tail with it. Lisa groaned and rocked her beautiful young hips back and forth. Tracy was thrashing about under us, and her clenching cunt told me she was cumming over and over. After a while, I had Lisa and Kat untie Tracy, and sit her about halfway up.

They pinched her nipples and let her suck theirs as I slid in and out of her hot juicy cunt. Tracy's face showed wet spots of sperm as did Lisa's tits. Watching my wife suck tits and lick nipples always turns me on and I felt my last orgasm begin to surge up my cock.

Tracy felt it too, and begged me to cum all over the three of them. I compromised. My sperm gushed in her cunt as I pulled out, and the next spurt sprayed her belly. I moved closer and jacked off on her face and tits, spurting the hot white juice all over her. Lisa and Kat began to rub and lick it off of her, smearing it on each other and then kissing each other.

For me, I was pooped. Tracy was going wild again and the three of them kept at it. I went to the living room sofa and fell asleep, too fucked out and too pooped out to continue. I woke at four a.m., when Lisa came out and woke me up. She was still naked, but clothes in hand. She kissed me and said she had to go home.

I asked if she might get caught, but she said her mother never caught her, especially if mom's boyfriend spent the night (and he had). Lisa asked me to cum in her mouth before she left, as a goodbye, promising that next time she wanted me to fuck both her ass and cunt. Topless, she sucked me off in the living room, and she was rewarded with my warm cum coating her tongue.

A little drop had dribbled on her chin, and this I wiped up and spread over her right nipple, promising her more there next time too. Lisa rubbed my still oozing cock over her tits, and then put on her t-shirt. She smiled and left the house quietly. In the bedroom, Kat and Tracy were snuggled up together and I slid in next to Tracy.

I got another hour or so of sleep until the baby started crying and demanding to be fed at seven. Tracy crawled over me and used the bathroom, cleaning off and donning a robe. Kat used the bathroom, and returned to bed, holding my cock as she cuddled from behind. Tracy finally returned after she put the baby in her play pen, and we all took a shower together.

Two weeks later, Kat is living with us in the spare room. We still need Lisa to baby-sit, especially since Kat, Tracy and I go to the Palace together.