Light skinned straight male gay pornstars Peace Out Boss Man

Light skinned straight male gay pornstars Peace Out Boss Man
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Condo boys club By Chico Brisbane My mom and dad got divorced when I was 12-years old and along with their marriage went the only home that I had even known. My dad took his half and disappeared with his new girlfriend. My mom took her half, which included me, and bought a 2-bedroom condo in the Sierra Vista Condominium Complex for her and I to live in. However, beyond the tragedy of divorce was a silver lining for me.

A month before we moved away from the old neighborhood, a 13-year old kid named Dale from down the street told me all about jacking-off.

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He even let me watch him do it and I found it to be the most exciting thing that I had ever witnessed with my own two eyes. Even though I was officially 12 and Dale was officially 13, he was actually only 8 months older.

I was shocked over how fat his penis was compared to mine, and by how much dark curly hair that he had growing around his dick. My pubes were still few enough to be counted and on the day that I watched Dale jack-off, I had about 28 curly hairs growing around the base of my twanger. Dale had been tugging away on his boner for several minutes before I succumbed to the sexual excitement of it all.

I pulled my pants and briefs clean down to my ankles and started doing to my dick what Dale was doing to his. His eyes were glued to my first attempt at masturbation and about 30 seconds later; he hissed an order for me to watch the tip of his dick with a great sense of urgency. “Watch Chico! – I’m gonna cum! – Watch this dude! – Oh yeah! – I’m gonna cum! – Here it goes! – I’m cumming! – I’m cumming!

– Look at that!” Dale said in a tone of voice I’d never heard before. I did watch closely as milky white snot squirted right out of his dick. The first shot went all the way up his chest next to his nickel-sized nipples.

The subsequent squirts came out with less pressure until the last of it dribbled over the top of his fingers and dropped right into his little patch of pubic hair. I felt that first tingly wave in the core of my cock with Dales first squirt, and by the time it was dripping onto his cock hair, I was beating my dick so fast that the image of my hand was just a blur. “Oh Jeeze!

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– What the heck!” Was about all that I got out as my first blast flew clear over my shoulder and landed somewhere on the ground behind me. “Whoa!” Dale shouted “Oh man! – Now I’m cumming! – It’s warm!” I said as I covered my tummy with dozens of droplets of warm semen. It wasn’t as milky white, or as gooey as Dales, but it sure felt awesome as it was squirting out.


“Dang! – I didn’t think you’d be able to shoot at all, much less that much!” Dale said pointing to my mess. Dale and I jacked-off again together a little later that day, and then several times a day for the following week.

It was just as exciting every time we did it, but I couldn’t escape the thoughts in my head of me doing it with other boys from around the neighborhood. Sometimes while Dale and I where choking our chicken’s, I’d think about three of us doing it together. Shit! – I could picture about 6 or 7 of us boys on Logan St. doing this together. Waiting for the first guy to say that he was going to cum so we could all watch, and then move on to the next shooter.

I hinted around with some other boys and it took 2 weeks to find a guy that seemed as if he might be the type to do it with us. He was a few years older then Dale and I, so jacking-off wouldn’t be something that we’d be teaching him.

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We decided that our best shot would be to get him to teach us and it turned out to be much easier then we expected. Dale brought up the subject of jacking-off and I innocently mentioned that if jacking-off was what I thought it was I might have seen my cousin doing it a few years earlier. That’s when Jeff put his two cents in and questioned my uncertainty as to exactly what my cousin was doing.

“What do you mean you might have seen your cousin jacking-off? – Either he was, or he wasn’t” Jeff said. “Well if jacking-off is when a guy plays with his hard weenie, then that’s what he was doing.” I said. “Yeah! – I caught my brother playing with his weenie one time!” Dale said.

“Weenie? – Dude! You guy’s are way too old to be calling your dicks a weenie! – Don’t tell me the two of you have never tossed your sauce?” Jeff said. Dale and I looked at each other and then back at Jeff. That in itself was as good as “no” for an answer and he seemed more curious about Dale.

Jeff said that he could believe that I’ve never done it, but he couldn’t believe that Dale hadn’t. Dale started to look flustered as if Jeff figured out that we where up to no good and I had to say something fast to divert his attention away from Dale. “We’re only 12 and 13. My cousin said that I’d have to wait until I was 14 and had a big, fat, hairy one like his before I could do what I caught him doing.” I said as innocently as I could.

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“Is that so? – And just how big, fat, and hairy was this 14-year olds dick?” Jeff asked with a look on his face that told me that he was dying to hear the answer. “Oh man! – It was a big fat one!


– Like this big!” I said holding my pointer fingers about 4-inches apart. My perception of a big and hairy dick made Jeff’s 16-year-old chest puff up with pride. Whatever sexual inhibitions he had about whipping his cock out in front of couple of younger boys vanished.

Once I made mention of the puddle of sperm my cousin made in his belly button, and my reaffirmation that his dick was the biggest one that I’d ever seen, Jeff did exactly what we wanted him to do. “You wanna see a big, fat, hairy dick? – I’ll show what one looks like!” Jeff said turning his back to us while he made his dick hard. At first he just started rubbing himself through his pants, but then pulled his dick out and started stroking it while we sat behind him.

We had a perfect view of the top half of his butt cheeks and that was more then enough to make Dale and I get rock hard boners. I had no idea what Jeff’s boner was going to look like since mine and Dale’s were all that I had to draw from. I only knew that Jeff’s dick was going to be bigger then both of ours. Neither of us could sit still as we waited for Jeff to turn around. It seemed like an hour even thought it was only minutes, but eventually he did. “Okay!

– You guys ready to see what big, hairy dick really looks like?” Jeff asked. “YES!” We both said in unison and our reactions were not fake in any way.

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“Wow Shit! I said right over Dale’s simultaneous “HOLY FUCK!” “Man! – You could fit two of my cousin’s boners inside of that thing!” I said. Jeff was beaming with pride as he turned from left to right giving us views of his 7-inch erection from different angles.

We took turns inflating Jeff’s ego over the size of his dick, but Dale really got to Jeff when he said that his was bigger then his dad’s, and fatter too. “That sucks! – Look how small mine is? – And I’ve only got a few hairs on mine.” I said as I lowered the front of my pants enough to expose my erection.

“Mines bigger then that!” Dale said looking directly at my boner. “Yeah, but I’ll bet it ain’t bigger then his giant one?” I said pointing to Jeff’s cock. “No! – But my balls are just as big as his are” Dale said lowering the front of his pants to expose his hard cock and low hanging balls. “Hey! Your balls are as big as Jeff’s.

In fact, I think they’re bigger! – I’ll bet that means you can shoot more sperm then he can.” I said. “BULLSHIT!” Jeff said and started tugging away on his cock. “Stroke your dick like this!” He said to Dale. And there I was watching two guys having a jack-off contest. It was the first one that I’d ever seen as well as the first one that I participated in.

Dale came first and Jeff followed a few seconds later. There was no doubt that Jeff was the cumming champ. Dale’s cum flew half of the distance between them before falling to the ground. Jeff’s first few squirts flew the full distance between them and landed right on the hand that Dale was holding his cock with.

Then my load came out in 3 equal squirts landing on the ground about a foot away from the tips of my toes. As meager as that was, Jeff was still impressed. “Whoa! – Did you see that? - This little dude really shot a load.” Jeff said. One week after the 3-way jack-off with Dale and Jeff, I moved away and wondered how long it was going to take me to find someone to jack-off with in the new neighborhood. I hadn’t figured how concentrated the kid population would be with 250 homes crammed into a space the size of the old block that I lived on.

There were over a hundred boys within a 3-minute walk from our new condo. Starting from the second day that I lived there as my first real day to find a jack-off buddy, it took only 3 hours and 25 minutes before I was blowing my load with some kid that I’d known for less then an hour.

He was only 2 months older and his dick was almost as big and hairy as Dale’s. I started to worry about having a little dick but decided to wait until I saw a guy’s boner my same age or a few months younger. It took less then a week for that to happen and it ended up being a kid that turned 12 less then a month ago.

His dick wasn’t way bigger, and he didn’t have a single hair to be found, but his penis was slightly longer and thicker then mine. Now I was really worried because I was 12 but could still pass for an 11-year old.

But in a few months, I’d be 13 and will still look like an 11-year old. But in a few weeks I’d come to find out what an asset my slow growth would turn out to be. 2 minutes after I finished cumming with my new friend Gabriel, he admitted that he beat-off with another kid in the complex. He sort of hesitated for a few seconds but then asked if I’ve ever beat-off in front of more then one guy.

I didn’t hesitate telling him about Dale and how we tricked Jeff into thinking that he was teaching us how to do it. The look on Gabriel’s face was priceless when I mentioned that Jeff was 16-years old and drove a car. “Serious?

– He was a 16-year old?” Gabe asked excitedly. “Yep! – And his boner was this long!” I said holding my pointer fingers an exaggerated 12-inches apart. “Yikes! – I’ve never seen one that big before.” Gabriel said.

“That’s not all either. – This guy could shoot his sperm on that tree from here!” I said motioning to a tree about 5 feet away from us. By noon on the following day, I met Andrew. He was Gabriel’s 14-year old jack-off buddy and from the second the 3 of us where behind his locked bedroom door, I knew something was up and that I was the only one who didn’t know what it was.

We didn’t have any inhibitions about pulling our dicks out and did that with ease.

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But as the minutes passed, a nervous tension hung in the air as Gabriel and Andrew shared odd glances when they thought I wasn’t looking. Then it started like a game of chess and I was the pawn. “I hate doing this with clothes on!” Andrew said and casually removed every stitch of clothing until he was a naked as the day he was born. I should have known that Gabriel was going to make a move but I was still to intrigued by the sight of a totally naked 14-year old dude jacking off less then 2 feet away from me.

If he hadn’t cleared his throat before he spoke, I might not have heard him. “Yeah! – It does look more comfortable doing it like that. You know? Without any clothes on.” Gabe said. I took my attention away from Andrews’s impressive boner only to watch Gabriel strip down naked on the floor right next to us. I knew that if I didn’t follow suit within a minute, one of them would suggest that I give it a try.

I decided to beat them to the punch, but I also wanted to let them know that I was a team player. “That’s weird?” I said under my breath. “What’s weird?” Andrew replied. “I’ve always felt weird about people seeing me naked, but it’s worse having clothes on when everyone else is naked. “ I said knowing what the response would be, but still happy to hear it.

“So get naked then! – We’re all guys, right?” Andrew said to Gabriel. “Yeah! – No big deal!” Gabriel replied I have to say that I’ve never felt closer to any friend then the ones that I’ve masturbated with. When two buddies will whip their cocks out and stroke them until semen comes spewing forth, there is a level of trust in that friendship that does not exist in most.

I just happen to move into a place crawling with guys willing to share such a trust and carry the secrets that result from it. Secrets like the one that Andrew and Gabriel shared with me after they swore me to secrecy.

I sat there waiting to see which one of them would speak first, and just how big was this secret. As it turned out, the secret was shared without a word being said. As for how big the secret was, I’d say it was much bigger then the 5-inches of Gabriel’s dick that Andrew covered with his mouth.

It was certainly bigger then the load of semen that Gabriel fired off down Andrew’s throat. I’m not sure how big that was because I never saw a drop of it. I just sat there watching this secret grow as I tugged furiously on my cock while Andrew slid his hard curved dick, gently into Gabriel’s butt hole.

Just how big was this secret going to get? – Certainly bigger then the load of cum Andrew shot off deep into the Gabriel’s bowels. I never forget the sight of Gabriel’s butt hole as Andrew slowly pulled his 6-inch cock all the way out, and how Gabriel’s hole didn’t close behind it.

It just stayed wide open enough to drop a golf ball in and watch it disappear. I couldn’t even imagine what that must have felt like for Gabriel. I wasn’t counting or anything, but Andrew must have slammed his hard cock in and out of Gabriel’s hole at least 200 times before he shot his load.

If the look on Gabriel’s face was an accurate indicator, getting fucked in the ass was a mixture of pain and pleasure that now had me intrigued, if not tempted. As soon as Andrew started pumping his load in Gabriel’s ass, it sent me over the top and I announced that I was going to cum. “Cum on my butt!” Andrew hissed as he pumped the last of his load into Gabriel’s ass.

I was so turned on that I didn’t even have time to crawl up directly over his ass. I started cumming while I straddled the backs of his knees and ended up dousing him with cum from his shoulder blades down to the crack of his ass.

It was the biggest load that I’d shot to date, yet that record wouldn’t stand for more then a week. The Sierra Vista Condominium Complex was a hot bed of pubescent sexual exploration that I took full advantage of from day one. More then 5-years will pass before I turn 18 and move away to college, and the boys of Sierra Vista will come and go, literally!

– I had more sex on that 15-acre parcel of land in 6 years, then I’ve had in the 23-years that have passed since then. But those are many more stories in and of themselves.

I’m still on day 3 and have to tell you about the rest of my first week at Sierra Vista. Holy Guacamole Batman! – What a week that was! To be continued