Sensual Oil Massage and Fucking

Sensual Oil Massage and Fucking
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Mark didnt speak at first, but went to the closet instead and fetched two robes. He handed his wife one and me and motioned us to dress. I was worried but thought if the cops were involved it would be more than a robe.

I had no idea what he had been up to. I found myself back in the living room still with no answers and confused out of my mind. I was simply directed to sit at the table where I had seen food before and I realized there had been in a warming tray while it waited. I was shocked to find there was some lobster, something I had only once or twice growing up and not something I'd expect.

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My parents had money but lobster was not something they gave their kids, it was for guests. I remembered it as a left over and one time with friends at Red Lobster.


My mouth watered at the smell but I was still worried, still had no idea what was going on and I was too scared to eat anything. Jen reached out and touched my hand "Eat little one." I was too nervous. "Please." Mark squeezed my hand and handed me a video.

"I had another gift for you but this is a second." I realized it was the tape. "How? And he may have a copy." Mark shook his head.

"No, I paid him enough and have proof If he had another copy and tries to use it, he will be arrested." I heard the words. "You paid?" Jen nodded.

"He wouldnt let you go, you are worth too much." I had tears in my eyes. "How many years will I have to work for you?" Mark shocked her.

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"Four years." I looked up. "He was only one." Jen lifted me up and made me go down a hall. There was another bedroom there and I found my things.

The room looked like a luxurious hotel. She kissed me.

"You will not be a prostitute. You will be enrolling in school and living here." I was shocked. "School?" Mark nodded. "I have an in with a few schools, I assume you have some descent marks." I nodded. "I got into Columbia, but I want to dance." Mark kissed me "You can choose that later but while you work off your debt, you will go to school. We will pay." I shook my head. "I turned it down." He laughed. "I will see to that. Now we will discus your payments." I was trembling. "How many men will I need to service every day for you?" Jen reassured me "Only one man and one woman, and not every night." Mark added.

"You will only ever be expected to be with us. We will never share you with a human or a dog." I thought of the dog I had been with. "It is still four years." Mark nodded. "But you will live here in luxury, have spending money, and go to school. And no animals." Jen added "You can go back to John, or prison, but I am sure once you think about it, you'll decide we're the best option.

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They led me back to the table and encouraged me to eat. I felt their eyes on me and their words in my head. Jen placed a hand on my bare leg as we finished. "Have you thought of our proposition?" I nodded "I guess I dont have a choice." Mark wiped my tears.

"You do but this is the better one. You know we will never hurt you or share you.

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And you will go to school and have freedom." Jen kissed me on the neck. "You are scared of us." I didnt want to admit it "No." She shushed me. "You are. But we will show you that you dont have to be scared of us." Mark caressed my right breast. "I will have the forms sent from Columbia. Once you sign them, it will be proof you are willing to stay with us for the four years." They led me back to the bedroom and made me lay back. Mark kissed me.

"The papers will take till Monday. You can have that time to decide." I nodded "Okay." Jen brought some scotch to my lips.

"One more glass tonight. You are going to have to start to learn to enjoy this without." I sipped the alcohol. "Fine." Mark smiled and ran a hand down between my legs. "The pain will vanish and we will show you how much fun it can be." Jen agreed.

"You'll never be expected to make love to just one of us. We are not swingers, we have never done this before." Her husband agreed "We are madly in love but we'd like to share our passion and love with another." As they both massaged a breast I asked "You said John knew what kind of women you liked." Mark laughed. "We have arranged certain parties for friends. Strippers nothing more. I work in business and clients often ask for such. I have never used his services myself and never a hooker." I corrected him "Until now." Jen agreed.

"We considered it for a long time and he told us about you. We almost backed out till we saw you and we knew we wanted to be your first." I was shaking.

"Your clients?" Mark shushed me. "We meant it, we will never share you even as a stripper. I promise you will never have to offer your services." Jen placed my hand on her breast as she rubbed mine.

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"Rub baby. We will teach you how to please us too, perhaps scare you less." I wasnt sure "How?" She started rubbing my nipples.

"Just follow me little one." I did my best rubbing her nipple and felt it harden. I must have done something right as she moved my hand to her other. Her husband had been kissing his way down my body and I jerked when I felt the tongue. I had memories of the dog flood through me and I closed my eyes. Jen kissed me "Trust me my beautiful rose, it is far better than an animal, just lay back." He was gentle, he opened the lips of my pussy and gently began on my clit.

I felt myself moan as his tongue darted in and out, and as Jen began on my breasts suckling them as if a baby nursing. As Mark suddenly sucked on my clit my back arched as I began having an orgasm.

I was coming down when I felt Mark start to enter me but slow at first. Jen removed her mouth as her husband was fucking me with long strokes. "Your turn my love." I was reminded of having to suck her pussy before but she turned my face towards her.

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Just like I did." I felt my head cupped against her chest like a baby being nursed and took one of her breasts in my mouth. I still wasn't certain I'd ever want to be with a woman by choice but I was getting wet again, and I could admit it was not all from the cock between my legs. I felt my hand placed between her legs but was unsure, but she guided my hand until I found my rhythm.

She soon had an orgasm as her husband did within me and I had my second. Mark pulled out and kissed me. "See our precious rose it doesnt have to be scary. Now will you clean me off while my wife shows you how its done?" I opened my mouth unable to find words. As he slid his cock in my mouth I felt her hand on me and in me as her husband had, but much gentler.

Her mouth went down on me and I practically had to fight bighting him as she continued her attack. I barely noted as he began pumping in my mouth as she brought me around to another intense climax. I had my mouth soon full of spunk and since he was over top of me I had to swallow. He kissed me softly. "Now you can show Jen what you learned before we have some dessert. I watched as she lay on the bed and nervously took a place between her legs.

I started with my hand scared to try my mouth. I hadn't really been conscious last time I did it with her. And with the other woman her crotch practically smothered me. As I finally started licking trying to focus as she did, I felt him enter me again. I was worried hed take my ass but he remained in my pussy.

He whispered "Not tonight my pretty rose, we promised to teach you not to be scared." He cummed hard and faster than either of us, and I had a feeling he took the blue pill again. She took longer to cum. Back in robes they had dessert at the table.


I was surprised when I was given a gold chain with a gold rose on it as my real gift. Mark kissed my neck and pointed at an envelope. "Tomorrow you can celebrate your day late, shop and have fun." I was amazed at the money "Really?" Jen smiled and whispered.


"See the many perks if you be a good little Rose and sign the forms in a few days?" I was led back to bed but there was only heavy petting and kissing. I thought to myself. 'Four years? God can I do this for four years?'