Sexy babes with teases and sucks

Sexy babes with teases and sucks
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Family 4 some Mom: "Were a family of 4. Were all going to tell you our story.

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Me, (Mom), Dad, our daughter Danica and our son Danny. Danny you start." Danny: I think it all started with mom and dad. Danica and I both noticed them feeling each other up all the time. They never hid it much from us. My sister and I were a year apart, I was the older one.

Danica had nice tits and a sexy shape. She had always tried to get my attention. She quickly learned that using her sexy body was getting looks from me. She started leaving her bedroom door halfway open as she paraded around in her nighties, panties and bra. She would rub up against me whenever possible, passing in the house or kitchen. I sure took notice, and she was giving me boners more and more.

Danica……&hellip. I loved teasing Danny, making him get boners over me was a thrill. I was using every trick I knew. I would have loved to make him cum in his pants over me. I know he wanks thinking about me. I rub my pussy at night thinking about him too. I knew the day would come when we would have hot sex, I just wanted to speed it up. Danny&hellip.

Mom and dad noticed too and got on her for wearing such skimpy clothes around the house. (this just let her know she was getting attention.) I would smile at her, and tease her behind mom and dad's backs. I would grab my crouch, and feel my own guy tits, out of mom and dads sight. She started doing it too.

Putting her hand down her shorts, feeling her pussy and squeezing her tits behind their backs. It was turning us both on. Soon we started grabbing little feels on us in private. We got bolder and bolder. Our bedrooms were right across from each other. One night after mom and dad had gone to sleep, Danica and I stood in our rooms teasing each other. She did a super hot strip for me, and I took out my boner and stroked it so she could see.

By the third night of doing this I wanted to fuck her bad.

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She too was getting so hot and horny, I could see the wet from her pussy. The next morning when mom and dad had gone shopping, she burst in my room, grabbed my cock over my boxers, and then took off running in her nightie.

I took off after her and chased her into the garage. She hid, but her giggles gave her away. I slowly crept up and grabbed her from behind. She of course screeched and giggled. Man she felt so good, and my instant boner poked her in her sweet ass. I said quietly: "Danica, you little shit, your going to get us both in trouble." She said: "Me?…you grab me too Danny." I said: "Little stuff is fun, but your getting to bold, I've never grabbed your pussy have I?" She said: "No…but I bet you'd like to, wouldn't you?" Since I was holding her from behind, I reached down and felt her pussy.

She backed her butt right into my boner. She took a big breath and squirmed a little. "What's that in your pocket Danny?.I bet you've wanted to do this for a long time, haven't you?" she said. I said: "…How long have you wanted to grab my cock?" She spun around and said: "You dream about having sex with me, don't you big brother?"&hellip. "&hellip.and you rub your pussy thinking about me having sex with you…don't you Danica!," I said.

The garage door started to open. We quick ran in the house, I copped a feel of her tits and she grabbed my cock again. I was catching my breath thinking 'damn, she was making me so fucking horny, and I like it.' Danica: I lay on my bed panting, thinking&hellip.'oh my god, I got so hot when he rubbed my pussy, that was exciting.

I'll get him to do that again, only longer.' Danny: We weren't quick enough out of the garage people door, and mom and dad saw us. Mom and dad were so cool, dad had given me an endless supply of condoms, and they supplied birth control pills for Danica. No lectures of any kind. Dad&hellip. I remember saying: "That looked like two kids we know, in boxers and a nightie, mom." Mom: And I said: "Well, my brother and I got caught by my dad, and you and your sister got caught by your aunt, so what can we say?" Dad: "Let's go in and watch them act like nothing was going on." Danny: They both hinted and made us both squirm with questions about 'what were you guys doing in the garage?'&hellip.and…'why were you guys in boxers and a nightie?' We made up lame excuses as they delighted in putting on their faces of doubt.


Danica said to me later&hellip."See, you've gotten us in trouble Danny." "Bullshit, Danica…you started it, grabbing my cock."' We looked at each other and grinned. Damn she was looking hotter by the day. Tits seemed bigger, ass more shapely and she teased me every chance she got. Mom: They think we didn't notice them playing grabbies behind our backs. The picture frame glass, our mirrors and even the chrome on the stove tells all&hellip.I love watching them sneak feels and thinking they are so clever, just like my brother and I did, but my dad knew.

I said to dad: "Dear, I want to join in on the fun, how about you?" Dad said: "I think it's time we had some fun with them too dear.

Let's start in on them today…ok?" Danny: I was in my laying on my bed when mom came in and sat on my bed. She had on a big smile. She leaned over and whispered: ("I've seen you grabbing feels on Danica. 'If' you share some of those with me, we'll let dad and Danica do their thing, and what you and Danica do is your affaire…ok?") I must have turned ghostly white in shock.

WTF!…I couldn't believe my ears. Mom then took my hand and put it on her tits and said to feel away. My hand froze as she moved it around and down her blouse. Mom had wonderful full tits, my cock got instantly hard. She then rubbed my cock and said she'd be around later for more. She smiled and left. Mom: I went and told dad what I just did.


He whispered: ("Damn, that's hot, now for Danica.") Danny: Danica was gone, but came home later. I was still in a little shock, my hand tingled where I just felt my mom's tits. I pondered if I should tell Danica about what mom did. I decided not to for now anyway. Mom yelled for me come down stairs. I passed dad coming up the stairs. Mom wanted more feeling up. She backed up to me out of sight of the living room. .She put my hand on her pussy and rubbed it up and down.

My cock got hard and quick. She moved her butt back on my cock and squirmed.

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I was coming out of my shock and liking this a lot. She lifted her dress up and put my hand down in her panties.

I put on my super hearing for a noise from those stairs. I had a major case of the jitters. I felt mom's warm, damp pussy. She had shaved it bald. She leaned back and reach back and felt my rock hard boner. I'd wanked many times thinking about my mom when I was younger, but now I felt the real thing and my balls were ready to explode.

She peeked around the corner to see if it was clear. Down her hand went in my shorts. She started jacking me fast, I rubbed her pussy real fast. I shot in my shorts as she orgasmed.

My legs and hers went weak, as we steadied ourselves on the kitchen wall. She and I both gasp for air as she bucked her pussy on my fingers. She handed me a towel and said to go in the downstairs bathroom. I tiptoed in as my heart pounded and kept pounding. The shear risk, and having my mom make me cum was mind blowing, .I sat on the toilet and gathered my senses.

I finally was cleaned up and came out. Mom was standing right there. She whispered to not go upstairs until dad came down. I looked a little puzzled but I wasn't thinking very good right then. I sat on the couch with my jacket on my lap. Dad came down smiling and went in and started talking quietly to mom. I heard them giggle as I shot up the stairs to change my shorts. I took a nap, dreaming of mom and I feeling each other.

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I woke up to Danica sitting on my bed. She had a big smile. She leaned over and whispered: ("…dad knows we've been feeling each other up, but it's ok.") I smiled and said: ("I got news for you, mom knows too, and it's ok, we made a deal.") Danica giggled and said: ("…dad and I made a deal too!…we have free feels, hand jobs and finger fucks.") Now it was all coming together.

Danica and I discussed what they were up to. We all feel us, plus a hand jobs and finger fucksand they do the same to us. Danica and I can do what ever we want with each other and everybody gets turned on. ------------------ That was the beginning of us all having the most exciting fun ever.

We all still kept sneaking most of our playing, that made it exciting. I would feel mom's pussy at any time, even in the car while she was driving. She would giggle and say: "Stop Danny, do you want me to wreck the car!" I loved her late night visits to my bedroom, She would jack me off as I felt her sweet pussy.

Danica: Dad and I have so much fun grabbing feels, and I loved the freedom of taking out his cock and stroking him till he would cum hard. He knew just how to finger me and make me orgasm while standing in the hallway, kitchen or anywhere in the house. Danny and I were playing a teasing game, now that we were going to have sex.

I told him…'not tonight, I wasn't in the mood.' He said 'sorry girl', I'm busy anyway, mom's giving me a hand job in the shower'. I would rub my tits on him and say how dad would 'get me' in the mood. Danny would say: '.mom gets me 'in the mood' all the time.

We would both giggle and start a major feel up right in the kitchen. Mom would come in and pay no attention to us and go about her cooking, just humming away. Danny loved to reach back and feel mom while he was fingering me. Soon we'd have a 3 way going on. Dad would come in, ignore us at first, then mom and I would feel his warm hands on our body's. A 4 way feel fest…there's nothing like it. Danny: Danica and I were planning our first sex together.

I told dad: " Danica and I set tonight as the night for Danica and I to finally have sex." He smiled, and said he had a hot date with mom. Danica and I fought over who got to shower first. She got there first, but of course didn't lock the door. I peeked and watch her soap up her hot body and tease me, as she knew I was peeking.

Danica: I was so wet all day thinking about Danny coming in my room tonight. I left my bedroom door wide open so he could watch me walk around in my bra and panties. None of us had discussed oral sex, I had wanted to get Danny's cock and suck and lick it for a long time. He had whispered to me how he wanted to lick my pussy and suck on my clit.

We waited until it was late. The anticipation was driving us crazy. Then we heard mom and dad moaning down the hall. .They were fucking like crazy.

I'd had enough and went to Danny's room, just as he was coming to my room. We wrapped our arms around each other right in the hall, and the feeling up began. I had the bigger bed as we drug each other to my bed.

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I had only a low light on and for the first time, we kissed. Shock waves went thru us we felt we were being boyfriend/girlfriend lovers. He raised my long night gown and took it off. His eyes looked at my completely naked body for the first time. I pushed his pajama bottoms down and off.

We feasted our eyes on each other. Danny: Now I was going to suck on those nice tits of hers. I eventually slid down to her warm pussy. She turned so she could play with my cock.

She started to get wild sucking, licking and jacking my cock. It got me super excited as I slipped fingers in her wet pussy. I sucked and licked her clit and felt her start to cum.

I stopped and stopped her. I want our first sex to be cock in pussy. I turned her hot body and she held my cock and started easing it in. She was so tight we both moaned as it took a bit to get it in all the way.

Once in we lost control and started fucking like two wild animals. We both came so fast we almost passed out with the feeling. My cock shot and kept shooting. She moaned loud and squirmed her body against mine. I just kept pumping her. We couldn't stop, it felt so damn good. Danica: Danny was so cool, letting my pussy open up to him. Once we started fucking, I lost it in feelings I never knew. I first orgasmed, then we just kept going on to bigger feelings and a grand climax that just kept going and going.

My body locked around his and just trembled out of my control. I loved the feel of his body locked in mine. We squirmed and could only breathe in short bursts for a long time. We drifted to sleep, locked in our arms. --------- Mom : Dad and I whispered as we peeked around the corner. I said: ("Look at them dear, their first time. Bring back memories?") Dad: ("Oh yeah…&hellip.someday,… I suppose we'll have to tell them, you're my sister.")