Dare ring game 10 round 1

Dare ring game 10 round 1
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Mary and I had been married for nine years when we agreed to stand up for Tom and Wendy's wedding. We had gotten home from the wedding rehearsal and were sitting in the living room discussing the couple.

Tom had met Wendy a year ago when she was modeling at an auto show he attended. They started dating immediately. It was an up and down relationship. Wendy had done a photo shoot with Playboy but it hadn't been used. Tom had a jealous streak, and combined with a beautiful girlfriend they had some real donnybrooks. Tom couldn't get over the idea that she was cheating on him and she couldn't understand why he didn't trust her. They'd become good friend of ours. Our doorbell rang. Mary answered the door and in came Wendy in the same full length dress coat she'd been wearing when she left the church.

"Wendy, how come you're not at home with Tom?" Mary asked. "There's something I want to talk about," said Wendy quietly. "Well sure, we're not doing anything, what's on your mind?" I asked. She unbuttoned and removed the coat and stretched out on the couch. She was wearing lace top thigh high stockings, spike heeled pumps and very little else.

I just stared at her stretched out in all her long legged clear skinned twenty two year old black laced Playmate glory. "I got to thinking this afternoon, there's something I've always wanted to do and after tomorrow I won't be able to do it because it'll be wrong," Wendy said seriously. "Wha . wha . what's that, Wendy?" Mary stammered. She was as surprised as me at Wendy's attire.

"I want to fuck you," she said calmly looking between Mary and me. "Wh .Wh .

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which one of us?" It was my turn to stammer. "Wh . wh . why, both of you, of course," Wendy mocked us. "Give us a chance to get used to the idea," Mary said with a little choke in her throat. She looked at me and we went into the kitchen. "What do you think, Jim?" Mary asked me.


"I've never cheated on you in my life, and I'm not sure this is a good time to start," I said carefully. "But we really like Wendy and it would be both of us. It wouldn't really be cheating would it?" Mary had a bright light in her eyes that I didn't see often.

"If it's OK with you, it's OK with me," I said, taking the chance. Wendy hadn't moved when we went back in the living room. "So what did you decide?" she asked. "We decided it would be OK, but you can't tell Tom," Mary said. "Oh, hell no, I don't tell Tom everything I do; you know how jealous he is." "Who do you want first," I asked.

"Let me start with Mary just to get the two of us warmed up," Wendy said. So my undoubtedly faithful wife and my best friend's fiancé strolled into the bedroom.

"Give us about fifteen minutes before you come in," Wendy told me as she went by. It was the longest fifteen minutes of my life, as I sat there thinking about what they were doing in there and getting hard in my pants.

Actually I only made it ten minutes then went and stood by the door and peeked in. Wendy saw my shadow at the door and turned toward me. "Couldn't wait, eh? Well come on in, you can watch for a few more minutes," Wendy said. There was my wife, completely faithful and hetero as far as I had ever thought about it kneeling between Wendy's knees eating her pussy with enthusiasm. Wendy was lying back on the bed with a couple of pillows under her head and her feet on Mary's shoulders.

She was wiggling and moaning. Mary had one hand between her own legs fluttering like a hummingbird. Mary heard Wendy's voice and looked up from her work. She saw me, gave me a smile and motioned me down to give her a kiss. I knelt down next to her and gave her a big kiss. She had Wendy's pussy juice dripping off her chin and all over her mouth. It tasted delicious. She took her hand out from between her own legs and stuck that in my mouth too. I got the familiar taste of her pussy.

I started to get up, but Mary pulled me back down. "You've got to see this," she said. "Wendy, put your legs up in the air." Wendy did it, her legs straight up, Mary pushed them apart.

Wendy still had her stockings and garter on. Her panties were hanging off one high heeled shoe. She looked unbelievably hot. "Look at her clit," Mary said to me. I tore my eyes away from those beautiful legs, put my head down and took a good look. With her legs up like that and her pussy hair cut short I felt like a gynecologist. I looked where Mary pointed and saw what she meant.

Wendy's clit was amazing. It was long and swelled. It actually protruded from her pubic hair. It looked like a short piece of a soda straw. I touched it lightly with one finger and Wendy twitched. "That's too rough," Mary said. She pushed my hand away and took the clit in her lips and flicked her tongue across it. Wendy moaned. "I've never seen a clit like that," I said.

"It looks like a little hard on." "It's so embarrassing!" Wendy's voice came from above us. "It does that whenever I get hot. I can't wear a bikini in public because it pokes out. It ruined my Playboy shoot. 'We can't use these shots; she has a clit like a pencil stub and nipples like thimbles,' the photographer said." "I think it's beautiful," Mary said and gave it another suck.

"It's like some kind of birth defect or something," Wendy said. "My nipples are the same way. Come up and look, Jim, I'm not kidding." Mary gave me a nudge and I stood up and went up to look at Wendy's nipples.

She had a Playmate class rack, thirty six C. She was playing with her nipples, and they just stuck out like nothing I'd ever seen. The whole fronts of her breasts were stiff. Even the aureoles were erect. That photographer was right, the nipples protruded more than a half inch like thimbles. I leaned over and sucked on each of those pink stubs in turn, just a second with a little tooth on each one. She arched her back in approval.

She tapped Mary on the top of her head and asked: "Is it OK if Jim fucks my tits?" "Sure, he doesn't get to do it with me," Mary's not a particularly busty girl. Wendy smiled at me and motioned me up on the bed. I stripped off my clothes and climbed up there. Now as you can imagine with what I'd been seeing and hearing I had an iron bar hard on.

I'm not huge, but a good eight inches and thicker than usual. I straddled Wendy at the waist and knee walked up to her chest. I laid my dick between those magnificent breasts. She squeezed her breasts around my dick and said "Push." I pushed, but things were too dry and nothing slid. "Do you have some lube?" I asked her. "Spit's better than lube; just spit," she said.

She raised her head and spit on my dick. I added some spit and she was right, it was better than lube. I started thrusting between her breasts and it was wonderful. She started lifting her head and giving my dick a lick on every other stroke.


That got me even harder. She rolled her breasts over so that her nipples were getting rubbed on every thrust. That got her really going and she started licking me on every stroke.

I produced a little precum and the lube got even better. Pretty soon I had scooted up toward her face and was giving her a full mouth thrust each time I cleared her tits. Wendy had tiny little features, a little pixy nose and an itty bitty mouth with an adorable little overbite; she had to gape her mouth open to take me in and her little bitty mouth made my dick look even bigger.

After a little while all the rubbing on her nipples got them even harder and more erect. They were as rigid as a pair of fingers as I thrust between them. It was starting to push me over the edge.

Between what Mary was doing between her legs and what I was doing to her tits and face, I knew Wendy was close; she was moaning and rolling her eyes. The next time I pulled out of her mouth, she hissed up at me: "Tell her to put her thumb in my ass!" Mary must have heard it, because when I looked around, Mary was still sucking on that amazing clit and also had one thumb up Wendy's ass all the way to her wrist. That was enough for Wendy, her body started to twitch and spasm.

She grabbed my hips and pulled me toward her face. I went forward as she pulled and shoved my cock right down her throat. Her eyes bugged open and she gaped wide trying to take me in. As her orgasm and the gag reflex overtook her, her throat clamped and spasmed around the head of my dick which made me come straight down her throat. We both bucked and groaned as we both finished our orgasms. I roll off Wendy's body and collapsed next to her. I must have dozed off; I'm not as young as I used to be.

When I came to, the arrangement had changed. I got one eye open and saw Wendy kneeling on the bed between Mary's knees. Wendy heard me move and lifted her head and looked at over me. "Back with us then? Ready to take part again?" She reached back and put her hand on my dick and massaged it long enough to get it started again, then went back to eating Mary's snatch.

Mary was spread eagled on her back with her knees up. She had a fistful of covers in each hand and was making low grunting noises that I'd never heard. After I lay still for a few more minutes, Wendy said: "Get up behind me and shove it in." You don't get an order like that very often and you don't ignore it when you do.

I got up on my knees behind Wendy and rammed into that beautiful dripping wet pussy. I was balls deep in a couple strokes. She moaned her approval. I continued with long deep strokes driving deep into her and coming almost out on the backstroke. After a couple minutes of this, Wendy tipped her hips up a little more and on an outstroke when I pulled almost out of her, she reached back between her legs and moved my cock just a little bit so that when I pushed in again my dick slammed hard against her asshole.

It didn't go in, but she shifted her hips back against me, so I pressed harder against her ass. There was a short moment where nothing happened, then she relaxed her asshole and the head of my dick started to move in.

She relaxed a little more and the whole head of my dick slipped past her sphincter. I groaned and she grunted. Then just as fast as she had relaxed it to let me in, she clenched her sphincter again. It was like being gripped in a fist, just that tight and hard. I was locked in place. She alternated clenching and relaxing over and over.

It was like being milked. I couldn't stroke; when she relaxed I could only go deeper in, and when she clenched I couldn't pull out. She squeezed and released. She was shoving backwards against me as if she were trying to impale herself on my dick. I was trying not to come, and Wendy never stopped eating Mary's pussy.

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Mary was groaning. "Aagh, Aggh, Oh God, Aagh, Ooh; Ooooh." Mary's head thrashed back and forth like an animal; she tore at the covers and arched her back. She pushed Wendy's head down into her crotch even harder.

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Wendy never stopped eating Mary or rubbing her own clit. When Wendy reached her own orgasm, she relaxed her ass enough for me to pull out. The three of us collapsed in a heap and lay quiet for a couple minutes. I was glad I hadn't come, since I was still ready for whatever we decided to do next. We lounged around for a while rubbing and admiring each other, the ladies admiring my still hard and erect staff; my wife especially was surprised, since waiting to come was not a strong suit of mine.

After a couple minutes, Wendy untangled herself and got off the bed. "Listen, guys, I have to pee." She bent down and said in my ear: "I'll tell you something nobody else knows; not even Tom. I like to cum when I pee. You can come and watch if you want." I did want to watch, so I followed her into the bathroom. She sat on the stool with her leg apart and started rubbing herself.

I found this very hot and straddled her knees which brought my dick just to mouth level on her. She got the idea immediately and opened her mouth and took me in deep. If I leaned forward, I could watch her hand between her legs and her face taking my thrusts at the same time.

Wendy started to make her pre- orgasm noises pretty soon after I put my cock in her face. "Hold your bladder till you come," I told her. She nodded. All the time I was getting bigger and harder, filling her face more and more. "Hold you bladder!" I said again. I repeated this several times in the next minute or so.

By then she was groaning with lust and the urge to pee. Finally I could see her started to twitch and spasm with the start of her orgasm and my balls started to churn with the start of my own.


"Let your bladder go!" I ordered her. It all came out in a rush pouring into the toilet. She jerked and shuddered with orgasm and release. She pushed her head forward to take my whole cock in her mouth as I came pumping my load into her throat.

She was still gushing into the bowl.

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After her bladder was empty and my dick went soft in her mouth, we could still hear moaning and hard breathing. It wasn't me and I could see it wasn't her. I turned my head and saw Mary leaning against the door jamb where she had been watching us. She had one hand jammed deep in her panties rubbing herself off. As she came she arched her back against the woodwork and moaned loudly. I think it was after that bathroom scene that we stopped just fucking Wendy and started fucking with her; just to see what we could get her to do.

"Let's make her a mannequin," Mary whispered to me as we walked to the living room. We led her into the living room. Our front window looks out over the main street of the student area of our college town.

A music store, a pizza place and a library are just down below our window and there's always lots of foot traffic on the sidewalk below.

We often sit and people watch from the living room. Tonight we had a different idea. "We want you to put your bra and panties back on," Mary told Wendy. "Aw, rats, are we done already?" Wendy pouted. "Oh, no, just something a little different," Mary assured her.

After she was dressed again, sort of, Mary led Wendy over to the window stood her about a foot from the glass "Don't move a muscle. Just stand stock still like you're made of wood," Mary whispered in Wendy's ear. Then Mary signaled to me and I whipped the drapes open. There was the whole Friday night parade, the students, the high school wannabes, towns' people, professors and passersby six feet out side and ten feet below on the sidewalk.

For a while, nobody seemed to notice this Playmate goddess standing in her black lace underwear in the window. I moved a floor lamp over near Wendy to really light the scene. Now a few people started to notice. A couple of frat boy beer drinkers nudged each other and stopped to stare. That got a few more watching, a lesbian couple; a middle aged couple strolling arm in arm came to a stop on the other side of the street. Mary waited until there was a decent crowd, maybe twenty in the stationary crowd.

Then she stepped up directly behind Wendy. Since Mary was a couple inches shorter and narrower than Wendy, if she was careful she could stay out of the crowd's sight. She unhooked Wendy's bra and let it drop to the floor at Wendy's feet. She slid her hands around Wendy's chest and began to stimulate her nipples. "Don't move a muscle," she told Wendy again. And Wendy didn't. Her nipples began their astonishing erection and expansion, but she didn't move.

From the street and sidewalk you probably couldn't see the nipples that well. It probably still looked like she might have been a mannequin. The illusion wouldn't last much longer. Mary put a hand around Wendy's waist and started rubbing her clit through the front of the black silk panties.

I moved the light a little bit so that the pointed bulge in the panties was clearly visible. Wendy was having a harder and harder time not moving.

Finally, she crouched down slightly to open her pussy lips a little more. Mary hooked her thumbs in the waistband of Wendy's panties and pulled them down around her ankles, exposing her little bush to the watching world and resumed rubbing the engorged clit. Wendy was starting to twitch and move enough that it was obvious to the watchers that it was a real woman in the window.

After another couple of minutes of this, during which several more people stopped on the street to watch the show, Mary signaled to me. I lay down on my back on the floor behind Wendy and still on my back crawled forward between Wendy's legs.

After I was in position, I raised my head up and Mary pushed down on Wendy's shoulders so that her knees bent and she sat directly on my face. I stuck my tongue in her snatch and worked it hard.

I took her big clit between my lips; I licked it and sucked on it like a straw. I scraped it ever so gently with my teeth. When she groaned I did it again then sucked it some more. There was starting to be a stream of pussy juice on my face.

I could looked up and see that Mary was still twisting Wendy's nipples. "Aagh, Ooh, Oooh, Aargh, Oh my God; Aagh!" Wendy started to make animal noises as we ravaged her body in front of the window. The exhibitionism and our relentless stimulation were pushing Wendy to the brink of climax. Mary waited until the absolute last moment, when Wendy's abs started to spasm, her pussy was streaming onto my face.

Mary pushed her thumb into Wendy's asshole and watched her come. She threw her head back, her mouth stretched open, she bared her teeth and gave out a guttural animal sound shrieking from her throat.

Mary pushed her forward, still thumb fucking her ass until she was plastered against the window. Wendy shrieked and banged her head against the glass, those big tits spread out against the glass. Her hands clawed at the window. I sat up straighter with my back against the window and never stopped sucking her clit. "Uh-uh-uh-Uh-Uh-UH-UH." It was the most shattering orgasm I'd ever seen. She stayed pressed there like a bug against the window from the pressure of Mary's thumb.

I turned my head a saw a few people down on the street applauding. * We let her rest for a little while after that. When she calmed down we agreed that we all needed some food. We decided to order pizza from the place across the street. I called and asked for two large pizzas with everything delivered. "Ask for Joaquin," Mary said in my ear.

I wondered later how Mary knew about Joaquin. "Can you have Joaquin deliver them? Great fifteen minutes?" Mary and I had a whispered conversation about the pizza. We could see the pizza place out the front window.

As soon as we saw Joaquin start across the street, we took our positions. Mary lay down on her back on the floor with her head toward the door. I had Wendy stand over her, straddling Mary's waist. I had a towel around my middle when I answered the doorbell. When Joaquin brought the pizzas in he just saw the beautiful Wendy standing naked in front of him. I doubt if he ever even saw Mary on the floor.

He finally took his eyes off Wendy and set the pizzas on the table and handed me the bill. I looked at it and said "Thirty four dollars, I don't have it on me." "He gestured at the pizzas and said "You pay." "Here's another idea," I said.

I pushed Wendy's shoulders down until she was on her knees, sitting on Mary's face. Mary immediately began eating her out. I took a fistful of Wendy's hair and pulled her head back. "Open wide," I said in her ear. She did. I gestured to Joaquin and said "Would you like?" "Oh, jess!" he moaned.

"OK go ahead and we'll call the pizza square," I said. He nodded his agreement and unbuckled his pants, he pulled down his chinos and shucked off his boxers. He was already hard, circumcised, nine inches long but not real thick. He stepped in front of Wendy who still had her mouth open wide. He laid the tip of his dick on her tongue. She licked it then lifted her chin a little so she could look him in the eyes. He pushed in a few more inches. She formed her lips into the tight O shape of a great blow job.

When Joaquin pushed further in, Wendy leaned forward to take him even deeper. He groaned with lust. Wendy was playing with her nipples and wriggling as Mary kept eating her snatch. Joaquin started getting really deep into her. "Ghagghah" Wendy gagged on that long brown dick. When she tried to pull back, I pushed the back of her head forward. He was all the way into her throat now, his balls hanging on her chin.

I massaged the front of her throat where I could feel Joaquin's dick sliding through. The next time she gagged, her throat clenching and clamping on him, he came, bucking and groaning, his legs starting to buckle. After he finished emptying his balls down Wendy's throat, he slowly pulled out, the last of his cum dripping on her upturned face. He pulled his pants back up, nodded to me and left the apartment. Wendy continued to hunch down on Mary's face, who kept licking and sucking until Wendy came again "Uh Uh Uh, Christ, Aggh Uh Uh." After we ate the pizza we noticed that it was starting to get late.

"I should go pretty soon, I still have things to do before the wedding," Wendy said. I hadn't gotten off for a while, the scenes at the window and with Joaquin, I was just a bystander. "I'd like one last one before you go," I said. We finished with something simple and normal. I laid Wendy on her back on the bed with a pillow under her ass. I stood on the floor and held her ankles in the air and just pounded into her.

She grunted on every stroke, she arched her head back and those big knockers rolled up and down her torso like the tide.

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Mary sat next to her on the bed and rubbed one off. Just before I came, I pulled out and sprayed them both with cum. "I really have to go," Wendy said again. "You should probably get cleaned up before you go home," Mary suggested. Wendy agreed and they disappeared into the bathroom. I sat down and finished off the pizza and a bottle of beer.

When I looked in the bathroom, the shower was still running and Mary and Wendy were standing under the stream, facing each other and jerking each other off.

At the wedding the next day we stood in the wedding party and watched as Wendy, dressed all in white, swore to love honor and obey till death did them part.

Mary and I never talked about that night. As far as I know we were both faithful to each other except that one event.