Give Head Party with Stunning Teens

Give Head Party with Stunning Teens
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Part 1 Matt and Hannah are brother and sister. Matt is 45 and Hannah is a few years older in her early 50s. They had been extremely close as young children - the precise nature of this closeness was something Matt had reminded his sister a few years previously. In fact he got great delight describing what they got up to and never tired of the reaction he would get from Hannah - at first she would cry and beg forgiveness but as time went by they now had an understanding and he would just get something thrown at him and called beastly.

Despite this she is always scared that her husband and children will find out about their secret. She would get the blame as she was older and Matt could just plead sibling abuse. Part 2 Matt and Hannah would meet up only a handful of times each year at mum's and on this occasion they would be without families in tow. When the doorbell rang Matt hustled to the door before mum got to it. To his delight Hannah was standing on the doorstep greeting him with her beautiful beaming smile.

"Hi Matt.


Lovely to see you", she said keeping great eye contact. Matt leaned forward to receive an embrace and 'peck' on the cheek and overreaching stumbled into her planting his lips directly on hers. "Sorry that really was accidental", he said as she gave him a playful slap on the arm before spinning him around and pushing him into the house ahead of her.

Secretly he wished for more and gave a childish thumbs up to the appaling state of mum's hall carpet which caused him to trip. The three of them spent an hour or so chatting before mum got up and announced she needed to go out for groceries.

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"Matt and I were going to go through some of dad's old photos", Hannah said. "We were?", Matt responded only to receive a knowing look from his sister. "Oh yeah I forgot. We'll see you later". Hannah disappeared upstairs just as their mother left the house.

She wouldn't be back for a couple of hours as she was planning to drop in on a friend so the siblings had at least a couple of hours to themselves. Matt went into the kitchen, switched on the kettle and five minutes later there were two steaming mugs of tea waiting on the table. "Hannah, tea's ready", he shouted, "I'll bring it up".

There was no sign of Hannah so he checked each of the rooms in turn. The smallest bedroom was quite dark as the curtains were closed and it took him a few moments for his eyes to adjust - Hannah was lying on the bed half covered by a duvet which was bunched up between her legs.

She was quite still. "Hannah? Are you okay?", Matt asked his sister. When there was no answer he was about to leave when his eyes went wide - he realised she was stripped down to her knickers and bra. She's pretending to be asleep he thought - just like when we were kids! He sat on the bed beside her and stroked her arm before kissing it. He stroked her back and kissed that, lingering to breathe in her perfumed skin.

Matt hesitated only a moment before unclasping her bra and pulling one strap down and off her arm as he'd done as a small boy.

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He gently turned her onto her back and removed the bra entirely. Open-mouthed, his breath was slightly taken away - despite the passage of just over thirty years her breasts were just as he remembered them.

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They were still pert for her age with small dark nipples. He bent his head and took one into his mouth causing her to give out a cute little moan.

Matt drew back the duvet and continued down over her abdomen with his kissing. Pausing, he pulled at her waistband to expose her pubic hair then - deja vu he thought recalling the moment his 13-year old seduced him. Throwing caution to the wind, he pulled her knickers down and off. Hannah still had her eyes closed but was now completely naked.

This is exactly how I remember her he thought - as an adult I can now fully appreciate her body now and she's beautiful. Parting her thighs he started to massage her clitoris and then her pussy opening. There's no way she's asleep he thought - she's absolutely drenched.

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He moved two fingers in and out of her well lubricated cunt while massaging her clit with his thumb. He licked her juices off his fingers and, liking the taste, moved down and started lapping at her, pushing his tongue deep into her vagina. He froze when a voice said, "Matt, what are you doing?". Reddening, he looked up and straight into Hannah's eyes who was now 'awake'.

"Err . taking advantage of you?", he replied honestly.

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"You're absolutely gorgeous and I've fantasised about doing this for so long". "You were always such a naughty boy, what would mum say if she knew?", she said coyly and biting her lower lip. Matt grinned and replied, "More to the point, what would Robert say? He'd have a fit if he knew his wife was being seduced by her little brother".

Hannah gave a nervous giggle, enjoying the moment but well aware life could come crashing down around her if they were found out. Matt undressed to his briefs but his sister told him to leave them so she could finish him off. His erection was enormous and straining the fabric.

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Hannah pulled at the waistband and Matt's cock shot out smacking her on the cheek as she pulled his pants down to the floor. Her eyes were completely fixated on his erection and she made delicate strokes with her fingers up and down it's shaft. She held it against her cheek enjoying its warmth and softness.

She pulled the foreskin back and kissed its head, which was by now red and engorged with clear glistening pre-cum dribbling out. "Tell me what you want Hannah. Say to me that you want your brother to fuck you, Say it and I'll do it", Matt said firmly. "Oh god yes", Hannah replied, "Matt, your sister wants her brother to fuck her".

No second invitation was necessary. Matt lay down beside his sister and held her close and kissed her passionately on the lips. "Your sister needs fucking Matt", Hannah repeated, "I want your stiff cock inside my warm wet pussy".

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Matt was aroused beyond his wildest dreams by his sister's explicit talking - this was all so deliciously taboo - so wrong but it fell so right at the same time. They looked into each other's eyes as he entered her.

His hard cock slid effortlessly into her wet open pussy. It took her breath away as her mouth made an o-shape and she gave out a little gasp. Matt smiled and started moving his hips, sliding his cock in and out of her warm love tunnel. In fact, she was so wet he could hardly feel her - it was like the lightest silk fabric being brushed against his manhood.

Matt moved into a scissor position to increase his penetration and grind against her clit. Waves of pleasure swept over her as she quickly came in this position. Hannah asked Matt to cum in her - she want his semen gushing inside her.


Matt thrust harder, taking long strokes allowing his head to leave her pussy before penetrating his sister's pussy as deep as he possibly could. For greater intensity, Matt looked into Hannah's eyes while he came. He had never been aroused to such heights before and he couldn't believe how much semen spurted into her abdomen - it seemed to go on for minutes.

Part 3 They remained embraced for some time with his cock locked into her cum-filled cunt. Completely sated and content with each other they agreed to do it again when they next met.