Trafen wir uns im Park

Trafen wir uns im Park
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The Sock Sisters.continued Chapters (5-8) By maryandkim CHAPTER FIVE I woke up the next morning and I was alone in the bed. I looked over and Kim's bag and clothes were still here, but she was nowhere to be seen. I got up and went to the bathroom that is attached to my room, and there was Kim taking a hot bath. She was lying in the tub reading the Hawk magazine I had taken from Dave's bathroom.

"Mary, you've got to read this! It's about two high school cheerleaders fucking their Math teacher! Look at the pictures!" Kim squealed. The pictorial showed two young girls in school uniforms having sex with an older man.

They wore cotton panties and white knee socks. The old man's dick wasn't very long but it was pretty thick and he had a rubber on. "Oooooo! I don't like that guy!" I giggled back. "I wouldn't mind an old guy," Kim said. "As long as he knows what he's doing, and has a nice cock!" She started giggling. "I'm sticking to younger guys!" I stated. Kim looked gorgeous lying in my tub. Her tan skin was fantastic all wet.

She got up and grabbed a towel and started drying off. "I wish we could have showered together," she said, "but who knows when your Mom will pop in!" She bent over and pulled the stopper out of the tub. She turned around and caught me staring at her ass.

I blushed and she gave me a kiss on the lips. "Hurry sis, I'll meet you downstairs." I climbed in and turned the shower on. The warm water felt great as I shampooed my hair. I lathered up my hands and shampooed my bush as well. I scrubbed my body clean and rinsed off.

I grabbed a towel and was drying off when the phone rang for me. It was Jeff wondering if I could spend the day with him. He didn't have to work and his parents were going to be gone until Sunday. I told him I could have my Mom drop me off when we took Kim home, but he would have to give me a ride home later that night.

He reminded me to bring my swimming suit along. Jeff's parents had a pool and hot tub and it was always fun to use it. I finished drying off and threw on a robe. I went downstairs and found Kim eating French toast as fast as my mother could make it. I told both of them that I was going to Jeff's' for the day and my mom was fine with it. Kimmie just gave me a little smirk and when my mom wasn't looking she pretended she was giving her fork a blowjob!

We both burst out giggling. After we helped my mother clean up the kitchen, we went back up to my room to get dressed. Kim knew that I was probably going to fuck Jeff sometime during the day and was having a great deal of fun kidding me.

"Where are you going to send his little brother while you two do it? Or are you going to let him watch?!" Kimmie giggled. "Maybe I will let him join in!" I replied. "Two has to be better than one!" "Oooooo, I'd like that!" Kim gushed. I got my suit out of my dresser and looked at it.

It was a light blue one piece that I hadn't worn since our swimming unit in Phy. Ed. last semester. The chlorine from the pool had ruined the threads holding the liner in so Kim and I just cut the rest of the threads and took the liner completely out. We basically ended up with just a Lycra suit. I knew I had developed a little bit since wearing it last so I wasn't really sure how it would fit. It would just be Jeff and I in the pool anyway so I didn't care.

"Kimmie, would you trim me up a little bit?" I asked. "You bet Mar. Anything I can do to make your little teenage pussy look better for big, strong Jeffy!" she kidded. "Now, not too much. I like my full bush!" "I'll make you look beautiful. Trust me!" Kimmie said. She took the scissors I had in the medicine cabinet and had me stand in the bathroom with my legs apart. She carefully trimmed my bikini line and around my pussy lips. I looked in a hand mirror and was very happy with Kim's handiwork.

My bush was still full but you could easily see my lips poking out from under the hair. It looked hot! "Could you do my behind" I asked.

Kim turned me around and had me bend over. I spread my cheeks as she rubbed baby oil around my ass hole and then shaved me with the razor I used for my legs and arm pits.

It only took a second and my bottom was hairless. "Any plans for down there?" Kim asked as I cleaned myself with a towel. "Well, maybe. After all I have learned from the best!" I kidded back, reminding both of us of Kim's anal sex with Mr.

Jameson. I threw on a pair of white bikini panties, a strappy tee shirt, sweatpants, socks, and a heavy sweatshirt.

Kim was dressed the same except she wasn't wearing any panties.

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Kim had told me that she had a bag of clothes for me at her house. It was just a few things that didn't fit her any more. She would get it for me when we dropped her off. We got to Kim's house at about noon and we both ran in for a few seconds so I could grab the bag of clothes Kimmie had for me.

"There are a few things in here that I think you should try on today!" Kim said. She had that look in her eye again! I had to get going so I gave Kim a quick kiss on her lips and ran back out to the car.

I put the bag Kim had given me into my gym bag and my mom gave me a ride to Jeff's. We met Jeff's mom and dad as they were pulling out of the driveway and waved. I let myself into Jeff's house and called out to see where he was. "I'm up here Mar!" he yelled from his bedroom. I climbed the steps up to his room and found him lying on his bed looking at a magazine. He said, "My brother will be home in a couple of hours…but until then, the place is ours!" I went into the bathroom between Jeff's and his brothers bedrooms and dropped my bag.

I pulled off my heavy sweatshirt and crawled onto the bed next to him. We immediately started kissing. It had been to long since we had time to be together and our bodies responded quickly. We made out for another ten minutes or so and I got off of the bed and went into the bathroom. "I'll be right back" I whispered in his ear.

I knew we were going to fuck soon and I wanted to try something. I looked in the bag Kim had given me and found a pair of white thigh high stockings that I hoped were going to be in there.

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Kim had gotten them a few weeks ago and they were too long for her and she had mentioned how good they would look on my longer, tanned legs. I quickly stripped off my sweatpants, panties, tee shirt, and socks. I slid the white thigh high stockings onto my legs and adjusted both so they were even.

I looked in the full length mirror on the back of the door and was impressed with how sexy I looked. I had my hair pulled back in my usual pony tail with bangs. I was naked except for the white stockings that came up my legs, stopping just a few inches below my dark, full bush. My swollen, pink cunt lips were poking out from my recently trimmed pubes. The material of the stockings felt silky on my legs and they looked great against my tanned body.

My boobs were a firm 34C and my pink nipples were very hard. I felt myself getting wet just from looking in the mirror! I walked back into the bedroom and Jeff stared at me hungrily. I threw my clothes on the floor by the end of the bed. "Do you like the way I look baby?" I asked. "Will these work better than my socks?!" I didn't have to wait for Jeff to answer as I could see his erection poking out of his boxers begin to throb.

I walked over and got back on the bed and Jeff began running his hands up and down my legs. I slid my stocking covered legs over as much of Jeff as I could as we lay side by side.


I pulled Jeff's boxers off and tossed them to the floor. He was busy feeling my swollen breasts and teasing my mouth with his tongue. I had my right hand wrapped around his hard cock and stroked it as he moaned.

Jeff ran his fingers through my bush and slipped a finger between my slippery pussy lips. I was ready to fuck! Jeff lie on his back and I stood over him with a foot on each side of his hips. I gave Jeff a good long view of my shiny, swollen, pussy poking out of my thick patch as I slowly lowered myself down until the tip of his cock slipped between my lubricated lips.

I slowly worked up and down until I had his shaft shiny with my juices. Jeff had reached up and was pulling my hips down further and further onto his dick.

"God Mary, you're driving me crazy." Jeff groaned. My legs were starting to get tired from squatting down on his cock but I loved fucking him that way. He was so deep inside of me when I lowered myself all the way down that I could feel his dick hit the back of my cunt.

Our fucking was making a wonderful sucking noise each time I pushed myself back up. Finally I got onto my knees and began rocking my hips back and forth as Jeff's hard shaft slid in and out of me. I lowered my tits to his mouth. "Suck my nipples Jeff!" I moaned. "God, your cock feels good! I've missed fucking you! Oh&hellip. keep fucking me!" My nipples had gotten really long and Jeff was working them over by sucking them roughly into his mouth and then gently biting down on them.

He had me squirming all over the place as I felt my pussy begin pouring out my juices. Jeff suddenly rolled me onto my back and grabbed both of my ankles. He hooked my heels over his shoulders and began pumping me with the full length of his tool. He reached down and squeezed my tits until they began to hurt. He kept slamming his prick into me until I knew he was about to shoot his load.

I wrapped my legs around his back and pulled him as deep into me as I could. "I love it when you fuck me hard baby!" I yelled at him. "Shoot your hot cum in me Jeff!

Fill my pussy!" Jeff laid down on top of me and ground his cock as deep inside of me as he could. I pumped my legs along with each of his thrusts making sure he could feel my silky stockings against his skin. Finally he grunted and I felt his hot cream fill my hole. I clamped my pussy walls tight to his shaft and milked him as he spurted three more times before he relaxed and laid his full weight on me. I kissed his neck as I felt him throb inside of me.

"Mar, that was an incredible fuck! Why didn't you cum to?" Jeff asked. "It just felt good to have you do me," I whispered. "You fill me up so good!" I felt Jeff's spent dick slide out of me and I put my thighs together so his load wouldn't leak out of me right away. I reached down and fondled his cock. It was warm, wet, and sticky. "Can I lick you clean baby?" I asked. Before he could answer, I slid his warm cock into my mouth and washed it with my tongue.

What a taste! Much to my surprise, I felt his cock begin to stiffen so I kept licking the length of his prick.

I ran the tip of my tongue around the outline of his balls in his loose sack. Pretty soon his rod was hard and ready to go. I was sucking on it like there was no tomorrow.

I had him as hard as could be when I turned on the bed and got on my hands and knees. "Fuck me from behind baby! I want your cock deep inside me again!" Jeff got on his knees behind me and slipped his hard-on into my dripping pussy. His cock banged right into my G-spot and I moaned. I was slamming my hips against his, loving the feel of his thrusts. Jeff reached down and ran his hands down the length of my legs. It turned me on to know he loved the feel of my stockings as much as I did.

Then Jeff grabbed my ass and spread my cheeks apart. I fleetingly thought about telling him to fuck me in the ass, but instead I just let him enjoy the view he had. Jeff's thrusts were rubbing my G-spot and I knew I was about to explode. "Jeff!&hellip.You're going to make me do it!

Cum with me!" I moaned. Jeff grabbed my hips and began fucking me as hard as he could. He was almost picking me up off the bed with his forward thrusts. "Oh god! Oh god! Oh fuck!" I was yelling as he hammered me from behind.

"Here I go!" I felt my pussy clamp down on Jeff's cock as I began spraying my cum over the two of us. Jeff just moaned and I felt his dick quiver inside me as he released another load.

I loved the feel of his hot seed being shot into me! I stayed on my hands and knees for a few seconds after Jeff had pulled his dick out of my cunt. I felt our mixture of juices begin to leak out of me and run down my thigh. Jeff was exhausted and rolled off of me and laid on his back.

I laid my head down on the bed and kept my ass up in the air because I wanted to keep Jeff's warm cum in me for a little longer. I finally laid down on Jeff and whispered in his ear, "Baby, you really know how to take care of me!

That was fantastic! You made me scream!" Jeff just laid still and smiled. I looked down and his spent cock was leaking a few drops of cum. If we hadn't been so tired, I would have loved to lick it up.

CHAPTER SIX We laid together resting for quite a while when suddenly the phone rang. Jeff got out of bed and answered it. When he came back to bed he told me he was going to go pick up another couple to spend the afternoon with us. Beth and Jonathon were one of the few black couples we had at our school. Jon was the same year as Jeff and was the leading scorer on the basketball team.

He was about six feet six inches tall and damn good looking. Beth was in the same class as Kim and I and was on the dance squad. She was a pretty girl about three inches taller than me with a pretty good body. Beth stayed pretty much to herself, so I didn't know her much more than just to say Hi.

Jeff gave me a long kiss and got back out of bed to toss on some shorts and sweats. He'd be back in about a half an hour. I decided to just stay and take a shower and straighten a few things up. We would all be swimming in the pool later and I wanted to check down there too. Jeff ran down the steps and out to his car while I straightened the bed.

I just pulled the covers over the rather large wet spot we had made. As I walked around, I could feel my leakage run down my thigh.

The tops of my white thigh highs were soaked almost down to my knees! I made a mental note that I needed to hand wash them before my mother had a chance to! I walked to the shower and enjoyed the gushy feeling between my legs. What a fuck session we had! Wow! I quickly rinsed off in the shower and made sure I shampooed my bush and rinsed my pussy clean. While I was drying off, I heard the front door close and thought Jeff had maybe forgotten something and had quickly come back.

I heard two voices and was pretty sure it wasn't Jeff, but instead his younger brother Jeremy and his friend! I stayed in the bathroom and tried not to make any sound.

I heard Jeremy and his friend come up the steps and walk into Jeff's bedroom. I could see them through the space of the open door and saw that Jeremy's friend was a big kid named Randy who had been around a few times before. I kept my towel wrapped around me and watched to see what they were up to. Jeremy was looking for a movie on a shelf by Jeff's bed when he saw my pile of clothes lying on the floor.

He and Randy picked up my socks and panties and began playing with them. "These must be Mary's" Jeremy said.

"She wears these socks all the time." "My sister said that Mary and Kim Miller call themselves the Sock Sisters. They both wear these all the time. I heard they even wear them when they fuck!" Randy bragged. "Who told you that?" Jeremy piped in. "My sister told me!" "Big deal. She's probably just jealous!" Jeremy argued. "Feel these, they're wet!" Jeremy handed my panties to Randy. Randy put my wet panties up to his nose and sniffed. "That's her pussy for sure!

Boy, I'd kill to have some of that!" I almost burst out laughing as I watched these two boys getting horny playing with my socks and panties, but at the same time I was getting horny knowing I was the subject of their lust.

Jeremy had grabbed one of Jeff's Penthouse magazines from the closet, opened it, and threw it on the bed. They were both staring at a fold out of some sexy girl when Jeremy said," I bet Mary's tits look that good.

What do you think?" Randy was getting a little flushed but answered, "I bet they're better!

I bet she and Miller are fantastic in the sack!" Jeremy whispered, "My cock is really hard! Let's jack off thinking about Mary and Kim!" "I get the panties!" Randy replied. They both unsnapped their jeans and pushed them down along with their underwear.

Both boys stood at the edge of the bed stroking their dicks with one hand and playing with my socks and panties with the other. I felt my pussy begin to get wet as I knew they were jacking off thinking about fucking either Kim or me in our soft, white socks! I was getting really horned up and knew I had to do something.

I quietly walked out of the bathroom wearing only my towel. I got about halfway across the bedroom when I said," Wouldn't you two rather have the real thing?!" Both boys spun around and stared at me and instantly began blushing.

I didn't want them to lose their hard-ons, so I walked up right next to them and took a cock in each hand. "What are you going to do with these boys?" I gave each of them a few strokes. Both Jeremy and Randy just murmured something I couldn't understand. I took one sock out of Jeremy's hand and the other out of Randy's. I stood between the two boys and gave each of their throbbing dicks a few slow strokes with my soft socks and then sat down on the edge of the bed.

I put my socks back on my feet and slouched them perfectly. When I stood up, I let my towel fall to the floor. "Well? Are my tits nicer than hers?" I asked as I pointed to the fold-out on the bed. "They s-s-sure are!" stammered Jeremy.

Neither boy could pull his eyes off of my firm tits with my hard nipples sticking out. I could see their pricks bouncing up and down with their excitement. I stepped back between them and again wrapped my hand around their meat. I pulled both of them close to me so their bodies had me sandwiched between them. I slowly kept stroking them. "I bet both of you boys would like to fuck me wouldn't you?

Why don't you play with my tits?" I growled at them. Immediately both Jeremy and Randy had one of my boobs in their hand. It actually felt good as they gently squeezed them. "Now lick them" I ordered. They immediately lowered their mouths to my nipples and began licking and sucking them. I felt my pussy began to moisten. I was loving the power I had over these two.

I imagined that whatever I told them to do, they would do it. It was great! Neither boy seemed to have any interest in my pussy. They just loved my firm, teenage tits. They brought their heads back up and I stared into their eyes. "Do you want me to suck your cocks? Do you want to cum in my mouth?" I whispered as I gave each of them my best "fuck me" smile. "Y-y-y-yeah" they both stuttered out.

I knelt down in front of them and put Jeremy's cock in my mouth. His knees buckled a little as I began sucking him off. I could take his tool all the way into my mouth with little effort. I loved it. With his cock in my mouth, I swirled my tongue all the way around his thickness, which he loved. I slowly pulled my mouth off his shaft and resumed jacking him off while I pulled Randy's dick between my wet lips.

Randy's meat was longer than Jeremy's but not as thick. I could slide him down my throat while still being able to breathe! Kimmie would be so proud of me!!

I cupped Randy's balls with my right hand and gently squeezed. I pulled my mouth back along his prick until I licked the head of his shaft. I could taste a drop of pre-cum and knew these boys were close to shooting their loads! I hadn't decided whether I would let them cum in my mouth, or jack them off onto my tits, but I knew I had to make a decision soon! Randy helped me make the decision. He reached down and pushed my head back down his shaft.

I kept playing with his sack and I heard him moan as he shot his cream down my throat. I kept his dick down my throat as I felt him spurt a few more times. I pulled my mouth down the length of his cock with my lips making a tight circle and he squirted another little cum load into my mouth.

I pulled my mouth off of him and practically swallowed Jeremy's shaft. I had gotten so horny blowing these guys that my pussy was soaked. I could have really given these guys something to talk about had I felt like fucking them!

I licked Jeremy's cock from his balls to the pink swollen head. I ran my lips up and down his length while my tongue flicked over the sensitive part right underneath his pee slit. I gently squeezed his balls as I pulled his dick deep into my throat.

He let out a low moan and rewarded me with a hot blast of his cum straight down my throat. Like I had done with Randy, I kept Jeremy's tool down my throat as he continued to spurt. When he had finished, I sucked the tip of his cock to get the last few drops out as I milked him with my right hand. I looked up at and said," That was yummy boys, what else do you have for me?" I stood up and felt their hard pricks rub against my naked body. I reached down and neither of them had lost their hardness.

In fact, Randy's dick looked bigger than when we had started. Jeremy's cock was bouncing up and down like it had never been blown!

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I sat on the edge of the bed and slowly spread my legs. I figured as long as they were this hard, I'd give them a little show. I sat back on a nearby chair and spread my legs enough so they could see my pussy lips sticking out of my bush. I took a tit in each hand and began massaging them. "Do you like what you see boys?" I whispered. Both of their hard-ons were bouncing up and down and their faces were flushed. I reached down with my right hand and ran my fingers through my bush.

I put my feet up on the edge of the bed so my knees were up in the air. I spread my knees apart until I felt my pussy lips pop open. By now, I knew they could see my wet slit and they would have done anything to fuck me.


"Come a little bit closer boys", I whispered. Both Jeremy and Randy moved a little closer to me. I began jilling-off with my right hand and my pussy responded by becoming really, really wet. I slipped my middle finger between my slippery lips and began fingering myself. I thought both boys' eyes would pop out of their heads! "Ohhhhh, this feels so good!" I moaned. "I bet you would really like to be fucking me now, wouldn't you?" Both Randy and Jeremy whispered something back that I couldn't hear.

I stretched my legs out and began teasing their throbbing cocks with my sock covered feet. They both moaned out loud and I thought they might shoot their loads right then and there.

Instead they both grabbed a foot and began rubbing their dicks up against it. I loved it! These two boys were looking at this hot naked cheerleader lying in front of them while they used her sock covered feet to jack off with!

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I absolutely loved this white sock fetish! It was getting me as excited as they were. I had to stop fingering myself or I thought I might cum and spray them with my juices and that might be too much for them! I pulled my feet away from them, much to their surprise, and slowly slid the soft white socks off of my feet.

I stood back in front of them and slid a sock over each of their hard pricks. I leaned forward so my body made contact with theirs.

I slowly began to stroke their sock covered shafts as I moaned," Feel me up!" Both boys hands started to roam up and down my body. I kept up the slow strokes until I knew I had complete control over them. Both of the boy's breathing was getting pretty rapid and I could see their faces starting to flush.

Randy's hands were playing with my ass and left tit while Jeremy massaged my right one and actually took his other hand and ventured down to the top of my bush. "Do you like this Jeremy? Do you like this Randy?" "Oh y-y-yeah" they stammered out. "Then show me how much you like it!" I ordered as I squeezed their cocks harder and started stroking them faster. Within seconds I felt their hard shafts spasm as both boys shot heavy loads into my socks. I stroked and squeezed them until they couldn't stand it any more and pulled away.

I slid my socks off their softening cocks and stood back. "Now, this will just be our little secret boys. If you behave, I will help both of you get girlfriends that you can do this with anytime!

Understand?" "Sure Mary!" they replied together. "We won't tell anyone." Jeremy added. "Um…is that why they call you and Kim the Sock Sisters?" Randy meekly asked. I just smiled and walked back to the bathroom. I knew their eyes were glued to my ass! I turned around to catch them both staring and said," You boys get going now. And straighten up before you leave." In the bathroom I threw my socks on top of my soaked thigh highs and quickly jumped back into the shower.

I rinsed off quickly and by the time I got out of the shower, Randy and Jeremy had disappeared. I dried off in a hurry and brushed my teeth. I didn't want to give Jeff a kiss with the taste of his brother's cum on my tongue! As long as we were going to be in the pool, I decided to put my suit on now. I got it out of my bag and slid it on. Evidently I had grown a little since last semester as my suit fit like a second skin. It hugged my curves perfectly. When I looked in the mirror I was surprised just how sexy I looked.

The suit rode up on my hips showing off my legs and firm ass. My now 34C tits strained against the material made for 32B's, but they looked great. You could easily see the outline of my nipples, but I looked hot. I pulled on a ribbed tee shirt and a pair of gym shorts and headed downstairs. Before I left the bedroom, I quickly picked up all my clothes and put them in my bag.

I reminded myself that I had to make sure I was the one washing out my clothes when I got home! I didn't think my mother would be too impressed if her darling, wholesome daughter's under clothes and socks were stained with dried semen! CHAPTER SEVEN Jeff, Beth, and Jonathon pulled in the driveway about ten minutes later. When they came in, we greeted each other like we were best of friends. Beth gave me a hug and I felt her firm breasts press against mine.

She smelled terrific. I had forgotten, or not noticed before, just what a sexy couple they were. Jonathon gave me a bear hug and I was impressed just how big he was, compared to me anyway! Jeff and Jon went off to change into their swimming gear and as long as Beth had her suit on under her clothes, we made our way to the pool. As we walked along she said," I've seen you and Kim around school quite a bit.

What's up with the Sock Sister thing?" I turned and looked at her somewhat surprised. "Do you like sex?" I asked her. "Love it!" she replied. "Well then I'll let you know all about it!" Luckily the guys took their time getting changed and grabbing us some beers. I had time to tell Beth all about Kim and I being the Sock Sisters. I left out the parts about fucking Mr. Jameson and seducing two fourteen year old boys, but knew I would tell her about that later!

Beth hung on every word I said and once or twice I saw her nipples harden against the material of her suit. "So it's all about wearing those soft, white cheerleading socks whenever you have sex? Beth asked. "Wait until you try it girl, you won't believe it!" I giggled. "And you found this out giving Jeff a hand job?" "Just wait Beth, you'll be thanking us later!

It works on everybody, guys and girls!" We both laughed. "I think you should be the third sister, that is, if you want to!" I offered. "I'm in! And about that…do you think there is a place that Jonathon and I can be alone for awhile&hellip.a little later?" She smiled innocently.

"Jeff's room at the top of the stairs" I replied. "Don't mind the wet spot!" Beth looked at me and burst out laughing. "You know, everyone at school thinks you are little miss perfect. I can't believe…you and Kim!" I leaned over and gave Beth a kiss on the mouth. I was pleasantly surprised when she kissed back. "Our new sis!" I pulled off my tee shirt and shorts and sat down on the edge of the whirlpool.

Beth eyed me approvingly and said, "Wow Mary, your body is incredible! Who would have known what you had underneath those bulky sweaters you usually wear!" "I had to wear those or my nipples would stick out a mile whenever I got excited!" I replied. We both giggled as Beth stripped down to her suit. She wore a pink bikini that barely covered her tits or ass.

Her boobs were bigger than Kim's and she showed them off well. She had a full ass but it looked great on top of her long legs. "Christ Beth! What a body you have! Jeff is going to go crazy!" I giggled. "Why thank you darling!" Beth laughed as she sat down next to me on the edge of the whirlpool.

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Jeff and Jon finally came back to the pool with cold beers for everyone. We sat and talked for quite awhile before we all climbed into the whirlpool. The warm water felt good. The boys didn't stay in to long before they jumped in to the pool to cool off. Beth and I sat across from each other in the hot tub and chatted as we sipped our beers.

Hidden underneath the bubbling water, Beth slid one of her feet up between my legs. I looked at her with surprise as she just kept talking about school stuff. I parted my legs a little to let her know I liked what she was doing and she began rubbing my pussy with her toes right through my suit. I let out a little moan when her toes hit my hard clit and she just smiled. "You better stop Beth. And besides, this isn't fair! My legs aren't long enough to reach you!" I told her.

"Would you want to if they were?" Beth grinned. "Oh, you bet!!" Beth pulled her foot away and I reached down to make sure my suit was still covering my bush. "Well, should we hit the pool Beth? I've definitely got to cool off now!" I stood up to get out of the whirlpool and Beth just stared at me.

"Mary, dear! You may be hot now, but you are really going to heat up things once you get in the pool!" Beth said in a low tone. I looked at her a little funny and walked over to the pool. Both Jeff and Jonathon stopped their horseplay and watched me. "That's my girlfriend!" Jeff shouted. Jonathon gave out a loud whistle. 'What was going on?' I thought. I looked down at myself and was shocked with what I saw! My light blue Lycra suit, with the liner taken out, had gone almost transparent once it had gotten wet!

My tanned body really stood out against the wet material. I looked in the full length mirror that ran along one whole side of the whirlpool area and saw what everyone else was seeing. You could easily see my nipples, (which just kept getting harder and harder!), and my dark bush. The crotch of the suit had pulled up into my slit and outlined my swollen pussy lips in what the boys always called a 'cameltoe'!

I didn't know if I should run and change or what! Instead I just turned and walked back to the pool. As I slid into the cold water I said, "Well, I hope you don't mind, but this is the only suit I brought!" Everyone just giggled. "It's fine with me baby!" Jeff yelled from across the pool. "No problem here!" Jonathon echoed.

Beth just shook her head and smiled. "Little Miss perfect! I can't believe it!" Beth slid into the pool next to me and whispered in my ear, "You look fucking hot!!" I was surprised when she said that, but it sure made me feel sexy! The four of us spent the next hour and a half swimming and diving and generally just screwing around in the pool.

I was having a great deal of fun making sure my body touched everyone else's as much as possible and I could feel eyes on me whenever I walked between the whirlpool and the pool. I was giving them all an eyeful and it made me feel hot. My nipples stayed hard the whole time. I had caught Jonathon watching me more than once or twice.

One time I pretended I didn't know he was watching me and ran my fingers around the leg bands of my suit and adjusted the crotch of my suit over my pussy. I purposely pulled the elastic leg bands further down than necessary to make sure he got a good look at my thick bush.

'God', I thought, 'I hope he likes hairy pussy!' Beth and I had enough of the pool and were going upstairs to change when the phone rang. It was Jeremy calling from Randy's house. They were going to see a movie at the mall and needed a ride from Jeff to get there. I relayed the message to Jeff and he said he would leave in a few minutes. I told him to pick up some pizzas when he came back because I was sure that we were all getting hungry.

Jeff asked Jon if he wanted to tag along, but Jonathon said he was happy just laying around in the hot tub. Beth and I went upstairs to shower off and change clothes. When we got upstairs Beth said, "Those guys couldn't keep their eyes off of you!" "Well, Jeff and I couldn't keep our eyes off of you!" I replied.

"What a body you have Beth!" "You think so?" and she pulled off her wet suit. Beth's dark body was amazing. Her firm, large, breasts were capped with beautiful brown nipples that were sticking straight out.

Her pussy was completely hairless. Her ass was firm and round, and really looked hot on top of those long legs. She just smiled at me as I stared at her. "Wow!" was all I could come up with.

I pulled my suit off and jumped quickly into the shower. Beth followed right behind me. "Jonathon really likes your bush you know. I had mine all waxed off because I thought he'd really like it.

He did at first, but now I think he wishes I was hairy again!" Beth confided. "I bet Jeff would go crazy over you! I think maybe I am too hairy.

Kim is always telling me I need to trim it up, but I like it full. My lips are so big down there I think they may look funny hanging out! Everyone else trims or shaves. Not me!" I giggled. "You know Beth, Jeff is going to be gone for a while, and I am going to be busy downstairs if you and Jonathon want to use Jeff's bedroom!" I offered.

"Oh, I would. Now, what do I do to be a Sock Sister?" she asked innocently. "Let's get out of here and I'll show you!" We got out of the shower and dried off. I went to my bag and got a new pair of socks out for Beth.

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I pulled on my gym shorts and a tight tee shirt. Beth came into the bedroom with me and I tossed her the socks. "Here, put these on! They should be all you need!" I chuckled. Beth pulled the socks on and perfectly slouched them back down.

The soft white socks look incredible against her dark skin. "Just wait on the bed Beth, I'll send Jon up!" I said, getting ready to go downstairs. "But Mary, what exactly do I do?" she asked. "Rub Jon's body as much as possible with the socks while you're getting him hot and ready to do it! The softness drives them crazy…especially you know where! Once you get going, it will turn you on too after you see how much control you have! Really, just wait!" I gave Beth a kiss on her full lips and just flicked my tongue across hers.

"Have fun sis!" I grabbed my wet suit and my pile of dirty clothes and took them downstairs along with my bag. I walked through the pool area and yelled across to Jeff. "Jonathon! Beth is upstairs! You're supposed to go on up!" He got out of the hot tub, grabbed a towel and started towards the stairs.

I went into the kitchen and dropped my stuff on the floor. I picked up the phone and dialed Kim's number and she finally answered on about the tenth ring. Her parents had taken Steve back to college and weren't going to be back until Sunday afternoon. Phil had come over to her house around noon and according to Kim she had been fucking his brains out ever since!

I told her that Jonathon and Beth had come over and were spending some time with us. "Mar, you've got to get a look at Jonathon naked!" Kim gushed. "Phil told me Jonathon has the biggest cock in school!" "Does Phil have a new hobby we should know about?!" I laughed. I told Kimmie all about my swimming suit. I thought she would never stop laughing. Then I told her about Beth's interest in being one of the Sock Sisters and Kim agreed that she was perfect to be one of us.

"Why don't you and Beth come over later and spend the night? We'll have the house to ourselves and there's something I want to show you." Kim asked. "And I can't wait to be with you two!" "Sounds great to me.

We'll call our parents and OK it. I'll have Jeff drop us off around 8:30 or so. We'll see you later. Bye sis!" I hung up the phone and stood in the kitchen thinking about what Kim had said about Jonathon. I had to find out if it was true! I went to the stairs and listened. Nothing! I climbed the steps until I got to the landing before the boy's bedrooms and listened again. Nothing! I crept into Jeremy's room and tiptoed across the floor to the bathroom that separated the two rooms.

Both doors were open so I slid through the door on Jeremy's side and crossed the bathroom to Jeff's door. As I peeked through into Jeff's room I almost squealed. Beth was naked, lying on her back on Jeff's bed with her ass close to the edge. Jonathon was naked and standing in front of her with his head thrown back as Beth was slowly giving him a sockjob. She had both of her sock covered feet slowly stroking the biggest cock I had ever seen.

At the same time, Beth was playing with her tits and just staring at Jeff's cock I am sure she was thinking how good that black monster looked between her soft, white socks.

Not only was Jon's prick as thick as Steve's, it had to be at least two inches longer. His shaft was beautifully dark and the swollen head was a deep purplish black color. Occasionally I would see Beth's foot go between Jon's legs and tease his huge, hairy nut sack. His balls looked huge. I couldn't take my eyes off his meat. "Baby, that feels so good. I love it! Nothing has ever felt like this before! Oh…don't stop!" Jeff moaned.

"Do you like this baby?" Beth cooed. "I love to stroke your big cock with my socks. If it's OK with you&hellip. I think I am going to wear them while you fuck me too!" I was getting so horny watching and listening to them but I was afraid to move. I couldn't take my eyes off of Beth's sock covered feet stroking Jon's long prick.

I finally looked up at Beth's face and she was staring directly at me! She flashed me a knowing smile, let out a soft moan as she felt Jon's rod twitch, and kept on doing what she was doing. Our new Sock Sister was going to fuck her well hung boyfriend and she was going to let me watch! I felt my pussy start getting wet! Beth had stopped her sockjob and had slid to the edge of the bed and sat up in front of Jon. Her full breasts bounced on her chest as she reached out and wrapped her hand around his throbbing shaft.

She pulled his dick up to her mouth and started running her tongue around the swollen head. Jonathon let out a low groan as her hand found his balls and she began massaging his sack. I was wondering if she would try to suck one of his huge balls into her mouth! Beth was working quite a bit of Jon's big, black prick in and out of her mouth, and he was loving it. She suddenly pulled his shaft out of her mouth and dropped to her knees.

She lifted his cock up and began licking his balls while she slowly kept stroking him. Then she lifted his sack and stuck her face further between his legs.

I wasn't sure what she was doing, but whatever it was certainly was making him moan. Beth stood up and bent over to give his black rod another good licking before she pulled him onto the bed. Jon lay down on his back with his head away from me and Beth crawled on top of him. If she was going to be on top when they fucked, I was going to be looking right at her pussy being filled with his beautiful cock!

She reached over to one side and picked something off of the other side of the bed and spun around so she was facing me. Beth looked straight at me as she lifted her leg over Jonathon' face. She smiled at me and closed her eyes as I figured Jon was giving her pussy and clit a good licking!

I noticed Jonathon keeping her sock covered feet in his hands as he worked her cunt over with his tongue. Beth opened her eyes and stared at me as she slowly slid as much of Jon's hard dick into her mouth as possible. As she gave Jon a blowjob, I became afraid that I was going to cum and moan out loud just from watching them! My pussy was soaked and my nipples were straining against my tee shirt!

Beth ran her tongue up and down the length of Jon's dark shaft. His cock looked absolutely incredible when it was wet with Beth's spit. It was jet black with that beautiful dark purple head. Beth kept gazing at me with her eyes half closed, letting out little moans every time Jon's tongue hit her clit.

I finally saw that what she had picked up off of the bed was small foil packet. She tore it open and pulled out the rubber that was inside. I thought, 'Beth must not be on the pill. What a shame because Jon must be able to pump a whole lot of hot cream with balls that big!' I almost came just thinking about it! I wondered what it would feel like to be fucked with a cock that big and to feel all of that hot jizz being pumped into your pussy! My knees were getting weak!

Beth slowly unrolled the rubber on to Jon's throbbing dick all the way to his pubes. I thought that it must be a magnum condom or it would have never fit! Then she turned back around so she was facing Jon. She straddled his body so her pussy was just inches away from the tip of his shaft. I finally saw Beth's open pussy for the first time and I was fascinated how it was different from mine and Kimmies.

Instead of lips like ours had, Beth had a pink slit that looked very wet and slippery. Beth reached back and guided the head of Jon's cock into her bright pink slit and slowly lowered herself down.

I heard Jon moan his pleasure and I noticed Beth keeping her sock covered feet next to his legs. "Oh baby…you are so hot inside!" Jon whispered. Beth just grunted, "Uh…uh…uh…oh god!" as she slid her pussy up and down his shaft. Each time she came down, her cunt swallowed just a little more of his shaft. "Suck my nipples Jon!" Beth ordered.

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"Oh&hellip.yessssss! Like that!" I was staring at my new Sock Sister's pussy as she finally slid all the way down on Jon's prick. She kept his meat all the way inside of her and slowly began to grind her clit against the base of his shaft. Jonathon had reached around and had Beth's full ass in each of his hands and had pulled her cheeks apart far enough so I could see her open asshole. I had to fight the urge to run out of the bathroom and give her a good rimming and Jon's balls a good licking!

I was so horny! For the next ten minutes or so, Beth continued pumping Jon's cock with her wet pussy. Then she started to moan, "You're going to make me cum baby! Squeeze my tits&hellip.please!" Jon let go of her ass and reached to her swinging tits. "I'm cumming too baby!" he groaned. He lifted his hips off of the bed and drove his rod as far into Beth as he could.

"Oh god Jon…Oh god&hellip.I'm doing it! OH! Oh fuck! Ohhhhhhhhhh!" Beth moaned. I watched as Jon's balls began to pump in his sack and I knew he was cumming too, pumping his hot seed into the tip of the rubber she had put on him. When he was done, Beth laid her body on top of him and relaxed. Her pussy moved up on his shaft and I saw a small trickle of her cum leak out and run down Jeff's softening prick. Jon pulled himself the rest of the way out of Beth and his dick fell against his leg.

Beth sat up and gently pulled the rubber off of his spent cock. She tied the open end in a knot and dropped it to the floor. She then laid back down next to Jon and I heard them kissing. I figured this was a good time to get back downstairs and began tiptoeing out of Jeremy's bedroom towards the stairs. I quickly went back down to the pool and sat in one of the chairs next to the whirlpool and grabbed a magazine.

About ten minutes later Jonathon came walking in and headed right towards me. He climbed into the whirlpool, sat down so he was facing me, and said," I was supposed to tell you to go upstairs when you can. Beth is wondering what towels she can use." "Sure, I'll go up in a few minutes." I replied.

I was sitting directly across from him and had my knees up in the air with my feet on the edge of the chair. I had spread my knees apart when we were talking and was pretty sure he could see right up my baggy gym shorts. I was hoping Jon was getting a good look at my bush!

I wondered if he could even catch a glimpse of my swollen, wet slit which I was sure was sticking out of my thick hairs. "When Jeff gets back, tell him we'll eat in the kitchen. We should be down in a little bit." I then got up to go upstairs making sure Jon got another good glimpse of my hairy snatch as I got out of the chair. I could sense his eyes on me as I headed for the stairs! I ran upstairs to Jeff's room and found Beth still lying on the bed with just a small cover over her naked body.

I saw the rubber lying on the floor and bent over to pick it up. There were almost two inches of Jon's cream filling the tip and it was still warm! I loved holding it in my hands! "Well did you enjoy the show Mary?" Beth purred. "Did I?! I almost came about ten times watching you two!" I sat down at the foot of the bed and pulled her sock covered feet into my lap.

"What do you think about the socks?" "Jonathon loved them! Especially when I was rubbing his dick with them! I thought he was going to shoot right then, that's why I had to stop! I didn't think he would last long enough to do me! I really like wearing them Mary. You were right!" Beth gushed. "That feels really good too!" Beth told me as I continued fondling her feet.

Beth rolled on to her back and the cover slipped off so I could feast my eyes on her just fucked body. I couldn't stand it any more. I put her feet back down on the bed and spread her knees apart so I had a complete view of her used cunt. I slowly lowered my head between her legs and gently began eating her out. Beth let out a low moan and lifted her hips toward my mouth as I licked the edges of her smooth slit.

I probed inside of her pussy with my tongue and was surprised how hot and wet she was. I was slowly running the tip of my tongue up and down the length of her slit and every so often I would slide my tongue into her as far as I could. I felt Beth relax and her slit opened wide. I pulled my head back to have a good look at my new Sock Sisters sex.

Against her dark skin her opening was beautifully pink and shiny with her juices. Her whole pussy area had been waxed clean of hair and was incredibly smooth. I gently blew on her wetness and saw her pussy start a fucking motion!

Beth wrapped her right leg over my back and reached down with her left hand and pulled my mouth tighter to her pussy. I found her clit with the tip of my tongue and repeatedly flicked it, making her lift her hips and let out a low moaning sound. I reached along her left leg until I found the soft white sock on her foot. I gently fondled her foot while I continued to lick her clit. Beth's breath began to quicken and I knew she wasn't going to last much longer. I could taste more and more of her juices beginning to run out of her until I finally heard her gasp and begin to buck her hips into my face.

She whispered," Oh Mary&hellip.don't stop…oh fuck…lick me…oh…oh!" Then she came! She held her breath as I felt her pussy muscles spasm three or four times. She let her ass fall back to the bed and took a deep breath! I took one more slow lick up her slit as she quivered. I worked my way up towards her face, stopping to gently kiss her huge nipples. I found her mouth and gave her a long slow kiss, letting her explore my mouth with her tongue.

"Thanks for letting me clean you up sis." I whispered. "You tasted fantastic!" Beth just looked at me with her huge brown eyes and giggled, "Little Miss Perfect! Wow! I have never had a girl eat me before!" "Only one thing would have made it better!" "And what would that have been?" Beth asked, not believing anything could have made it better.

"If I had been licking Jonathon's cum out of you!" I gushed. "I want him to cum in me&hellip.without the rubber, but I'm not on the pill. My mom's insurance won't pay for it. I sure wish I was though!" Beth informed me.

"We'll have to see what we can do about that! I know when Kimmie eats you she is going to want to taste somebody's jizz inside of you!" We both hugged each other and giggled. I was thinking how sexy Beth would look with silvery white cream leaking out onto her dark skin. "Beth! Jonathon's cock is huge! How do you take it all?" "I just have to relax. It feels so good to be filled up like that, it's easy.

And&hellip.he makes me cum just about every time we do it!" she said. We got up off the bed and headed to the bathroom. "What was that thing you did when you were giving him a blowjob? You stuck your head way up between his legs!" I questioned. "I was licking a spot between his sack and his butthole. It's really sensitive and makes him get really hard. It's a good place to lick when you want a guy to get hard a second time too!" Beth told me.

"I thought you were eating his ass!" I kidded. "Geez Beth, I really wanted to lick yours while you were doing it&hellip.and lick Jon's balls!" Beth looked at me with a surprised expression. "You wanted to eat my ass while I was getting fucked?" "Trust me…you'd love it! Hopefully we'll get to try it some other time.

Oh! I talked to Kim earlier and she wants us to spend the night at her house. Do you want to?" I asked our new Sock Sister. "Sure. I have to stop at home to pick up a few things though.

All I brought was my suit and sweat pants." We suddenly heard Jeff's car pull in the driveway. I ran out to talk to him and he told me that he had forgotten his wallet. He had ordered a couple of pizzas and was going to head back to pick them up.

I suggested that he could take Beth along so she could stop at her house and pick up her over night stuff and Jeff thought it was a good idea. He came in the house and talked to Jonathon while I ran back upstairs to get Beth. Beth didn't want to put her wet suit back on so I fished around in my bag and found her a white thong and a thin white tee shirt she could wear under her sweats.

Her full breasts strained against the thin tee shirt and the thong pulled up into her ass perfectly. Along with those soft white socks, she looked incredibly sexy.

She slid her sweats on and was ready to head out. "Can I trust you alone with Jonathon?" she kidded with a sexy smile and a wink. "About as much as I cant trust you with Jeff!" I kidded back. "I know he loves your tits, and I don't think he's ever had a bare pussy!" "Or a black girl!" she said. "And I've never had&hellip." "A big black cock!" Beth spurted out with a big grin.

"You're the one that told me he loved my bush! Maybe I'll let him find out for himself!" I teased. We gave each other a kiss, letting our tongues gently touch. I think we both knew that we were going to fuck each others boyfriends. Beth ran down the steps, yelled "Good-Bye" to Jonathon, and headed out with Jeff. I made sure I put their used rubber in my bag.

CHAPTER EIGHT I went back into the bathroom and checked myself in the mirror. I brushed my bangs down and retied my ponytail. Then I fluffed my bush with the same brush. I stripped naked and put on a heavy white terry cloth robe that was hanging on the back of the door. I went to my bag and found my last pair of soft white socks and pulled them on. After I had them slouched down a little bit, I headed to the pool area.

Before I left the bathroom I had an idea. I opened the medicine cabinet and found a small bottle of baby oil. I slid the bottle into the pocket of the robe. I walked into the pool area as Jonathon was just getting out of the whirlpool. I sat down on the end of one of the chaise lounge chairs near the pool. I put a couple pillows behind me so I was comfortable. I leaned back and said, "Jonathon! Can you come here for a minute?" Jonathon walked over and stood in front of me.

"What do you need Mary?" "Well, Beth and I were talking and I just need your opinion on something." I laid back on the pillows and put my sock covered feet on the edge of the chair and let my robe fall open. "Do you like my full bush, or not?" I asked as I slowly let my knees spread apart. God, there I was…… lying naked in front of Jonathon with my legs parted asking him if he liked the way my bush looked! I looked down and saw that the whole pinkish brown part of my nipples had pulled up tight and they were sticking out hard like they used to before my boobs had started getting bigger.

I knew my pussy lips had pulled apart and were lying open like butterfly wings, shiny with my juices. I could feel my breathing quicken. I was seducing my friend's guy and I wanted him to fuck me. "Well Jon, what do you think?" I whispered. He didn't take his eyes off of me for what seemed like forever.

Finally he stammered out…"God! That looks fantastic Mary!" I could see the rise in his swimming shorts and knew he was ready for what I was about to do. I sat back up on the edge of the lounge chair and reached out and grabbed the waistband of his suit. I pulled him toward me and then hooked my thumbs in the waistband and pulled his shorts down to his ankles. Jonathon stepped out of his wet suit and stood in front of me. His beautiful black cock was right in front of my face, bobbing up and down in anticipation.

"My god Jon! Your dick is huge!" I whispered. I held it in my right hand and slowly began to stroke him as I felt him begin to harden in my grip. I couldn't reach all the way around his girth with my fingers as I lifted the head to my mouth.

I began running my tongue all around the purplish black head of Jon's massive cock. He moaned out loud when I slid the tip of my tongue into his pee slit. I put the tip of his shaft into my mouth and began giving him a blowjob the best I could. I began to slowly jack him off using the spit that was leaking out of my mouth for lubricant. Jonathon could hear me grunting as I tried to get more of his cock down my throat.

I was surprising myself with how much of his tool I was swallowing. It was really helping to keep it wet with my spit. I looked up at Jon with my big eyes and knew my face was wet from blowing him. "God I love your cock!" I moaned and shoved it back in my mouth. I reached between his legs and held his sack in my hands. It hung down about three inches and his golf ball size nuts were swinging back and forth. I wrapped my fingers around his balls and gently tugged on his sack as I continued to suck him off.

After a little bit I pulled my mouth away from his shaft and hungrily went after his balls. I tickled them with the tip of my tongue and Jon moaned his approval. I got his sack as wet with my spit as I could before I gently sucked his left nut into my warm mouth. I was very careful as I massaged his ball in my mouth with my soft, wet, warm tongue.

I reached up and gave his hard-on a few strokes. I let his nut slide out of my mouth and went back to blowing his beautiful black rod. I looked at Jon's cock as I gave him long, firm strokes.

It was beautifully dark and shiny with my spit. I was squeezing his rod pretty hard and on my down strokes I was making his pee slit open wide enough so that I could have slipped the tip of my little finger inside his cock! I grabbed him with both hands and rubbed the head of his cock over my lips. I looked up at Jon and moaned," Do you like the way this little white whore sucks your big cock?! Do you want to fuck this little white girl's hairy pussy? Do you want to stick your big cock in her cunt and fill her with your hot cum?" Both Jon and I were getting turned on by my filthy talk and I wasn't sure how much more he could take.

I wanted Jon to save his load for when he was inside me. I would have loved to have him fill my mouth with his cream, but I needed him to fuck me this time. I told Jon to kneel down in front of me as I wiped my face with the sleeve of the robe. I lay back onto the pillows and had my ass resting on the edge of the chair just inches from the head of his big black dick.

I reached into the pocket of my robe and found the small bottle of baby oil which I quickly popped open. I filled the palm of my hand with the slippery oil and covered Jon's dick with it. Then I laid back with my legs apart and my feet up in the air.

I knew my butterfly lips were open and ready! Jonathon leaned forward and I could feel the heat coming off of his tool as the head of his cock found its way between the wet folds of my pussy. "Ohhhh yessss&hellip." I whispered out loud as I anxiously anticipated the fucking I was about to get. I was so fucking horny! I reached down and guided him as he began to push his way into my hot, wet fuckhole! The baby oil and the juices I was leaking let him slide in easily. When he had about four inches of his dick in me, he slowly began his in and out fucking motion.

I was propped up on the pillows and could watch Jon slide his black shaft in and out of my cunt. Jonathon kept his eyes glued between my legs as he was enjoying what he was seeing too! He put his hand on my bush and gently pulled on my pubes. "Do you…like…my.bush.Jonathon?" I got out between my excited breaths.

"Oh Mary…oh yes!" He gushed. "Give me some more dick Jon! I love fucking your big black cock! I can take more…ohhh&hellip.please give me more!" I almost begged. We both watched as another couple inches of his black rod disappeared into my snatch. My pink, wet pussy lips wrapped themselves tightly around his meat. "Oh my god…that feels so good! Jonathon…play with my nipples!" I moaned as I cupped my swollen tits and offered them up to him. "Mary! Your nipples are so long!" "Pull on them Jon&hellip.ohhhhh…pull on them!" I pulled both of my legs up at the same time and felt Jon slide another inch of his cock in me.

God this was awesome.

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I never wanted it to stop! Jon took my sock covered feet in his hands and rubbed their softness against his chest. He then pulled my feet to his face and inhaled deeply, loving the feel of those soft white socks against his skin.

He let go of my feet and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He finally reached down and gently tugged on my hard nipples. "Ohhhhhh! Pinch them&hellip.hard!" I cried out. He pinched my nips and I felt my pussy gush more juices onto our fucking. I pulled Jon closer to me with my legs as I tried to rub his back with my sock covered feet. Jonathon massaged my tits and leaned over to take my left nipple into his mouth. His warm, wet tongue felt incredible on my rock hard bud.

He switched to my right nipple and gently bit down. I let out a yell! "Oh Jonathon&hellip.give me all of you! God&hellip.I want&hellip.the rest……of your cock!" I looked down and pleasantly saw Jon slide the last inch of his big, black, prick inside of me.

I was filled to the max! I could see that my cunt lips had turned a bright pink color and that they reached down about an inch on Jon's shaft each time he slid back out of me. I loved the way my big, butterfly lips looked wrapped around his shiny, wet cock! I reached up to his chest and pinched his nipples as I begged him to keep fucking me.

My pussy was stretched out, but it felt so good. I was kind of sure that I probably wasn't going to cum because the way I was laying didn't let me grind my clit against the base of his shaft, but that didn't matter…I was filled up with big black cock and was about to get pumped full of hot cream.

Jonathon started fucking me faster and harder with each stroke. I dug my fingernails into his chest as I felt his cock begin hitting the back of my cunt with each of his thrusts. He would slide half of his prick out slowly and then would slam it back in to me. I could feel his balls slap against my ass each time he thrust forward and I could feel the tip of his rod pushing up in my belly.

My swollen breasts shook on my chest with each of his plunges. I had my legs wrapped around his waist and was pulling him as deep inside of me as I could.

I tried to rub my socks on his back as much as I could but could only concentrate on his huge tool hammering in and out of me! "Uh&hellip.Uh……Uh" were the only sounds I could make while he drilled my hole with his hard tool. I reached up and squeezed my tits as he kept pounding me with a steady rhythm.

We had been going at it for about ten minutes and both of us were getting covered in Jon's sweat. My slit was starting to get a little sore and I didn't know how much more of this monster fuck I could take. "Shoot your load in me Jon! I want to feel your hot cum in my pussy!" I moaned as I felt my muscles clamp down on his cock. "God Mary&hellip.I'm going to cum right now!

Ohhhhhhhhhhh!" he grunted. I suddenly felt the inside of my cunt get warm and runny as he started pumping me full of his hot jizz! God it felt good! "Ohhhhhh Jonathon! I feel it! Oh God!!' I cried out. "Don't stop!" I gently pinched my nipples as I looked down to watch Jonathon's cum covered dick sliding in and out of my hairy hole.

I could feel our juices leaking out of me and start to drip into my ass. My swollen lips were sticking way out of my thick bush which was soaking wet with a mixture of our sweat and fuck juices. I thrust my hips up and down the best I could to keep up with the hard fucking I was getting. I dug my heels into Jon's ass and pulled him closer to me. I was getting so turned on by the sound that our sex was making and the sight of his cum covered meat that suddenly I had a fantastic feeling all over my body and to my surprise I began to get off too!

I couldn't get my clit to rub up against his shaft very well, but the swollen head of Jon's dick was rubbing across a really sensitive spot inside of me and I began to feel myself about to squirt.

"Jonathon&hellip.don't stop…I'm&hellip.cum…ming tooooo!" I grunted as I fucked him as hard as I could. I felt Jon slide his big black tool all the way into my wetness one more time and then he collapsed on top of me with a huge sigh. I finished my orgasm underneath him and we just layed still, exhausted.

Jon looked at me and I gave him a long wet kiss and just whispered, "I know!" As Jon got to his knees, his softening dick slowly slid out of me and I felt his cum really start to leak out of me!

He stood in front of me and I sat up to do my trademark move. I pulled him toward me as I slid his softened cock into my mouth as far as I could and tightly wrapped my lips around his shaft. I sucked hard as I gently pulled my mouth down the length of his black rod as I gently massaged his sack with my right hand.

Jonathon moaned out loud, and even though I am sure he was pretty sensitive, he managed to squirt a warm mouthful of cum onto my tongue. I loved the combination of his salty jizz mixed with my pussy juice and swallowed it right down after tasting it for a few seconds. I smiled up at him and said, "Wow&hellip.that was the best ever!" He reached down and wiped a dribble of his jizz off of my chin.

"Beth calls you Little Miss Perfect! Well…I guess you are perfect&hellip.a perfect fuck!" he smiled. "I'm hitting the pool Mary&!" Jon found his suit and pulled it back on while I layed back on the chair. I still had my legs spread and Jon looked down at my just fucked pussy and thick bush, which had to be covered with cum, and just smiled. "Fantastic" he said as he wandered back over to the pool. I pulled myself together and sat up. My body was still tingling everywhere and my knees were a little weak as I got up off of the lounge chair.

I felt that the back of my robe was soaked as it fell against my legs and when I took a few steps I could feel how gushy my pussy was. I pulled my robe closed and told Jeff I was going to go up and shower. By the time I had gotten upstairs, so much of Jon's cum had run down my legs that my inner thighs were wet to my knees! I stripped naked and stepped into the shower.

I took my hair out of the ponytail and shampooed it clean. My bush was sticky with Jon's jizz so I shampooed that also. The hot soapy water felt good as I let the hot water beat down on me. I slid a finger between my sensitive pussy lips and let the warm water run between them.

Absent mindedly I slipped my middle finger up into my used cunt. As I stood in the shower I daydreamed about the fucking I had just gotten! How could it ever get better? I got out of the shower and was just toweling off when I heard a soft knock at the door. The door opened and Beth stepped into the bathroom. She was wearing her sweat bottoms and the same tight tee shirt she had on when she left, but she had her soft, white socks in one hand and the white thong I had loaned her in the other.

"Hi baby" I said. I leaned over and gave her a kiss on the mouth and was sure she would be able to taste the cum I had had in my mouth as she slipped her tongue over the tip of mine. When I pulled away, I saw a few wet stains on the tee shirt she was wearing and knew why she couldn't taste cum in my mouth. It was because her mouth had the same taste in it! "You smell really good Mary! Do you need me to clean you up this time?" Beth stepped closer to me until our breasts touched.

She reached down and slid her fingers between my legs. I parted my thighs and let her slip her middle finger right into my pussy. I felt her hot breath on my neck as she swirled her finger around inside of me. "We&hellip.can't&…it…now Beth" I reached down and pulled her hand tighter to my cunt. "You&hellip.had&hellip.better…stop!" I whispered in her ear. I pulled her hand away from my crotch and I felt her finger slip out of me.

She stuck her finger in her mouth and sucked it clean. "Ooooo, yummy! What has Little Miss Perfect been up to?! I think this tastes an awfully lot like Jonathon's cum!" she giggled. I picked the thong she had been wearing up off of the floor and held it up in front of her.

"And how did this get off?! And why aren't you wearing your socks?" I teased. "I'm pretty sure we had better wash the socks Mary. You were right though, giving a hand job using a sock really does make a guy shoot a huge load! And I just had to taste him afterwards!" Beth told me the whole story while we were both cleaning ourselves up. She and Jeff had stopped at her house so she could pick up some extra clothes for spending the night at Kimmies.

When they went inside, they found that all of Beth's family had gone into town for various reasons and that she and Jeff were alone in the house. Jeff followed her upstairs to her bedroom and lay down on her bed while she packed her bag.

She was going to change tee shirts and went into her bathroom and pulled hers over her head. When she got it over her head, she felt Jeff's hands caressing her nipples. She said she just melted back against him as they found their way back to the bed. Beth stood in front of Jeff as he sat on the edge of the bed and gave her breasts and nipples a fantastic tonguing.

Beth said she got so horny that she wanted to fuck Jeff immediately. Instead she let him slide her sweat pants off and pull her onto the bed wearing only a tiny white thong and her soft white socks. She told me that her pussy was absolutely soaked as she helped Jeff free his hard on from his pants and boxers! Beth quickly pulled off her wet thong and straddled Jeff's face so he could eat her out as she sucked on his cock.

Beth didn't have any rubbers in her underwear drawer and she knew Jeff didn't have one either. "I told Jeff he could fuck me a little bit but he couldn't cum in me!" Beth said. "He rolled me over onto my back and slid his hard prick into me with one stroke.

God, it felt so good! I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him deep inside of me. I kept thinking how badly I wanted him to shoot his load in me!" Beth said that while they were fucking, she continued to work her sock covered feet up and down Jeff's legs and that the feeling was really making him moan. After about ten minutes, Beth was pretty sure that she could make Jeff explode as she had already soaked her bed twice with her cumming.

She rolled Jeff off of her and onto his back. She quickly pulled the soft, white sock off of her right foot and gently slid it over Jeff's throbbing shaft. She gently began squeezing and stroking his cock with the socks softness while she leaned down and teased his swollen balls with her hot tongue.

When Jeff began to buck his hips off of the bed, Beth laid her body next to Jeff's so that her tits were crushed against his chest. She started pulling harder and faster on his cock until he moaned out loud and she felt him spurt into her sock. "He just kept cumming" Beth whispered. "I could feel his warm jizz right through my sock! Then I slid my sock off his cock and licked him clean," she added.

"He had enough left to give my tongue a good coating of his cream! Then we had to get going to pick up the pizzas so I just pulled on my sweats and the same tee shirt I had on.

My thong was soaked and so was my sock and I didn't want to leave them in my laundry pile, so I brought them along! I can't imagine what my bed smells like!" We both giggled and gave each other a hug and a kiss and just smiled at being happy with our new friendship.

We put together a load of our dirty clothes, socks, thongs, tee shirts, swim suits, and the robe all went into the wash. Hopefully it would be done and dried before we went to Kimmies. Beth hopped in the shower and quickly cleaned off. I got us both clean sweat pants to pull on and a couple regular tee shirts from Jeff's room. We stayed barefoot and ran downstairs to get some pizza before the boys had eaten it all.

We had a great time laughing and eating pizza and listening to music. Beth and I weren't really sure if the boys knew that they had fucked each others girlfriends, but everyone was so happy we didn't care. Beth and I folded up our clothes when they were finished drying and it was almost time for Jeff to give us a ride to Kim's.

Jonathon was going to spend the night at Jeff's house and I figured they'd soon be half in the bag by the way they were throwing down beers!