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Angelika - Like an angel Truda - Fighting woman Varick - Protecting Ruler Harman - Man of the army Leben 2 ---------------------------------------------------- Alan Gance was in shock, it had to be shock, and the woman in front of him was exceedingly beautiful. She was . wait had she just called him son? Alright what in the hell was going on? Snapping all his defenses up, Alan growled at the woman.

"Alright who in the hell are you? I was abandoned as a child no parents, no one. I don't know what you are up to, but I really am not finding this funny at all!" The woman only smiled making no move to enter his cabin. "As I said, you are my son, though I am afraid that an explanation might take a while. I sent the others on so I could talk to you undisturbed." Still somewhat in shock Alan could only stand there and stare at the beautiful woman claiming to be his mother.

"Now then, may I please come in? It has turned rather nasty out here and I have no desire to catch pneumonia." Alan shook his head to clear it of all the thoughts that were blocking all rational thought.

Moving aside he stated, "Alright you can come in but don't try anything I am far more powerful than you think." Tsking, the woman moved past Alan with a grace he'd not seen anyone but professional dancers have. "Really Alan I have no desire to hurt you, we have been searching for you for months now.

It was as big a shock to me as it was to you that I had a son. The Doctor has a really sick sense of humor." "Uh huh, "Alan said as his thoughts were starting to return to him. "Look I don't know what your angle is but I'm not really interested ok?


So really I suggest that you leave and." The woman looked up at Alan demurely from the seat she had taken, "Your name is Alan Treibend Gance I gave you that middle name. It means adrift or lost as I am sure you have felt for a very long time." Alan stood there with his mouth hanging open, unable to utter a single sound.

No one knew his middle name, the two people that had, really knew nothing about what it meant. Then this woman just strolls in here and makes these outrageous claims. "Really Alan," the woman said as she tried her best not to laugh, "close your mouth it is most undignified." Snapping his mouth shut, Alan dropped like a stone onto the other end of the couch.

"There see? That's a lot better, now I know you have questions and I will do my best to answer them." Alan barely shook his head, and then as if a light bulb was turned on he opened his mouth. "First thing is this, you are far too young to be my mother.

There is no." Alan watched as the woman's face and body started to age. "Is this more to your liking? I could appear older if it sets you at ease Alan." The woman told him his eyes wide in shock and amazement. "Ho.

how. di.did you do that? It defies logic it isn't possible!" Alan almost shouted at the mystery woman. Smiling even as he watched the woman suddenly grew younger a feat that was just as amazing. "That was a simple thing we all have the ability to appear whatever age we wish. Yes Alan you have it also though I am sure you haven't discovered it yet. I can teach you many things if you wish, or I could leave.

Though the latter I really have no desire to." "So I am like you?" Alan finally asked. "Yes and no. Like us yes, but you possess power that is equal to ours and you haven't even really started to use them.

It is my wish to guide you to use them in a more non-intrusive way." The mystery woman said then smiled. "Why? Are you afraid that I'd have too much fun?" Alan said with a sly smirk on his face. "No, I am more afraid that the others out there that mean to hurt us and you, would be able to find you far more easily than they have been." The woman replied.

"Yeah I noticed those guys with the wimpy powers that were coming after me. Then there was the guy who was trying to order me to come to him." Alan told her. "Wait you actually saw him? What did he look like, we have been trying to discover who he is for years.

He's almost as slippery as the doctor." She said. "Yeah I saw him, he looked an awful lot like my old boss, the head of the company I was at. Tried to make me do what he wanted kind of pissed him off when I said no and pushed him away." Alan said watching the woman's face for a reaction.

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The woman's mouth was hanging open; he had pushed the man away?! He was as powerful as the doctor had said and he still had so much to learn. If only there were time, but even as she thought that, she could feel the boosted ones starting to close in. From the tense reaction of Alan he felt it too. "Damn it, I thought I had lost them! They had to have been following you. Look lady" Alan spat.

"Actually it is Angelika," she said. "Ok look Angelika, this isn't looking all that great I can handle quite a lot of them but not this many.

If you help then we might make it." Alan told his mother. Angelika smiled he had so much to learn! Suddenly there was a huge ripping sound as the cabin was torn in two, Angelika smiled so they had sent their enhanced ones. Opening her mouth Angelika started to emit a loud shrill shrieking sound dropping almost half of the boosted ones. Alan looked on a new respect for the woman.

Seeing the two that were leading this horde, Alan reached out to both of them and saw that their power had been given to them. Looking deeper Alan saw an area that was more lit up than the rest in their brains. Grasping these areas in both of the men began to scream, and then their legs buckled as they fell to the ground. Alan could hear them begging, but he could also see what their plans had been for him. Growling he crushed the lit up areas, silencing both men. Angelika couldn't believe what she'd just seen; it was apparent that Alan could do almost anything he wanted to if he set his mind to it.

They needed to leave before. "So I see that not even my top warriors are not a match for you. Stop this!" Came an older man's voice, Angelika could feel the huge energy wave heading for them, erecting a shield she'd tried to warn Alan but too late, she also realized that she wasn't going to be able to stop all of the wave. As the world started to go dark she saw the boosted ones grab Alan loading him into a jeep, they were about to come for her but the man's voice stopped them.

"No leave her she is of no use to us, get Alan back to the laboratory as fast as possible, I can feel her compatriots approaching, move!" They had loaded Alan and were long gone when Varick and the others appeared.

They quickly loaded Angelika into their own jeep as they tried to revive her.

Finally 10 minutes later Angelika opened her eyes. "Angelika what happened did, Alan do this?" Varick asked her. "No it was the other one that we have been trying to find all this time. Alan said he saw the man and told him no when he tried to make Alan go to him.

Varick I watched him destroy two enhanced ones, he just reached in and crushed them." A shaking Angelika told them. "WHAT!!??" Varick almost shouted. "I have just learned to do that, no wonder the doctor is so worried.

Alan could hunt, find and destroy the doctor with not much effort apparently." "No, it wasn't like that, I felt his fear and anger, some because they were trying to harm me, and some because they destroyed his cabin.

I suggest we try and stay on his good side 'til we can up our own power." Angelika stated. Varick looked at Harmon who had his eyes closed, "anything Harmon?" "Yes, I feel them running as fast as hell back toward the city, they've already wrecked two vehicles already.

If we leave now I think we can catch them outside the city but we'll have to drive as fast as we can.

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I can't guarantee that we will be in one piece when we catch them though." Harmon told them. Loading up they started out as fast as they could, they had gotten only a few miles down the road when there was a titanic explosion at the edge of their vision. Harmon pressed even harder to get them there, almost side swiping several trees along the way. A good hour later they were slowing near a blacked area of the forest. "Truda? Can you tell what happened?" Varick asked. Truda stepped out closing her eyes she started to 'see' images of the events that had transpired at this spot.

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"I see them trying to get back as fast as they can. He has awoken far earlier than they thought he would. He has already crushed all of those that are in the vehicle with him. As it rolls to a stop he steps out, several of the boosted ones point guns at him.

I can feel his rage and raw power as he releases it, those in front are vaporized in seconds those unlucky enough to be alive, he points at and they instantly burst into flames." Shaking her head the images coming much faster now, "I see he sent a 'gift' to the man who did this.

I can see the man got slightly burned. This is the first time he's been hurt in a very long time. Now I see him cursing in German, he has ordered more boosted ones after Alan, quite a lot more." Varick was nodding at everything that she said, "Did you see where he went?" "I see him moving off toward the road he managed to flag a car down and they are taking him into the nearest town.

I am afraid he will obtain a car and then be moving away from us at a rapid speed. He appears to be extremely angry I suggest we approach him with caution." Truda advised.

Harmon was suddenly interested, "Caution, is he that strong?" "Yes brother, he can't really outright kill us, but he can most definitely hurt us," Truda warned her brother. Still in a partial like trance state she grabbed Harmon's arm with a surprisingly strong grip. "Do not brother, do not rush in like you always do. This one is far different and far superior to those that you have faced before." Harmon's mouth dropped open, this was a shock to him there had never been any that he couldn't face that could beat him except the doctor and the other.

Slowly Harmon nodded; he never went against anything his sister EVER saw and this time he wasn't about to start. Truda was starting to sway a bit meaning she was now delving into the future, "NO! It isn't possible!" Harmon rushed to his sister as did Varick both only to be knocked on their asses by the raw power that erupted from her.

"How can you see me? I mean no harm I am a friend of your mother's. Yes she is fine see?" At that Truda had turned toward Angelika. Suddenly a male voice came from Truda's throat, "I suggest that none of you follow me.

They obviously tracked me by you I was totally hidden." "HA!" Erupted from Harmon, "you were as hidden as the Statue of Liberty in New York harbor, even I could feel you! If you want to learn to hide you need to be with us! You." Harmon started to choke not bad but he was having a hard time talking.

"Enough Alan! Release him!" Angelika yelled, suddenly the voice yelped as if pinched. "Alright, I agree to meet but on my terms. I'll meet with mother only, the rest of you at least 10 miles away or the deal is off. I might not be able to really stop you but I can put a hurt on you." The voice told them not really making Harmon happy at all nor Angelika's brother Varick. <I'll be alright brother,> Angelika told Varick.

<He is my son at least I imparted something in him, had this been earlier he might have tried to kill Harmon.> Varick's eyes flew wide, <And you want me to trust that you will be unharmed?> <It is the only way, Alan learns far faster than you or the rest of us, he would prove to be a valuable addition to our small family.> Angelika told her brother seeing him visibly relax a bit.

Truda turned toward Angelika and Varick, <You know that is rude to talk behind my back or in your minds like that. She will be fine; I guess I call you uncle Varick. The only thing I am worried about is that ass finding us again and hurting her. I might not be able to just kill him but I swear by god, I'll burn him 'til it takes a week for him to heal." Harmon was smiling at this; he REALLY was starting to like this guy!

Hell if he really could do that then Harmon decided that he was more than worthy of joining the team, family whatever in the hell they were. Truda turned toward Harmon, "I know you are worried about your sister, she is fine I made sure of that and will leave her a little gift." Turning back toward Angelika the voice said, "Please mother, as you said we have a lot to talk about.

You were just starting when we were interrupted. I can see a little of what you were saying in Truda's mind" Here they all nodded, "but a lot of it is confusing." With that the voice quieted then Truda fell to her knees.

Harmon was about to touch her when Truda's voice growled, "DO NOT TOUCH ME!" Suddenly Truda's eyes flew wide as her body started to shake, then her breathing came in gasps as most of her body started to convulse.

She opened her mouth but nothing came out. Again Harmon reached for her but Truda swung her arm toward him barely missing him. Harmon was flung back as if he'd been hit by a truck. "Oh my god!" Truda said then started to scream out in pleasure. "Yes!

Oh god yes!" Falling on the ground her body shook then was trembling. "NO! NO! Don't stop!" With a last gasp Truda screamed her hips thrusting up then she was quiet. Harmon had just made it back to where they were when Truda passed out. Harmon's face was cut and scratched but as they knew it would heal soon as good as new. Limping slightly Harmon's face was full of surprise. "What in the hell was that?" Harmon said as he limped to his sister. Angelika could only smile so, that was what it was like.

Her son obviously had a few powers that they hadn't even thought of yet. Walking to Truda and her brother Angelika nodded it was as she thought one of Truda's powers had increased almost three times as powerful, nice!

"Hey Angelika? Could you tell what that was?" A now extremely worried Harmon was asking her. "I believe he left her a gift of sexual completion. I have always wondered why we were never able to feel this.

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I always thought it was a sick twisted joke of the doctor's but now I see he did it on purpose. I am feeling a tripling of one of her powers, obviously the reaction to the sex completion feeling released some block in her body." Angelika explained to the two males there, both of who were staring at her with confused looks. Sighing Angelika said, "she experienced an orgasm, it unblocked one of her powers, better?" Both of the males only nodded looking at each other, if it was that intense they damn sure wanted to experience it themselves!

Beside her brother, Truda groaned then sat up suddenly, "What in the hell happened? My god! That was the most intense feeling I have ever felt and I have absolutely no idea how he did it!" Looking at Angelika tears started to fall from Truda's eyes.

"It was so strong, but felt so beautiful! My god Angelika, is this what it was like when you conceived Alan?" Sighing Angelika looked at the ground, "No I was inseminated by a machine, cold and impersonal just what the doctor loves; everything cold, sterile, lifeless and unfeeling.

I still have no idea who the father is if there is even a father, knowing the doctor it is something he cooked up in the lab." Varick growled, he remember that day ages ago when they were out of their heads looking for Angelika. They knew she was strong enough to escape any capture except the doctor. Varick cursed he'd felt so damn helpless his own sister! Then to find out a week later that she was pregnant, plus still to this day they didn't know though they were slowly gaining those memories back.

Angelika looked at her brother, his clenched fists, and his strained look. It didn't take much for her to guess he still blamed his self about the day she vanished. She'd tried for decades to convince him that it would have happened no matter what; it after all, had been the doctor.

They all were just now beginning to gain abilities that were starting to make it far more easier to track and find the man. Sighing she knew it would take the death of the doctor to finally clear Varick's conscience. An hour later, Angelika was sitting on a bench ten miles from where they had been.

She again looked at her watch she had arrived early so that he could see that she was indeed alone. For some strange reason she could feel him watching her as strong as he was she shouldn't be able to, especially as low and weak as the viewing was.

Reaching in she saw that he had somehow increased her ability of power reading. <Ah! I see you have seen my gift also; I thought it might help you to detect those that you used to not be able to. You told me I needed a lot of training, possibly but I can learn just by watching. On the train I watched Harmon. He is very good by the way, but please don't tell him, it might give him a swelled head.> Angelika started to giggle, a shocked look on her face then she was feeling her son even closer.

<What are you doing? I thought you wanted nothing to do with any of us. I was so down hearted when you nearly refused to come with us.> Hearing a sigh Angelika turned to see Alan standing beside her, "Hello mother. Please let's away to another place I don't feel good about talking about any of this here." Alan told her as her gently but firmly grasped her arm.

A few minutes later they were in a secluded area of the forest outside the town. Alan had them sit, and then opened their conversation, "I know what you did back there when we were attacked, thank you. Though I'm still unable to extend a shield like that I will soon." Angelika's mouth was hanging agape, laughing Alan repeated her words from earlier, "Really mother, close your mouth it is most undignified." Angelika smiled then started to laugh a sound that hadn't come from her mouth in many years, again she felt something slipped in her as another power increased.

Startled a moment she stood feeling the power throbbing within her. Erecting a shield Alan smiled and powered up firing a blast at her, nothing? What!? "What have you done? I feel a lot more powerful you have opened at least three of my powers." "I took the liberty of looking through your DNA, as well as my own.

I didn't really understand it at first so I went online a bit, and learned. What I have learned is that there is a 95.375% probability that we are related." Nodding Alan continued, "Now I accept that you are more likely, than not, my mother." "I am sorry Alan that I don't know who your father is if you have one," Angelika growled. "The doctor is a real sick son of a bitch!" "Es ist in Ordnung, Mutter," Alan told her in German, nodding he stated, "yes I saw that much in her mind." "As of yet we cannot go further back than 46 years, the earliest memory any of us have is from 1970.

I remember the bicentennial celebrations in America though it didn't feel like home. I remember many things but the worse was the fact that I felt so empty, I have for so long." Turning she looked at Alan tears streaming down her face.

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"It was you Alan, as your mother, it was a feeling that the doctor couldn't remove. No matter how much the sick bastard wanted to he couldn't remove it." Even as she was crying Angelika felt several facets of her mind slip then open wide, again her mouth was hanging open even as the tears continued to stream down her face.

"I have made sure that those bastards can never hide or even remotely have a chance of controlling you again. Now then it is my turn." Sitting back down Angelika reached out and could feel the others, amazing, so this was a little of what Harmon and Truda saw and felt.

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"I was abandoned on the door step of an orphanage as a small child. Because I was so young I was eventually adopted out very quickly.

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I wasn't kept long, apparently I started showing abilities as a small child. About that time I had been in and out of a lot of foster homes.


Then came the day I went to a hell hole for children, I was beaten almost every day. I left there for a few days but they didn't keep me. I was sent back then transferred to another orphanage, they didn't like the fact that I spoke my mind there either, therefore more beatings occurred." Alan had stopped for a moment, tears coming to his eyes as the memories flooded back, Angelika saw into his mind for that brief moment and almost passed out from all the pain she saw there.

Alan look at Angelika seeing her distress and snapped closed in seconds. "Sorry mother, I should have warned you strong emotions open us up all the way." Angelika was nodding as the pain started to pass. "After a week I was sent to another home, though as before they had no use for a child who knew things they didn't. I was sent back and branded as useless and unwanted.

The second orphanage had me transferred to a third one. There I was beat constantly for hours; they said it would make me a better child, better behaved. I was beaten so badly in fact that I stopped responding to the ass that was doing the deed." Angelika was in tears again feeling almost every emotion that Alan was.

This time Alan didn't close up. Angelika thought she could handle anything 'til this. The sheer amount of terror and fear that Alan felt seemed to almost drown her. "The state was doing inspections that day so they had to stop. I think that the inspector saved my life; I really don't think that the monster would have stopped 'til I was dead.

They tried to hide me but the inspector was far smarter than they thought he was. When the man found me I swear that he was going to be sick, I was bleeding from numerous places, I had bruises all over my body. Within minutes the police were called and half the staff was arrested. Later on I heard that all the staff went to prison they all were killed there. The inmates don't really like being put with children abusers." Alan now had his head down tears flowing freely the pain as fresh now as it was then.


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Why did that bastard do this to you? Had you been with us you would have gotten the love you not only wanted but deserved. We have been looking for that son of a bitch for over 40 years a few months ago we were as close as we have ever been.

No one deserves what happened to you NO ONE!" Even as she yelled Angelika realized the error of what she'd just done. A shrill, almost scream, erupted from her throat destroying everything in its path for at least a thousand yards. Angelika's mouth again hung open, "Very good mother, but you have to remember that emotions can up the power greatly," Alan told her as he walked to her. "I have no real emotions; I haven't for a very long time none of us have, though in Harmon's case that might be a good thing," Angelika said with a smirk.

"What have you done? Alan we have no control over these emotions we haven't had them in a very long time if ever." Alan looked at her for a moment then Angelika felt something different in her head slip and slide into place. "That ought to do it." "Alan how can you know all this? We are just starting to understand after years, yet you who had none of these abilities are suddenly almost an expert?!" Angelika asked an astonished look on her face.

"I told you, I went on line and read all that I could before the computer crashed, seems I was taking information faster than it could bring it up." Alan told her as if it were an everyday thing.

"I think you really ought to meet the others," Angelika told Alan. Nodding he looked at the spot beside Angelika intensely, a moment later her brother appeared shock on his face. "Hello uncle, mother thought I should meet you, I agreed." Alan said as he held his hand out to Varick.