Naked men Jasper and Anthony have both been given the same guy to get

Naked men Jasper and Anthony have both been given the same guy to get
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This is the second installment Part 1 As you remember in the last story I got turned in to a vampire and got pregnant as after I woke up the next morning I drank my brothers blood and now my mom may get into it As I went about my day I was watch TV when my brother came in to the kitchen as he did I noticed he looked pale as a ghost as he came from the kitchen he sat next to me ,he was wearing his boxes and a old white tank top he was pretty fit for 13.

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He had broad shoulders and a 6 pack abs. As I was watching TV he asked me if I had anything weird happen to me this morning I told him no and ask him does he ask He said" well I had a dream that you were a vampire and you drank my blood" So I told him " you must have been dreaming, cuz I ain't no vampire" He said" but I have a craving for blood " So I told him to relax and shrug it off As the day continued I started to fell funny as the sun came to the west side of my house, there was a beam of light coming through the window as I moved to closer to the window more to stop the light from coming in the beam of light touched my skin and it felt like a boiling pot of water being poured on me so I rub it to sop the pain as I did I heard Andrew in my head telling me to hold my hand above the burn and say healo So I did as the voice said and the burn healed like magic it was then I felt the powers running through my body ' So I decided to try them out so I waited for dark as I wanted to try flying as dusk became dark I stepped out on my porch only clad in a black mini skirt and a camisole that hugged my body showing off my curves As I tried to jump in the air, I found myself flat on my ass So I thought in my mind I wish Andrew was here Just as the thought left my mind Andrew appeared He was dressed in black denim pants and a black shirt that said death in red letters I rush over to greet him as I wrapped him in a bear hug as I did so he kissed me on the lips locking my lips and his in a passionate kiss It seemed like we were holding on to the kiss for hours as he broke the kiss and said" I sensed you want to know how to fly" So I said "oh yes I want to fly so bad" He said to relax breathe in and out and told me to feel the power lift me from the ground as he did I felt the power filling my body, as I felt the power he told me to open my eyes As I did I could not believe it I was 50 feet over my house flying in mid air so I took of like a shot by focusing my powers forward I soon was over my school which was at least 10 blocks away So I landed on the roof of the school As I did so I seen Andrew land next to me And asked me how did I like the feel of flying I told him it was the most exhilarating thing I had felt So we took of again to head back to my house as I lifted off Andrew took my hand and we flew through the night sky to my house When we arrived we snuck in the back door as not to let my brother see Andrew As I turned the corner to head to my room my brother was standing wait for me and asked where the hell have you been Then he spotted Andrew and the shit hit the fan as he asked" who the fuck is this guy " So I told him " this is Andrew he is my lover" as I kissed him on the lips" he is &hellip.

Well &hellip.a.

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um.… Vampire" "are you trying to pull a fast one sis" he said in a loud voice So I said" no I'm trying to tell you the truth" It looked like he had be hit with a ton of brick as I said that He regained his composure and asked to talk to me in the other room So I told Andrew to wait for me As I closed the door to the room my brother asked me" this cant be true vampires are myths" So I told him that vampire are real So he said" are you a vampire too" with fear in his voice So I replied" well&hellip.

Um&hellip.y&hellip.yea" He screamed" HOLY FUCKING SHIT" So I told him how Andrew and I had made love and that I was pregnant with his baby He kept on saying " oh my god " over and over So I told him how I snuck into his room this morning and turned him into a vampire After I stopped talking he fainted out cold on the floor As I rushed over to him Andrew said he heard him scream and thought he better help out if he could as he figured I was going to tell him I was a vampire and he was one too Part 2 As my brother Tyler came to, I said " are you ok " He said that he was fine then remembered what I said to him He jumped up and ran to his room as I followed him I told him it is going to be ok ill help you out as I am able to I told him relax and go to sleep What I didn't know was that I had put a sleep spell on him As I seen he was sleepingI ran to my room and told Andrew to come with me as I was horny as hell and couldn't hold out any longer As I stripped my skirt and camisole off Andrew was starting to get his pants and shirt off Then I seen his dick My body caught fire Andrew saw that I was looking at his dick and said "come here baby" When I got to him we were pressed up to each other kissing so tenderly He whispered in my ear" I'm going to give you a gift my little lover" So he held his hand over my head and said delfeareum tesu emorium As he finished I felt his power rush through my body then I felt my breasts get bigger and my body got taller I could feel my power grow too as he I had cast a spell that gave me a perfect body Now I was hornier that ever.

My pussy was sopping wet and my tits were hard as rocks Andrew satiated to fondle my new E cup breasts as I star toted to rub his cock on my pussy Andrew lifted me off the ground and laid me on my bed as he started to kiss me slowly He kissed my left tit and then the right one pausing for a moment to suck on the nipple It sent electricity to my brain relaying it then to my sopping pug wet pussy Then he lined up the head of his cock to the opening of my little cunt As he slowly pushed it into my dripping hole he sent wave upon wave upon wave of pleasure rushing through me Is was total bliss Then he slowly went all the way into me and bottomed out he slid back out and slid back in creating a rhythm as he did so He started to pick up speed In so started to pound into me Then I released, I started to cum my pussy muscles stared to clamp down on Andrew big hard dick but he still pounded into me like a hammer on a nail It was pure ecstasy I was feeling Just then Andrew told me he was going to cum So I told him to stop so I could get on top As he laid down on my bed I straddled his massive cock as I lowed myself on to the big rod of meat Andrew star to pump into me as I started to ride his dick I could feel his every move through his dick Then I felt that feeling I was going to cum As I move up and down so feverishly Pretty soon I felt Andrew's cock expand inside me and spew load after load of hot sticky cum inside my pussy which sent me over the edge As I fell atop him we both started to kiss each other as I slowly tilted me head to give him access to my neck I was rewarded by him biting me It sent chills through my body As he released his bite he said goodnight my lover As me and hem fell asleep together I had sweet dreams of me and him that night Part 3 As I awoke to my mom rocking my shoulder She said "hey sleepy head" As I look up at her then I realized that I had nothing on and grabbed the sheet to cover myself She said " its ok Hun I'm a girl too you don't have to cover up" As I lowered the sheet she said" you look so beautiful at only 10 Then she told me come get some breakfast As I got dressed in my mini skirt and a black tee shirt Thought my breakfast is going to be a blood from my mommas I went to the bathroom to take a piss I was thinking how to get to moms neck Just then I got a idea As I hollered " mom come here quick" I heard her coming As I bit my wrist to get some blood to make it look like I had my period As mom entered into the bathroom I sat down on the toilet and made it look like I was depressed She said" honey what is wrong " As she look down and seen my pussy lips had a little blood on them As she looked me in the eyes she said" my little baby is growing into a young woman" Then she hugged me As she hugged me, I bit into her neck then she let out a silent scream Then I whispered into her ear go to your bed and sleep As she left the room I cleaned up and made sure there was no blood on my body any Where As I left the bathroom I felt like there was a vampire near but couldn't place it Then I said Andrew as he appeared next to me I asked him if he felt the same feeling he said it was my brother I said sorry for bugging you He said " I wouldn't have it any other way Then he disappeared I started down the hall to my moms room about 2 feet from the door I got really horny I guess my body knows what is going to happen To be continued Part 3 will be coming if you all like it Plz comment and rate

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