Sweet Asian Girl Teasing Her Feet

Sweet Asian Girl Teasing Her Feet
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As Aang and Katara finished their most passionate kiss yet Aang looked at Katara and said "Katara I love you and I have since the day you found me floating in that ice berg and I've been waiting for that kiss since our first visit to Ohmashu." Katara looked at Aang with a loving passion in her eyes and said "Aang I have something to tell you, do you remember when we went and visited that Fortune teller, and well she told me that one day I was going to marry a very powerful bender, and from that monument I knew that we were meant to be, Aang I love you too." Aang looked at Katara with a twinkle in his eyes, he reached forward and took hold of her hand and pulled her in close saying "Katara what do we do now?" As Aang and Katara stood there together Soka came out of the Jasmine Dragon (the tea shop that uncle Iroh owned in the city of Ba Sing Say) he said "Hey you two what are you doing out here when the party is inside "Katara pulled away from Aang and blushed saying "oh hi soka Aang and I were just talking" Aang looked at Soka saying "actually I was just leaving I'm very tired.

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"All rite see you Aang" Back at Aang and the gangs house nobody was home except for Aang who sat alone in his room Jerking off saying "OH FUCK KATARA, THAT FEELS SO GOOD KEEP GOING OH OH SO CLOSE OH" "Aang is that you" Katara said as she peered in his room.

"Oh hi" said Aang said trying to cover up his erect 8inch Cock with an airbender arrow on it " wow Aang that's one nice looking cock" Katara said with a very sexy look on her face.

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"Oh" Aang said "you saw it?" "Yup" Katara said walking sexily into his room "and I liked the look of it, you don't have to hide it from me." "ok" the airbender said taking the pillow of his dick.

Katara walked closer until she was rite in front of Aang " Do you really want to fuck me Aang" She said "Oh hell yes" the young boy said "well then today is your lucky day" the water tribe girl said as she let her blue robe hit the floor reveling her 34DD cup breasts and her shaved tight pussy. "oh my God" said Aang as his cock sprang into the air "Katara does this mean I can fuck you" but he scarcely got the words out before Katara had put her sexy lips around his hard shaft " OH GOOD YES" he yelled out as Katara started to bob up and down on his cock.

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"FASTER KATARA FASTER MAKE ME CUM." But suddenly She stopped and retreated off his throbbing shaft. "Hey what are you doing " he said "I have an idea why don't you fuck my pussy and cum in there" she said "all rite" he said excitedly.

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Aang stood up and Katara got on the bed and opened her legs saying "come and get some big boy". Aang immediately got on top of her and preceded to stick his cock in her open pussy lips and pushed in.

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"OH GOD KATARA, you're so tight" "OH AANG FUCK ME PLEASE BANG MY BALP PUSSY MAKE ME RED AND SORE THEN CUM IN ME DO IT!!!" Aang followed Kataras wishes and began to bang her pussy he even used his airbending ability to make him go faster, and faster until his dick was almost a blur and as he did this he heard Katara moaning in pleasure and her moans only made him want to fuck her more.

" OH MY GOOD AANG IM GOING TO CUM" but the avatar already knew this because he could feel her pussy muscles squeezing his dick "ME TO" said Aang and with one last hard thrust he began to spurt his cum into the teen water benders pussy and he felt he begin to cum to " OHHHHHHHHHH MYYYYYY GGGGGGOOOOODDDDD" they both yelled as Katara fell onto Aangs chest painting "oh Katara I can't wait until tomorrow night" he said as she stared into his blue eyes " neither can I Aang" End of chapter 1

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