So much want to pee

So much want to pee
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Jess and Taren were trying to figure a way to sort this entire thing out but things were happening way to fast.


Before Taren could react to the situation Rob had grabbed her by the hair and started kissing her on her soft lips and she panicked and tried to push him away. Rob being 6'2" weighing 270 pounds was much stronger and was easily able to overpower her. Jess tried darting to the door for an escape and to get help but Rob quickly caught her and threw her to the floor. Rob had lost his patience with these cunts and was about to show them who was in control.

He goes to his desk drawer and grabs some duct tape and goes to Jess on the floor. He puts a piece over her mouth and quickly pulls her arms behind her back and tapes them together. He then turns his attention back to Taren and tells her to get on her knees and she refused she was about to scream for help but rob instantly hits her in the stomach knocking the breath out of her. Stunned Taren was forced to her knees and Rob holding her down by her hair said to unbutton his jeans.

For fear of being hit again and knowing there was no way out she complied. He told her to take out his cock and suck it. She whimpered to him that she had never done anything like that. Rob was in disbelief and told her that a beauty like her there was no way she hadn't sucked a cock before. She pleaded with him telling him that she was a virgin and had never done this before.

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Even though she wasn't a virgin she still didn't want Jess to know any different. She tried telling Rob the vow that she had made to remain a virgin as well as Jess until they were married. Rob getting that wicked grin said oh well that is all about to change for the both of you.

Taren began sobbing as he pulled out his cock and started shoving it against her lips. She kept her lips closed tightly trying to avoid him but he sharply slapped her across the face.

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She began sobbing and he told her it was going to happen one way or another so don't make it any harder than it is. He put his cock back to her mouth and told her to suck it and if she bit him she wouldn't have any teeth left. Taren afraid of what he may do complied and took his cock in her mouth and he grabbed her head and began to shove it in and out.

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Rob was forcing his cock in her tight throat and she gagged each time. Rob began to pound her face harder and harder and Taren was gagging until she finally puked. Rob grabbed her and laid her onto the desk on her back with her head hanging off the side.

He put his cock back in her throat and began pumping it in and out of Taren's throat hard and fast. He pulled her legs apart and was rubbing up her thighs and he soon realized she didn't have any panties on.

Seeing this excited him more and he shoved all of his 9" cock down her throat and held it there. Taren's jaws were bulging out from gagging and was trying not to let the puke out but all at once it erupted all down her face.

Rob pulled out his cock and slapped it around on her face rubbing it all over her face. He moved away and pulled her back up onto the desk and told her to put her legs up and spread them.

She complied and he got for the first time a complete view of her tight bald pussy. Rob slid his hands over her smooth silky thighs and slowly worked his way towards her pussy.

He reached up with one hand and began to play with her breast only to realize that she didn't have a bra on either. He then began telling Taren how much of a slut she was and saying that she really must have wanted to be fucked dressing like this. Rob grabbed the bottom of her dress and began to pull it off her naked body and Taren tried grabbing it as this was the only thing she had left from her being completely naked.

As Rob struggled getting the dress off her Jess began to kick and thrash about on the floor.

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Rob rips the dress off of Taren and then grabs Taren's wrist and pulls them to the sides of the desk and tapes them in place. Taren now unable to get up feels helpless as he turned his attention to Jess. He reached down to Jess and took the tape off her mouth and she instantly began saying to leave Taren alone and that she would do anything he wanted.

He then replied saying that she would indeed do just what he wanted or she would regret it.

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Rob told Jess to get between Taren's legs and eat her pussy. Taren and Jess were really close and they had never thought of each other that way. She was repulsed by the idea and told Rob to fuck off. Rob quickly made her regret those words as he shoved her to her knees and forced his cock in her mouth.

Jess eyes were bulging as he pounded her throat fiercely.


He began to moan and Jess knew he was about to cum and prepared herself as she had never tasted cum and knew it would soon change. Rob's pace quickened as he got closer and all at once he erupted string after string of cum in her mouth.

He told her to swallow it all and not to stop till it was all gone. She gagged at the taste of the cum and barely got it down without puking.

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At this point she thought it would be over but to her unknowing mind it only just began. Chapter 3 coming soon