Lielani gobbles down a cock

Lielani gobbles down a cock
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Crystal is a attractive 34 year woman, she is 5' 5" tall with shoulder length dark hair and a sexy body. She is a new waitress at Texas steakhouse. A old friend of mine owns the restaurant and shopping center where is located.

It is a high end steakhouse and I decided to check it out. Crystal came over to my table, " Can I get a bottle of our finest Merlot for you?" " Yes, let me go ahead and order too." I took a quick look at the menu ordering the most expensive steak and three other things on the menu and some scotch on the rocks which she promptly brought to me.

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I chugged it waiting for her to bring the bottle of wine. Crystal brought the wine to the table, pouring me a full glass. I sighed staring into the dark liquid. I looked up watching Crystal walk away, it must have been the wine, but my cock came alive seeing her ass sway. My expression conveyed I wanted to eat her alive. Crystal licks her lips nervously and sees my gaze go down to her lips, my hungry expression deepening.

I lock eyes with her again and she feels like my gaze could pierce her soul. Her round B cup breasts are pushing against her blouse as her nipples start to get more taught. Crystal starts blushing and caught the humor in my knowing gaze. She lowers her face so I couldn't see the humiliation on her face. The next thing she knew there is a pair of neatly tailored trousers standing in front of her and her breath caught in her throat.

Crystal hears me chuckle as I tilt her head up with my index finger so that she met my gaze again. " Now, what time does a beautiful woman like you get off?" Crystal is startled at first because my tone seems a little chastising, but on better inspection she sees the humor resurface again in my eyes.

" I-I suppose to be off at 9." I laughed out loud and there is a glint in my eyes that she can't decipher and then I'm looking at her again with that hungry gaze of mine. " You are without a doubt the most gorgeous creature in this place, and your hair has had me itching to feel my fingers tangled in it all night." She didn't know what to say to that but I save her from floundering for a response when I grab her hand. An electric shock jolted through her arm and surged through her body.

My next action was in what seems like slow motion. I lift her hand lowering my head, and then my lips are brushing against the back of her hand and she instantly feels herself go moist between the legs. Is she going crazy? Crystal has never had a guy, let alone one she just met, have so much affect on her. My voice brought her out of her thinking. " My name is John.and you are?" My voice wraps around her like warm chocolate caresses the tongue in decadence.

she, however, is less graceful with her response. " Cry-Crystal," She stumbles around the sound of her own name.

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" Beautiful name, for a beautiful woman," She blushes instantly. The next thing she knew we are in the hallway and my lips are all over her skin trailing fiery kisses all over her flushed skin.

A soft moan escapes her lips as I grab her hand pulling her through a door Crystal didn't notice is there. A cool breeze sweeps over her skin as she steps through the door and she feels a light dusting of goose bumps spread across her body.

In instant I have her backed up against a wall kissing her passionately running my hands down her body to hike her skirt up exposing her thighs.

I pull her closer to me deepening my kiss and roughly massaging my tongue against hers.


Her hands find their way into my hair as she feels my fingers slide under her panties sliding into her moist pussy. Crystal lets out a loud moan and her fingers tighten in my hair. My fingers move aggressively and rough against the soft nub of her clit and she instantly feels wetter.

My lips are on her neck again kissing her and my teeth graze over her skin. My lips are at her ear now and I huskily whisper in her ear, " My god you have an incredible body! Those curves, it's taking every amount of will power I possess not to fuck you right now. But no, I want to devour you!" I made a sound like a possessive growl and her toes curled.


I pull her blouse open exposing her breasts. I cup one then another and she lets out a small plea, " Please." I run my thumbs over her excruciatingly taut nipples and she moans and shudders.

" Is that what you want? What about this?" I lean down latching on to one nipple while gently pinching the other between my thumb and fore finger. Her head went back to lean against the wall and her eyes close at the pure ecstasy running through her body to her pussy. I rip her panties off and start to stroke her soaked clit again, with more force this time, and she bucks against my hand crying out in pleasure. Another growl has her noticing I have my pants unzipped and my hard cock out then thrusts hard into her before she prepares herself.

She feels like she is going to explode. I have her wrists pinned against the wall above her head as she wraps her legs around my waist feeling me sliding deeper inside her. I slam into her again and again pressing her harder into the wall until she thought she and I, and the wall will all melt into one. Her fingers digging into the skin on my shoulders as she feels herself building to an orgasm.

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Crystal is moaning and panting as all of a sudden fireworks explodes sending a shattering orgasm shooting through every inch of her body. Crystal can barely make out my voice encouraging her to cum all over my hard cock.

Then a split second later she feels me shoot my cum inside her and hears me groan in pleasure as I fill her with load after load.

After we were both calm and our breathing is steady I gently start kissing her as she untangles herself from me. When I had her upright and steady with our clothes back in place I kiss her again, this time with more passion. Then I grab her hand and said, " That was Great!" I pull her out the door and around the corner of the building leading her to a sleek black limousine. When we pull up to my place I kiss her some more and we exchanged numbers.

After a few minutes Crystal realizes that I hadn't asked her where she lived. " Aren't you going to ask me where I live?" She asks, thinking I hadn't realized. " No, why?" I replied. Crystal is surprised by this, " so you can take me home" She said, with a nervous laugh. " But I'm not taking you home, I'm taking you upstairs to my place," I said, looking at her with a little smile on my lips.

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Then I took my left hand off the door knob placing it on her thigh. I grip her leg a little to tight, " and when we get there," I said in a low voice, " I'm going to fuck you again." When I said these last words she shivers. Crystal can't tell if it is fear or arousal but she feels electrified. Her mind is racing and she stood staring straight ahead as we rode the elevator up to the penthouse.

Crystal had never been to this area of the city before.

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As the elevator stopped and the doors opened, I lean over to her pulling her face roughly towards me. I hold her there, staring hungrily at her terrified face and then I kiss her, forcefully and passionately. Crystal can't stop me if she wanted to. Then I push her back against the wall and got out of the elevator.

She stood there, glued to the wall by fear and anticipation. As I walked to the penthouse door, I never took my eyes off her. I open the door then returns to the elevator yanking her unceremoniously into apartment. I slam the door behind her. At this stage, real fear kicks in. " I want to go home," Crystal said, her voice is small and panicky.

" Do you?" I ask, twisting her arm painfully and pushing her against the wall while gazing into her eyes. Crystal hesitates, for a second. " I didn't think so," I laugh, pulling her into the bedroom.

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In the bedroom I push her into a corner holding both her wrists above her head with one hand. I'm breathing hard, kissing her neck and shoulders grabbing her breasts roughly, pinching her nipples. With every pinch she feels a tiny shiver of arousal pass through her body. Crystal thought of calling out for help but just as she is about to, I place my hand firmly over her nose and mouth.

She struggles for air but I won't let go. Still gripping her wrists with my hand, I lead her towards the bed, she is thrashing in my arms by this time, trying to get air.

Crystal nods. My grip around her wrists became painful but suddenly she can breathe again. The bedroom is a large open room and there is a door to the left, presumably leading to a bathroom. The wall opposite the bed is entirely made of glass and shows a beautiful night-time view of the city. " Nice place," Crystal said, sarcastically conversational. I laugh and let go of her wrists. " Glad you like it," I said.

Crystal sat on the edge of the bed nervously. After a couple of minutes I return with two glasses of wine, gave one of them to her and sat down on one of the armchairs.

" This is your idea of romance is it?" Crystal asks with venom. " I think it's sexy, yes," I replied, " I like having you here, powerless to resist." " Who says I want to resist?" Crystal said daringly, feeling a thrill as she said it.

I got to my feet when she said this, and jump onto the bed where she is sitting, knocking the glass of wine out of her hand. It fell to the plush carpet spilling the wine in every direction. I have one knee on either side of her hips pulling her head back onto the bed by her hair which I'm twisting painfully. " Take my cock out, Crystal." She cries out in pain as I twist my hand in her hair. She fumbles with the front of my black trousers. As she pulls the zipper down she feels my enormous bulge under my briefs.

She reaches inside pulling out my massive hard cock. " Put it in your mouth," She didn't need telling twice. Before she can think about what she is doing she had placed as much of my huge cock in her mouth as she can and is sucking it hard.

With her right hand she grips me firmly and with her left she starts feeling my balls. It feels so good to have my hard cock sliding in and out of her mouth that she can't help letting out a little moan of pleasure. " I'm glad you're enjoying this, Crystal," I said, breathing hard. Then I grab her head with both hands, forcing it back onto the bed ramming my cock into her mouth. I fuck her face, thrusting in and out and she stares up into my eyes feeling utterly used.

Crystal places her hand between her legs and is only slightly surprised to find that her pussy is dripping wet. She pulls her panties to one side and starts to play with her clit while I fuck her face. When I notice what she is doing I let go of her and stood back stroking my huge hard cock watching her play with her pussy. Crystal feels pleasure building up inside her and seeing the animalistic desire on my face only made her want my cock inside her again. Just when the pleasure is building to an unbearable height, I came forward grabbing her.

I grip her painfully by her hair and neck flipping her forcefully face-down onto the bed. Before she has time to move I'm on top of her. I clutch both her wrists tightly in one hand forcing them painfully against her back. Then my face is next to hers. Breathlessly, I whisper in her ear, " What do you want me to do now?" " Just leave me alone, let me go home," She lies.

Crystal is playing along now. " I think you want me to fuck your pussy again, you little slut," I said brutally. I push up the back of her dress and roughly pull her panties down to her ankles where they caught on her high heels. I move into position mounting her pressing my body against her back and she feels my hard cock between her legs sliding up and down her wet slit. It is all she can do to keep from whimpering with delight and begging me to shove it inside her.

" Tell me you want me to fuck you," I demanded. " No, please don't," She whispers. Suddenly I ram the whole length and width of my massive cock into her.

She screams in pain and pleasure as again and again I slam into her. She has never been fucked like this before tonight. I'm slamming into her, fucking her harder and deeper than anyone ever had. With my whole weight I'm pinning her to the bed forcefully she can hardly breathe. Crystal hears me grunting like an animal and feels my hot body sweating on her as I ram into her roughly, hard, and deep, sliding my cock mercilessly in and out of her soaking wet pussy.

Crystal can't help it, ecstasy is building inside her again, she moans with pleasure. When I hear this I lift her hips with the hand that wasn't gripping her wrists sliding it round and down to her clit. It is too much. I rub her clit vigorously fucking her pussy faster and faster. She hears my breathing get heavier and then she lost it, her hips bucking as she screams and her pussy clamps down around my cock as wave after wave of ecstasy floods her body.

As she lays there panting, I hold on to her tight, she feels my body tensing and then I explode gushing my cum deep inside her and I collapse onto her, both of us breathing hard.

Crystal wriggles out from underneath me turning over onto her back. She lay with her eyes closed, enjoying the last sensations of her orgasm traveling through her exhausted and sore body. When she opens her eyes I'm leaning over her, smiling. She smiles cheekily back and then I kiss her lips. " I get the feeling you enjoyed that, Crystal," I said roguishly kissing her again.