Blonde Punk Gets Her Pussy Ate and Fucked

Blonde Punk Gets Her Pussy Ate and Fucked
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[b]Rachel stood back from the mirror, happy with her freshly applied make-up, she had purposely choose her red pleated mini skirt and white fitted tight blouse, showing the outline of her bra, the top of her stocking was just visible on her long slender legs.

She knew she could turn any red hot blooded guys head, and she loved it.


Jake had been play mates since they were both 4 years old, 18 years later she knew that the only thing he wanted to play with was her!

Standing at 5ft 7, with shoulder length natural blonde hair, light baby blue eyes and 32DD breasts, she knew she had it all. She wasnt going to sleep with just any guy, she just loved to tease, make them think that they were in with a chance, and then take that chance away again. It was only Jake and his mates that she would tease, they would whisper in her ear what they wanted to do with her. Rachel would then take them to the brink and then let them down. It gave her the buzz she longed for.

Tonight is Jakes party, he had just finished uni and wanted to party with all his mates before they all went their separate ways. Jake would lend Rachel money when she really needed it, and she needed it today. She had finished uni a year ago, got herself a flat and a job as a receptionist, but she was bad with money and she was 3 months behind in her rent, she jumped every time the door knocked incase it was her landlord.

The taxi she booked for 10pm and it arrived right on time. Checking her appearance one more time, and reaching for her bag, she quickly exited her flat and made her way to the taxi. Jumping into the back seat, she quickly scanned the driver, he was no older than 30, like hers his skin was lightly tanned, he must have been away she thought, unlike her sunbed tan.

Jake only lived a mile away but she didnt want to walk tonight. He had called her earlier to make sure she was definitely coming. He told him she would try to make it, hence the lateness.

Breaking out of her daydream, she felt the drivers eyes on her, she loved this, it made her feel warm and sexy. Flicking back her hair, she slowly unbuttoned the top two buttons of her blouse, letting the top lace of her bra show. Arriving at Jakes she quickly handed the driver the money and exited the car. She could hear the music booming from inside. The silhouettes moving at the windows from people dancing. Some couples had come out front to either get some privacy or fresh air.

She didnt really care, she wanted to see Jake. Entering the house she was greeted with bodies moving to the music, groups of young adults talking and drinking some sort of alcohol.

Her eyes quickly scanned the room for a fimilar face, she soon spotted Jason, this was jakes best mate, they had known each other since 11 years old, they were so alike.

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Jason was handsome, his short brown hair, green eyes, he was strong looking, he played alot of sports, the woman loved him and he loved them. He towered over her at 6ft 3ins, he always wore sleeveless tops to show off his muscles.

Jasons eyes met hers and he waved her over, she walked through the crowd in his direction. As she approached him, he placed his arms out for a hug, which she gave him.

Standing on her tiptoes, she whispered in his ear "Wheres Jake?". Jason pointed towards the kitchen, she mouthed her thank you and headed in the direction jason pointed too. Rachel loved this house, Jake, Jason and Alan had rented it when they started uni, their parents paid it for them, each one of them was well off, sending them money as and when they needed it.

A gorgeous 3 bedroomed house, they had no close neighbours so they could be as loud as they wanted.

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Walking into the kitchen she noticed Alan kissing some girl, he was the smallest out of the guys, 5ft 8, he was slightly overweight but a cute face. He had black closely shaved hair, blue eyes and a smile that would make any girl melt. He never had trouble getting a girl. Looking around it wasnt long until she spotted Jake, standing talking to a guy she had never seen before.

She circled around so that she approached him from behind. Placing her hands around his eyes, she whispered in his ear "Guess Who" Jake quickly spun around and wrapped his arms around her, they hadnt seen each other in so long, he had been busy with his finals and she was busy with work. Jake stood back and looked her up and down. Fuck she looks hot Jake thought.

She leant up again and whispered in his ear "Can we go to your room?" he nodded and they made their way upstairs. Walking into his room she made her way to his bed and sat down, Jake closed the door and lent against it. They started talking about her work and his uni work, until she finally said "Okay Jake, i will be honest, i need to lend some money, im seriously behind in my rent".

Looking at the floor jake responded "Hun i would love to but i cant give you the money". Rachel couldnt believe her ears he never rejected her before. Spreading her legs a little, and leaning back she said "Jake babe, i wouldnt ask if i didnt need it", he remained silent, staring at her stocking top, the golden skin starting to expose.

Moving his eyes up to her breats, he could see her nipples through the thin material. He watched her unbutton another button, her bra clearly noticeable now, his cock was stirring Damn why does she do this to me he thought. The top of her legs more noticeable now, her head pushed back, making her breats raise up, making her nipples strain against the thin white material. He couldnt stand it anymore, he made his way to the dresser, took out his cheque book and started to write.

Half way through he stopped and looked at her again. If I give you this, you must stay tonight, just lie with me in my bed, nothing else. Gingerly she agreed, and watched him write out the remained of the cheque. Taking off her shoes she climbed into his bed, he quickly followed, they lay and talked for what seemed hours, until they both fell asleep. When Jake woke the house was still, he looked at Rachel, he couldnt believe this hot babe was lying in his bed.

The more he looked at her the more hard he got, he reached down and started to rub her breasts, giving more attention to her nipples. She was asleep but gave out a low moan. His cock was getting harder now, lifting back the cover he could see all her body, she was lying on her side with her back to him, her skirt had rode up and was showing some of her perk peach ass. He reached down and started grabbing at her cheeks, he was still wearing his jeans and he could feel his penis pushing against the material.

Gently he got out of bed and removed his jeans, leaving himstanding in his boxers. Climbing back into bed again he moved his cock towards her bum, rubbing himself against her, he felt his cock go harder and harder as he thought of all the times she teased him, thinking of his cock against her arse with only the material separating him.

He didnt know what took over but he had to fuck her and he had to do it now, pulling her onto her back he pulled her blouse wide up. She woke with a start, he could see the confusion in her eyes, but he didnt care, she wanted this, she just didnt realise it. Rachel began to call out but he placed a hand over her mouth, she tried to squirm but he encouraged him more, he wanted to feel this bitch, he wanted to taste her cunt, and he was going to do it.

Grabbing her by the face he told her not to move, told her if she did that he would and could hurt her. She refused to listen and started to struggle more. Moving his hand from her face she placed it hard on her breast, cupping it hard and squeezed.

It made her scream out in pain, why was he doing this to her, this wasnt part of the deal. Leaning down towards her he whispered hoarsely in her ear "Take your bra and blouse off, on bad move you will regret it" Slowly she removed the rags of her blouse, undid her bra and removed it too.

The sight of her breasts was too much for Jake, leaning down he took her nipple in his mouth, sucking and pulling his head back, making her nipple stretch, he could hear her sniffing like she was going to cry, he was going to make her enjoy this. Working his hand down towards her skirt, he lifted the platting up, while still sucking her breasts, he could feel the thin lacey material, running his finger down, he tried to run his hand between her legs to feel the crotch of her panties.

She wasnt going to let him, she had her legs shut well together. He felt his anger build up as he bit on her breast, her scream filled the bedroom, causing movement from within the other bedrooms. Within minutes jakes bedroom door opened, Alan and Jason appeared. The shock in their face was noticeable.

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They couldnt stop watching as Jake fought to get his prize, all the time Rachel was squirming and trying to fight him off. Alan approached the bed and quickly grabbed hold of Rachels two arms, holding them above her head, Jake used the oportunity to place his knee between her legs, causing her to open her legs.

Rachel continued to squirm and fight, her breasts jiggled as her body moved. Jake was memorised with the movement, her breasts were beautiful. "Grab her feet" Jake shouted to Jason, his mate obeyed.

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"Now pull them apart so i can see this pussy". Cry and screaming Rachel begged them to stop, she didnt want this, they couldnt just do this. Looking down she saw Jake rubbing his hand up and down his cock, pre cum was glistening.

He placed his head between her legs, pushing his tongue in and out of her tight pussy, placing his finger in her asshole, his thumb in her cunt, she was moist, she tasted good, and she was nice and tight. An audience was beginning to form, from party goers who had been too drunk to leave. They thought it was just a freaky sex show, that Rachel was putting it on, after all she came to the house dressed for sex.

So they stood back and watched, laughing at her pleas. "Please let me go, i dont want this, please please Jake" Rachel cried. "I should have given this to you a long time ago, your pussy is nice and tight, Jason mate want a go" Jason didnt need to be told twice, he swiftly removed his trousers and boxers, his cock was already hard from watching.

He entered Rachel, making her cry out once more, Jake moved his cock up to her mouth, pulling back her hair to make her cry out.

Taking his chance he moved his cock into her mouth.


Pumping back and forth, he growled at her "Suck it like you mean it". Alan was enjoying the show, he asked one of the party goers to remove her stocking for him. He used them to tie her arms back to the wooden headboard. Removing his clothes he started to rub his cock, it was his turn next and he knew it. "Im going to cum Rach, im going to cum hard cause your the filth whore, im going to fill you" jason told her.

She squirmed more than every no, she couldnt call out with Jakes cock in her mouth.

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She tried to get Jason out before he cam, her legs flapping about, trying to buck about. Jasons face twisted in ectasy as he came, filling her pussy in hot creamy cum, she could feel the cum entering her body, the pulsing of his dick still inside her.

She cried more than ever now, she had no control, they were doing whatever they. As Jason climbed off, Alan climbed on, he found it easy to enter her, she was wet with Jasons cum, as Jake climbed off her, he could look her in the face, this was the girl that teased him all these years, rubbing herself against him, whispering to him that she made her wet, well she was wet now.

Her hands were against his chest, she was gripping his skin, the pain was making him pump her harder, he was listening to her moans, she was going to cum, he could tell it in her face. "Guys this whore is enjoying this, shes going to cum, watch" Alan said.

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The party goers were cheering, they were liking what they were seeing, and they wanted more. Within long, Rachel felt her body give way to her orgasm, she was shaking with the effect of it all. She realised she wasnt fighting anymore, that her body was responding and she loved the audience. Jake and Jason were standing either side of the bed, stroking their cock, watching Alan move in and out of her.

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"Untie me, I want a different position" Rachel moaned. "No way, your just teasing again" Jason replied. "No im not, i want to be ontop" "Untie her" Jake barked. Jason obeyed and began to untie her. She rolled onto her bed and then onto her knees, Jason moved to the top of the bed, sitting down and opening his legs so each foot was pointing to either side of the bed.

"Suck me Rach" he instructed She crawled over so she was between his legs and bent down, she greedily started to suck on his cock, the party goers moved closer, they couldnt believe this was happening, some came forward to feel her dangling breasts. Jason came up behind and started to fuck her from behind, his balls slapping against her, he couldnt believe that she was doing this.

He felt himself ready to climax, he never felt more turned on with a girl before. He released himself inside her, pumping softly to fill her with all he had to give. Reaching down he placed his hand between her legs, rubbing her wet dripping cunt, moving his fingers in and out, her body moving against his feel.

Removing his fingers, he moved them to her mouth, watching her lick the cum from his fingers. Rachel moved forward and positioned herself over Jakes cock, lowering herself gently she felt it entering her, screaming out as she moved up and down, she was going to cum again, her whole body was shaking. "Jake im cumming, oh god no, im cumming" Rachel cried out as her orgasm took hold. Jake continued to push himself up as her orgasm ran through her, alan moved forwarded, he got rachel to split on his cock til it glistened, coming behind her he proceeded to push it up her asshole.

Rachel never knew pain and pleasure like it. She cried out at the sensation, she was dizzy with all the feelings that were within her. Alans soft thrusts turned to pure brutal fucking, she cried out, grabbing tight onto the headboard. Jake called on Jason, told Rachel to give him oral, she happily agreed, sucking him hard, licking his long shaft, and sucking his balls.

They all took turns on Rachel, she loved every minute of it, they all came inside her mouth. Lying together afterwards, Rachel couldnt help but smile, she was a virgin until now, looking up at Jake, she whispered this into his ear.

A smile spread across his face as he lent down to kiss her.