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Juicy dicks anal sex and football player fucks twink gay porn But
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"You wanna have sex in the kitchen?" I asked. "Unless you don't want to," Ray replied. "No, I'll do it for you, but we have to have sex in mom and dad's bedroom then," I said.

"And how do we get them to let us do that?" Ray asked. "I don't know, we'll figure it out later, but you gotta have great sex with me on their bed, not just oral sex, full on hardcore sex, got it?" I asked. "I got it sis," Ray replied. I got on the counter and he came towards me.

He inserted his cock into me and put his arms around me as well. He planted several kisses all over my face and then I put my arms around him. He began thrusting his cock in and out of me slowly. "We are never washing this counter again," Ray said. I laughed and started moaning. I never knew having sex in the kitchen could be so damn good, but it was great even with my butt on the hard counter. We both made out passionately for a couple minutes and I felt my boobs touching his chest, but not quite leaning up against his chest though.

"Is your butt OK though sis?" Ray asked. "Yes, this smooth ass is just fine Ray," I replied. He began thrusting his cock in and out a little quicker and I belted out a few more moans. We both started to get a little sweaty and I couldn't believe how kinky just having sex in the kitchen was.

"I love you sis," Ray said as he put his head right next to mine. "I love you too bro, now shut up and make the sweetest love to me," I replied.

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We were both breathing in and out a little slowly and were extremely sweaty at the same time. Then we both leaned into each other and got really close, then my boobs were leaning against him.

He began thrusting his cock in and out as quickly as he possibly could in that position, I imagine it had to be a lot tougher on his part than mine. Of course with cock, my pussy began to get sore, but we were far from finished though. He actually followed orders and shut up for a few minutes, but it didn't last forever.

"And these boobs are gonna be getting big, just the way I love my sister's boobs," Ray said. Then I gave him a look. "I thought you said you liked my B-cups though?" I asked. "I love them sis, but I still love big boobs tough. I'll love them no matter what size they are," Ray replied. Then I laughed a little and gave him a kiss. "Good recovery bro," I said. "So you are not mad?" Ray asked. "Shoot your load on my tits, and I'll forgive you," I replied.

"But I'm not ready to cum yet," Ray said. "Would you be if I blew you big brother?" I asked. "Maybe," Ray replied. Then I got off the counter and got onto the floor on my knees. I took his cock into my mouth once again. I sucked on it really passionately for a minute and I put my hands on his butt.

I began to deep throat him and he let out a huge moan of huge pleasure. "Oh fuck yes sis! I mean damn, seriously, you are the best sister in the world, don't stop, don't stop until I cum like a fountain all over your tits," Ray said. "And that's why I love you so much," I replied. I sucked on his cock as passionately as I could and then he really started moaning really loudly once again. "Shit!" Ray screamed.

Then I back away a little bit and let him cum all over my boobs. He stood there breathing in and out really slowly and he shot at least 4 good shots of cum on my boobs. Then a couple small ones as well.

"Holy mother fucking shit Ray, you really love me that much?" I asked. "That and then some," Ray replied. We both sat down on the kitchen floor and tried to catch our breathes, but he still wasn't done though. He started finger fucking me.

"You are not done yet?" I asked. "You just gave that huge orgasm, I can at least return the favor," Ray replied. "Fair enough," I said. He rubbed my pussy slowly for a few minutes and made me feel really good yet again. I leaned my head back on the floor and closed my eyes. As he finger fucked me, he kissed me on the cheek a couple times, and made his way to my nipples with his other hand and his face as well.

He gave them a few gentle licks and made me moan really loudly. It didn't take too long, after all we did just have sex in the kitchen and the living room. "Yes, I'm gonna cum Ray, I'm gonna shoot," I said. Then I came all over the floor and after that we cuddled for a bit.

I had yet another moment when I knew being with him was the best decision I ever made. "If you ever withhold sex from me, I will blow a fucking gasket," I said. "Note taken sis," Ray replied. Then I got right over him. "I'm not screwing with you Ray.

If you ever don't have sex with me when I wanna have sex, there will be a shit load of hell to pay, do you got that?" I asked. "Yes I do Jennifer, I got that," Ray replied with a straight face.

Then I laid back down with him and gave him a kiss. We both cuddled for a few more minutes. I couldn't believe how happy we both were. Maybe the 'X' factor was that Bill and Wendy and our parents were incestuous too.

We weren't sure, but it happened like that. If my last 10 relationships were put together, that would no way shape or form even compare to the relationship I had with my brother.

He was a saint and I was his angel. "Well, I know we just had sex in the kitchen, but I'm thinking about the wedding now," I said. "And you thought I'd be mad by that fact?" Ray asked. "Well that was just great sex and I should be thinking about the sex right?" I asked. "Well maybe, but you are marrying me though," Ray replied.

"And what's so great about you?" I asked. "Well, with me, you have some chemistry," Ray replied. "Smart ass," I said. Then that night we actually started planning the wedding. It took a few months to get everything we wanted, although we didn't invite a lot of people.


I guess we just wanted people that knew us as a couple, which was just our parents and Wendy and Bill. By time the wedding came along Wendy was actually 8 months along and I was 6 months along.

We definitely wanted to have the wedding before that, but luck just wasn't on our side. We wanted the same church that our parents got married in many years before that.

On the day of the wedding, we were in our room and I looked at myself in the mirror being really pregnant on my wedding day, but me looking the way I did and both of us being sexless didn't make the day any less special though. "Be honest, how bad do I look in the dress being this pregnant?" I asked. "Bite your tongue sis, you are beautiful," Ray replied. "I love you Ray, but you are a such a guy," I said. "Well I'm only marrying you sis, seriously who walks into a trap like that and what kind of guy would say anything else?" Ray asked.

"A double head moron I guess," I replied as I laughed. "Exactly," Ray said. Then I gave him a big hug and then we were off to the church. We got there and everyone was there waiting for us. So we got to start the ceremony right away, and we both wrote our own vows. "Well Ray, you are the best guy I've met in my life. You love me, care about me and take care of me.

Ever since then I've been so happy with you. I almost can't believe I ever had any other relationships before I started dating you honestly, but we're together now. I love you more than anything else in the world, even chocolate, and you know how much I love chocolate. I asked you to get me pregnant, and you did it for me, even before we got married. I can't thank you enough for that.

So I'm asked you to do this because I literally never ever see myself being with anyone else," I said. Then I shed a few tears and finished. "I love you Ray, I'd seriously rather die than break your heart, so will you do this with me please, because we love each other so much?" I asked. "Yes sweetheart, I will.

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I love you too, more than anything the world as well. I really wanted to make you happy, but also I wanted to us an 'us' together. When people talk you and or me, they always have to talk about us together and not just one of us, that's how close we are now. We're gonna have a family together and I hope to extend our family for years to come. You are the best and sweetest woman I ever dated in my life. None of my other relationships even compare to what we have here. Even when you are this pregnant, you are still unbelievably sexy and hot.

I'm not just saying that either,"Ray said. Then I shed a few more tears and so did he. "I'll never ever leave you, I'd rather jump off a cliff or the Eiffel tower then break your heart," Ray said. Then we got to kiss for the first time as husband and wife, but as I kissed him, something else happened. Wendy's water broke. "Oh shit," Wendy said. We all looked over at her and saw what happened.

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"OK people, this not a drill, let's this lady to the hospital," Maria shouted. "Sorry everyone," Wendy said. Then we all kinda dropped everything and helped Wendy to the hospital. It was bad timing of course, but it wasn't like she planned it that way.

So it took a couple minutes to get her the car, but we did it. Ray helped me to our car because I had some trouble walking as well. Then we all rushed to the hospital and my parents helped her out as Bill told someone what was going on. She got a room and had the baby in no time. We found out they were having boy, but to my surprise, their parents showed up as everyone was eyeballing their baby boy. I saw them both and even I got nervous, I thought my water might break.

"So let me get this straight, you two hooked up and you got your sister pregnant?" Their dad Mike asked. "Yes dad," Bill replied. Truth be told they weren't too happy about this, but I knew they'd get over it sooner or later.

I mean they were still their kids. We didn't tell them about Ray and I or about our parents, we thought that would be overkill. Eventually we left with our parents but their parents stayed with them. So we didn't get to have a big reception, but it wasn't like we planned anything fancy.

We still had some cake at our house and our parents took pictures of us. "So how does it feel to be married now?" Maria asked. "Amazing, because we love each other to no end," I replied. Then Ray felt my stomach as we were standing in front of the cake. "So you really just got her pregnant when she just wanted you to?" Jim asked Ray. "Yes pretty much, but I have no regrets though," Ray replied.

I gave Ray a big hug and then our parents joined in as well for a group hug. Eventually they left a couple hours later and we got a call from Bill. He let us know their baby boy was doing good and their parents were OK with it for the time being, but by then it was about 9:00 and I was just exhausted. "Will you take your wife to bed now?" I asked. "Yes of course," Ray replied. Then we both went to our bedroom, I think he wanted to carry me to the room, but the baby kind of ruined that, but no big deal honestly.

I slowly laid down and he laid next to me. "Well, that was OK," I said. "Don't worry about it angel, we'll make up for it. They didn't plan on that happening then, it just did, but we'll do something together," Ray replied. Then we kissed once. "Let's take this dress off you now," Ray said.

I slowly got up and he took the dress off me. Then as I was just in my bra and underwear I laid back down and started undoing his pants. "If I'm just gonna be in my undergarments, then so are you bro," I said. He stripped down to his boxers while on the bed. My boobs had gotten a lot bigger by then and he was eyeballing them.


"Hey my eyes are up here," I said. Then we both laughed and he put his head on my boobs. "My word sis, you seriously have the best boobs in the world too," Ray said. "How badly do you miss having sex?" I asked.

"A lot sis," Ray replied. "I'm sorry I haven't been up to having sex honestly. I guess it's ironic considering I wanted to have sex like 5 times a day, now we're not doing it at all, I'm sorry," I said. "For what, you are a pregnant lady, I'm not gonna have you say sorry for being pregnant sis," Ray replied.

"And you really do think I'm still really sexy when I'm this pregnant?" I asked. "I think you are amazingly sexy no matter what Jennifer," Ray replied. "I'm so glad I'm sexually attracted to you, because now I gotta give you a hand job," I said.

Then I took his cock in my hand and began stroking it slowly. Of course with me being so pregnant, I was never in the mood for sex. I was tired a lot, but I was still very sexually attracted to him and he said he was still sexually attracted to me too, so I could still do this for my man I loved more than anything in the world. "Oh yes sis, do that with those soft hands. Make your brother cum all over the bed," Ray said. "I will big brother," I replied.

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As he was on his back, he moved my bra a little so one of my nipples was showing. He gave it a few gentle licks and that titillated me.

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"Hey no fair, I'm trying to pleasure you right now," I said. "Well I wanna do something for you too Jennifer," Ray replied. "If you say so," I said. So we both laid there on the bed and pleasured each other. Eventually I took off his boxers and he took off my bra well. He licked my nipples really slowly and that made my pussy get very wet really fast. We both started breathing in and out a little slowly and couldn't help but let out a couple moans.

"Yes Ray just like that, fling my nipples with your tongue and make me have a huge orgasm," I said slowly. Then as if that wasn't enough, he decided to put his right hand into my underwear.

Then I just couldn't concentrate on giving him a hand job. I took my hand off his cock and I just laid back completely. Then he rubbed my pussy slowly and licked and sucked on my nipples as well. Then his hand was absolutely soaked. "Give me your hand," I said. Then he gave me his hand which had a shit load of cum on it. I licked every single drop I could possibly get off his hand. Ever since I did that the first time, I just loved it.

Not because I loved doing it, but because he loved it. I swear if his cock wasn't already hard it would have been then after about a second. It was a little amazing to me how sexually attracted he was to me. It was like something supernatural or something like that it seemed honestly.