Junge frau zeigt sich im zug

Junge frau zeigt sich im zug
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First of all, I'm not the best writer, so please forgive me if this isn't written much like a "story" with a lot of dialogue, but more deions of my experiences. Still, I hope you enjoy reading about them.

Note that they are all my true experiences! Fee free to comment! I'm a 36 year old white male who has been an avid cock worshipper since the age of twelve. I've taken on both the active and passive roles with men. I was even raped by a man once, but have masturbated to the memory of it ever since. To me, the male being is the most fantastic of all creation. I glorify every aspect of the male being.


Cock is something I crave almost every minute of every day. I have pleasured well over 500 males from age twelve to the present time. There are times when I would have sex with up to 10 men in one night, with the help of my vehicle and sense of adventure. I grew up in South San Francisco, just outside of the city, on the Peninsula.

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I started jacking-off at the age of 11 and couldn't get enough. I looked forward to going to bed every night so I could fantasize about boys at school and stroke my young prick. I'd also found my parents' book by Penthouse called "The Sensuous Couple", where I'd marvel at the deions on performing fellatio and stroke myself. When I was 12, I would go over my friend Chris' house after school. His mom would still be at work and he and I would jack-off in front of each other.

But it didn't take long until Chris got me to suck his cock. He knew about it from the porn mags of his dad's he'd found while visiting him on weekends. I liked sucking cock from that first time. I liked the way it tasted and the way Chris would push my head down on his dick.

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How he got me to swallow his cum. He too sucked my dick, but preferred for me to suck his. He eventually got me to take his cock up my ass and I'll say that it hurt like hell the first few times, but I continued to let him do it.

He was very nasty for a boy of the same age. Chris and I continued having sex for two years while we were in junior high school together, before we were separated by going to different high schools and lost touch.

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Chris had me suck his cock anytime it was possible. After school at his mom's house, during weekend stay-overs at his dad's, behind some bushes by some old train tracks. The train tracks was where I found a playing card where the image on the back of the card (An 8 of Spades) of a man with a huge cock sitting in a wicker chair being sucked off by a woman and there was a small logo on the card that said "Swedish Erotica".

I kept the card in my wallet after I found it and jerked-off to it whenever I was alone. I had that card for a long time before it eventually was lost. When I was 14, my parents would let me stay by myself for weekends while they'd go on trips and I would call places in the yellow pages at night, like 24 hour plumbing services, disguising my voice as a girl's and getting the guy working alone to talk dirty.

I'd jack-off listening to him talking dirty and I'd say anything nasty that came to mind. It actually worked and I'd call anywhere at night where I knew there would be a man working alone, like service stations. I also visited my cousin Kurt one weekend who was 17 at the time and he got me stoned and then he asked me if I was gay.

I told him I was and then asked if I could give him a blowjob. He was reluctant at first, but after about 15 minutes of me nearly begging and I noticed the boner in his sweatpants, he took me down into the garage and let me blow him. He had a short, fat cock and he literally fucked my mouth, making me gag a little and pumped his cum into my mouth for me to swallow.

At 15, I started sneaking out my bedroom window at night and walking down the street to where there was a little town centre which closed up early, with the exception of a bar. I'd sit by the payphone by the grocery store which was closed at night and hope for a man to come out of the bar after a few drinks, open to letting me give him head.

I admit, this didn't work too much of the time, however, on one occasion a man came out of the bar, walked past me and was curious as to why I was sitting alone. He was in his 40's and had a mustache and wore a flannel, t-shirt and jeans. He'd obviously had a few drinks, but I didn't care. I wasn't easily scared and was oblivious to the fact that there could be danger involved. Or maybe that's what excited me.

In any case, I flirted as best I could for a boy of 15 and he caught on very quickly. So, I came right out and asked if he wanted a blowjob. He was all for it and we ended up going to a dark parking garage over an apartment building still being built with no residents yet. I knelt down on the dirty pavement in the dark garage and he stood against the wall, unzipped his fly and I began sucking him off.

He smelled of cigarettes and whiskey and he moaned with pleasure and I nursed his dick. It wasn't long before he held my head and pumped his cum down my throat.

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I was feeling euphoric from the experience. Then, we bid each other a good night and he went on h is way while went home to sneak back in. Another time when I snuck out at night, I walked by the coin laundry in the town centre and found the janitor cleaning up. He was latino in his late 30's or so. I stopped by the open door and talked to him casually. At first, he didn't know what to make of me, but I flirted and asked him if he wanted "anything". He paused for a moment and then had me come in.

He locked the door and escorted me to the storage room in back where he shut the door, unzipped his jeans and sat down in a plastic orange chair and had me kneel before him and suck his uncut cock. He was forceful as he pushed my head down repeatedly on him, making me gag and he'd say "deeper.deeper!" Soon, he pushed my head down, again making me gag as he pumped cum down my throat.

While his roughness was different and unusual to me, I quite enjoyed it. It was the only time I ever happened to be down there at the same time as he was cleaning up, but it was a good memory. Still at the age of 15, I remember telling my parents one weekend that I was going to the mall, but I took several buses into the city and going to San Francisco's Castro District. When I got there, it seemed like a gay wonderland to me. I sat on the corner of Market and Castro Streets looking at men passing by for hours, wondering if someone would start talking to me.

However, that day there was no luck and looking back I think the men saw me as jail bait and kept on walking. I had no clue at the time that there were laws about having sex with someone under 18. A lot more happened by the time I was 16. I had a friend Jason who hung around this 13 year old kid, Mike who lived around the corner from me. After meeting Mike, we hung out from time-to-time. Mike was goofy and liked to pull his dick out of his pants and wave it around. I guess I would too had mine been that big!

One time, he said "Hey Mark.wanna suck my dick?" and was laughing and I said "really"?

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He stopped for a moment and then said "Okay, sure". So we went into his bedroom at his grandma's house where he lived and locked the door and he pulled out his cock, which, after I began to suck it, grew up to be 10 1/2 inches long. At 13! It was way too much for my mouth to handle and by that time I hadn't yet learned to relax my throat. Still, he was enjoying it, except a couple of times where my teeth got involved, which was hard not to have happen considering how fat his Italian cock was!

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It took forever to get him to cum, too, but that doesn't mean that I didn't keep going! I gave Mike head several times over the next year whenever it was possible. We didn't see each other too often, but it was fun when we did.


One time, he and I and his other friend Jason (a different Jason) popped a bunch of his grandmother's pain medication when we stayed over there one weekend night and ended up hallucinating and talking about religion and the meaning of life.

Then as morning broke we got into a cake fight and totally messed up his room. Boy, was his grandma pissed! Mike ended up dating a girl friend of mine that I grew up with later on and last I heard he got married and has a kid. Hope he's doing well.

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End of Part 1