Farida ägyptische geile Frau braucht dringend meinen großen Schwanz

Farida ägyptische geile Frau braucht dringend meinen großen Schwanz
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This is my first story please let me know what you think My deviant behaviour started when I was15. My stepfather was the president of his own import/export company. My mom was an executive of an insurance agency with a head office out of our town. One of the perk's she had was a one bedroom apartment in the city. I hated my stepfather ( Red ) we just did not see eye to eye on, well, everything.

I had started to sneak out of the house by climbing out my bedroom window on to the roof of our patio and easily climbing down or up. I was always an independent kid and was pretty much left alone. I use to sneak into the house just to avoid talking to Red. One night I was sneaking into the house and passed my sisters window on the roof of our patio.

Her curtain was just slightly open and I peeked in. Well I just about split a gut. My sister had head phones on and she was dancing around in front of her mirror. I was going to knock on the window and make fun of her when she started to take her clothes off. I watched as she removed her T-shirt then she shed her little jean skirt. I wished I could hear what she was listening to.

She then removed her bra exposing two beautifully shaped little tits. After some more dancing she removed her panties. The hair that covered her pussy was sparse and fine looking. My cock was hard before I knew it. I climbed in my window and started to get ready to go to bed. I was in my boxers and still had half a hard on when there was a knock on the door.

"What" I yelled as I did not like being bothered when I was in my Bedroom. It was my sister and she wanted to come in.

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I told her she could come in. When she opened the door she strolled in wearing her Mickey Mouse pj's. A little cotton nitie that she has been wearing for three years. It was a little tight and a little thread bare. She wanted to know why I would sneak in even though I had not broken curfew.

I explained my feelings about Red and she seemed to understand. For the first time I thought of my sister as a woman. After seeing her nude I noticed how beautiful she looked in her M M pj's.

I had to very quickly sit on the bed and lean forward to hide my engorging cock. We talked a little more and she returned to her bedroom. That night I jerked off thinking of my sister for the first time.

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I felt dirty but I also shot so hard I got some cum on my lips. Over the next year I became a peeping tom. On my own sister. If I was in my room when she went to bed I would slide out my window to try and catch a peek. I had gone into her room and arranged her curtains slightly so I had more options. One night I was sneaking in and saw her light on.

I also heard music which was weird because we had to use headphones if we wanted to listen to our music. I looked through the curtains to see my fully dressed sister dancing away to her favourite band. I made myself comfortable as I knew what was coming. I watched as my sister started to undress. Over the last year my sister has really filled out. Her breasts are full and firm with areolas the size of a quarter positioned medium high and just slightly outside.

When her nipples get hard her areolas shrink to the size of a dime and you would have to be careful not to lose an eye.


Her bush had become full although she kept a bikini trim. As she danced I decided to change my view so I could see not only her boobs but her full bush. As I moved from one shadow to the next I was shocked to see she was bald! A blink of an eye latter I almost had a heart attack. There was Red sitting on the bed!!!! The dirty fucker was jerking off looking at my sister!

I masturbated that night thinking of my sister dancing in front of me while I choked the chicken. Dirty but once again I came like a race horse. I had rearranged the curtains once again to give me a little more sight range.

I came home one night when my mom was in the city. My sister's light was the only one on so I went up the patio to see what she was up to.

There she was just standing in her house coat talking to herself. She dropped her house coat and started to play with her tits. Her right hand moved down to rub herself so I had to move to watch her rub and finger her self.

I could not believe what I saw. That prick Red was sitting on the bed, cock in hand. I watched as my sister went to Red and took his cock in her hand and promptly started to suck it. He came in minutes. Not a drop was lost. I could not believe that asshole Red.

I masturbated that night thinking about fucking Red's wife.

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Yes my mom. I came home one Tuesday when my mom was in the city and Red was at an auction. My sister was home and I decided to confront her. I told her I had seen her sucking Red's cock and she just smiled at me. I planed to wipe that smile off her face. "What do you think mom is going to think about you exposing yourself and sucking your daddy's cock.

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Her husband!!! "You wouldn't" "I have no choice" "We can make a deal" "Like what? She told me that she would do any thing she did with Red, with me, as long as I did not tell my mother. I told her to come up to my room.

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When we got there I told her to undress me down to my underwear. I could feel my cock getting hard already. She pulled my shirt off and run her hands down over my chest and abs. Then my belt buckle was undone and button and fly followed. When she lowered my jeans she went down with them.

She took my feet out of my jeans with her face only inches from my quickly swelling member. I reached down and pulled her up by her shoulders. I started to slowly unbutton her blouse, thinking the whole time, this is wrong. Next came her slacks, she stepped out of them as they hit the floor.

I stood looking at this little hottie as she stood looking at my now fully erect penis. I was lost in my thoughts when she brought me back with an "ok what next". I smiled as I reached behind her and deftly unlatched her bra one handed. I took the straps under my fingers and slid her bra off. Her tits were fantastic, not big but beautifully formed. I wanted so much to take them into my hands then my mouth. I then slid my hands around to her firm little bottom and put my hands under her panties.

Each cheek barely spilled out as I gave them a gentle squeeze and slid her panties off. There was my sister standing naked in front of me, me standing in front of her with a raging hard on struggling against my cotton boxers.

I had no idea what I was going to do.


I sat on my bed looking at her. I had to do something or I was going to cum in my shorts. I asked her if she was wet and she answered "no I'm soaked". I asked her to put her fingers down to her pussy and give it a rub which she did with gusto. I said that I wanted to taste her and took her hand and guided her fingers into my mouth, oh the sweetness.

I stood up and sat her on the bed. I stepped between her thighs and told to take my underwear off.

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She pulled the front of my underwear up and over my cock and slid her hands around to my ass, squeezing as I had. When she bent over to remove my shorts my cock brushed her cheek and hair. I had had enough. I told her to lie down and masturbate while I watched. She spread her legs and started to rub her clit.

Through a groan she told me she was going to cum. My hand went immediately to my cock and started to pump. She started bucking and I took a half step closer. After ten strokes I felt my cum building to the point of no return. I started to cum shooting my load on to my sister's face and could not believe the volume.

My legs were shaking as I moved slightly and finished my release onto her breasts. She asked if she could take my cock into her mouth so she could suck me dry. When I told her that was not going to happen tonight she looked a little sad, licked her lips, then took one of her breasts into her mouth and sucked clean my spilled seed.


I could not believe the stirring in my loins. I reached out and for the first time touched my sister. I took my fingers and slowly rubbed my cum all around her other breast finishing on her absolutely ridged nipple. She gasped and told me she wanted to masturbate again. I told her to feel free but to do it in her own room. I told her that I still had not decided how we were going to deal with our mom and that we would talk in the morning.

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Then for the first time I kissed my sister tasting my left over jiz on her lips. As she left my room I gave her a playful slap on her ass and said "just wait till mom gets home"! After a fitful two hour sleep I masturbated to the thought of making love to my sister and mom. I felt dirty and totally satiated.