Gay boy scout xxx porn Bukkake with Nervous Nathan

Gay boy scout xxx porn Bukkake with Nervous Nathan
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It was a hot day after we had finished are exams and the whole of our year were all sitting on the playing fields under the sun.

I was sitting with a group of mates one of the girls i hanged around with was lying with her head on my crotch. I suppose in a way were boyfriend and girlfriend but i never really thought like that. She then turned round and said "Im going back to my house to get some sun block with Alex.

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Come with us!" and she winked at me. I wasn't quite sure what to think but i got up and walked with the two girls. Alex was also a mate but i had always thought of her as only a mate unlike Jess who i had always fancyed a bit i knew Alex was very pretty though. She had long brown hair and a great tan and was about 5'4 and a 34C cup size. Jess was gorgeous she had long flowing mouse coloured hair 5,8 and she had double d cup size which was unusual for a girl who had just turned 17.Me and Alex were both 17 but we had been for months and we gave Jess a hard time cause she was so young.

It was only a little walk to Jess' house but we were walking slowly laughing and playing on the way when we got there for some reason Jess checked that knowone was home which i thought was wierd because i had met her mum loads of times and she didn't have a problem with her bringing boys home. Once she had finished checking i followed the two girls up stairs into her bedroom Alex sat on the bed and started to take her shoes off and her jumper whilst Jess closed her door.


She had a typical girls room it was pink all over and lots of little cuddle toys and things like that lieing around. Jess said "hey do you guys wanta have some fun before we go back?" I looked at Alex and she smiled and nodded i had no idea what was going on.

Jess walked over to where Alex was sitting and pushed her back onto the bed and climbed on top of her and started to kiss her. i had no idea what was going on but i certainly wasn't complaining i could feel my cock swelling inside my trousers i didn't no what to do so i just watching the two girls snog on the bed.

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Jess took off her top and then did the same with Alex. My cock was rock hard now watching them kissing with bras on. Jess then got off came over to me and started to kiss me i took off my t shirt and she started to unzip my trousers and unbutton them then they slipped down to the floor i stepped out of them leaving myself completly naked.

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Jess then took her skirt off leaving her in only her bra and panties and i noticed that her pussy was so wet it was coming through her panties. Alex had already done this and was taking of her bra. She was wearing a pink lace bra which was so sexy but i really wanted to see what was underneath then she manged to unclip it and it fell into her lap revealing her erect nipples.

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i was so entranced by watching her do this that i didn't realise Jess was sucking on my cock. Alex then started to take off her tight fit jeans to reveal her wet pink pussy.


She then came over to where i was standing getting a blowjob from Jess. Alex unclipped Jess' bra to reveal her massive tits.

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I couldn't beleive this was happening Jess' tits were amazing and Alex's body was awesome. They were now both licking my cock and was watching there tits knock together then jess got up took off her wet panties and went over to ther bed. Alex stayed where she was sucking on my cock and she started to to deep throat me.


I watched Jess suck on her fingers and then insert 1 into her pussy. Alex saw this and went over to her and started to suck on her nipples.

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I then went over and put my cock into Jess pussy and she let out a little moan and i started to pump my cock in and out of her whilst Alex continued to lick her all over.

Alex then hovererd her pussy over Jess' face. Jess started to lick it and and Alex let out a loud moan and then so did Jess as I pumped harder and harder i could feel myself about to cum and then i pulled out of her pussy and told Alex to lie like Jess she did and I did the same to Alex. After i came in her I still felt like i wanted more so I lay on the bed with my cock in my hand and Jess came over and stood on all fours between my legs and started to suck my cock and i could feel her breasts on my legs moving up and as my cock slide in and out of her mouth and i could see Alex licking Jess's pussy.

Then Jess clambererd ontop of me and started to ride my cock Alex came over and sat on my face and i started to lick her pussy. We did this for about 30 minutes as I licked Alex pussy and Jess rode me and her massive tits were slapping against her chest eventually i couldn't on anymore and just as i came Jess had a orgasim i kept licking Alex's clit and inset my fingers untill she orgasimed and she squirted pussy juice into my mouth and i swallowed it.

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The three of us then lay on the bed naked and i was thinking im sitting with to hot naked girls in my arms oh my god. We ended up staying there for about 20 minutes and then we got dressed and went back to school knowone ever reaslised what we had done.