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Music Teacher By Blueheatt &hellip.I was a music teacher, and one of my students had been eyeballing me quiet a bit.

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She was one that give me a hardon If I didn't watch it. She shocked me one afternoon……she kissed me&hellip.

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It wasn't just a kiss, but a soft wet kiss…(she must have been reading my mind.) I smiled and told her that if we get caught…we get trouble and …(she slowly laid us down placed herself under me.)… We had been playing a duet on an elect. Keyboard.

She continued to kiss and fondle me and I couldn't take much more. She whispered: ( "…my folks won't be home till late…")… That did it. I started kissing her and putting my hand up her blouse…no bra&hellip.

oooh they felt oh so wonderful. She said: ("…I've waited and waited for this day.") I felt her tongue inside my mouth, breathing so heavy…she lifted her skirt…no panties as I felt her little patch of hair.

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I scooted down as she opened up her vagina… She lifted her vagina hi into the air…and sighed&hellip.(.".ohhhhhh yes…")… I stuck my tongue in as far as it would go…she trembled… She ran her fingers through my hair, then guided my mouth in deeper…and began humping…(.".keep going!".) she whispered.

I grabbed her butt cheeks and lifted her legs up in the air&hellip.I slid up and undid my pants…("Oh yes…") she said…I grabbed two handfuls of hair and drove my dick all the way home, and again, and she began to moan with each thrust. She squeezed down on my dick so hard, I saw stars…(where did she learn how to fuck)&hellip.and then&hellip.we squeezed each other so tight we started to moan… &hellip.and the cum begin to flow…with each thrust we yelled and yelled till&hellip.

there was no more…just feeling till it went quiet&hellip.very quiet… We lay there…and wonderful feelings ran over us as we kissed&hellip. ------------------------------------------- The next few days was grueling&hellip.then I got a call& seems that the parents were called to Europe and would I check on the house and Katelyn. (…oh would I…).


I had known them about 2 years. Katelyn had seen her mom with another man. At her age, I was the first she wanted to try…and was she ready. She had watched her mom about several times late at night, kissing at first, then feeling then getting naked&hellip.that's when things got interesting.

Her mom tied her friend to the bed, then began to lick him. The guy went crazy he enjoyed it so much. Then she started to lick his genitals and turned a 69 position. The guy went berserk with pleasure licking her mom while being licked&hellip. Katelyn stared&hellip.and started rubbing her pussy and got a heart pounding thrill from it&hellip.( 'so that's what their doing'…).

She snuck back to her bedroom and crawled into bed, raised her nightgown and began to play&hellip.oh the feeling increased and increased. Her mind wandered to a boy touching her as she played&hellip.

&hellip.then the "music teacher"&hellip. She had a heavy crush on him…he kissed her in her mind…her virgina was throbbing&hellip.she had to have him&hellip.she twitched until sleep took over… Monday night he was suppose to check on Katelyn and have a piano lesson&hellip.but mama had other plans&hellip.she too had eyes on the music teacher&hellip.

she picked this time to make her move. It was dark as he unlocked the door&hellip.he reached to his right for the light switch&hellip."Well…right on time." Katelyn said, and kissed him till I couldn't breath… She was wearing a little top and shorts. She said her mom was in the shower that she didn't go. She kissed me&hellip.she squeezed my dick and said in a whisper: (…"I have to have you…")&hellip.and kissed me again only putting her hand down my pants, fondling her little hand all over&hellip.I could hear the shower running so I went for the pussy…ooh…it felt so nice&hellip.wet and juicy.

She pushed it up again my crotch and slowly ground it against my dick. The shower stopped&hellip.she was out breath squeezing my dick.&hellip.


Now for the lesson…mama was full of surprises. After about 10 minutes, mama came down. She placed her fingers around my neck and leaned over and said: "…thank you for checking on Katelyn. "…I said: " My pleasure"&hellip.she left her hands on my neck and played with my hair. Katelyn was curious and said: "He has neat hair&hellip.he has some on his chest too…I love to feel it&hellip." I was starting to get nervous…why hadn't mama said anything about my chest hair?&hellip.her daughter knew about it?…that's when mama took a dive under my shirt with her hand&hellip."…Oooh your right, it's silky and smooth…'' Katelyn just joined in.

Apparently mama & Katelyn had come up with a plan to molest me. I closed my eyes and let it all happen.

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Mama started pulling me down and to one side, while Katelyn laid down on the other side of this big bed. It was late evening and they turned out the lights…I felt hands all over me…mama kissed me like no other woman has…while Katelyn went for my dick. I was in heaven. I felt my zipper slide down&hellip.mama was tonguing me like I was the last man she was gonna kiss&hellip. She had on a short robe which I quickly got my hands under&hellip.she was built.

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Katelyn slowly had my dick in her hand…while her mother put her boob in my mouth. The mother was getting aggressive, and was moving around all over me. She held my wrests brought her knees up and sat on my face&hellip.I felt Katelyn slowly took my dick all the way down&hellip.I could hardly take the good feeling.&hellip.

I wrapped my arms around her butt and enjoyed the pussy. Katelyn was gonna make me cum big as she rocked her mouth&hellip.she moaned&hellip."&hellip.ooooo…" she grabbed tight and &hellip.euphoria…I pumped her mouth full…just as mama climaxed big and flooded my face with pussy juice&hellip.I drifted away&hellip.

------------------------------------------------------ ___I woke up to Katelyn vagina on it's side…and mama on the other, my hardon being sucked by two mouths, and hands holding my head tight against the vagina lips…I grabbed their butts and pulled them in tight. I was about to cum&hellip.I reared up as both tongues waited for the raining of cum&hellip."Ooooooooo"… the shower of cum landed to two open mouths… &hellip.then they took turns sucking the head as I went into euphoria… with two vaginas&hellip.

taking turns&hellip.rubbing my tongue&hellip.… -------------- Wednesday&hellip. Time for another lesson. I ring the door bell and four arms grab me and pull me in&'s pitch black inside. Two sets of lips are on me and four hands are feeling my hardon&hellip.and… (&hellip.It's tough being music teacher.&hellip.)

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