Pov babe gagging on cock and licks balls

Pov babe gagging on cock and licks balls
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Forbidden Furry Love Part 2 As Caity moaned from ecstasy beneath me, I started feeling the familiar sensation in my balls and cock, that I felt every time I masturbated thinking of her and other women, mainly porn stars, that is when she screamed out "Oh God!

I think I'm gonna cum!" I replied "Me to!" she looked up at me smiled and said "Lets cum together" and with that she held me close to her and we both went off at the same time as both our cum flowed out of her pussy she looked up at me, smiled then kissed me and said "Danny, I want us to do this.

More often, whenever we get the chance would be nice" I smiled back and said "Of course we will, I will make damn sure we do" We both laughed and kissed, hugged and went to sleep in each others arms naked. That was the first time we fucked, and it sure wasn't the last time. I awoke in the morning and I felt a stickiness on both my legs, Caity said she felt it as well, I asked her "Wanna get in the shower together? And maybe spend the better part of today in there?" She smiled at me and said "You just read my mind".

Caity got up and started skipping to the shower to turn it on. Caity came into the lounge. It looked like a bomb had went off in there, the popcorn from the previous night was now strewn all over the floor, our clothes where all over the place, my shirt had managed to land on the T.V. rabbit ears and the couch next to where I was sitting there was the unmistakeable fresh cum stains. Caity walked up behind the couch and kissed me on the cheek then whispered seductively into my ear "The shower is ready now Danny." I looked at her and smiled "Great" I replied "I can't wait to get clean while doing something very dirty with someone very furry." Caity laughed "Come on you lover boy and get in the shower and fuck me." Caity grabbed my hand and lead me to the shower, she got in first then passed me a bottle of shower gel Caity looked at me and asked "Danny, would you mind rubbing this slippery gel all over me, boobs to pussy?" I didn't even reply I just squirted the gel into my hands and started rubbing, starting with her 38DDs using some of the water falling on her tits to soap the gel up, as I rubbed it on her gorgeous tits Caity started to moan softly, obviously I found one of her soft spots.

She looked down at me as I slowly made my way down from her boobs, to her stomach then finally reaching her tight sweet pussy. I looked up at Caity and saw her looking back down at me with a seductive smile on her face, I looked back at her pussy then without thinking I started licking her pussy.

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As I licked my tongue was searching around her pussy, trying to find her clit there was a constant slightly salty taste. As I got closer to her clit she moaned louder and louder, the louder she moaned, the hornier I got.

I found Caitys clit and I started to flick at it with my tongue causing her moans to get louder and her breathes to get deeper, sensing she was getting closer to climaxing I parted her pussy lips even further with my fingers and put my mouth around her clit and started to suck it while flicking at it. The louder Caity moaned, the harder I flicked at her clit with my tongue, I could tell she was close to climaxing, as Caity got close to climaxing she tried to tell me something which I could only make out between shallow short breaths "D-Danny, I-I'm getting so c-close to cumming!

Oh god! K-Keep doing whatever it is y-your doing, it f-feels so f-fucking good!" As I kept licking her pussy, Caity still moaned louder and louder, before she finally came in and on my mouth with a long orgasm.

She was still having her orgasm as I backed my head away from her pussy and licked my lips, her cum tasted salty but somehow still sweet and surprisingly really good. As I slowly rose to my feet she blushed as she looked at me and apologized "Sorry, I couldn't control myself. It just felt so damn good." I smiled and assured her "Its OK, you taste really good." Caity giggled and said "Good, I hope your willing to do it again later on today." "Sure" I replied "I will be right back, gonna grab a condom from my wallet." Caity looked at me quizzically "Why didn't you use it last night?" she asked.

I looked at the ground then slowly back to her face, "Forgot about it in the heat of the moment." I replied, Caity laughed then started to rub her brown fur around her tits then she put on a mock sexy voice "Well just make it quick would ya? I wanna get back down to our dirty lil' business asap" I couldn't help but laugh as I walked out of the bathroom, naked.

I walked into the living room and found my jeans on the computer monitor, I reached into the back pocket of my jeans and pulled out my wallet. I opened it up and reached into a small compartment behind the coin pouch. I pulled out a condom and ran back up to the bathroom where I found Caity waiting for me, rubbing her perky nipples. She smiled "I was wondering when you would be back." She said in her mock sexy voice.

She saw the condom in my hands and asked "Now, are you going to put that condom on or do want me to?" She knew what the answer would be, but she had to ask anyway, it was just the way she was. I tossed her the condom and walked into the steaming shower. Water fell on my head as I got in the shower I looked at Caity and said "If you can put this condom on my cock using only your mouth I will lick your sweet spot again tonight for as long as you want" Caity didn't need to be told twice, she just giggled winked at me and got on her knees.

It was a little cramped in this small shower built for one but she managed to get on her knees and put the condom in her mouth and holding it up with her teeth she slowly started to slide the condom onto my cock. It only took her two minutes but she got it on, and as she was down there she decided to tease my cock a little and run her tongue up and down my shaft.

Teasing me became one of the things she was great at, as she licked my shaft she looked up at my and gave me a sexy innocent look, it was hard to believe that this 5'9", fox-like Shangoy with a nice bushy fox tail and thin small fox ears, who looked as innocent as a little 5 year old girl was actually a sex crazy foxy chick. That day I learned Caity like it rough, as I pushed her onto the glass wall of her shower, lifted her right leg up and shoved my rock hard cock into her tight wet pussy.


Caity screamed and moaned at the same time as I started to thrust like a jackhammer, she moaned very loudly, her tail, ass and hands all left clear imprints on the steamy glass. As I continued to thrust hard and fast into that tight wet pussy, she continued to half moan, half scream as I fucked her. The feeling of being in control of what was happening was great, but not as great as the feeling of my rock hard cock jack-hammering in and out of Caitys tight, wet pussy, the feeling of Caitys left hand squeezing my back for support as I fucked her while she moaned loudly (So loud that her neighbours came round later and complained about the noise!) and as she moaned, her foxy tail flailing around between her, me and the steamy glass with the imprints of her ass, hands and tail, the same wall she was pinned on.

That day I learned another thing about Caity, she came really fast, but she could cum lots. As I had her pinned to the glass, with her right leg being held up by my left hand, with water falling between us making us slowly get wetter and wetter, she started saying between moans and deep, shallow breathes "I-I'm feeling the s-same thing I felt last night when w-we came together, oh fuck yes! It feels so good Danny." she smiled at me and continued "I w-wanna cum right now!

Can we cu-cum together again please D-Danny?" I smiled back at her, kissed her passionately and put my tongue in her mouth for a brief second and replied "Fuck yes, Caity." She smiled back at me and held me closer to her, so close that I could her tits bouncing up and down on my chest. Caity started to scream "Ooh fuck yes!

Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck yes!" And with that she came, following her lead I came as well, as I pulled my cock out it started to slowly go soft again, despite being in a hot steamy shower, with the hottest Shangoy in school, naked in front of me.


I realized that the tip of the condom was torn open, I saw Caity look at me, then my cock, then me again, she then started to laugh and said "We completely demolished that little thing Danny!" I smiled at her and replied with an odd sense of pride "Yeah, yeah we did.

I guess we are just that good" I started to laugh softly to myself.

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We got out of the shower and started to dry ourselves off, with no small amount of making out of course. When we were finished I walked down to her lounge so I could find all my clothes and then get them on as Caity walked to her room and find some clothes for her to wear. I sat down on the couch with the cushion with the cum stain turned upside down so no one would see it and waited for Caity. She walked down in a blue singlet and a short skirt, as she walked over to me I pretended not to notice her, until she was standing right behind me and whispered in my ear "Hey Danny, guess what.

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I got no panties or bra on" I looked at her and she gave me the same sexy smile and wink she always gave me, then leaned over the couch and kissed me. That's when the door bell rang, Caity walked over to it and answered it, standing there in front of us was her neighbour, Julia, the only other Shangoy in our classics class, the one that I hooked up with. Part 3 coming soon P.S. Please leave some constructive criticism, so I can learn from my mistakes and make this get better and better thanks :)

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