Ass to mouth teens Rihanna Samuel Klarisa Bulgari fucked by Mike Angelo

Ass to mouth teens Rihanna Samuel  Klarisa Bulgari fucked by Mike Angelo
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i know its not as good as some of the others but i gave it a shot. comment on pointers or whatever about this. hope you enjoy Woke up around noon. Noticing the massive nigger cock rubbing against my face.

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At first I didnt know what to do. I laid there in shock as to what was happening. At first i didnt know who it was but wasnt rejecting the idea. I thought to myself "what a surprising yet wonderful way to wake up". He coughed, then I immediatly knew who it was. My sisters husband. His cock was about as round as a 12 yr olds arm. "massive" for a cock and about as long as I dont know what. 11"-13" maybe.

At the time I awoke it wasnt fully hard yet. as if he had just started. I lay there acting as if i was asleep still. but im sure he could tell I was awake.

With my heavier than normal sleep breathing pattern. Then i felt his hand couress my cest and make his way down my boxers. He fondled me for a moment or two while still rubbing his cock on my face as if he was wanting to wake me up. Then some thing startled him. I heard a vibrating sound simulare to a cell phone. That it was, he answered his phone and I listened to every word. it went something like this. Nigger- "yeah, I'm here Getting ready".

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I thought to myself, getting ready for what? Nigger- "I'm gonna start without out y'all if ya'll dont hurry up". Huh strat what exactly? was my thoughts. Nigger-"yeah i brought it so dont worry Bro. Tell the others I'll get him primed and ready" W-wh-what i thought to myself. All i could think about was whatever was about to happen is deffinatly gonna be a life changer and boy was i right. he mumbled something else which i couldnt understand the hung his phone up.

Then his massive fully rock hard cock slapped me in the face. again and again i lay there acting asleep then something happened that was for sure going to blow my cover.

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i felt the urge to sneeze. OMG i thought "sleeping ppl dont sneeze" I tried hard to controll myself but it was too great and i sneezed. He stopped slapping me and there was a long pause on his end. He knew i was awake and spoke to me. saying "game time" i replied "time for what" acting as if i didnt know what he did or the conversation that had just ended with whoever on the phone.

"time to take this dick in your mouth white bitch" OMG OMG i cant believe this is happening. i never really thought about guys before and never cared to be gay but for some reason i couldnt deni the fact that i was turned on by this.

he pressed the head of his dick up against my lips. told me to "open wide. " which i more than willingly abliged him. i opened my mouthto take his massive cock. it filled every empty space in my mouth. i couldnt believe how good his dick tasted.

He grabbed the back of my head tilted it back and began to shove his dick down my throat. i gaged on it everytime he thrusted in. almost on the verge of throwing up. then i noticed he was fucking my mouth. tells me how good i felt, that i must be a natural. which i was nothing of the sort, being the first cock i've ever tasted. now while all this was going on and happening so fast i didnt even realize my dick was hard till i felt a hand coressing it.

but how could that be he was holding my head with both of his hands. i didnt even look to see who it was i just went with it. as he pumped my mouth i heard him talking to someone.

not caring who or what he was talking to about. i just stayed the course and sucked his dick.then i heard what sounded like 3 other voices all males. i heard zippers being undone then thought to myself what a crazy moment this will be. deffinitly not a story my grand children will hear. But as i sucked his dick i felt hands courresing my body. one hand on my dick another on my balls another on my ass and 3 more rubbing my body. a new voice spokeup and said bend over white bitch.

so i got up an bent over on my knees laying on the bed. i heard a bottle top pop open and the feeling on harm oil on my ass.


i thought for a min as if i was a woman fixing to get my cherry popped. and boys was i right.

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i felt 3 hard massive dicks slapping my ass. and then a hand massaging oil on my ass working a finger in my man hole. me being sexually indept i knew not to tighten up or get tense so i just remained calm and lose. i felt a finger enter my ass OMG it felt so good. never have i felt this kind of extacy before. he moved his finger back and forth moving it faster. maybe wanting to see my willingness.

IDK but before i knew it his finger was out and the head of his cock butting against my hole.the guy that was fucking my mouth topped for a breif moment as the other nigger slowly shoved his cock in my ass. i gave out a deep toned yelp in pain but after his head was in it was smooth sailing.

he burried it deep i guess it was about 11 inches cause i felt him in my stomach. as my ass was proped up in the air my face burirnd in the pillows i felt someone getting inbetween my stomach and the bed. ha one was starting to suck me off. i was inadventinly fucking his mouth cause with every thrust from nigger cock in my ass momentum pushed me forward.

i heard him gag a few times wich really turned me on cause i like gagging women with my cock as well. as nigger cock filled my ass i felt him getting faster and harder. it hurt buti didnt care. i was screaming in pain my eyes watering but it felt so good.

he pulled out then back in several times which hurt like a bitch but i took it every inch i could get. I felt dirty but didnt seem to care. a new voice appeared saying "my turn" then I was grabbed my the waist and flipped on my back. only then did i notice how many guys where in the room.

at first glace i was like wtf too many. only later would i realize it was not enough. id say about 8 guys all naked all jerking off besides the two pleasuring me.

and yes all niggers. they were in an unformed line waiting their turn. two guys grabbed each of my feet and spread my leggs wide open and held them there.then my head was tilted back over the edge of the bed and held there. i felt a nigger get between my legs then felt his cock enter me. it was smaller than the ladt on which felt better at first but later left me craving a bigger one. then 3 cocks smaking my face as if telling me to start sucking.

so i did spending little time on one in order to take care of all three. hes nigger cock was fucking me one entered my mouth. they both in unisen. vigerously fucked me. gaging me and hollowing me out. my eyes wattered again this time not in pain but the gagging. i tarted to choke. but thatdidnt stop him as if thats what he was expecting. harder he fucked my virgin mouth.

i started to puke which it seemed thats what he wanted. yeah" i heard the crowed scream out. i was able to notice a man standing to my side and when i did i reached out and started jerking him. massaging his balls aswell. Not realizing at first but a new cock was in me about the same size as before. so i figured id make it worth while and scream out. muffled of course by the dick being shoved in my mouth.

i felt someone sucking on my dick now which felt amazing like nothing ive ever felt before. i came instntly which must have started a chain reaction cause i felt load after load of hot cum hit my face and stomach. one load filled my ass and another filled my mouth and i almost choked as i swolleded every drop of nigger cum. now thinking it was over i wanted to get up but no i was still being held down. i felt someone get between my legs again and his dick slaping my stomach.

i looked down to see what it looked like and itwas massive real massive. i felt him pressing up against my hole. i was in pain and his head wasnt even in yet. he finally worked it in.

i was crying in pain this time and everyone knew it. thats what they wanted anywAYS.I felt my ass being streeched out so wide I thought something was going to rip. after a few goot thrusts he then flpped me back over on my knees to bend me over his dick stil lnside he pounded me so hard i could barely stand it. not like the others this guy was pure animal. i was cring out to slow down the pain tremense but then someone slapped my face telling me to "stop crying like a bitch".

so i held in the cries. hoping it would end soon. he paused for a minute and i caould feel him pulsating inside me. God it felt so good. what seemed like foe ever was over in 20 mins as he nutted deep in my ass.then the lights shut off and i heard a voice say. "now we have something foe you to enjoy".


as they put a gagging ball in my mouth and strapped it behind my head. the door opened and i heard a someone talking and a WOMAN responding but her respoce was muffled as if she to was gagged. Maybe this was a sacrifical gift to me for my obedience to the abuse i just recieved from the eight.I couldnt see who it was that they were bringing in but i noticed when the door opened and the lights went out about 5 or 6 guys left leaving maybe 2 or 3 guys still in the room.

now the room was dark but not pitch black i could see a the siloutte of a stacked naked female body.big breast, wide hips a little chubby. i couldnt tell if she was black or not. she was guided over to me as i still lay in the bed getting over the pain of the rough fucking i have recieved. at this point my ass was gapping wide,as she got to me i figured out she was white by her scent. and feel of her hair. then all a sudden i heard a voice say " round Two" now she was close to me i reached out and couressed her perfect tits.she let out a muffled moan.

"now enjoy your Surprise" one guy said only later would i realize what the surprise was. the two men started for the door but stopped and block the doorway. i slid my fingers down her stomach and past her patch of hair and right inside her. she was already lubed both holes infact.i reached for her face but she had a full leather face mask on so i couldnt make out who it was but didnt let that stop me. " have your way with her dont be shy fuck that bitch" one of the guys said. so i grabbed her, threw her down on the bed.

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Still sore from the pounding earlier i procceded to slid my cock inside her. she felt so good. she was tight for sure. she let out yet another soft muffled moan. i fcked her for about a good 10 mins before i heard one of the guys guyspeak up. " take it in the ass whore" at first not knowing which one of us he was refering to.

but she got up as if she knew nothing of what had happened just moments before her arrival bent over and i proceeded to fuck her deep in her ass. i could tell she wasnt used to it and not as willing as i had previously been. then i heard "im gonna take this out your mouth so you can taste your ass while you suck him off but you better not speak bitch" i was intensly wanting her mouth around my cock.

" now fuck her mouth like i did yours white faggot bich" one siad. so i did. loving every moment of it. i heard her gagging.surprisingly i felt her being thrusted and realized one of the two was fucking her.and the other said "time for two bitch" and i soon figured out they where both fucking her.

she let out short cry out in extacy laced with pain. Then it hit me" i know this girl i thought" ive heard that extacy/pain cry before. but wasnt to sure as to who it was.

being the type of person i was i wanted to figure out who it was before i got off. made it lil game inside a game already being played.

finally i figured out it was an Ex of mine from years back.


"You fuckin whore" i said out loud but unreconized as words due to the gag ball still in my mouth. i heard one of the guys cry out hes comming.

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she let out a quivering moan. shortly after the other one followed suit and came also but he pullde out and nutted on her bck. some even hit me in the face and remaind there. they told her to get on top of me which she did. she rode me for a while it felt so good knowing this hot piece for ass was ridding me.she thrusted her head back to put her hands behind her arching her back.

I could slightly see the figure of her tits and they bounced up and down. I could her her breathing getting heavier and feeling she squirm around. knowing she was about to cum i thrusted as hard as i could . .they both got up and headed to the door . as they openned the door i noticed her hair color and realized it wasnt my Ex.

shit i thought who is this?maybe her hair is dyied i thought. same body shape soi guess it could be. and at the same time the door seemed to clos they flidded thr lights on. she rode me but quickly stopped i was finally getting a good look a ther body.

omg it was so perfect. and i didnt notice that she stopped grinding due to the hightened sexual state i was in. as i started to cum inside her warm tight pussy i looked at her face and noticed her eyes got really big. .

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then she threw herself off me. i took the ball out my mouth and said "whats wrong" she didnt reply still looking at me in shock almost in horror. i was confussed untill i seen a tattoo on her thigh. OMFG the woman i was fucking the woman that felt so good the woman that i enjoyed as my "surprise" and the woman just came inside of was my sister.