Mature riding girl xxx story sex stories

Mature riding girl xxx story sex stories
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Sorry this one is a bit lengthy. I was walking down the hallways at school trying to get to my next class. Strangely enough though, I was the only one around. Yet, I didn't think much of it, as I approached the door to my classroom, the ground began to tremble as if from an earthquake, and I began hearing thunderous roars from beyond the door.

I tried to take a step back, but to my surprise, the floor behind me had completely disappeared leaving me with no way back. I looked back at the door, and pushed it opened. The moment I did the air around me started to spin around like a tornado.

When everything seemed to had calmed down, I took note of my new surrounding and to my surprise, I was at Daniel's house and there seemed like a party was going on. Because where ever I looked people were dancing, drinking, playing, and flirting. I recognized some of the people from school, but most seemed like they were out of town.

I saw Daniel drinking like there was no tomorrow and surrounded by 3 girls, a cute tall brunette with big tits and a shapely ass, a short skinny blond girl, and a black hair Asian girl. Then something else caught my eye, it was Tabitha dancing with some guy. I took a closer look and realized that guy was Andy. I watched as Tabitha turned so her back was facing Andy and started grinding her ass against his crotch.

Andy responded by moving his hips up and down while rubbing Tabitha's ass with his hands. While this was going on, I noticed that Andy was starting to sport a hard on. Then he grabbed Tabitha, and pulled her close.

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He pushed some of her golden curls from her ear, leaned close and whispered something, causing her to blushed deep red and nod at the same time.

After that, she led him out of the room, I decided to follow them. I saw them enter a bedroom, I rushed to get in, but Andy had closed the door just before I could reach the handle. "YOU FUCKER!!" I shouted slamming my fist against the door, although to my surprise, my hands went right through the door. I quickly pulled my hands back to my side, I inspected the door, but saw no differences on it.

I tried to place my palm on the door, yet again it went through. I took a deep breath, closing my eyes and walked through the door. I opened my eyes and saw that I was in what seemed like the master bedroom and to my horror, I saw Andy and Tabitha making out, their hands exploring one another's bodies.

Andy's hands groped and fondled Tabitha's big tits, while she rubbed her hand against his crotch. They broke their kiss off, Tabitha started saying something, but I couldn't hear. I moved closer, but I still couldn't hear. I started concentrating really hard, hoping for one audible and recognizable sound. "Are you sure?" I heard Andy asked. "Yeah," Tabitha answered, "I want you to fuck me here and now." I saw Andy smile, and started taking Tabitha's clothes off one by one.

After that, he started taking his own clothes off, eventually revealing his raging hard on. Andy first made his move by sucking on Tabitha's huge milky white tits. Tabitha moaned as she ruffled his messy black hair. Andy stopped and said, "Come on, baby.

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Suck my cock." Tabitha knelt in front of him and put his whole cock in her mouth. Then I realized in shock that this was probably dream on how they first slept with each other, how Tabitha practically cheated on me. Andy groaned as he started pushing his cock as deep as he can in Tabitha's mouth causing her to gag a few times. Eventually he pulled out of her mouth. "Wanna do it doggy style baby?" He asked. Tabitha got on the bed on all fours and said, "You bet baby." Andy positioned his cock at her pussy, and then shoved it in without warning.

Tabitha gasped in surprise, but reacted quickly by shaking her hips against him. Andy continued thrusting for awhile, then started breathing hard and bucking his hips. "OH shit baby, I'm about to cum, where'd you want me cum?" He groaned. Tabitha moaned, "All over my face baby." Andy pulled out and went in front of Tabitha.

Tabitha grabbed his cock and started jerking him off, Andy grunted as he came all over Tabitha's face. My eyes shot opened staring at the ceiling in my room, I looked around, and I was lying in my bed. Out of nowhere, I moaned in pleasure having felt something warm and wet consume my cock.

I lifted my covers to find Gabriela sucking my cock, while fingering herself. She stopped sucking my cock and went to licking it's length, from my balls to the head. I was rapidly approaching an orgasm. "Good morning Master," she purred as she placed my cock back in her mouth.

"Good morning," I gasped as I came in her mouth. Gabriela took her time swallowing my cum. "Ahh delicious as always Master," she said with a sly smile. When I regain my composure, I asked, "Why did you do that?" Gabriela giggled, "Don't you remember Master. You yourself commanded to be woken up with a blow job." I sat up, "No not that, I meant why did make me have that dream?" Gabriela stared at me bewildered, "Dream?" Now it was my turn to be confuse, "Wait.

You mean, you didn't make me dream that?" She shook her. I asked myself, "Then why the hell, did I dream something like that?" Gabriela crawled to me, sat on my lap, and then wrapped her arms around my neck. "Please tell me about this dream Master," she said staring deep into my eyes. Her gaze was so entrancing, that it felt comforting. I began retelling my dream as accurate as I could from start to finish. When I stopped, Gabriela said, "I believe that although you were dreaming, you had indeed caught a glimpse of the past." I asked, "Is that even possible?" She nodded, "Humans have the ability to re-hatch the past despite it happening centuries ago or to see the future despite it taking place millenniums later.

However they can only do this through dreams even then, the possibility is low." "How come?" "Because Humans use 10 percent of their brains consciously, however when your asleep, this increases.

Even more if you're dreaming, but due to it happening in a dream, humans tend to classify it has false.

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When you made the contract with me, this ability was increase drastically as well as other abilities." She explained. My eyes popped open, "Seriously, so am I like superman or captain universe." "No," she said flat out. "Shit," I thought, then I asked, "What other abilities then?" She shrugged, "I don't know, it's different for everyone." Gabriela then changed the subject by sternly asking, "By the way, Master how long must I wait before I am allowed to cum?" I smiled as I remembered my previous command, "Oh probably awhile," I smirked.

Gabriela groaned and started grinding her cunt against my cock. It shocked me how wet she was, within a moment my cock was almost completely moisten and rock hard. "Please Master," she purred. "Wait," I said, trying my best not to cum, "First I need you to tell me what's going on. Then I'll let you cum." Her delightful smile only lasted a second, because I stated, "Remember though, you won't be able to cum without my permission." "Yes Master," she sulked, slowly bringing her grinds to a stop, she got off me and sat at the end of the bed.

I smiled as I watched her shift her position, cause it seemed like she'll go crazy if I don't let her cum soon. "Alright, first I want to know is how many wishes I have left and if I can get more." I said. Gabriela body slightly twitched as she tried to control her sexual urges, "At the moment, you have 2 wishes left Master. You cannot wish for more wishes; however with the contract you gain a wish for fulfilling another wish." That puzzled me, so I had her explain what she meant.

"For example Master, if you were to meet someone who wished for a motorcycle, and you were to bring them one. You will gain an extra number in your wish count." It sounded simple, but in my opinion too simple. One thing I've learned from movies, mangas, and cartoons was that when making deals with divine beings, there's always a loop hole that they'll try to exploit. "What happens if my wish count reaches 0?" I asked. Gabriela answered simply, "Nothing, you just won't be able to have your wishes granted until you add to the wish count." "How does it go then, if I didn't make a contract with you?" I questioned.

Gabriela stated, "Then you'll have only 3 wishes, once they are up. Your soul is mine." I retorted, "Genies don't gobble people's souls, only the devil does that." She giggled, "Probably in human's retarded movies, but in reality human souls provide power and nourishment to us." "Well why wouldn't I make a contract with you then?" I asked, "I mean it sounds like a sweeter deal than no contract." She looked into my eyes and said, "Let me finish. It's actually better you don't make a contract.

You see a human who just possesses a genie but made no contract has 3 wishes. Depending on how much the wishes benefit the world, the person will be allowed to live longer as well as enter the tomb of She'zgruel, The world of paradise.

However if that person wish doesn't benefit mankind and are only used for himself, then he is sent to hell." I gulped, seeing she got my attention Gabriel continued, "It was common humans would use the first two wishes for themselves, then the final wish for the world in hopes to avoid hell.

However that barely works." "Why not," I asked, "I mean it's a wish that benefited the world right?" Gabriela said sternly, "Do you think that when they make the final wish, they actually cared about the world. No, they get scared and wish that, hoping that they'll go to She'zgruel. In the end, they make the last wish to save their own ass." Then Gabriela lowered her head and said softly, "During my entire existence I've only met one mortal who was entirely selfless.

She was born in a family of Nobility, so I always expected her to wish for things like a prince in shining armor or more gold than a neighboring kingdom. But she didn't wish for anything like that, her wishes were of pure benevolence." "If there was a drought, then she'll wish for rain and enough water for decades.

If hurricanes blew, she'll wish for it to calm into cool breezes during the hot summers. If there was a flood, then she'll wish for it to fill an empty valley for it to be enjoyed centuries later. After her three wishes, she was blessed with extreme longevity for five centuries, in which she chose to use it for finding the next mortal worthy of me.

In the end, she chose you, and just so you know, when you make a contract, you have to earn 100 wish counts and keep it there in one year, or I'll have your soul, and in short you'll go to hell." My mind was swirling, that old lady was over 500 years old, then something occurred to me. "What happens if I manage to keep my wish count at 100?" I asked.

She smiled, "Then you'll be allowed in She'zgruel as well as have one wish granted with no restrictions. However I doubt you'll pull it off, no mortal ever has before." "Wishes have restrictions?" I asked. Gabriela nodded, "You can't wish for someone to die, you can't wish for love, you can't wish for someone to return from the grave, you can't wish for immortality, and you can't wish for more wishes." "Hey your wish restrictions are almost like Aladdin." I accused.

Gabriela laughed, "Don't you mean their restrictions are almost like ours." Gabriela shifted her position and said, "Now do you understand, if so I need to be fuck Master." Again I smiled, "Sure, but after breakfast." With that, I got up and pulled some clothes on. Today was Sunday, so Mom was fixing pancakes. When I got to the kitchen, I noticed Gabriela floating behind me, I started to panic.

She had two fingers in her pussy and was moaning like crazy. What made matters worse was that my mom was approaching. "You're up late as always Tyler." Mom said smiling, "Go sit down, I'll fix your plate in a moment." With that she walked back to the stove. "She didn't see you," I mutter in amazement. "Of course she didn't see me; I didn't want her to see me.

So I didn't let her." Gabriela said obviously offended. I apologized and went to sit down, that's when I realized something. "Then why the hell was Tommy able to see you then." She blushed and said, "I told you before, it was such a strong orgasm, that I forgot to remain unseen, besides&hellip. isn't it better if someone is watching.right Master?" "Yeah," I mumbled my face turning red, "But not by my snotty little brother.

It's a damn turn off." After I finished eating, I was about to go hit the gym, but Gabriela stopped me. "Aren't you forgetting something Master?" she asked rubbing her legs together. I smiled and let her lead me to my room, as we entered, I made sure to close and lock the door. Then I removed her garments, I started sucking her nibbles and fondling her ass. She moaned in pleasure, while undressing me at the same time. When she finished, I knelt down in front of her and started fingering her.

Again I was surprise by how wet Gabriela was; her pussy juice was starting to drip down her legs. Her sexy moans and panting were my inspiration as I started my assault on her pussy.

I licked as much as I could, even going as far as sticking my tongue as deep as possible in her pussy. Gabriela's body shook and shuddered as she tried in vain to muffle any moans that escaped her body. I felt my inwards laugh, when Gabriela started humping my face, pulling my head closer, and crying in ecstasy. Eventually I withdrew, standing up I forced Gabriela onto my bed, at the same time enjoying the sight of her tits bouncing. I pinned both of her arms above her head.

For a moment we both gazed at one another, and then we embraced in full French kiss. At the same time, I cupped her tit with my hand and played with it, then plunged my fingers as deep into her pussy as possible. She broke off our kiss and pleaded, "Please Master, take me now." I withdrew my fingers and licked her juice off of them. Then I spread her legs and positioned my cock at her pussy. Thanks to Gabriela's wet pussy, I was able to slip in and start fucking. Our moans collided as I thrust into Gabriela; I tighten my hold on her waist and fucked even harder.

Her pussy was so wet and warm that I couldn't tell which part was better. I leaned forward and embrace Gabriela with another kiss. As I felt the pressure weld in my cock, I said, "Gabriela you can cum." As soon as I said that, I heard Gabriela screamed in ecstasy as her orgasm took place.

I grunted in pleasure, because her pussy was squeezing tightly around my cock.

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The combination of Gabriela pussy's warmth, wetness, and tightness force me to cum. I moaned as I felt cum leave my body into her pussy, filling her up.


When our orgasm settled, I rolled off Gabriela and laid about trying to catch my breath. Gabriela turned to me and kissed me on the cheek. "Thank you Master," she said. "No problem," I said grinning. It was a few hours later, before I felt ready to go to the gym.

When I got there, I was able to work up a pretty good sweat. I was resting on a bench drinking water when I heard someone say, "Yo Tyler." I turned and saw that it was Daniel Hawkins. Daniel was my best friend, he had shaggy blond hair. He was a few inches shorter than me, but just as toned. Despite his playboy looks, he was actually pretty shy around girls.

"Yo man," I said bumping fists with him. We had a pretty light conversation, then I said, "You were right man." "Huh?" "About Tabitha, you were right man." I stated " you talked to her?" He asked.

"We talked, but she never fessed up. But we did breakup." I replied. Daniel was silent for a moment until I thanked him. "Oh no prob bro. I just wish I said something earlier." He said looking down, "I'm sorry man." "Nah don't be man," I said smiling, "At least now I won't be dating a rotten apple anymore." Daniel smiled back, "When I told you a few days ago, I thought you were gonna kill Andy." "What," I said taken back, "Nah, I'm a big teddy bear." Daniel laughed, "Dude you're the toughest guy I know.

You're more like a big grizzly bear." We both laughed.


Then I heard someone familiar said, "Here Tyler." Daniel and I looked up and saw Gabriela standing over us with a towel handed out to me. Unlike before, she was wearing a black tank top, blue headband, a pair of black running shorts, and she had her hair tied in a small ponytail.

"Oh thanks Gabriela," I said taking the towel. She winked at me, "No problem," and went to the next room. I turned towards Daniel only to find him still ogling at the spot she was at. Daniel chuckled, "Ahh man, now I know why you were all calm. Damn man she is fine as hell." He started slapping me on the back with a big grin on his face, "Congrats dude. I know Tabitha was hot, but this girl ranks highest in the hottest babe ranking.

I mean did you see her ass; it wasn't just big, it was firm and smooth looking. I haven't seen any girl with an ass like that.

Her tits perfect man, just perfect. You know what, I'm gonna shut up, I'm gonna shut up. So you can tell me how you met her man." I couldn't help but laugh. "She's a childhood friend," I started, "She's visiting from Romania." "Fucking hot," Daniel gave me a goofy smile, "Name?" "Gabriela Thompson." Daniel stated, "Sexy.

Man I envy you. I mean, you can get a whole bunch of girls if you wanted too." I shrugged, "Well she was the first person I fu." "Hold it, Hold the fuck up." Daniel interrupted, "Ah man. You two even fucked?" I nodded with a huge grin. Daniel grinned too and started laughing. "Once again man, congrats." After that, Daniel started telling me about a party he was throwing tonight.

"I just wish I can finally get laid with this one," Daniel sighed. As soon as the word "wish" had came out of his mouth, I felt myself smile.

I turned to Daniel, "Count me in. I'm gonna help you with your wish." Daniel winced, "You sure man, I mean your parents aren't exactly keen on you partying.

I mean that's why you didn't come on the last one." "Don't worry about that," I said grinning, "Was there a girl from the last party that you're interested in?" "Well there was that cute brunette," He said thinking, "But I lost her number." I stood up, "Don't even worry about that man." My smile broadened as I headed into the next room, "I'll be right back." I instantly found Gabriela on a treadmill.

To my surprise, she had the treadmill at the highest speed, but she looked like she was jogging slowly. When she noticed me, she turned off the treadmill and jumped off. "Yes Master?" She asked sweetly. I told her the situation.

"So can you get me the girl's number, and somehow make my parents let me go to the party?" I asked then added softly, "Without using any wishes." Gabriela glanced at me seductively, "Well I'll need something in return for my services." I grabbed her ass, "Don't worry, I'll pay with interest." Gabriela giggled, "Well let's do it now." I led Gabriela to the boy's bathroom and went into one of the stalls.

We started kissing and fondling each other. "I like what you're wearing," I said removing her hairpin causing her hair to fall to her shoulders. Then I pulled off her shorts off but kept her tank top on. She was wearing a black thong, instead of pulling them off, I moved them slightly to side revealing her wet pussy. I pulled my pants and trousers off, and positioned my cock at her pussy's entrance.

I rubbed the head of my cock on her cunt, and then shoved it in. We both moaned in unison. Then we both started fucking each other, I'm glad I kept her tank top on. I found it more arousing fucking Gabriela when she is wearing clothes. I started going faster, only to have Gabriela meet my speed easily. We both moaned in pleasure as the pressure started building for both of us to cum. Gabriela wrapped her arms around me and started to shake her hips against me.

I groaned as I felt her pussy tighten for the pending orgasm. I grabbed and fondled Gabriela's tit, and paid special attention to her nipples, by pinching and twisting them. Gabriela came immediately, squeezing me tightly, I continued thrusting into her, just before I came, I quickly pulled out of her.

Gabriela knelt in front of me and took my cock in her mouth. She started bobbing her head, skillfully using her tongue from licking the very tip of my cock to wrapping her tongue around my cock. I began fucking her face, it took a little bit longer, but before I reached my orgasm.

I shove my cock deep in Gabriela's mouth and released my cum down her throat. I heard her gag a few times, but in the end she was able to swallow it. She let my cock pop out of her mouth. "Ah nice," She purred. Then she snapped her fingers causing a piece of paper to appear, "Here Master." I took the paper gratefully, "Thanks." With that, I went back to muscle training room and saw Daniel stretching. "Hey man," Daniel said when he noticed me.

"I forgot to tell you, her name's Alice." "No problem man," I said handing him the piece of paper. Daniel eyes grew wide, "Man, how you got this?" I shrugged, "Just connections." Daniel thanked me several times.

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I stayed for about 10 more minutes, then I said my good bye and left. Gabriela was waiting for me by the exit. "So Master," She said smiling slyly, "What's our plan?" I smiled, "Our priority is to go wild tonight." To be continued -- I'll be busy this month and next, so I don't know when I'll have time to work on this story.

But when I do finish it, I'll post it immediately.