She Could Just Be The Perfect Girlfriend

She Could Just Be The Perfect Girlfriend
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I was a normal high school student, not an athlete, not a genius, just a normal kid. I was 5'11" little built, but it wasn't visible, and had medium length blonde hair. I was really interested in history and whenever I got the chance I would try to see what a war was like through the eyes of the soldiers.

School had ended about a month ago and I'd been working everyday since then. One of my friends had organized a paintball match and I decided to join in. Little did I know what would happen to me. The paintball match had ended up being huge in comparison to all other I've been engaged in.

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It was scheduled to take a week to play and it had specific rules on how it would be played. It was fifty people strong, split into teams of twenty-five guys strong.

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We had further been split into squads according to our weapon. As my squad moved out into the dark Sunday night I had a sense of emptiness reining over me.

My squad took up positions on the bank of a creek that over looked a field. We were exposed on the flank of our platoon but we had the most experienced people. The first day was uneventful. A few fire fights occurred down the line, nothing major.

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Tuesday turned out quite different. The enemy tried to flank my position and before we repelled them I had lost two squad members. I had two other men in my position but on Tuesday night they were sent out on a patrol.

As I stared off into the misty darkness of Tuesday night, a very dark, cold night, I felt that something was watching me. Before I realized it Wednesday had come. I stepped out of my hole and found that my group had moved out during the night. I listened for shots but heard none. I decided to move toward the enemy direction, as it was on Tuesday.

I ran upon a group of people I had now seen at the gathering of the match, but dressed like they belong in the match. They had their backs toward me and before I took another breath I hid.

I watched as they feasted on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I had eaten nothing but lousy canned foods, much like k-rations, because I was trying to learn about a soldier's experience. After about thirty minutes they packed up camp and moved out. I found it strange that they would be wandering around aimlessly, so I followed them. All Wednesday I followed these two soldiers through the woods. Every once in a while we would hear a firefight close-by.

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But, to my astonishment, they moved away from them. As Wednesday came to a close the two soldiers had taken up camp in an old abandoned building over-grown with brush. I watch intently, as their figures moved around their new position. Night came quickly and I dug a hole to hide in during the night. It was late night and the moon was full and bright. In the eerie light I could see that one of the soldiers was squatting in the darkness by a tree. It confused me; the figure carried no tp with them.

A twig snapped behind me and I turned to meet a muzzle pointing itself at me. "What do we have here?" an oddly feminine voice said. I couldn't recognize the voice right away but I recognized it after she spoke again. "Identify yourself prisoner." "Kate?

Where did you come from?" By this time the other figure had moved up behind me. I felt a dull pain as I fell forward in my foxhole. I woke up Thursday tied to a bed. My legs and arms were bound by the rope I had carried with me, but I didn't recognize my surroundings. My clothes had been removed and I lay with only a towel, covering my dick.

Katelin walked into the room still dressed in her camouflage. She stared at me with a look of desire on her face. She moved next to the bed and placed a hand on my chest. "You're a bad boy. What were you doing watching me and my accomplice?" I heard a rush of wind and the sting of a horse whip across my cheek. This aroused me, I had dreamed about Kate for some time.

I had even told her that I was falling for her, but that was before we had a fall out. I had left the JROTC unit we were both in and we barely talked because we rarely saw each other. I had not seen her for five months, since the last time she was over my house. Kate was a 5'7" tall girl. She was slender and fit, had a beautiful face, long and elegant.

Her blonde hair ran to the middle of her back, but she always wore it in a bun. She had A-cup breast and a nice ass. She was the kind of girl that could tell you to do anything and before you knew it you'd have done it. "What have we here?" I felt the towel disappear from my loins as I stared down as Kate. She had her small hand around my 8" cock, stroking the semi-hard virgin member with care.

"I think you like this situation, don't you?" She had moved to the end of the bed and stared in my eyes as she tongued the head of my now hard cock. I couldn't take it, it felt really good, and I had dreamed about this situation on many nights. I could feel myself building up to an orgasm. She must have seen the look of pleasure across my face.

She stopped abruptly, leaving me on the brink of jazzing into her open mouth.

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Kate stood up and left the room, and me, alone. I had no idea what was going on. Blood was running from a wound in my cheek and to my hard dick that stood at attention waiting for the girl I had dreamed about for so long.

Kate reentered the room with a wet rag and only her blouse on. She licked my wounded cheek before she wiped the remaining blood off. Then she leaned in and kissed me passionately on the lips.

I tasted the blood from my cheek as our tongues wrestled for possession of the other's mouth. Breaking the kiss she told me that she was on leave from boot camp and that she needed a man.

I was all too happy to oblige. I laid, tied to the bed, as Kate removed the camo top and dropped it to the floor. My eyes barely remained in my head. This was the first time I'd seen a girl completely naked. She had small, pink tits that stuck out about a quarter of an inch.

Her stomach was perfectly flat, and her pussy was neatly trimmed. "Like what you see?" "Yes ma'am," I answered without thinking. She moved toward me with sexual precision, making me want to rip the bed apart just to take control. She got up on the bed and looked down at me, before she sat on my face. I was a dirty boy, I read enough fuck stories, and watched enough porn to know just what to do. I could hear Kate moan with all her breath.

She was grinding my face as my tongue penetrated that clean cut pussy I had only dreamed about before. "OH, OH YEAH." I could hear Kate scream as I was buried in her hot, wet crotch. I went on for ten minutes, flicking her clit every once in a while, loving the pleasurable moan the action produced. Her body tensed up and she squeezed my head with her powerful thighs. Something sweet was running down my tongue. I realized she had cum, I had made her come, and she kept coming as I ravaged her cunt with my tongue.

Kate weakly fell to a side of the bed, panting as if she had been running for hours. I looked over at her exhausted body. She had a look of satisfaction across her face as I leaned as much as possible to kiss her. Once again our lips collided and our tongues fought against each other. I could feel "blue ball" setting in as we hooked up.

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"It's my turn now," I said in a demanding voice as I broke the kiss. "What position are you in to demand something like that?" She seemed aggravated, had I said something wrong? She straddled me, looked down at my juice covered face and began to lick herself off of me. "I'm in control here Chris. Never again will you demand anything." Her eyes flashed with desire as I again responded with a yes ma'am. I could feel her wetness on top of my hard cock. "Now where were we before you so ignorantly demanded something?

Oh yeah!" Kate reached down to her blouse and pulled out a condom, she unwrapped it, and rolled it onto my rock hard dick. She stroked my dick a few times then straddled me again. A passionate kiss mark my end of virginity, as my dick slid into her sopping wet pussy. The feeling of her warmth and wetness were the best feeling I had felt in a long time. I slid into her slowly; she took her time so she didn't hurt herself. All the while she rotated her hips making the experience almost unbearable.

Before long she had six inches in her. "Oh god, it feels so good," she murmured as she neared my base. I thrust up sharply, I couldn't wait any longer. I was in heaven. Then I felt a sting across my chest and I opened my eyes to see Kate with her eyes closed whipping me. We started to bounce up and down on the bed. My arms and legs still tied to the bed, I would come out about four inches before Kate would come back down onto me with a grunt.

Before long she had an orgasm once again. I couldn't hold on much longer after that. I shot my load into the condom. She collapsed onto my chest and we promptly fell asleep. I noticed the door was wide open as I awoke.

Kate was still sleeping but I noticed another set of cammies on the floor. I looked around the room before my eyes fell upon my friend Nikki.

She was sitting nude, masturbating when she noticed I was staring. Nikki was shorter than Kate, but her boobs were a C-cup. She also had a slender figure and very sexy curves.

She was blonde as well, but unlike Kate she had natural red highlights in her hair. "How's your fantasy going?" "It's been great," I answered in a whispered tone, not wanting to wake Kate.

"But there's something missing." Back in school Nikki and I always talked and I would help her out with some problems. One day she was really down, her boyfriend, according to her, was more interested in her younger sister.

I told her a fantasy I had about being a prisoner to a Nazi fro lien, and doing her bidding. She laughed a bit, and I playfully asked her if she had a uniform. "What's missing prisoner?" she asked with a tone that made me start to harden. Kate started to wake up, my dick still in her. "Kate, get up and off Chris.


It's my turn." Kate seemed to understand, in a half-asleep state and rolled off to the side. As Nikki leaned in to kiss me Kate cut her off. They hooked up for a few minutes as I sat, once again helplessly under them. Then Kate broke the kiss and stared to kiss me. Nikki pulled off the used condom and licked my old cum off.

Kate, while kissing me, undid one of the ropes holding my right hand. I immediately pulled her closer to me. I had one girl sucking my dick and another in my arm, hooking up with me. I broke the kiss with Kate once more. She had a puzzled look on her face as I grabbed her ass and pulled her toward the top of the bed.

She was still very wet from our earlier debacle. I moved her small chest to my mouth and began to suck her nipples. She screamed in pleasure as my tongue touched her tit. Her tits must have been very sensitive, the smallest movement of my tongue made her squirm and moan.

Nikki had gotten very wet listening to Kate moan and had just put a new condom on my dick. She turned to me and forced my head form Kate breast.

Without a seconds wait I was invading Nikki's mouth with my hot tongue. We hooked up for a short time before Nikki moved back to my dick. She straddled me and sat on the head. I slid slowly into yet another tight pussy.

Kate sat back on my face with her back to Nikki. Once Nikki was all the way on my dick she laid flat on my stomach.


She moved her hips up and down while laying flat on me. Suddenly I felt another tongue in Kate's pussy. Both Nikki and I invaded her pussy, covering every little spot with our saliva. We hooked up in Kate's pussy as well. Kate couldn't take this and had another orgasm. Nikki was sliding on and off my cock with more intensity now as she neared her climax. She exploded, and I could feel her juice flow down my balls and onto the bed.

Both Nikki and Kate were exhausted, as was I. We laid there, our bodies intertwined. Every once in a while one of us would sneak a kiss to another. After it was dark they got up and untied me completely. As I went off to take a shower I could see them watch me walking naked, my dick flopping, down the hallway.

They too went to take a shower, there was another in the house, but they went in together.

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I got out and dried off. As I opened the door I was met with a kiss from Kate. Nikki had gone off to work and we had the house to ourselves. Kate and I played around until Nikki came home. I took the opportunity to make love with them, instead of for them.


It would be an unforgettable night as we made love several times over. Kate left in the morning, back to boot camp. She left me a note, telling me that she expected more of me when she got out of boot. I couldn't wait. Nikki got back with her old boyfriend later in the month. We had not spoken about it for a couple of months when Kate surprised me on my way into my room. No one had been home and I was going to lie down and relax.

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Instead I found the Marine in my bed waiting for me. As I kissed her for the first time in a couple months I heard the door close and there stood Nikki. She had a pair of handcuffs in her hand as Kate pulled me down onto my bed. "Well Chris, what's it gonna be." I smiled back at them and stood up. "It's my turn girls."