Dude rescues and fucks brunette teen

Dude rescues and fucks brunette teen
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Me and My Brother.

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Submitted for Jess. My name is Jessica, Jess for short and this is about a time when I was 12 almost 13. I had been so curious about sex and all the things involved with it and me and my girlfriends spent a lot of time talking about it but I knew absolutely nothing about it except what I saw on T.V.the internet and imagined.

I had been dressing to get the looks from the boys and men for about 6 months and popped my own cherry with a hair brush handle&hellip.I had become quite fond of the hair brush but was craving what I didn't understand. Oh yeah, my friend Lindsey and I had kissed on the lips, licked and kissed each others boobs and even fingered each other during a sleep over one time, but almost got caught by her mom (omg). I have a brother Chris who is 17 and kind of a hunk, so my friends say. (Ok.me too).

I was in my room hangin out and I had on a pair of pretty short gym shorts and a tee shirt. I had cut the tee shirt off to expose my belly not too far under my boobs buy they didn't show and really just wore it in my room at night.


My boobs wernt big and still arnt very big but I wore a 32 B bra (with padding). He came in and went into his room and was sitting on the edge of the bed all tore up over some girl that wouldn't go out with him and seriously he was pouting.


I went in there and was just giving him crap about being a wuss and teasing him and really he wasn't paying much attention to me except to tell me to get the hell out of his room and leave him alone.

Standing in front of him I reached out and put his head on my chest and hugging him sarcastically and petting the top of his head. Saying stuff in a silly voice like "It will be ok poor baby" and stuff like that. I was liking feeling his cheek on my chest and noticed the shirt had ridden up and bottom of my boobs was kinda showing. I kept wiggling his head on my chest until the shirt was up completely over my braless boobs.

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I grabbed his head on both cheeks and just kept saying silly things to him and wiggling his head until I got his head turned so he was pressed against my naked chest but now facing it.

I had to wiggle myself around a bit too but had his lips going all over my chest and over my boobs. My nipples were hard as rocks and I thought they might be on fire. I took his head and put his lips right over the top of my left nipple and when I felt my pea size hard nipple slip between his lips, he at the same time sucked gently…omg I bout fainted.

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He slipped his arms around my back just above my butt and held me tight and went to town kissing, licking and sucking my tits&hellip.both of them. I thought I was gonna die. My legs got weak and I couldn't help but moan and keep my hands on his head pushing my nipples into his mouth.

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Oh I forgot to say he was wearing pj bottoms and no shirt. I thought he might come to his senses and realize what he was doing and stop, but I was having the time of my life and I knew there was juice running down my leg.


I could feel it ticking as it trickled down the inside of my thigh. With a big shove I pushed him down on his bed so he was laying down, his feet still on the floor and in a flash I grabbed the elastic waist band of his pjs and pulled them down as far as I could and as soon as I did, omg his cock sprang out and up and was waving like a pole. God it was big and long and swaying back and forth but at the same time he said "Jess .stop.hey we…" Without getting anytime to admire his meaty looking stick I climbed up onto him and straddled his waist.

With one quick move I wrapped a finger inside the fabric of my shorts covering my pussy. In the split second I did that my mind flew to how soppy wet I was and I thought to myself I never had been that wet before.

With a quick fluid movement I raised myself above his cock and reached under and grabbed my first cock with my hand. The thoughts were traveling at light speed through my mind…God its hot, God its hard, and velvety at the same time.

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But without time to enjoy that either I lowered myself until the head just touched my dripping lips. Almost at the same time he again said in a very stern voice this time " Jess…we cant&hellip." as he was saying "do this" I pushed myself onto his cock…one movement without stopping, all the way in me…oh jeeze I thought I was going to split apart and then I felt myself land on him&hellip.and he was in&hellip.all the way in…I could feel the ridges of his cock inside me&hellip.I could feel his heartbeat inside me…I could feel the end of it pushing against my guts&hellip.I thought it was in me so far it was between my tits inside me&hellip.seriously I wanted to sit there and breath for a minute but he began grinding me.

Oh god I could feel every swirl and all the way up to the end of his cock and I could feel his gyrations spreading against the inside of my pussy all the way up. It was the best&hellip.then he grabbed my hips and began thrusting up and down inside me and making my body do the same against his&hellip.Holy crap I could feel him pumping, sliding in and out of me and my insides just seemed to grab onto him like a fist.

At first I thought he was doing some damage that I might not survive, something mean and cruel that was gonna make my eyes pop out. After about the fifth or sixth or seventh pump into me I begin to have feelings inside me I never imagined. The hardness, the wetness, the friction of his cock inside me made me like crazy. I wanted it more and harder and deeper, even though when he was all the way in me it hurt way up inside as he pounded the end of my hole.

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I leaned forward, more like fell and caught myself with my hands on his chest and began to try to throw my spread pussy onto his cock as he thrust upward. My eyes were watering and there was slobber dripping out of my mouth.

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I felt it, I seen it and I didn't care. As his cock stretched and pumped me I was in a world I have never been in before. I was an animal with one thing on my mind. COCK in me. I felt way inside me up toward the end of his cock a feeling that was kinda like bees in a wad buzzing deep inside my belly…it got stronger and stronger and then it felt like a jillion of them flew out of my pussy canal and out my hole, it buzzed me so hard I felt my butt hole vibrating too…I began quivering and shaking and my spit and snot just went all over my brothers chest and I let out scream as the feeling flushed through me like wave after wave.

I thought my scream was held down but at the same time my mom hollered up the stairs."Jess you alright?" My brother at that same time thrust his hips way way up and lifted my whole body up and his cock went all the way deep again&hellip.I was still moaning, quivering, grunting when I felt hot thuds hitting me inside in spurt after spurt and without warning this time I had the same quivering, vibrating feeling that just rocked my whole body from the inside out.

I was so spent I couldn't answer my mom, I was oblivious to all the outside world, even though I was scared she was coming up the stairs to check on me… My bother breathed a deep breath and answered"Yeah she's okay, as long as she quits bothering me" I heard my mom laugh and say, "Ok you two, be nice to each other". With that me and my brother sweaty, panting, and flushed just grinned at each other, as I slid off his cock, feeling every semi hard inch slide out of me on the way, as I collapsed beside him on the bed with gobs of his cum dripping out of my gapped open pussy.