Naughty party teens go wild

Naughty party teens go wild
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Saturday morning, I woke up before Ingrid, got into my night clothes (I usually sleep nude, but wear shorts and a tee around the house at nights and in the morning) and started the coffee.

After doing my morning business, I woke her up so she could get ready for work. She wasn't feeling her best, due to the drinking the night before, but she'd been in worse shape and felt like she could handle it. She left at 5:30, and was to be gone from 6:00 to noon. As nonchalantly as possible, I told her to let me know if she got off earlier so Gwen and I could be home to meet her.

"What are you going to do this morning?" she asked. "Well, I thought we'd go for breakfast, if Gwen feels well enough, then if anything else needs to be done at Joe's I guess we'll do that. Otherwise, we'll just hang out and spend some time together." And fuck each other's brains out, I hope, I added mentally.

At least I hoped I'd added it mentally! "Sounds good," Ingred replied. "Okay, I'm going.

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You two have fun. Love you." I told her I love her too, and we kissed goodbye. I was tempted to go and wake Gwen immediately, but decided to let her sleep a little longer. I figured I'd wake her at 6:30, which would give us time for. whatever. What I really wanted to do was go crawl in bed with her and just lay together a while, but I didn't know if that would be well received.

Ingrid wasn't much for cuddling in the morning, especially if she hadn't been to the bathroom yet. Just as the anticipation was getting to me, and the temptation was starting to get strong enough that I was going to do just that, Gwen's bedroom door opened. She was rubbing her face, yawning, and looked so cute in her t-shirt and short-shorts that she slept in that my heart, and cock, were near bursting. She mumbled an unenthusiastic "mornin'", then went into the bathroom and shut the door.

After a pee and a quick rinsing of her face, she came out of the bathroom looking a little more alive. She smiled as she sat on the other couch. I'd kind of hoped she'd sit beside me on the main couch, but didn't say anything about it. "Do you want some coffee?" I asked. "No, not yet," she answered. "I feel like I could sleep some more." "Well, you can if you want," I said. I was thinking that I'd just get in bed with her and let her sleep in my arms a bit longer.

Gwen smiled again, then lay down on the couch and closed her eyes. Not exactly what I'd had in mind. "I thought we'd go get some breakfast later," I said. Gwen nodded her head slightly in answer. I got up and knelt beside her. "I want to kiss you," I murmured quietly. "You do?" she asked, sleepily. "Yes," and I leaned in. I thought she'd turn to meet me, but she didn't. So I gave her a quick peck on her cheek.

When she didn't respond, I started feeling very let down. I had a feeling that she was backing out, and no longer wanted anything. Disappointed, but not wanting to be too obvious about it, I stood up and said "Well, I guess I'll take a shower." She responded with a sleepy "uh huh." Disappointed? Hell, I was just short of furious!

I went in the bathroom and took a quick shower, cursing myself and, if I'm going to be honest, Gwen the whole time. I finished, put my night clothes back on, and went back into the living room. Gwen was in the kitchen, struggling to open the door to let the dogs out.

They were excited and jumping around, and she was having a hard time with it. I laughed and said "Here, let me get that for you." She stood back, I pushed the dogs out of the way and opened the door, letting them out.

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Once I closed the door, I turned back to Gwen. She was looking a lot more alert than she had earlier, and I couldn't help but notice how prominent her nipples were under her t-shirt. It was evident that she didn't have a bra on, but her breasts were just as firm as ever. I stepped toward her, getting ready to say something I'm sure would have been tremendously stupid, but before I could she rushed into my arms and we were kissing passionately. My hands were immediately under her shorts and panties, rubbing her beautiful ass.

I slipped my hand down her crack far enough to feel the heat and moisture of her pussy, and was rewarded with a throaty, sexual moan from her. She slipped a hand in between our bodies and under my shorts, and took my cock in her hand. "Oh, god," she moaned. "It feels so good!" I couldn't have agreed more! I reluctantly took my hands off her ass and lifted her shirt to expose her fantastic tits. "Your tits are fantastic!" I enthused. "I know," she replied, smiling.

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We kissed some more while I squeezed her tits and played with her amazing nipples. She was rubbing my throbbing dick, and I just couldn't wait any longer. I broke off the kiss, took her hand, and started leading her down the hallway towards the bedrooms. I briefly considered taken her into Ingrid's and my bedroom, but decided against it and we went into her room.

We started kissing again, and I pulled her shirt up and over her head, breaking the kiss only long enough to clear the shirt. While still kissing, I awkwardly reached down and pulled her shorts and panties off, and she helped by stepping up and out of them, first one leg then the other.

She pulled my shirt up, but was too short to pull it completely off, so we again broke the kiss while I finished the job.

Meanwhile, she sat on the edge of the bed and pulled my shorts down, leaving my dick swinging inches from her face. She eyed it greedily and tugged at it a few times, licking her lips. She hesitated a moment, then looking like she had come to a decision she suddenly engulfed me. Her lips were so soft, and her mouth so hot, I almost came right then.

In fact, if it hadn't been for the mutual masturbation session the previous morning, I'm almost positive I would have. Her oral skills were outstanding, and I was in heaven. But I wanted at that pussy!


I pulled away from her mouth, and gently pushed her back on the bed so that she was lying down with her legs over the edge. I knelt in front of her and parted her thighs, placing them on my shoulders. I looked in her eyes, thrilling at the lust I saw in them, while placing both hands under her butt. My thumbs were on either side of her vulva, and I rubbed them both along her slit, spreading her moisture and tweaking her engorged clitoris.

I couldn't wait another second; I dove into her pussy, licking and sucking gently, but frantically. She was so wet, and her juices were so exquisite, I almost came again. I was squeezing her ass cheeks with both hands while I tongued first her hole and then her clit, then I moved my right hand from under her and entered her pussy with my middle finger.

Once again I marveled at how tight she was. Forty years old, and had a kid, but was tight as any much younger woman I'd ever fucked. (I found out later that she practiced her Keagle exercises religiously. It paid off, that's for sure.) As I continued attacking her clit, I slowly stuck another finger in her pussy, finger fucking her.

She was so much more responsive to my ministrations than Ingrid ever was, which turned me on to higher and higher heights of passion. After what felt like hours of this, but was probably only about five minutes, she moaned "Oh, Rob, I need you to fuck me now!" I stood up, and crawled on the bed. She shifted positions so that I could get between her legs, lining my cock up with her glorious hole.

Resting the head just at the entrance, I leaned forward to kiss her, then drove my cock home in a sudden thrust. She was already so wet that, at tight as she was, he slid in easily.

If I thought I'd been in heaven before, I was mistaken. This? This was truly heaven!

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I stayed buried in her for a moment as we kissed, then slowly started moving my hips, thrusting myself in and out of her. She was grinding her pelvis into mine on each downward thrust, and squeezing my cock with her cunt as I withdrew. I felt the tingling in my balls way too soon, so I pulled out completely to her complaints. "Shh," I said. "I want this to last." throwing her legs over my shoulders, I once again buried my face in her pussy, lapping up her juices now combined with a fair amount of my pre-cum.

"I want to suck you," she mewled, and I simply couldn't refuse her. I turned so that I could straddle her face while I continued eating her out. I love nothing more than a good 69 session, but I usually prefer being on the bottom with the girl over me. After a few moments I rolled over to get her on top, and we continued licking and sucking each other.

Her ass cheeks tensed and relaxed as she squeezed her vagina muscles, rubbing her pussy on my face as I tongued her. I licked from her clit all the way back to her asshole, and (because it tasted clean) I probed there for a moment. This elicited a groan from her that I felt in my cock. Gwen sat up, turned around to face me, and lowered herself on my raging cock.

She held my hands down on the bed and used her leverage to ride me cowgirl style. I'd never felt such a perfect pussy wrapped around my cock, and the squeezing she was doing while fucking me was almost more than I could bear. I pulled her up off my cock, and slid down so that I could once again eat her, riding my face. I purposefully kept her from having access to my dick, because if I didn't take at least a short break I wouldn't be able to keep from coming, and I wanted more! I tongued her pussy and fingered her asshole, slipping into her to the first knuckle of my middle finger.

Her butt hole tightened around my finger, and I licked furiously at her clit. She tensed, panting heavily, then arched her back, shuddering in an intense orgasm.

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My face was covered with her juices, and I kept licking as her body jerked in electric spasms. She finally pulled away from my face and tongue, gasping, and crawled down my body to kiss me. "Jesus Christ, that was good!" she breathed. She kissed me, and licked her juices off my face.


She'd already settled back on my hard on, slowly working it back into her hot, wet pussy. I shifted and thrust, helping her, and soon was buried balls deep again.

We ground together slowly, kissing and touching. I grabbed her ass in both hands, kneading her buns, and slipping my fingers down to her lips.

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When they were coated with her juices, I slipped my middle finger into her asshole, working it slowly in and out in time with my cock thrusts. This time I didn't stop at one knuckle, but pushed it in as far as it would go.

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As my cock went in, my finger would ease out, and vice verse. The friction was incredible, and it must have been good for Gwen as well; her eyes were half-closed and her breathing was getting fast and heavy again. She rolled off of me, onto her back, and beckoned me to climb aboard, which I did.

I put her legs on my shoulders, and started thrusting with an urgency; it was time to come! She closed her eyes and sighed as I pounded her, increasing my speed.

"Do you want me to come in you, or on you?" I asked. "Anywhere you want, baby," she moaned. I would have loved to pull out and shoot my cum all over her tits and face, but her reply sent me over the edge. I buried my cock in her pussy one last time, and with a guttural roar, I released what felt like a quart of cum into her.

Her body tensed and shuddered again, though not as violently as before, as she had another orgasm. I pumped a few more times, and her pussy sucked at my cock, draining every last drop. I was spent. I let my body weight rest on her a bit, and she locked her legs and arms around me, holding me tight.

I started feeling self-conscious about my weight being on her, so I raised up, and rolled to my side facing her. I caressed her side, arms, and back, looking in her eyes. "That was incredible," I said softly. "You're a fantastic lover," she replied.

"I haven't felt this complete and satisfied in a very long time." I kissed her again, trying to say with that kiss what I could not dare to say out loud.

Her cell rang, and we both sat up while she checked it. It was her husband, so she answered and did a passable job of holding a conversation with him as if she hadn't just had mind-blowing sex. I got up and dressed quickly, then got a towel for her to clean up the mess I'd left behind. I would have cleaned her up myself, but as I tried to, she swatted me away good naturedly, but quietly, and continued her conversation. I left, chuckling, and let her finish her call.