Dude vergnügt slutty nymphe bis max

Dude vergnügt slutty nymphe bis max
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It has been a couple of years since I have seen my ex. We managed to remain as friends though. Though our relationship lasted five years, we would occasionally still talk on the phone, but we did not flirt with each other. I was 34 and she was 33. She was presently in a relationship and I was single. Her birthday was coming up one weekend so she invited me.


She thought it would be a nice surprise for all of her friends because they have not seen me in years. I arrived around 4pm because she told me to come early. As I walked into her back door that led to the kitchen, I saw Mika and another female friend of hers in the kitchen cooking food.

Mika has gained weight since we broke up, but she still was pretty. Her girlfriend was pretty too. "Mike, this is Dominique, Dominique, this is Mike". I shook her hand and paid her no mind really. But her gf was fine looking. She had a light brown skin complexion, stood about 5'4", weigh about 130lbs, and her tits appeared to be Double D's.

I found out later she was only 20. As the evening went on, more friends kept showing up and the alcohol drinking and other good stuff were circulating. We were drinking all kinds of stuff. Everyone was wasted. It was starting to get hot in the house so Mika pushed the crowd to her back yard. While we sat on the benches, her gf Dominique kept taking peeps at me.

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I tried to just play it cool because I did not want to disrespect my ex like that. But while she kept taking peeps at me, I can feel my cock growing in my pants. Oh how I wished they were not girlfriends so I can take this girl somewhere and fuck her real hard with my long and massive cock. After chilling outside for a couple of hours, I decide to go back in the house to sit in the living room. When I got there, there was some dude just sitting there watching TV so we started a conversation.

We were talking about nothing really, but a good movie was on so we just watched that. His name was Nate. All of sudden, Dominique comes into the living room with her tight black jeans on, fitted t-shirt and sits down.

Nobody else was in the room. From the look on her face, you can tell she was high and pretty tipsy.


She sat there on the couch with her eyes half open and legs half open. I'm trying to play it cool by just talking with Nate, but Dominique kept taking peeps at me. So, I started taking peeps back knowing what I was doing was wrong and crazy because if Mika founds out I'm flirting with her gf, she'll probably try to fuck me up. I stopped paying Dominique any mind and went back to talking with Nate. All of sudden, like 10 minutes later, Dominique out of nowhere lifts up her t-shirt and bra and flashes her tits.

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Me and Nate were completely stunned. DAMN!!!! Her tits had to be like 38 DD's. She put her shirt back down like nothing ever happened. Nate says "Yo, did you see that?" I said "Yea", still shocked like crazy. My cock was so hard in my pants. I was starting to think "fuck that" about Mika and just take my chances. But, this was too daring. Everyone is outside and could come in at any minute and catch us.

So, we did not do anything.


Five minutes later, I decided to get up and go look outside to see what everyone was doing. Everyone was just laughing and drinking. It did not seem like anyone was going to come inside the house. So, I walked over to Dominique and said "Yo, let me see those again". She immediately pulled up her shirt and bra again.

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DAMNNNN! This time me and Nate was near her and feeling on her tits. They felt so soft and full. However, we were scared as shit with what we were doing because we did not want to get caught. I went to go check outside again and the coast was still clear. This time, I became a little more bold and freaky. I walked over to Dominique and said "Since, you showed me those nice azz tits, let me return you a favor".

I immediately unzipped my pants and pulled out massive cock and her eyes lit up. She immediately started sucking me off.

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Her lips felt so good. I wanted to come in her mouth so bad, but I was too worried about getting caught. "This shit crazy", I said to myself. After she finish sucking on me for like 3 minutes, I told her to stop so I can go check outside. When I came back, Nate had his cock in her mouth. She was sucking him off now. I walked over and started playing with her tits and sucking on her nipples. She was getting real horny. Nate seemed scared too though.

He looked at me and said he wanted to lick her pussy. I told him I'll go check outside to see if we can get away with more action. The coast was cleared so Nate proceeded pulling down her jeans and licking on her clit. I put my cock back in her mouth and started fucking her face. I said all kinds of freaky shit to her. I called her a freaky bitch and all and she just loved it. All sudden, we thought we heard someone come in the house so me and Nate quickly sat down and adjusted our clothes.

Dominique immediately put her shirt back down. One of the other girlfriends were in the kitchen getting more drinks, but never came into the living room. She then went back outside.

Soon as the coast was clear, I went back and put my cock in Dominique's mouth and started fucking her face like crazy. Nate was like "fuck this" and he put on a condom. Dominique got into the doggy style position and Nate started fucking her from behind while I fucked her face. Her tits were swinging back and forth from the movement. After 5 minutes fucking her, I ran with my cock swinging to go look outside to make sure everything was okay.

I then ran back and told Nate to get in the front while I fuck her from behind.


So, we switched positions. Nate threw me another condom so I put it on real quick and started fucking her from behind. I was fucking her hard as shit and smacking the shit out of her ass too.

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"You a naughty freaky bitch, aren't you Dominique?", I asked her. She moaned "yes" while she kept sucking Nate. I said to Nate, "Talk nasty to this bitch". Nate just smiled and giggled. He could not believe we were tag teaming this girl while a bunch of people, including my EX, was outside.

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Remind you, this was my first time meeting Nate… After another 5 minutes, I decided to not hold back my come so I let it out. Nate saw me coming and that made him over excited. He ended up coming right on her face. To get rid of the evidence quickly, I ran into the bathroom and got tissue so she can clean her face.

We all went into the bathroom real quick to clean up. We walked outside to the backyard like nothing ever happened. The End…