Argentina saltentildea montando mi pija cowgirl and blonde

Argentina saltentildea montando mi pija cowgirl and blonde
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Richard and Annie POV Morning Quickie

"Helping Lil Sis Study Part 1" It was a nice warm spring day in Northeast Pennsylvania, and Kyle had just gotten home from football practice. He has beautiful blue eyes, blackish-brown hair, and was about 6 feet tall.

He wasn't pure muscle, but he was pure fat either. He was what a lot of the girls at his school looked at as the guy they wanted. As Kyle walked in the front door of his house, he was greeted by a big hug from his lil did Samantha.

She was a young girl, age 14, who was as innocent as an 8 year old. She had bright green eyes and long flowing brown hair a little past her shoulders. As Kyle was lovingly, and a little painfully, hugged by his cute little sis, he decided to playfully push her over and watch her fall over onto the carpet. He proceeded to pin her down and tickle her tummy and fee until she begged for mercy. All of a sudden Kyle felt something, and noticed he'd gotten a full on boner.

Kyle quickly got up off from tickling his sister and excusedhimself for a moment so he could "go to the bathroom." All the way to his bedroom, he had hoped his little sister hadn't seen his bugle sticking out as he pinned her down and tickled her. He decided he shouldn't worry too much though, because he was tickling his lil sis, she so probably had her eyes closed.

Even though he was sure Samantha hadn't noticed his raging boner, he was worried as to why he'd gotten one in the first place. He'd been with 13 girls, and had fucked 12 of them, so his ability to fight a boner should have been a bit better than that.

Sooner or later he had forgotten about the whole thing and decided to go help his little sis study, as she had previously asked for a bit of help.


Kyle walked down the hallway to his little sister's room. Her door was slightly ajar so he let himself in. There, he found her laid on her bed with books and papers sprawled out in front of her. As he walked in, he noticed the cute little outfit Samantha was wearing. She had on a pink sports bra-like top and black short shorts with a pink little flower on the butt.

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Samantha had a mature shape. She was curved with a beautiful butt, even though she had not gotten her period yet, nor had been educated on exactly how babies were made. She was as innocent as an 8 year old and the most beautiful girl he'd ever known. Al though, Kyle hadn't really noticed any of this until now. He sat behind Samantha and helped her sort out the papers by class and project before beginning. There, Samantha laid down on her tummy, unintentionally showing off her great features.

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Again, Kyle's little problem 'popped' up again but he figured Sam wouldn't notice and that it'd eventually go away. And it did, until his adorable little sis decided to sit on his lap. In a spilt second, Kyle grew to 5.5 inches and had it practically grinding against her butt.

She noticed something poking her so she wiggled and shifted around a little, thinking it was a pencil case or something that had been in Kyle's lap. Having Samantha's perfect ass grinding more and more into Kyle's raging hard on made Kyle grunt as he refrained from ripping off those cute little shorts right then and fucking her untouched young pussy on her bed.

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Voices started to yell at Kyle inside his mind. This was his little sister for Christ's sake! He felt so disgusted from the thoughts that had poked their way into his mind. He was so confused on the current situation. Kyle thought to himself that it was his underage sister, so it had to be wrong.

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Yet, he was only human and any girl with a body and ass like that would have probably set him off doing that. While all this was racing throughout Kyle's mind, Samantha was wondering what in the heck was poking her!

After wriggling and wiggling all over, she finally got off Kyle's lap to discover it wasn't a pencil case poking her, but something pointy in her bro's pants.

Samantha sat in front of her big bro, leaned over alittle unintentionally showing off her slightly matured breats, and poked the bulge that had been poking her. Samantha had no clue what it could be, but was intent on getting rid of it so they could get back to studying for her quiz tomorrow.

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After Samantha had poked his bulge a few times, Kyle couldn't resist growing a little thicker. Kyle started to since his little sis had discovered his hard on. In a panic, he grabbed a pillow, threw in ontop of his lap, and told Samantha that they needed to keep studying.

Unfortunately for Kyle, this in no way distracted Samantha from the bulge in Kyle's pants. So finally, Samantha asked what was in his pants. Kyle didn't know what to tell her. She was so innocent. How was he to explain to her about it? In an attempt to discourage her curiosity, he told her that since he was a boy, he was a little different than how a girl looks down there, and that it's nothing to worry about and it would go away.

Samantha still wanted to know more. So, being the inquisitive little girl she was, she sheepishly asked to see it, as she had always thought the difference between a girl and a bog was that girls had long hair.

Kyle had just peaked his sis's curiosity and there was no way he was getting out of this. So, reluctantly, Kyle pulled his raging boner out of his boxers for his little sis to examine.

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He hoped she'd just say "okay" and they would continue studying, but that didn't happen. Instead, Samantha grabbed it with her hand, causing a pool of precum to form on his tip. Sam didn't notice though. She began wiggling his dick around, causing him to get harder and harder, he wanted to cum all over her so badly and felt bad for wanting to.

Samantha giggled, commenting on how it was like a joystick for Pacman. She began making "waka waka" noises and moving it around. Kyle shot her a dirty look and she stopped. Thinking Samantha had gotten her fill of curiosity for one night, Kyle began putting his raging boner back into his pants.

Samantha objected and forces to him to keep it out, or else she'd tell mom he wasn't helping her with school. Kyle quietly cursed to himself, pulling it back out for his sister. She began pulling it now, noticing the precum and that more would come out if she pulled up and down on it. She asked why it was getting wet, and if she was hurting him. She blushed, feeling back that she may have hurt her big bro. Kyle knew if he lied and said it'd hurt him, he'd hurt his lil sis's feelings.

So, he told the truth, confessing about how it actually felt very pleasurable and that the wet stuff was called precum. Samantha, intent on badgering every last bit of info out of her big bro, decided she'd find out what it was for. She began pulling his hard, throbbing, precum drenched dick faster and faster. While doing so, she took her other hand and started playing with his tip, mainly to see what the precum did.

Kyle started feeling a sensation at his base and even though he was during to shoot his huge load of cumm all over her pretty young face, he told her to knock it off before he came.


Samantha abruptly stopped, wondering where he would be coming from, and why it would be bad if he "came." She kept going, threatening to continue more and more until he "came" unless he explained what that ment. Kyle starting exposing about how guys with shoot stuff called cum out if it feels good enough, and that guys love to do it. Samantha wanted to know that if it was so good, why didn't he want to?

He explained that since they are brother and sister, and since he's over 18, it would be illegal if anyone found out and he would get in lots of trouble. Samantha promised she'd never tell, and before Kyle could reject, she started pumping his cock harder and harder, her perky little A cup breasts jiggling while she did so.

Without any warning. 5, 6, 7, 8!


8 ropes of Kyle's sweet hot cum plastered Samantha's face and chest. Kyle fell backwards from such a huge load, and Samantha was shocked. So this is what it meant to cum.Some of Kyle's warm cum started running into her mouth, and she hesitantly tasted it. It tasted salty, yet sweet, and if was very warm.

She decided she liked it and wanted more. She began wiping the cum off her face, feeding it to herself, letting out a little moan each time she did so. She liked the taste and it made her crave to pull on her brother's hard cock again and taste his hot cum once more. How'd I do for part 1? This is my first sex story.