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Young teen sucks old dick Surprise your girlplaymate and she will
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I don't think I got more than five hours sleep. At first I had to think where I was; oh yeah, I was in the back of an old canvas carnival tent. I had to pee in the worst way. I quickly got dressed and hiked over to a nearby gas station men's room to wash up. I checked to see if my cock was still there after that fantastic adventure with Corrine last night. I wondered where girls learn to suck a dick like that; or was it just Corrine that sucked like that? I'm going to need more of that soon, I said softly to myself The outside was alive with a new cacophony; people talking and shouting, the generators were starting up.

I was used to quiet and rest on Saturdays. My boss was already up banging on one of the two x fours that framed my tent.

"Bobby, you up yet!" I heard him with his raised voice. "We have an early start today. Saturdays we open at 10 o'clock. Time to rise and shine." Running across the street I heard him and said, "I'm already up, Mr. M. "That's great. Usually my new recruits sleep late after their first night. How did you like it? Did everything go as well as you thought?" "Every thing went well and this job is way more than I ever could have imagined.

I'm going to like working for you very much." He seemed more than satisfied with my ass kissing answer, but I only tried to sound sincere. I didn't want to lose this job and be sent home to mommy and daddy after my first day. Bob explained to me that we work a twelve hour day on Saturdays. Saturday night we tear down our tents and pack-up and head to the next town on the itinerary. I was beginning to understand.

After a quick breakfast down at he same diner I visited last night, I was ready to open for business. After breakfast I saw Bob again and he told me that I could get reduced price meals at the 'grease pit'.

" 'Grease pit'?" I said inquisitively. 'That's where you can get a hot meal as he pointed to the mess tent where they sell hot dogs, burgers, fries, sausages and drinks. On Saturday mornings they also serve bacon or ham and eggs if you like. Just tell them you're 'with it' and they will understand." "Thanks," I said began opening up the tent for the day in preparation for the public.

I stopped for a few seconds as I saw Carla sashaying toward her tent. She was a babe; tall and voluptuous, full hips swaying. My groin began stirring thinking of her sister and last night. As she neared, I couldn't take my eyes of her cleavage. I remembered her pressing herself to me last night as I was leaving. In this brief moment I thought about sucking on those mammaries.

She caught me looking and smiled as she said, "Good morning, Bobby." It sounded so sexy the way she said my name. I returned the greeting, "Good morning to you too, Carla. Where's Corrine today?" Although her father was strict, I couldn't understand why he would let his daughters wear such deep cut blouses out in public. Then I answered my own question; it pays to advertise.

Attractive women attract more customers. It was all part of her work uniform. "Oh, she got busted. Daddy caught her sneaking back in the house late last night after he went to bed.

That's a no-no by his rules. She's grounded for the whole day and has to stay in and clean the house. I feel like I'm being punished. I have to work the whole day and night today." "That's too bad. Where did she go when she went out last night?" "I don't know. She never said. But out is out; the punishment is the same." "What would your father do if he caught her with a boy?" "That would be a death sentence for both!" I gulped thinking it's a good thing Corrine didn't tell.

I could be walking on some dangerous ground here. We continued opening the shop for business. Things got busy rather quickly for a Saturday morning.

I guessed not every one likes to sleep late like me. During breaks in the waves of customers Carla and I got to talk and become familiar with each other. For an older girl, I found that it was fairly easy to talk to her. After spending the whole day together I offered to buy her supper at the 'pit'.

Unbelievable, I thought. She accepted. And I was in Heaven again. Me, out with an older women. Well, it wasn't really out, but I felt like it was a real date. The carnival closed for a short break in the afternoon to allow people to get ready for the night shift.

So I had a couple of hours to kill and supper with my voluptuous babe neighbor was about as good as it could get. We had just taken our first bite out of a juicy burger. I must have been starving; it tasted so good.

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Before I got to my second bite, this super voluptuous babe woman sat next to me. One look at her cleavage and I felt myself getting stiff. She was tall and trim; big boobs and wide hips, large brown eyes and long dark brown hair. I wasn't too great at guessing peoples' ages, but I suspected she was about forty. A welcome smile formed across her painted lips; her perfect white teeth. Her presence alone dwarfed the babe I was having supper with. I opened my mouth to introduce myself.

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After last night I had already gained some confidence and even had thoughts of asking her out later. Before I spoke, she introduced herself, "Hi, Bobby. My name is Carmen; I run the 'magic' disc game across the way." Was this an invitation to come on over later? That thought quickly evaporated with her next line. "I'm Corrine's and Carla's mother. It's a pleasure to meet you, Bobby." "Same here," as I sat with my stuttering mouth open and my eyes gawking at her awesome cleavage.

"Heh Hmm!' My thought were interrupted. "Better hurry up and finish. We open in a few minutes," Carla Sputtered.

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Did I detect a bit of rivalry between her and mother? It was a busy night and by 10:30, I was ready to crawl into my sleeping bag for the night. I was about to close up and Bobby M., my boss, came strutting over with a big grin and said, "Are you ready? Tonight we tear everything down and head for our next stop. And tomorrow we get to put it all back up again." I knew everything was going too great to be true. There's always a catch.

I just wanted to crawl into a dark corner and call it a day. No such luck. Bobby showed me how to take every pin and numbered 2X4 of the tent frame apart. Tomorrow I was to set it up by myself. Well, this sounded challenging. There were no instructions, so I had to pay close attention. The work went fast. An hour later and everything was packed into the panel van that Bobby used while on the road.

The only difficult part was the canvas. It was basically one piece and had to be folded and rolled just right. If not, you would have a hard time trying to open and install it for the next day.

It was also fairly heavy and was much easier with help from Bobby to wrestle it into the truck. Everything packed away; I had a renewed energy and strolled back to the midway. Carla and her dad were just starting to take her tent down. Carmen's was already put away for next week. I offered to help and the gesture was accepted. We had everything done in half an hour. I was rewarded to come over to their trailer for a Coke or something cold to drink.

It had been hot and humid all day and night. When we got to the trailer, Carmen was already on her second or third beer. She was wearing a thin silken, cool mint green nightgown with a matching thin open robe. Her breasts were perfectly outlined against the thin fabric.

The imprint and the darker shade of her areolas and nipples were totally visible. Being almost at the legal age to drink, I was offered a Carling, Black Label: my first beer.

I was thirsty, and it was cold. I downed it in a couple of gulps and was quickly asked if I wanted another. "I guess I am thirstier than I realized," I said. I was already starting to feel a bit light-headed; this was a totally new and strange feeling.

"So this is what it's like from drinking alcohol!" I thought to myself. It was a good feeling and I wondered why only adults were allowed theses pleasures. Carmen held out another and I quickly accepted. Her robe opened further to display more of her succulent cleavage.

The second went slower as I sat down. My cock also needed some time to soften. Karl was standing against the kitchen counter behind his wife and I was sure he wasn't seeing what I was. Carmen's nipples for some reason stiffened; maybe she noticed the bulge in my pants just before I sat down. My cock would not go down. It was a good thing it was now hidden beneath the edge of the table.

Before I realized it, I was on my third drink. My mouth just kept on flapping. I talked with the family about where I was from and carnival life. I asked about Corrine and was told she had already gone to bed. "I missed seeing her today. She is a very nice girl." Dad spoke up. "She went out last night and came in late. That's against house rules." "Oh!" was all I could manage to say. "It's getting late and I should be heading off to bed." Dad said good night and thanked me again for the help.

Nothing wrong with making a good impression I thought. Mom and Carla Stood up as I was leaving. Dick finally back down to almost normal. Carla gave me one of her cock crushing hug and a kiss on the cheek. She held me just a few seconds longer than a quick goodnight kiss. My cock filled up and twitched against her thigh; she winked and went off to her room. My boner was full hard again. Mom was a little tipsy from having several drinks within the past hour as she stumbled toward me to thank me also for sticking up for and defending her daughters yesterday.

Her robe was now completely open as I reached to catch her as she stumbled. My arm stretched forward and managed to reach into her open robe.

The stiff nipple of her right breast pressed into my arm as her body almost collapsed into me. She reached up to grab hold of something; I was the only something within reach. With her arms around my neck and shoulders she said, "Excuse me, Bobby! I guess I may have had one too many." I steadied her and held her as she said goodnight. It must be a family custom because she gave me a kiss on both cheeks while her massive globes pressed into my body.

Her full lips were warm and moist. Her breasts were burning into my chest. My cock was throbbing in my shorts, and I'm sure Carmen felt it against her tummy when she hugged me. I don't know if it was my cock twitching or did Carmen ever so slightly push her hips into me as we embraced.

She gave me that warm smile as I remembered from the supper bar. She did not say anything about my erection. I would have been totally embarrassed if she did. But right now it really didn't bother me much. "Good night, Bobby! It is such a pleasure to meet such a nice young man as yourself." Her eyes weren't looking at my face, but were fixed on my tented pants. I also checked out her cleavage once more before parting. If she only knew what I and her daughter did last night, I'm positive she would not have said that.

I slept like a log this night. Day 3 I slept through the ride to our next town. It was maybe twenty miles away, but I had no idea where I was. Buzzards Bay was civilization as compared to this new environment.

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East Falmouth seemed like the middle of nowhere. The nearest place to go for a late night meal was over a half mile away, Danny Kaye's Pizza. I became very familiar with it during my next week on the road. We got up early this Sunday morning and Bobby M. showed me where to set up my tent. His was just left of mine.

He said if you get everything set up in the morning, you have the whole day to yourself for any activity you want. I don't know if he was trying to be funny or serious. I had no clue as to where I was or even which direction would bring me toward civilization.

For someone without a car to go any where, there was not a damn thing to do here. A few new friends emerged during this week. One of them was a 'ride boy', the people I was told not to associate with.

Apparently most of the transient 'ride boys' were not of very reputable character. Ex-cons, alcoholics, gamblers and the like; but Andy C. seemed like a regular guy. He was about my age, 18? We seemed to like the same things; girls, baseball, football and more girls. While I was setting up my living and working quarters, this curly blonde haired kid rode up on his 10-speed bicycle.

At least I thought he was a kid; he was eighteen also. I guess eighteen was the magic age to loiter around carnivals. His bike was the first 10 speed I ever saw. It was a red Schwinn; the Cadillac of bikes at the time. He left me to finish my struggles of tent erection.

I was sweating with my first attempt. It seemed that I had a couple of the frame pieces mismatched. Bobby M. let me wrestle with it for a while before coming to my rescue. He showed me what was wrong. I misread his markings on the ends of the 2 x 4 members and it threw off the whole alignment. It was near two o'clock in the afternoon before everything was set up including my back room accommodations. I was just about to take a walk down the road to explore the neighborhood when I saw my parents' car pulling onto the lot.

They brought more clothes, drinks, a radio, snacks, and most importantly, a few dollars for buying whatever else I might want or need. We had lunch and I told them how everything was going great. Bobby M. came over and introduced himself and assured my folks that I was doing a good job and they had nothing to worry about under his supervision. I think they were relieved to hear that. They didn't stay long after lunch and headed back home. After they left, I wondered how they even knew where I was; I didn't even know where I was.

I didn't see Corrine or her sister, Carla anywhere on the lot. I guess they decided to arrive later. Their father was one of the first to arrive.

After all, he was in charge of supplying power for all the concessions and rides. I met up with Andy. He was already finished setting up his 'kiddie' rides that he was responsible for. We decided to explore the town together. There was nothing for half a mile. It was hot and we were getting thirsty.

As we looked further down the road, I spotted a sign that read, Route 28. Just beyond that, the first sign of civilization; on the left we could make out the word 'pizza'. I guess we weren't too far away from other people after all. I was beginning to wonder if anybody would be able to find the carnival. The place had AC; it felt refreshing after the short hike. There was this dark haired beauty about my age, high school age any way, working behind the counter.

Her name was Paula B.; I couldn't stop looking at her while I gulped down my first Coke. She noticed me checking her out and smiled. I knew I would be back again to see her. Two Cokes later, Andy and I headed back.

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He said he still had some minor work to do to get the rides prepared for tomorrow. Danny G., the blonde kid I met this morning, was on the midway again and asked if I would like to ride his bike.

It didn't take much pondering to decide if I wanted to take this Rolls Royce of bikes for a spin. It was hard to maneuver on the bumpy grounds with all the grass clumps every few feet, but once on the road, this bike seemed to fly. The shifting was smooth and within seconds, I was pushing close to thirty miles per hour according to the speedometer attached to the bike.

Before disappearing or losing sight of the carnival grounds, I decided to turn back. Danny invited me to his house about two miles away. "You seem to like riding. How would you like to ride to my house?" "Sure," I said. He hopped on the handle bars and off we rode. A mile down the rode, the pedaling became more difficult. The last mile or so was now an uphill ride. By the time we almost reached his house on the sand covered pavement, I could no longer pedal.

My legs were tired and 10-speeds with narrow tires or any bike for that matter does not ride well in sand. With 165 pounds sitting on the handle bars, I was lucky to have made it this far.

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Even Danny was surprised I made it this far. We walked the rest of the way; it was only three houses further. He told me he was a Golden Glove boxing champ and showed me some of his trophies. His father was a professional boxer. His name was Curly. Curly was a strange name to me. All I could think of was Moe and Larry. Danny showed me his dad's trophies also.

Curly had died a few years ago in an accident. I felt sad. Danny was proud of his dad and of his own boxing abilities as well. After a cold glass of water we headed back. The pedaling was much easier. Downhill the first mile and level ground the balance. The further from his house, the less sand covered the road. After arriving at the carnival, Danny said, "See ya later!" and rode back home. I was exhausted. I rode my own single speed circa 1915 hand me down bike quite a bit I thought a 10-speed would be much easier.

I thought wrong. It's a lot harder when someone is sitting on the handle bars. I crawled into the back of my tent and flopped on my cot for a short siesta. A few hours later I heard Bobby M. asking if I'd like to go out for supper. I was starving and groggily said yes, thank you; I'll be right out. I sat up from my nap, pulled on my sneakers and hopped out of the tent. Here I was, back at Danny Kaye Pizza. First thing I noticed was Paula, still working. "Hi, Bobby!" she said. I acknowledged her greeting and my boss Bob M.

also turned around to see who called out his name in a place he's never been. Realizing it wasn't meant for him he faced me and asked, "You've been here before?" "Yeah; this afternoon with Andy. We had a Coke." "It looks like you made quite an impression on Paula." I never really thought about that, but it did appear she seemed interested in me.

Unfortunately, I found out later that night that she also was not allowed out with boys. Her father and uncle ran the pizza shop and basically kept her on a short leash. She had just turned sixteen and her parents felt that was too young to be going out with boys. I still ate there a few more times during the week. Paula with her big brown eyes was very pleasing just to look at. When I returned to the carnival grounds, I saw that Corrine and Carla were setting up their prize display in their game tent.

As I approached them, Mom and Dad were also converging on their tent domain from across the midway. I hadn't seen them since Saturday; Corrine since Friday, and wanted to say how nice they looked, but Carmen and Joe were well within hearing range.

Joe's real name was Karl or Carl but everyone called him Joe. Even though Joe seemed to like me, his appearance alone was intimidating.

You didn't want to say the wrong thing to him; or worse, say the wrong thing to one of his daughters or Carmen. Every one of the 'ride boys' averted their eyes when he was around. If they said anything at all, it was just a, Hi, Joe! I opted for just a, "Hi!" to all and then offered my help, but everything was just about done and they were going out for a late supper.

"Maybe I'll se you later. Have a good supper." I said as they were leaving the midway. Their tent was at the opposite end of the grounds from my tent, so I figured I probably would not be seeing them too much this week during work hours. The work hours by the way were great. You worked about four and a half hours a night. All the rest of the time was yours to do as you please. Saturdays were the only full work schedule. There was close to nothing to do at nights here in East Falmouth, Cape Cod, Massachusetts on a Sunday night or as I found out later, any night of the week.

I crawled into my cot and quickly fell asleep. I don't know how long I had been in dreamland, but I could hear someone whispering my name. At first I thought it was Andy, but that choice was out as soon as I felt a warm sort kiss on my cheek. Quickly Corrine came to mind as I shook off more of the cobwebs.

Wrong, again! It was Carla. "Carla!" I whispered. "What are you doing here?" "I couldn't sleep, Bobby, and I wanted someone to talk to." "What time is it? I asked. Won't your father come looking for you?" "It's after midnight and everyone is asleep.

No one will be looking for me." As I swung my legs over the edge of the cot to sit up, I felt Carla's warm body move in next to me. She smelled intoxicating. I think she called it Chanel No.5. I turned to face her in the dark; she kissed me full on the lips. Hers were moist and sweet. Her hot breath on my neck as her lips parted from me caused a slight twinge in my groin.

"You're so nice and cute. You seem to be the only person who gets along with Daddy. We had a fight tonight at the restaurant. He doesn't seem to understand that I'm eighteen years old and should be allowed to go out with guys." I sheepishly put my arm around her shoulder and tried to explain to her that her father loves her and is just trying to protect her.

I repeated something that Corrine mentioned a couple of nights ago. "You know, Carla, your dad probably thinks that all boys just want to get into your pants, and that's why he doesn't want you to get hurt. But really, not all boys are like that." "Bobby, that's exactly what he says." She turned toward me and kissed me again. Her full lips felt so nice against mine; I lowered my hand from her shoulder and reached around the front of her with my right.

I meant to put my hand on her side, but in the dark my aim wasn't the best. I felt bare flesh; her blouse was open and my hand rested on her massive left breast.


I squeezed gently not quite realizing hat I had hold of. Carla winced slightly and continued kissing me. I pulled my hand off her firm tit and traced my fingers over it in search of her nipple. I found it and began circling her areola; around and around I traced with my fingers. Carla whimpered when my fingers lightly pinched and pulled on her stiffened nipple.

I now had a throbbing boner trying to rip its way through my shorts. We kissed some more and Carla's hand slid down the front of me and stopped when it hit the stiff pole in my shorts. My mind was racing with thoughts of her sister and what we did Friday night. Carla, I thought, may have more experience at this than Corrine; and I'm sure a lot more than I. I felt her reaching under the elastic waist band and wrapped her hand around my rigid member.

I moved my right hand to her left tit. Her nipple was firm before I got there. My hand massaged her breast like a pro. I pulled and twisted her nipple gently.

Her left hand began sliding softly up and down my seven inch length I moaned I think more for her satisfaction, letting her know she was doing a nice job jerking my dick. I said, "Let me take them off I stood up and removed my shorts. Carla also stood up and I helped her remove her blouse. I was about to sit back on the cot and I heard Carla unzipping her jeans. My cock swelled further. I was so sensitive and just imagining what was before me, caused some precum to ooze.

Still standing, I put my arms around her and pulled her naked body toward mine. Her firm DD breasts were pressed tightly against me. Her legs were spread and my stiff cock slid beneath her pubes. I don't know if it was my precum or her wetness that caused my bone to slide so easily along her slit. My hand reached down and grabbed her firm ass and pulled her even tighter against me. My cock was twitching wildly between her smooth thighs.

We separated slightly and I put her huge firm breasts to my mouth. I kissed and sucked every square inch of her chest. "Sit down!" she commanded. Who was I to argue? Having four older sisters I learned at a very young age not to argue with women. Carla finally had a boy of her own age, eighteen, and I had an older woman, who really was eighteen.

I sat down and as I did she knelt in front of me. My cock was throbbing. I anticipated what was next. She slid her hands up from my ankles up my shins and onto my thighs. She slid both slowly inching them toward my rock hard log.


I thought to myself, "Yes, she had done this before." Her left hand cupped my sac while her right gripped the bas of my shaft. I felt her hot moist lips wrap my head. Her tongue slowly started to circle the tip.

She softly sucked and licked before lifting her head. "You taste very sweet, Bobby." I placed my hands on her shoulders and her head went back down. With more of my swollen cock in her mouth, her hand began jerking my shaft once more and my balls were being massaged with her other.

I couldn't help myself. I couldn't hold back at all. I instinctively placed my hand on the back of her bobbing head and groaned deeply that I was about to cum. She hummed as if in acknowledgement and continued to suck harder and jerk my shaft faster. I felt my cock swell to explosive proportion as my balls churned with a voluminous discharge. I held her tightly as she vociferously and incessantly suck me into a coma. I think I screamed out loud on the first eruption.

My breathing was fast and deep as I continued to pump my load into her hot drooling mouth. I didn't want it to end as I came harder than I ever had in my entire fifteen year life. I couldn't move. Carla was still on her knees between my legs. My hand was still on her head. She commented on the volume of cum she had just sucked from my groin. I told her how beautiful she is and couldn't help myself. She actually thanked me. As I finally managed to get up, I told Carla that I would like to do that to her.

She acted surprised and said no one has ever done that to her. "You're kidding me! I said. "You're in for a delightful treat." I spread my blankets on the ground and said get ready for your reward.

With authority and jokingly I said, "lie down and spread 'em!" "Yes, Bobby, I will." She replied. Without hesitating, she was on her back. I got down between her wide spread limbs and caressed them as she did to mine earlier.

I caressed her long firm legs for several minutes before actually touching her thick furry bush. My fingers played with her hair for quite some time softly tugging and running my fingers up and down her mound and beside her slit. She was very arm and wet. She smelled just like her sister. I was overwhelmed with her sexual fragrance.

I wondered if all women gave off the scent all the time or only when they were excited. I leaned over her as I kissed her thighs, working my way up to her patch of thick hair.

I kissed her hair and then spread her lips as I began licking and sucking her just like I did to her sister.

As soon as my lips enclosed her clit and I began a series of sucks and licks, she moaned and squirmed uncontrollably. I continued for quite some time licking and sucking on her love nub. My tongue dipped down her slit to her vagina. It was wetter here; I licked and sucked up her sexual juices. All of a sudden I felt my dead cock filling with a fresh supply of arterial blood. I went back to Carla's swollen clit and began again sucking and licking until it was once more fully swollen and sensitive.

Her hips were swaying in the darkness; and her breathing was becoming deeper and faster.

Similar again to Corrine, she started bucking her hips and lifting her ass up to meet my mouth. Her hands held my head. I keyed in on this and instinctively moved a couple of fingers to her opening and moved them around in her slippery juices.

I could feel her hold my head tighter to her love mound. I automatically began sucking harder and faster while I allowed my slippery fingers to enter her hot tight love tunnel. She began shaking and pumping her hips. My fingers pumped in and out of her to meet her thrusts.

If my tent was the back of a car or van it would be bouncing all over the midway. Carla came violently, almost bruising my lips. Her pussy was still throbbing and contracting when I took my fingers out.

I inched my face up to her face and found her lips awaiting a kiss with my mouth covered with her pussy juices. Her hot pussy was still spread wide as my boner continued its uncontrollable hunger for more stimulation. My cock aligned itself perfectly against her hot slippery gash. She put her arms around me as we kissed further. She was still savoring her orgasm when I felt this strange sensation engulf my stiff swollen rod.

I pivoted my hips slightly and Carla did the same with her hips. Somehow I clumsily managed to sink my solid dick deeply into her body. It felt so fucking nice. I don't know how to describe it. I felt every ripple of her vaginal wall. Her hot cunt was softly gripping my tool as I slid in and out of her. My virgin cock had just entered the depths of an eighteen year old woman. I continued to move it in and out to get the total feeling of a pussy wrapped around my cock. I said to myself, "This is no way in hell going to last more than a few seconds." It felt so fucking wonderful.

Carla held me and pumped her ass and hips slowly at first but continued to move faster and harder.

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She started moaning and groaning deeply. Her back arched and she softly screamed she was coming again. Her pussy tensed and contracted around my tender young shaft. She thrust her hips a few more times as my turbid shaft repeatedly slammed her depths. My balls were also getting ready to blow again.

A few more deep lunges into her hot slippery depths are all my virgin cock could take. Not wanting to take any chances of getting her pregnant, I quickly pulled my slick pole from her dark wet cavity and blasted a torrent of sperm and sticky cum all over her tummy. I even splashed a shot on to her face; not on purpose, but Carla spouted, "You just missed my eye with some of that." We held each other for a while afterwards.

Carla couldn't thank me enough for her evening of pleasure. She said no one had ever made her come as hard as that or make her come twice. We kissed some more before parting. It must have been close to two or three in the morning before she left for her trailer. I never put my shorts back on; I just crawled back onto my cot and lay awake thinking about this night. I could see dawn creeping through the cracks in my tenet lacing before I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

It was almost noon when I heard Danny outside my tent asking if I wanted to go swimming. "That sounds like a great idea." I mumbled. Danny couldn't believe I was still sleeping. I told him I didn't get to sleep until late last night.