Spicy peach gapes her pussy and enjoys hardcore penetration

Spicy peach gapes her pussy and enjoys hardcore penetration
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Not content with what was available, I wrote this with parts of all stories I collected to create as. Because my output slowed down over the last year and it was taking too long to finish (over 15 years), I planned to wrap it all up but recently lost my files before I could finish. Manage to retrieve this as last updated in over 18 months ago but it was too much work to do this again so call it a day and publish it as it is.

Apologize for the errors but feel free to complete it as your own version. --- Woodlawn Funeral Service, a Victorian-era abode that Zeke's grandfather retrofitted in the 1940s to process the dead was owned by George Blackwelder.

He and his son Zeke were the morticians/embalmers. George was recovering from heart surgery and still was not back at work. Zeke had been in the funeral business for almost 30 years. His lovely wife Renee had died about 20 yrs ago in a tragic traffic accident. He had gotten into porn shortly after his second wife left him about 8 years ago and he lived alone on the 2nd floor of the Funeral Home.

I hadn't had piece of live pussy in at least 4 years since women don't gravitate to morticians. He was about 48 years old, tall and slender and rarely smiled. Zeke had always been turned on at the sight of pretty dead women and kept my self sexually satisfied by fucking my clients from time to time and his father had no trouble talking him into entering the business.

He took great pride in his work. It pleased him to think that he helped the families of his "clients" come to terms with their grief by showing them their loved ones carefully prepared. It helped them form good final memories, he thought, to see the look of peace he managed to create for each of them. Stories had went around for years concerning Zeke's sexual desires and fondness for his female clients but nothing had ever been proven or substantiated.

He had prepared quite a few good looking women for burial and I had fucked dead women all the way from an 16 yr old high school sophomore to a grandmother of 62 who had kept herself in good shape. His sexual fantasies had always been much younger girls.

Girls in their early to mid teens were his ultimate fantasy but he kept these secrets to himself for obvious reasons. Zeke Blackwelder checked the answering machine At 9 Am on Sunday morning and listened to a message from the local hospital morgue that the Coroner released the bodies of Abigail Miller for burial and the family has requested your services to handle her funeral arrrangements following an car accident. After receiving the call, Zeke Blackwelder was dispatched. Zeke walked in the door get the silver hearse ready and head toward the hospital.

It would be a long 6 and a half hour trip each way. Having met Dr Miller a couple of times in the past but never had the pleasure of meeting his daughter when she was alive. rolled paid little attention as they the body of the young woman, wrapped in, and lifted it onto the work table You arrive at the hospital morgue, the morgue attendant wheeled in the black plastic body bag containing Abigail Miller's corpse from the cooler and loaded in the hearse Zeke signed the paperwork and left.

He waved a casual good-bye and he was on his way back to the Funeral Home. You can hardly wait to see her naked body, feel her, fuck her and what ever else you can think of. You think a moment of her father Brad. You'll need to call him concerning the arrangements but you won't be in a big hurry; you'll have to check Abigail out first. Upon arrival back at the funeral home; Zeke backed the hearse into the garage at the back and closed the door to the outside. He opened the rear door of the hearse and removed the gurney containing the body bag; and rolled it into the embalming room in the basement of the Funeral Home.

He rolled the gurneys up beside the embalming/preparation tables; the body bag was slid from the gurney onto a cold stainless steel table, taking care not to bump the body and then uncovered the body by pulling draws down the brass zipper first.


Now let's see what we have here he thought as he the body bag off the body. Grabbing the edge of the plastic bag she's zipped into, he went to the head of the table and grasping Abigail under the arm pits; moved her freezing body over and pulled the bag into the side; letting it fall to the floor.

He stared at the woman's corpse up and down remembering that he had seen her around town, noted on the toe tag "Abigail Elizabeth Miller" and was struck by how tall the woman was. She was 21yrs old, approx.

5ft 10 in tall and 125 lbs. But few of them could compare to the exquisitely lovely young woman that lay on the prep table before me. This young women truly was a work of art and had considered her to be very attractive. That was the look Zeke strived for with his female clients. Abigail has been cooling in his basement refrigeration unit since he retrieved her from the hospital late last night.

The fridge's constant thirty-eight degrees will slow her decomposition and keep bacteria in check. Zeke sheds his jacket and tie and dons the protective uniform of the trade: a full-length, waterproof bodysuit, a pair of Tyvek shoe covers, a surgical cap, and latex gloves.

Over his mouth and nose he ties a gauze mask, and pulls a clear plastic splash guard over his face. Covered from head to foot, Zeke wheels Abigail from the fridge into the embalming room, parking the mortuary cot next to the porcelain embalming table, and locks the door.

Taking up a pair of scissors, Zeke snips off the hospital gown covering Abigail, and carefully tugs off her clothing -- skirt, underwear, blouse, jacket, stockings, high heels -- which he'll launder and return to her parents. The gold chain and pendant around her neck he unclasps and sets aside, tapes in place the high school class ring on her finger to prevent it from slipping off during the embalming.

Though somewhat ashen from her time in Zeke's refrigeration unit, Abigail shows little outward sign of decomposition or contamination, no visible distention or swelling. Her face pointed ceiling wards as did her perky little tits. Her mouth gaped with a rictus that could be misinterpreted as a cynical smile. What a waste of a beautiful woman. My cock stirred in my pants as I cupped her firm magnificent cool breasts in both of my hands and gave them a gentle squeeze and fingers caressed the nipples.

Mighty fine! Locking the doors to the embalming room area so Mrs. Purvis the funeral home secretary or anyone else wouldn't wander in; Walking around to the end of the table, I spread her shapely tanned thighs apart and stared at the patch of light brown hair above and beside her delicious looking pussy hole. Crawling onto the table between her long legs; my tongue began to lick the outside of her cold, dead vaginal lips before entering her smelly young crevice.

No matter how beautiful and clean they were in life; after death their pussy seemed to be the first thing to have the smell of death.

Abigail was no exception but the smell turned me on that much more as my tongue went deep inside her cunt. As I licked, sucked and ate lovely Abigail's dead meat, I wondered what her last thoughts were before she had died earlier today.

I'm sure she had no idea that a horny mortician old enough to be her father would be licking her sexy dead cunthole before the day was over. Hell, I'd eat the peanuts out of her shit as my uncle used to say. But that was just the beginning. My hands glided over her shapely, somewhat muscular thighs. That sent a tingle down my spine and I knew that nothing would satisfy me short of fucking her until I bathed her love canal deep with my hot sticky cum.

Wave after wave as his body shuddered with pleasure Her dark blonde locks with a little turned out curl stopped just below her shoulders, her firm perky breasts, such flawless tanned flesh and her long legs captivate you and I stand there for a moment salivating. Her nude dead body had a nice Coppertone tan with a bikini tan line.

Abigail shows little sign of trauma. She had no visible injuries other than the broken neck and some cuts/abrasions to the top and back of her scalp. No broken bones.

Thankfully, the county coroner had signed off on an autopsy.He marveled at the long luscious shapely legs and the large perfectly shaped tits that were now slightly sunken and splayed to the side. He looked the body. His lips and tongue contacted the open slit and feverishly began to lick the crevice within.

Zeke's excitement grew quickly and he moved over between the spread legs and slowly lowered his body until his hard dick was at the entrance to Abigail's love hole. I unzip and drop my pants and remove my undershorts and release my aching cock. I take Abigail's cold stiffening right hand and place it around my erect organ and say" I've got something for you Abigail that's just your size".

A wave of further excitement hit him as he slowly buried his rod at the entrance of her dead pussy. Not very tight even for a dead one he thought. He began to slowly and lovingly pump her pussy as his lips kissed the pale cold slightly parted lips of his necro lover and fully inserting at the bottom of each stroke.

I got down off the table, shed my clothes, scooped lovely Abigail up to carry her to the casket room and laid her in one of my favorite caskets. It was always so much more comfortable fucking my "clients" in a casket instead of the hard table. Grasping Abigail's feet, I spread them as wide apart as possible and then did the same with her knees to open her up as wide as possible.

The pussy lips were parted and Zeke began to kiss the lovely distended clam. Slowly his erect tongue began to enter her love hole and he began to lick the cool insides with an increasing fervor. I placed a thick towel underneath her crotch so as not to soil the casket and crawled on top of the lovely cool dead body that had been so alive earlier today.

I opened her eyelids and gazed at the lovely light blue eyes staring but not seeing. My lips planted a long passionate kiss on the pale cold slightly parted cool lips beneath me as I caressed her soft, smooth left cheek with my right hand. My fully erect cock found it's target and I inserted it slowly into the cold, young pussy. Zeke couldn't believe it; this beautiful young woman wasn't a virgin her pussy wasn't all that tight.

As usual, I started pumping her slowly but steadily and then built up to a faster tempo after a few minutes. As my tempo increased, I could see, his gaze alternating between her hair and her tits rolling on her chest the delicious tanned breasts of my necrolover jiggling on each stroke. He gazed down at her shapely well-tanned body as he fucked her.

Again and again I drive home my cock, ramming its head against my cervix, and mine against the headboard. my pale green eyes staring sightlessly at the ceiling as you pump me. With every thrust my breasts bounce provocatively and my limbs flail limply, like a marionette without strings. Each time my rod hit bottom; I could see my brown pubic hair mesh with hers. "Oh Abigail, you delight me so my darling" were my thoughts as I thrust my long hard cock deep against her cervix and felt it erupt violently bathing the love canal of this exquisitely lovely specimen of female flesh.

My cock is burning now, semen welling up from deep inside you as I clutch my pale corpse to you. As Zeke nears orgasm he grabs Abigail's ass hard and thrusts up and into her with all his strength lifting Abigail's lower body as high as he can.

A orgasmic tsunami breaks across you as I pound my cock into my dead cunt one last time. I shuddered with ultimate pleasure as long as possible as I ground my hot meat hard against the delectable cunt of the corpse beneath me but finally could hold back no longer and cried out in extacy as Zeke saw her pale blue eyes staring up at him as he then explodes inside Abigail's young dead pussy. Throbbing as it explodes, he could feel his hot sticky semen continue to be released into Abigail filling her with juices, even as I thrust over and over, until limp, drained and exhausted you collapse on top of my lovely dead body.

My wave of ecstasy soon over, I slowly withdrew from the luscious corpse and climbed out of the casket. My lust with Abigail Miller's corpse had been satisfied for the moment. Very satisfying she was but she had several other orifices I wanted to explore later. But I also wanted a few pictures of the freshly fucked corpse in the casket. I went to the office and picked up my digital camera and began to get some pictures of my lovely young client from all possible angles.

I took several from my favorite position, looking at her cummy pussy with the camera between her feet. I snapped several dozen with her nude in the casket. I would get some more of her later.

I walked back to the prep room and dressed and obtained a washcloth that I moistened before I returned to the casket. My load of sticky cum was leaking from Abigail's gooey pussy into the crack of her curvaceous ass and onto the towel beneath. Washing as much of the sticky goo from her now gaping hole as possible; I rolled her over on her side and cleaned what had leaked between her lovely ass cheeks. Her asshole had lost its pucker of course and I couldn't resist finger fucking it with my middle finger a few times before stuffing as much off the washcloth as possible into the leaky pussy to prevent any more leakage.

Again, scooping the lovely remains into my arms, I carried the lovely corpse back to the prep room and placed it onto the prep table. I proceeded to wash out the remaining cum off the young lady that I had deposited in with the hose set to a warm spray; and then turn her over on her side and stick the nozzle of the hose up her pussy and flush her until the water is clear.

Zeke nonetheless spritzes her from top to toe with a strong disinfectant and then scrubs her with germicidal soap. A soft brush was being used all over my body and then he was being sprayed down again then dried her body off by a towel; turn her on her back again and covered her with a sheet making sure Abigail is presentable to her father if her asks to see her, place her hands across her chest.

I needed to talk with her next of kin before doing any preparations. I telephoned the Miller home to make an appointment to discuss Miss Miller's arrangements with her father.

He would come to the funeral home to discuss her arrangements and volunteered to go ahead. Arriving there in about an hour and a half and let him in; I greeted Dr.

Miller at the door and again told him how sorry I was about Abigail. Ushering his new client into the parlor's hushed receiving room -- harp music sounding in the background, votive candles burning on a pair of side tables. He was taking Abigail's death very hard and kept telling me how much he loved her and how beautiful she was.

Zeke comes gently but quickly to the point. "I'm very sorry for your loss," he begins. "Let me assure you we'll do everything we can to help you plan a service that honors the life of your daughter.

Have you given any thought to the kind of arrangements you'd like to make?" After a pause, Jim speaks up. On the way over this morning, he tells Zeke in a halting voice, he indicated that he would like to see his daughter's body After consoling him again, I took him through the double doors into the embalming room to the table where his daughter's sheet covered corpse lay. I uncovered her face and her shoulders to the top of her breasts. His comment when he saw her was; "Oh Abbie; you are so beautiful" and you see the pain, undying love and also the lust in her father's eyes.

He then asked me if he could have some time alone with his daughter. I told him I had some phone calls to make and I would return in a little while and we could discuss the arrangements then. I somehow had a strange feeling about Dr. Miller just from the way he was acting and so I lock the outside door, ensure the answering machine is turned on; went straight to the office and close and locked the door before sitting in your desk chair.

and opened the case near my desk and selected the hidden camera in the embalming room and turned up the sound and adjust the picture of Dr. Miller standing beside his daughter's corpse and started taping just before you see him lean over and kiss her lovingly on the lips.

You hear him softly say "I love you so much Abbie and I want to love your beautiful body one more time even though you're dead. You're so beautiful baby". You think, "Dam; this could get interesting. I had seen it happen before with pretty ones such as this.

His hands slid the sheet down to below her knees and lifts her head and shoulders and hugs her cold body before his fingers fondle her firm young breasts and then move down her tanned abdomen and brush her small soft bush before caressing her shapely thighs.

At this point; you see his middle finger slowly enter her slit and slide inside her cold dead vagina. You find yourself getting aroused. I could hear him say "Abbie you're so sexy. You look just like your mother when we were first married. God rest her soul." "Oh Abbie", Gary croaked, "I'll never give you away as a bride or hold any grandchildren by you." I knew from the way he was rubbing and caressing young Abigail that he was really getting turned on.

I found out how turned on when he shed his pants and undershorts and his large hard cock was released. Spreading Abbie's legs apart he leaned over and buried his face between her legs. As he ate her clammy young cunt, he began to refer to her as Carol who I assumed was his dead wife. You watch, getting more aroused all the while, as My cock was leaking precum as I pulled it out and began to stroke it as Dr.

Miller crawled in beside and mounted his sexy daughter's corpse and began to screw her. He was pounding his big rod into her like there would be no tomorrow until you see him quiver as an orgasm overtakes him. I guess for him that probably was his last chance to fuck his daughter. It made me wonder how many times he had done this when she was alive?

He kept calling her his lovely Carol as he kissed her lips and continued to hunch his meat into her until at last I saw his buttocks tighten and heard his sigh as he shot his load of hot sticky cum into his 21 year old daughter's pussy for the last time and then collapsed on top of her. You're so excited you can hardly stand it.

He then whispers "I'm so sorry you're dead; I love you more than life itself" and went to sleep. I let him lie on top of her for a minute before I entered the room and coughed.

It took Dr. Miller another minute to come to his senses or as close as he could get. He knew he was caught and told me he just couldn't help himself. With a sigh he pulled back and put his aching prick back in his pants. He began to tell me the whole story and I stood there and listened.

Abbie looked so much like her mother Carol. It was like Carol's dead body was there, beckoning him to love her one last time. Carol had died of breast thirteen years ago after several years of declining health as the cancer ravaged her body. He had used a competitor (Janson's Mortuary) who was closer by than I was but old Mr. Janson threatened to have him arrested when he caught him inappropriately touching Carol's corpse. No amount of bribe would change his mind.

Now I knew why he had chosen me. Dr Miller went on to say that he was very lonely and deeply depressed after his wife's death.

He began to dress in his wife' underwear, stockings and heels and masturbate while looking at some nude photos of his lovely Carol he had scanned on the computer.

He imagined fucking her dead body. That helped to release the tension inside him, but one day his daughter Abbie (who had just turned 16) walked in unannounced and caught him, she was obviously shocked and concerned but she explained to her at length what he was feeling.

She tried to understand but he was afraid he had lost her love when she left the room that night. He worried about the situation all the next day and still had it on his mind after bed the next evening.

But suddenly there was a knock on the door and his daughter's voice softly said "Daddy can I come in." He answered yes and she entered the dimly lit room and slid into bed with him. She told him she knew how hard it had been since her mom had died and how lonely he was. Then she said she wanted to help. She hugged him and he felt her warm hand slide down his stomach and gently take hold of his penis. One part of him wanted to stop her but the other part liked the way it felt as his young Abbie stroked the foreskin of his hardening cock.

He managed to get out a "We shouldn't be doing this" before she put her finger over his mouth and said I want to make you feel good Daddy. You deserve it. With that said she pulled the sheet down to the middle of his thighs and began to suck his hard cock.

She then jacked his cock until he came. After that Abbie slept in his bed every night. She gave her body to him as if she was his wife. He used a condom until she got on birth control so she wouldn't get pregnant. He had intercourse with her on a regular basis. Carol had been the love of his life and the only part of her he had left had just been taken away from him too. He knew he shouldn't be doing this and begged me not to report him to the authorities.

While I appeared to ponder his response, he crawled from the table and put on his undershorts and pants position Abigail as close as possible to the way you had laid her and then stare at her a moment before covering her up. He told me that he would make it well worth my while if I forgot about what had just happened.

Fervent nympho gapes narrow pussy and gets deflorated

Abigail's corpse was then placed in the refridgerator. At this point, I told Dr Miller that I somewhat understood his situation.

I would keep quiet on the condition that he never, ever mention this to anyone. If he did I would deny I saw anything and there would be no way to prove it had happened. He agreed. We now stepped into the office and after motioning Dr. Miller onto a couch and taking a seat himself on the other side of the coffee table.

Zeke jots Dr. Miller's directions onto a legal pad in his lap. He then pulls out a gray sheet and lays it on the coffee table, turning it to face them.

Known in the trade as the General Price List (GPL), the double-sided sheet itemizes all the goods and services the Zeke Home offers, along with their prices.

Two package deals at the top of the page would certainly meet their needs, Zeke says: a traditional funeral service with evening viewing ($3,595) or a traditional funeral service with one-hour viewing prior to service ($3,295). The packages bundle most everything they'd need for either type of funeral, except for the casket, vault, cemetery fees, and other miscellaneous charges.

If they'd rather, however, Dr. Miller can pick the services they want individually, choosing from the nearly three dozen separate items that follow. To whatever they choose, however, Zeke will add a base fee of $1,395 for his handling of arrangements. And because Dr. Miller have requested for an open casket viewing, they'll also have to agree to embalming ($825). I asked Dr. Miller if he wanted his daughter embalmed and funeral. Of course I knew why!

I told him that was his choice. When Zeke makes his request, he keeps it short and to the point: "Your wish for a viewing includes embalming," he tells Dr. Miller. "That okay?" Jim hesitates, perhaps for the first time considering what embalming may mean for his daughter, before slowly nodding his head.

He indicated that he did want her embalmed to allow a viewing but that he wanted the viewing/receiving of friends to be private for family and close friends only and not for the general public. He wanted the casket to be closed for the funeral and at all other times.

He said he didn't want those college boys lusting over his daughter's body and touching it. Zeke will later translate that nonverbal agreement into writing when Dr. Miller sign the contract he'll draw up at the end of this meeting.

After considering all the variations, Dr. Miller decide to hold the private viewing/receiving of friends in the funeral home, with visiting hours from 6:00 until 9:00 the night before the funeral ($410) at 11 AM.

On Zeke's recommendation, they agree to have their priest lead a praying of the Rosary and end the viewing with a prayer (for which a $100 gratuity will be needed). Dr. Miller can bring in a disk of music to be piped over the sound system; if they'd prefer live organ music, Zeke says he'll provide a soloist ($100). Dr. Miller tell Zeke they'll drop off a disk of light classic music, one Abigail used to play to help her fall asleep at night.

The actual public closed casket funeral service will be held the following day at St. Matthew's ($610, Zeke's charge for coordinating arrangements with the church and preparing for a funeral there, roughly the same price for holding the funeral in his own parlor).

Zeke often works with St. Matthew's and tells Dr. Miller the church charges a fixed fee of $200 for the hour-long funeral Mass and the services of the priest, altar servers, and organist. Zeke then asks if Jim can provide him with the names of four to eight pallbearers to carry Abigail's casket in and out of the church, and to the large church the grave site, which they do. (Had they not, Zeke would have hired his own, $50 per pallbearer.) We decided that would be tomorrow evening with the at.

It was decided that she be buried in the Miller Family crypt in the city where she was from and where her parents still lived. A Graveside service and the internment in the crypt were scheduled for 2 pm on Thursday to allow time for the coffin and the family and mourners to travel the300 miles to her hometown.

Zeke now turns to the calendar. "Today is Saturday," he begins. "We could have a funeral as soon as Tuesday, with a viewing Monday night, as long as the church and priest are available." That would give him an opportunity to submit an obituary for tomorrow's paper, giving the community enough advance notice and any distant family time to fly in.

A couple of related items are bulleted beneath the embalming section. Zeke checks those he'll require for Abigail -- hair styling, which he'll turn over to a beautician ($90); and dressing and "casketing" the remains ($50). Zeke himself can outfit Abigail from the wardrobe of professional funeral wear he keeps in stock, in this case a white burial gown whose backside has been cut out for easy dressing ($135).

He'd also touch her up with cosmetics specially formulated for application to bodies infused with embalming dye. But when he asks Myra if she'd prefer that Abigail be dressed in her own clothing -- a prom or bridesmaid gown, maybe -- and that her own makeup be used, Myra says yes, she'll bring them in.

Zeke instructed that if He could bring the burial clothes, shoes makeup/lipstick and a picture of her to the funeral home no later than Tuesday morning at 9 AM and select the coffins; then the bodies would be available for viewing after the hairdresser was finished by 4PM that same day.

Dr. Miller indicated she could be there on Monday at 9 AM if that was better and would give Zeke more time. Zeke agreed. Internments would follow at Noon at the Eternal Rest Masoleum. Zeke would contact Abigail's hair stylist today about Styling Abigail's hair on Tuesday afternoon.

Zeke now comes to the most delicate part of the arrangement conference: the casket selection. Zeke lays the groundwork before proceeding.

"I'd like to take you now into our casket selection room," he says. "We offer nearly two dozen models, in both wood and metal. They range in price from $500 to $10,000. So, if you'll please follow me." Zeke then rises and hands Dr. Miller a casket price list before leading them out. The selection room lies at the bottom of a long, broad flight of steps. It's an open, low-ceilinged space, with soft light from recessed lamps illuminating an array of open caskets that fan the perimeter of the room; a smaller sample circles a pillar in the room's center.

At the sight of the plush caskets, Jim falter. From long experience, Zeke knows these parents are picturing their daughter in one of these caskets, realizing they'll be choosing her final resting place.

It's a sobering moment, and Zeke continues into the room alone, leaving the family to join him when they're ready. When eventually they do, Zeke directs them to a trio of coffins he says represents the basic options. "If protection of a loved one against water and soil is important," Zeke begins, "a sealed casket might be best." These sealer models, which come in metal only and boost the price of a casket by hundreds of dollars, are outfitted with rubber gaskets that help keep out the elements when the casket's closed.

When he finishes his practiced spiel, Zeke slowly ushers Dr. Miller past an arc of burnished coffins, moving from least to most expensive. What's best really depends on personal preference and how one feels about the value of protecting a loved one, Zeke offers. "I'll leave you now and let you peruse as much as you'd like. If you have any questions, I'll be just outside the door." I left him to select a casket while I returned to the office, stopped the tape and closed the cabinet.

Dr. Miller wander the room in a fog. When I returned; he had selected a very expensive blue silver casket with a plush, pink-tinted interior for Abbie. I told him it was a good choice. Myra would later tell Jim she was attracted by its feminine quality, the images of roses stitched into the lid and skirt, the colored fabric, the soft pillow and blanket that reminded her of Abbie's bedroom. The price was high, but, they felt, worth the protection bronze afforded.

Family and friends will be sending flowers to honor your daughter, Zeke says, moving on. He'll arrange them around the casket when they arrive. If Jim want to provide a "floral tribute" of their own as well, they can do that through him. Working with a local florist, he's able to offer a variety of fitting arrangements, which are pictured in a small catalog he pulls out to show them. Considering the theme and colors of the casket interior, Dr. Miller choose the "casket spray" ($350) from Zeke's Traditional Rose Collection, an arrangement of fifty pink roses to be placed on Abbie's casket during the viewing and funeral.

If they'd like, Zeke says, the Miller's friends can order flowers directly from him as well. Only a few details remain. With Zeke's guidance, Dr. Miller decide to purchase a register book for the service ($40) and a packet of prayer cards, the Twenty-third Psalm on one side, Abbie's obituary on the other ($30). At this point, Zeke asks Dr. Miller for Abbie's personal information -- age, social security number, names of surviving relatives -- for the death certificate he'll file with the county and for the obituary to run in tomorrow's local newspaper and online composed With David's assistance.

Dr. Miller ask for six copies of the death certificate to be sent to them ($6 each). When he's done, Zeke reviews the arrangements with Dr. Miller. He then transfers their selections onto an itemized contract and tallies the costs right there at his desk. The total cost of the embalming, funeral, and burial of Abigail Miller comes to $12,376. Dr. Miller then began to talk about his daughter's life. He indicated that she was known as Abbie to all her friends and relatives. She was his only child.

Abbie was a senior at the local State University majoring in Psychology and was only 2 months away from graduation. He went on to say that she excelled in basketball and track in high school and college and maintained a 4.0 academic average, excelled in competitive sports and always had to win at whatever she did. She enjoyed riding the bike to school instead of the BMW sports car he had bought her.

Just playing Lacrosse in college wasn't good enough; she worked until she was captain of the team. She wanted the exercise. She honed her perfect athletic body for hours at the gym and could often be seen running at dawn in the soft sand along the beach.

He showed me several pictures of her and when I commented again on how lovely she had been; I also retrieved the picture of her he had brought. He wanted it used to get her hair and makeup like he wanted. Tearfully, Dr. Miller picked up the framed 12 by 15 full length photo taken recently of Abbie in a black v-necked medium dress, white pearl necklace, black sheer stockings and black sandaled heels.

He indicated that this was his and her favorite outfit and this was how he wanted her to be buried and those clothes, a rosary, makeup kit and accessories were in the bag. Dr Miller wrote a check in full for my fee for her funeral and included a healthy bonus with cash for what he wanted to be my silence and I wrote her a receipt. Actually, he never had to worry but he didn't know that. He requested to get to view her body one more time before the funeral Zeke told him before he left that he could come by at 2 pm tomorrow to see Abbie after she was fully prepared.

This wasn't at all an odd request for the staff to get as many times a friend or loved-one would want to say their goodbyes in relative peace. I took a clothes bag, another plastic bag of clothes, a shoebox and last the picture.

We said good evening and I walked him out. After seeing Dr. Miller out the back door, Zeke returns to his desk and calls the regional casket company rep to order the Damask Rose, for delivery Monday morning. Arrangements have already been finalized for the viewing that evening of an elderly "case," whose embalmed and prepped remains now repose in the air-conditioned slumber room across from his office.


With a few free hours ahead of him, Zeke decides to start Abbie's embalming. I took the picture and clothes with me to the embalming room. With her father's cum leaking from her luscious cunt, Abbie's delicious corpse with her legs spread was such a turn-on.

But I had to get down to business for the moment. I again cleaned the cum from Abbie's pussy. A body can decompose rapidly after death. Its cells, proteins, and tissues begin to break down almost immediately, and pathogenic bacteria in the gut that are normally held in check during life maraud throughout a fresh corpse in as little as four hours.

The sooner an embalmer gets to work the fewer the difficulties he'll face in preserving a body for viewing. A faint light ebbs into the prep room from a lone, ground-level window at the far wall. The window's clear panes were long ago replaced with small, opaque blocks, for privacy's sake (and per state law).

Feeling along the edge of the doorjamb, Zeke finds and then flicks a light switch, flooding the room in a brilliant, white light. Zeke expects the embalming of Abbie to last under two hours.

The topical spray won't reach any pathogenic bacteria inside Abbie, which could still leak out when Zeke manipulates her on the embalming table. So before bending and flexing her limbs stiffening with rigor mortis, Before her death, Abbie had pulled her blond hair into a tight ponytail, now disheveled. Zeke will later wash her hair, and have his beautician on call style and dress it. At this point, though, with the teen freshly bathed and her skin more supple than it would be when infused with embalming fluid, he lathers Abbie's face with cream and shaves it.

Makeup's easier to apply to a smooth, hairless face, and it won't show the powder he'll dust onto Abigail's features before her casketing. He moves the blade in long, slow strokes, taking care not to abrade skin. Any cuts he makes now won't heal.

The artistry involved in arranging that snapshot consumes most of the embalmer's labor. And much of it happens here, with what's known as "setting the features." The embalming chemicals Zeke will shortly inject into Abigail arteries will firm her soft tissues to a rigid and unalterable state.

Now's his best chance to set her into final form.

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Standing at the head of the table, Zeke raises her head onto a rubber block where a pillow will eventually be placed, and sets the elbows and shoulder blades onto elevated rests.

(He could have achieved the same ends with less effort and more precision with "arm positioners," prefab metal forms into which arms are locked.) Zeke's broken up most of Abigail's rigor mortis, but he continues to manipulate the limbs, and begins to massage the muscle stiffness out of regions that are most visible at a viewing -- the forehead, cheeks, eyelids, and hands.

When he feels the hands relax, he cups them around a ball of dry cotton and joins them at her lap, right over left. A final twist of her head, fifteen degrees to the right, ensures that mourners will see her face -- not just its profile -- when they approach the casket.

The angle also keeps Abigail from looking like she's staring fixedly at the ceiling, an unappealing position dubbed "stargazing." The actual preservation he approaches in two stages. The first, known as arterial injection, involves draining the blood from Abigail's circulatory system and replacing it with liquid preservative.

From the cabinet Zeke pulls four sixteen-ounce bottles of a formaldehyde -- "formalin" -- cocktail and pours them into the threegallon clear tank atop a Portiboy embalming machine.

The tank fills with water, cutting the solution, and mixes it for injection into Abigail's artery. On Abigail, he draws a sharp scalpel along the right side of the neck near the collarbone, opening a two-inch-long gash that exposes a grayish mass of fat and tissue. Switching scalpel for blunt hook, Zeke probes within the mass until he locates the cream-colored artery; he pulls the vessel to the surface and, slipping a thin file beneath the vessel, secures it.

Returning to the cut, he likewise raises and secures the neighboring bluish jugular vein. You set up to start the embalming. Then, her left arm was raised so that it rested at a 90-degreengle to her side, and an incision was made under the left armpit. The appropriate arteries were found, raised and carefully incised, and needles were inserted to drain the blood and inject embalming fluid.

Abigail Elizabeth Miller lay quiet, utterly inert, pliant and unresistant, throughout this process, An artery and vein now protrude from Abigail's neck. With scalpel in hand, Zeke saws an opening into the tough, rubbery artery and guides the head of a metal tube into it, pointing the head toward the heart.

A hose affixed to the tube's free end runs to the Portiboy, whose pressure and flow rate Zeke adjusts for a body that looks to be one hundred twenty-five pounds or so. He then trips the machine to life. With a loud, regular clicking sound, the Portiboy begins to pump pink embalming fluid through the tube into Abigail's artery.

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With the machine's relentless force behind it, formalin pushes blood from arteries into veins. Zeke is careful not to dial up the pressure. Excessive pressure can bloat a body within a matter of minutes, making it look fifty pounds heavier. The blood is now building up. To release it, Zeke slices a hole into the raised jugular and into it inserts the shaft of the drain tube, pushing south until the tip banks against the upper chamber of the heart.

Brackish blood streams from the tube and spills into the gutter that rims the embalming table. From there it flows into a porcelain basin at the head of the table called a "slop" sink and gurgles down the drain on its way to the city sewer system. With the Portiboy ticking away, arterial fluid being pumped in, blood being forced out, Zeke begins to periodically massaged and exercised Abigail's breasts, arms and legs to ensure as even a distribution of the fluid as possible.

A couple of times he stops the massage to attend to blood clots that block up the veins. Some embalmers push down on the chest to dislodge them; Zeke pumps a priming lever on the end of the drain tube. When he does, a few clots plop into the slop sink, looking something like currant jelly. These clots are small. Bigger clots, which resemble, and are called, chicken fat, he sometimes needs to smash by hand to keep them from clogging the drain.

After twenty minutes, three-quarters of a gallon of blood are drained from Abigail, and the dark color in the hose begins to brighten, one sign embalming fluid is filling the girl's circulatory system. A pink, lifelike tinge has returned to Abigail's ashen skin as colored dye trickles into underlying tissue.

When Zeke pinches Abigail's now plump fingertips and earlobes, the skin rebounds as it would in life. Zeke shuts down the Portiboy, removes both drain nozzles from vein and artery, and ties off the vessels with surgical thread. He stuffs the knot into the incision, follows it with cotton, and squirts a powdery sealing compound over both. Taking a curved needle threaded with suture, Zeke then closes the wound with a baseball stitch.

As the embalming fluid pumped into Abigail's body, filling her blood vessels and permeating her tissues, disinfecting and preserving her, one mortician hooked a trochar up to a hose connected to another jar of embalming fluid. The trocar can be fitted with fresh tips, but Zeke hones the point of his with a small whetstone prior to each embalming.

The business end of the trocar has to be sharp enough to pierce the tough abdominal wall and reach the organs. The embalmer's ideal point of entry is a soft spot of flesh two inches to the left and north of the navel.

With a practiced probe of fingers, Zeke fixes that spot on Abigail and places the silver tip of the trocar there. And then, grasping firmly, he thrust it smoothly to make the incision in the abdomen. He lined up the long steel needle under Abigail's navel, then, the cutting trocar piercing the tender flesh and stabbing deeply into her soft dead organs.

Abigail shifts on the table as the trocar enters, and moves in motion as Zeke proceeds to impel the shaft in and around her abdomen. To the outsider, Zeke's thrusting -- or "belly punching," as early viewers of the practice described it -- appears blind and random. But there's method behind it.

Each thrust works to puncture a separate organ -- first Abigail's heart, lungs, and stomach, and then colon, intestines, liver, and bladder. With an audible sucking sound, the trocar vacuums up the visceral matter it liberates with each puncture: congested blood, accumulated fluid and gases, fecal matter, urine, the semidigested hamburger and fries Abigail ate for her final dinner, and masses of bacteria.

Zeke then sweeps the trocar over and around the perforated organs, sucking up additional cavity content. As he does, darkened mass passes through the clear hose and splashes into the slop sink.

After a couple of minutes, it stops. Zeke then clicks off the aspirator and withdraws the soiled trocar from Abigail's abdomen. The undertaker methodically embalmed every part of Abigail's viscera, thrusting the trochar this way and that so that it pierced in every direction of the compass and shot its preservative into her yielding, silky dead flesh.

To preserve and further disinfect the area he's just cleared, Zeke moves to flood it with formaldehyde and phenol. Through his tears he attaches a fresh length of hose to the bottle, connects the other end of the hose to the trocar, and holds the bottle aloft.

Again Zeke drives the trocar into Abigail's stomach, thrusting more slowly now in order to evenly and fully distribute the fluid gravitating from bottle to trocar. After two bottles are drained, he stops. A pool of cavity fluid bubbles up onto Abigail's stomach as Zeke withdraws the trocar.

He flushes it away with cold water. Into the opening he's created he packs fresh cotton, which will allow the escape of any "reaction gases" that form when the embalming fluid mixes with cavity contents. Her embalming is now complete. With a hose that has been running for most of the procedure, Zeke washes Abigail once more, scrubbing off dried blood and shampooing and conditioning her hair. Her body he pats dry with a soft towel, and rubs massage cream into her face and hands to keep them from drying out.

A portable dressing table sits along the far wall of the room. Zeke wheels it over to the prep table and slides Abigail onto it, grasping her by the leg and neck. Formalin has replaced the blood that once coursed through her body, so she weighs about the same as she did prior to embalming. He takes a moment to swab the inside of her nostrils with Nair, to loosen unsightly nasal hairs from their follicles. A white sheet is then draped over her clean body, Zeke positioning the sheet off the nose so the cloth's weight won't flatten the most visible feature on her face.

Just seeing her and touching her made me want her again. He also became quite aroused as he handled Abigail's corpse. Even though he had been embalming for about 30 years; preparing the pretty ones still had this effect on him; especially after his wife had died. He managed to calm himself down enough to be able to continue. Once the arterial embalming of her arteries were filled to the proper pressure and the opening in the neck was closed and sealed. The cavity embalming was then completed and the incision in the abdomen was then sewn up; I took a look at my work so far.

The color of the fluid I had chosen was perfect based on the picture of her. I would finish the rest of the preparations of Miss Miller's body early tomorrow and would take her to bed with me tonight. Zeke then firmed the breasts into place with An injection of embalming fluidafter which Zeke could have safely stripped off the tape.

Zeke tidied up the place and looked at his watch. It's nearly 10 PM; Zeke wrapped things up and decided it was time for bed. Almost ninety minutes have passed since Zeke first slipped on his plastic gloves and snipped off Abigail's hospital gown. He picked up Abbie's statuesque corpse removed the toe tag transferred her to a gurney and rolled it to the carried into the awaiting elevator and pressed 2 on the third floor and took it to my residence. Since the hairdresser was coming tomorrow afternoon; I didn't want to take the chance of messing up her work tomorrow night.

When the elevator stopped I carried her to the bedroom and placed her on the turned-down bed. Once in the bedroom I gently lowered Abbie's nude corpse onto the left side of the bed.

After seeing the picture of Abbie in black, I decided she is the picture of elegant loveliness she would look very sexy in black stockings and classic pump black heels. He turned and opened a dresser drawer where I kept some items removed from "clients" in the body preparation room to dress my "clients" in when they spent the night with me and pulled out a lacy black negligee nightie and a pair of long sheer black thigh hi nylon stockings. Her feet were placed inside the leg openings of the black lacy panties and they were pulled up her long sexy legs until they were in place making my already erect cock super excited.

He placed each sheer black thigh hi stocking over the foot and slowly rolled first the right and then the left up the long sexy leg on the sexy thighs. Zeke lovingly kiss the stocking clad feet before Sliding a pair of five inch stiletto heels onto her feet: she looked so fuckable.

He sat the body up in the bed and carefully pulled the black nightie over Abigail's head and arms and luscious young breasts and down to the waist and laid her back down. Now I brought out a makeup kit and applied some pale makeup to her face, and then a little rouge to the cheeks. Now it was time for a little color on the eyebrows and eyelashes and a little eye shadow to cover the darkening of the eyelids to give her more of a corpse look. Zeke then applied some black cherry-red lipstick to the cover the paleness of Abigail's full lips.

Zeke closed the makeup kit and stepped back to have a look. Perfect I thought as I closed the kit. Abigail looked quite sexy and appealing considering she was stone dead. Zeke removed all his clothes and crawled up into the bed beside his luscious necro lover for tonight and marveled at her beauty for a few minutes. I was always a little sad when I had a client this beautiful. It was such a shame for this exquisite young lady's body to never pleasure a husband and be pleasured by him on her wedding night.

I began to explore every inch of this luscious female specimen. After a moment; your fingers opened her lifeless eyes and kissed them. Her blue eyes--now a faded grey--seemed to look through me, egging me on, begging me to take her. Taking Abigail's head by the hair, I jerk sharply upwards, Her cold unfeeling parted dark red lips began to beckoned mine and I kissed them before grabbing her lower jaw with my other hand and pulling her mouth open and exploring it with my tongue.

I kissed her lifeless lips as I fucked her, and stuck my tongue deep into her mouth, feeling her own limp tongue lolling about, and His hands began to caress the lovely breasts through the nightie.

His thoughts wandered back to lovemaking with his wife Renee and I could almost imagine she was lying beside him. He began to whisper her name. Slowly I pulled the nightie down easily from the shoulders until the breasts were fully exposed. The nipples felt so good so kissable and succulent as I sucked them.

While I was kissing the nipples and breasts; I moved Abigail's right hand over and on top of his hot erect dick. With his other hand; I began to rub the shapely stocking clad thighs and slowly found their way up under the nightie between the legs to the lustrous thick bush and inside the lips of her pussy; this excited him even more.

He took the hem of her nightdress and pulled it up over her calves, then over her waxen thighs exposing her crotch. Her golden pubic hair that had been so luxuriant was now dry and matted. After a few minutes of this; I removed his mouth from the breasts; pulled the nightie up to the waist and. He continued to raise her nightdress, up over her broad hips and firm breasts until it was bunched up in her arm pits.

My depravity had now reached a fever level, I slid Abbie's corpse down in the bed and straddled her face and positioned himself so I could force his hard dick as far into the dead woman's open mouth as I wanted. He had to force his solid prick against her lips, past her distended tongue. He gasped as her sharp teeth scraped the top of his dick. Her dead brown eyes stared into the guys crotch into her cool moist mouth and pushed. I had both of my hands on her head and pushed it further until her lips and nose pressed into my pubic hair.

None of that gagging crap like his other lovers always did. Any other girl would be gagging about then, but this honey wasn't - in fact she wasn't doing anything but getting fucked in her mouth.

Then I started long strokes. I pulled my dick almost out to her teeth and jammed it hard back into her throat feeling her teeth brush against me. Opening her mouth farther I took out my stiff bulging hard prick and rammed between her teeth, seeking the soft tissue inside, his balls bumping on her pretty nose.

It was fun to watch the blond's mouth stretched wide around his fat cock and her eyes seemed to bulge slightly whenever I rammed it in deep. Her mouth accommodated my dick nicely, and as I thrust my cock deep into her throat, I pushed and pulled her head.

Back and forth. I could feel the tightness of her throat on my cock. Her teeth rasped my cock painfully, yet I thrust in farther and harder, the tip of my penis feeling her cool tongue and then her uvula flopping as deep at the back of her throat as I could and then reached down under his balls to feel how it filled her throat.

When I pinched her throat hard, I could feel the sensation on his cock. He grabbed his video camera to record how great this looked. He scooted around so that I lay down in the sixty nine positions facing her feet and kissed her soft pubic hair. I pumped my cock in and out of Abbie's mouth and with every thrust it went further down her throat. My eyes marveled at her perfect thighs as I fucked her mouth. Now I could see the bulge his cock made in her thin neck as I rammed it back and forth.

It felt so good like her throat was grabbing me with each thrust. He massaged his cock as I squeezed her neck roughly with both hands. Her cheeks and throat puffed out slightly each time I thrust in farther and the combination of ecstasy and pain was more than I could bear and against the back of her throat. Finally, I bent her head back so that I had a straight line into her throat and I grabbed her tits with both hands and used them for leverage as I fucked her mouth hard. My balls were getting that tight feeling as my cock had reached the point where I couldn't hold back anymore and exploded inside her lovely dead mouth.

Abigail's throat bulged as my big load of hot cum erupted into it filling it full with some of it going down her throat and some of it exiting out of both corners of her mouth and I squeezed her tits as hard as I could as his balls emptied into the dead blond.

Then I was cumming deep in her throat. He grunted and pulled out his big cock and jetted as much of his jiz as before. It laced across her nose and spilled over her her dead lips and swollen tongue. A gob went onto her nose and spilled onto her cheek.

I pumped a couple of more times, my balls banging against her cheek, feeling that wonderful release, then pulled my cock out of her. He really felt good. Suddenly, it was over, and the pain of her sharp, white teeth on my engorged penis now overcame my lust.

Satisfied; I slowly withdrew my now drooping cock from her open mouth, and several streams of my hot sticky white goo leaked slowly from the left corner of her lips and trickled down her cheeks. It felt like I squirted gallons of come into her mouth, and her teeth scraped me painfully as I jerked and twitched in orgasmic convulsions. This was a blowjob like you can't get down on Main. My 48 year old body spent as the sperm oozed down the girl's chin. Some went into her hair where it shimmered in the light.

As beautiful as I knew she was, she appeared even more beautiful with his cum decorating her face. "Did you enjoy that my love?" he asked. "Shall we be able to do it one final time tomorrow?" Abigail lay there stayed silent, a little cum dripping out of the corner of her mouth; I lay beside Abbie and held her tight and drifted rather quickly into a very good night's sleep.

The next morning, I awoke with my head on her left shoulder and left hand on her right breast my eyes focused on her lovely breasts when the clock went off at 8AM. Rested from my night's sleep; I tried to think of something different to do to his new sex toy, I had one more hole I wanted to sample. His hand picked up a tube of lubricating jelly I had placed beside the bed earlier. Zeke entered the kitchen and squeezed a large glob into a small plastic bowl and heated it in the microwave until it was almost hot.

Then I closed the bowl lid and brought it with him back into the bedroom. I put the pillows on top of each other in the middle of the bed and Reaching underneath the corpse, I rolled my necrolover over to lay on her stomach face down in such a way that her lovely ass propped up and exposed up in the air while her head and breasts are swinging off the other side and admire her shapely ass.

You rubbed her shapely butt and run your hand through her crack; it feels so soft. Like the rest of her it was perfect. So firm and so tan as my hands grasped both her curvaceous asscheeks, gave them a squeeze and slid my hand into the crack of her ass and pried them wide open.

I licked through her crack and stuck my tongue into her open asshole and lubed it a little. He opened the bowl and with his middle finger coated with the jelly slowly inserted it into the pucker of her asshole.

My finger slid into and then burst through into her rectum and worked it around. My girfriend Debbie had never allowed me to explore her ass but Abigail, given her condition, had no objections. After a few minutes of finger fucking her ass; I place a glob on the head of your long hard rod until she was ready for his rod. Zeke grabs her ass, positioning my cock into her anus opening behind her and plowed inside her with my dick as hard as I can, only partially; it slid in.

As I does this I lifts up on Abigail's ass releasing some of the weight on her legs, this results in her legs bending at the knees pushing her legs forwards and towards Zeke giving the illusion, and feeling, that she is thrusting her hips back into Zeke.

He continues pound your big dick up her luscious rump, rocking her body back and forth and from side to side. With every one of Zeke's thrusts and movements Abigail's suspended body seems to respond in like kind, her soft warm pussy seeming to spasm.

Several of Zeke's thrusts into Abigail are so violent that I can hear the sound of air being forced from her lungs and escaping from her throat, sounding almost like soft moans. By holding onto her ass, Zeke moves Abigail's body violently as I thrusts into her. Her breasts jiggle and her head lolls from side to side in rhythm to his lustful movements.

I wonder if Abigail allowed her husband to have her this way or if this is a virgin asshole that you're fucking. You lean across her bare back and grab her luscious tits with your hands and continue to pound your meat into her as I squeezed her tits. My knees were getting weak. As her body was getting colder, mine was getting hotter.

The coolness of her body did nothing to cool my groin. I reached for her hands and crossed them behind her back, and went in and out, in and out.

I could see her painted face, turned to the side, being pushed into the couch cushion and then coming out again to the rhythm of my thrusts. Ruthlessly, I thrust, until, one final time, I grasped her by the wait, feel your orgasm start to build and clenched her luscious ass close against me and shot some more of my hot sticky semen into Abbie's lovely asshole.

You feel your rod still pulsing as you squeeze your necrolover tight. My ejaculation was indescribable, as I knealt there, holding onto the corpse's ass for dear life, as my cock drained me of seamen, and filled her with it. Finally satisfied, it was time to prepare this sexy corpse for burial; I withdrew from her ass and put on my clothes and made himself a leisurely breakfast.

I removed the heels stockings and garter belt from Abbie, rolled each black nylon Thigh-hi down her leg and her off feet and picked her up into my arms and placed her on the gurney and took it back to the embalming room on the elevator.

Zeke washes and dries Abigail, applies more massage cream to her face and hands, and returns her to the dressing table. Resuming the preparation, I transferred her back to the embalming table and continued the preparations.

For the last time, Zeke now took the sprayer hose and washed the corpse paying particular attention to her vagina. Inserting the nozzle into the opening; I changed the spray to a stream until the water draining out became clear at which time I stopped the water flow.


He quickly washed the makeup and lipstick from Abigail's face. Next I cleaned globs of my dried semen from her face and the inside of her mouth. No evidence of the night's activities must remain. I toweled her dry and placed a ramp behind her back to elevate her so her orifices would drain. There, the contents deposited last night were flushed out with warm water before I shaved the stubble growth of hair from her underarms and legs and gave her a spongebath and then dry her the beautiful female remains that lay before him with a towel.

Zeke rolled the curvaceous corpse over on her abdomen and proceeded to the middle of the preparation table. The perfectly proportioned long legs were spread apart and installed the stirups on the table and place Abigail's shapely legs in the stirups before I inserted a length of clear plastic tubing into the corpse's rectum open on both ends up her rectum until it barely protruded from her stretched anus. I placed a hard foam plug in the outer end of the tubing in case venting or draining was need before the burial.

Glue was placed around the outside of the tube to seal the anal opening to prevent any leakage from her female organs. After I rolled the lovely corpse over onto her back and spread her shapely legs apart on the table; Zeke decided at Jeff's request skipped inserting the tube into the corpse's vagina and, inserted a super absorbent tampon up Abigail's vagina for now until it rested against the cervix but stuffed wad of gauze inside her slit to catch any drainage.

The lower half of Miss Miller was properly prepared so I went the head of the table. He likewise stuffs dry cotton deep into both ears. Zeke set Abigail's lifeless and once lovely blue eyes, with Zeke dips a pair of oval eyecaps into the tub of "stay cream" cement and carefully positions each one onto an eyeball. With a needlelike hook I first pulls Abigail's upper eyelids two-thirds of the way down and then raises the lower lids to meet them at an imaginary "line of closure" the industry believes best creates the "illusion of sleep." Zeke then tamps on the lids, sticking them to the spurred caps.

Taking the lower jawbone in hand, Zeke works it up and down until it finally slacks and gapes open. Zeke squirts disinfectant into the opening, and forced a plug of cotton soaked with the same spray down into her lovely throat as far down the throat as possible.

I and closed her and placed adhesive on the inside of her and carefully positioned them and sewn her mouth shut. It's now up to Zeke to restore a peaceful expression to Abigail's frowning, sunken mouth to look as though Abigail was peacefully asleep. Again, I works to achieve that "pleasant look." Zeke chose instead to use a nonabsorbent mastic filling.

Pulling open Abigail's cheeks, I squirts a wad of mastic into both hollows with a fat syringe. Switching nozzles, I then pushes a narrow ribbon of mastic into the upper and lower gums to fill out the lip line. Compound oozes out of the mouth, which I scrapes off with a spatula. Filled with mortuary putty, Abigail's lovely mouth is easy to form. Zeke pushes the lips into a gentle upward curve. To ensure the lips stay closed during the embalming, I smears them with "seal cream." He'll glue them permanently shut later.

He remembers the needle sticks, and over each prick squeezes a drop of Superglue. Despite the cream I applied, Zeke elects to "hypo" Abigail's sexy lips back into shape. With a small-gauge needle, I injects a mastic of "tissue builder" into four points along the outer edges of the top and bottom lips. He's careful to inject slowly, working to plump but not bloat the lips.

Zeke was periodically massaging/exercising the breasts, arms and legs of Abigail's young corpse and removed her feet and legs from the stirups.

The Nair I worked into the nostrils has loosened her nasal hair, which I now wipes out with a cotton ball attached to the end of a pair of forceps. Zeke retrieved and opened the bag of her burial clothes, another bag containing underwear, stockings and small jewelry case, looked over them, removed the dress, underwear and stockings and draping them over the table beside the body, then began to dress her carefully picking up the black lace French cut panties placing her lovely feet inside the leg openings, pulled over past her ankles, and slowly slid them up shapely long legs, wiggling it until they were in place covering her crotch with her light brown pubic hair showing through the lace and then double-checking the adhesive.

He got out a size 34C matching black thin, sheer bra that had a lot of see-through lace covering her pert breasts and placed the shoulder straps over the hands onto her arms to drape the cups of the lace bra over her firm young breasts and then placed my arm under her and lifted her body up to tuck it in behind the back.

I began fitting a matching lacy black garter belt around her waist in place next, lifting her lovely rear tucking it behind. Reaching underneath the corpse, I sat Abigail up once more and looked at her bra and garter hooks and used both hands to getting the latches of the bra straps and then adjusted each ample breast in the cup. As I finished clasping the bra in place. I clasped the garter belt behind in place and adjusted them before lowering the leggy corpse back down onto the cold slab.

Her cold, autopsied corpse was like nothing more than a doll that they were manipulating to be put on display. While Zeke took out pair of black ultra sheer silk stockings with lace tops, placed over each toes, rolled them over Abigail's feet one at a time and lifted the long luscious, curvaceous, tanned legs up in place to mid-thigh, tenderly encasing the long limbs with the light touch of sheer silk.

Zeke then straightened the seams to perfection, hiked the lace band of the stockings up her upper thighs as further as possible to hooked them at the front with the depending garter straps in place and lifted the long luscious legs one at a time to clip onto the back and adjusted the straps and lined the top of each sheer stockings together neatly. The mortician gently lifted first one, and then the other of her small feet, slipped a pair of Abigail's favorite black sandaled patent high heels on each foot, knowing how ironic it was that she would never walk in them again; I fastened the straps.

Once this was done I stood back and took a look. Not bad; I thought. Checking closely at the picture of her that her father brought as a guide; He stipples onto her smooth, shaved face the kit's pinker hues, to raise a blush I believes will complement the rose colors of the casket and her gown; I follows the makeup with light rouge to flush out her cheeks a little.

White baby powder is then dusted on top of that, so the face won't reflect light shining from the lamps she'll be sitting under in the reposing room. Zeke proceeds to gently brushed the shade of brown eye shadow on her eyelids, darken the eyebrows and eyelashes with a little bit of mascara and eyeliner bring some dark color to her and, after mixing a bit of cosmetic oil with her dark plum red lipstick in the palm of his hand, paints the lips with a fine brush to accentuate her sexy lips.

Several different types of makeups, concealers, and tone eveners were brushed on and worked into the skin of her hands and arms. Her neck, of course, required several different layers of caking and evening to cover up where the embalming incisions were made and closed as well as some makeup on her exposed skin to take away some of the paleness/ accentuate her tan, but when she stepped back to look Abigail over, she thought she had done a fine job. Returning to the makeup kit, I brushes more pink onto the backside of the girl's hands, applies the rouge and powder; I then clips, buffs, and cleans beneath her fingernails.

The cuticles themselves now look somewhat washed out in contrast to the rest of the hands, so Zeke paints the nails with a light pink polish. She used a two-coat system to touch-up the nails of both of her hands so that they shimmered in the light once she had finished. He'll wait until Abigail's lying in state upstairs to make final touch-ups, so I can see just how she looks under viewing room lights.

He placed his arm under her knees and shoulders, lifted her up and carried Abbie's beautiful young body to the reclined chair attached to a sink where her hair would be done in the afternoon with the hairdresser and laid her neck in the sink opening as I ran his fingers through and spread the tresses out on the seat. I placed her arms back across her abdomen and gave her a loving kiss on the lips. "Cora should be here around 11:20 for the afternoon styling." Cora was the beautician that they used for most all of their clients and no one ever doubted that she did fantastic work.

He stopped for a moment as the door bell rings; Cora the hairdresser arrived early around noon and she was escorted by Zeke to where the corpse was. A plastic barber sheet with elasticized neck was placed over her so she would be ready for the styling and began to work on Abigail. It always distressing for her to wash and style dead people's hair but she felt she had an obligation to her clients to make them look their best for their final occasion. Zeke had a recent photograph that Dr. Miller had brought to assist in the hair styling and makeup to ensure that Abigail's corpse looked as close to the way she did on the photographs as possible placed beside the corpse.

Cora looked at the photograph of Abigail and was affected by Abigail's death. It was awful that she died so young with her whole life ahead of her. This one would be the most difficult because of the splitting/removal of the scalp during the autopsy and the subsequent stitching back together. They confer on the styling of Abigail's hair, which Zeke asks her to match to the picture I hands over.

The beautician was left alone with Abigail's body, and she quickly got to work., Cora could see that Zeke was becoming quite aroused as he handled the beautiful woman's corpse. She took extra care to get the little bit of curl on the sides and back that Abigail had liked. He now rolled the casket and obtained the bag with the remainder of the burial clothes and draped over the coffin. Taking a styling brush and comb; Cora styled her lovely dark blonde locks into place, teased and fluffed out Abigail's shoulder length blond hair and applied the finishing touches to Abigail's style as close as possible to the photograph.

Zeke returned right as she was finishing up the last of Abigail's toes and asked for his comments. He looked Abigail's hair over more carefully nodded at her work and said "very good as always, Ms. Jennings" I stated with a weak smile, which was about all the smiling I ever did. "I believe her family will be pleased." "Thanks. She was a pretty girl," she replied, already having turned back to a nearby counter and started to put her supplies back in their bag.

With Cora leaving quickly to go open her salon and everything else involved having finally been completed, all that was left was for the funeral home to get Abigail laid out in her casket and then wheel her into the small chapel that the family had reserved for her 6:00 viewing that evening.

Zeke patted her face, I kissed her and placed his hands on her breasts and rubbed squeezed them gently. He patted the panty covered crotch briefly and rubbed her shapely stocking covered thighs and gently massaged the cadaver until the limbs and torso were once again supple and free-moving. He pulled out her favorite dark blue low neckline medium-length dress from the bag; simple, but elegant silky fabric. With some amount of effort; he gathered the skirt of the satin gown together and placed the tight dress over her feet, past her ankles and up her smooth legs and thighs, lifting her shapely soft, round ass and then snuggled them up around her waist.

I inserted the short sleeves over the hands and onto the arms for first one sleeve, than the other, carefully lifted Abigail's arms up over her head, Zeke began working the top in place, past her arms and long brown hair, and then letting it fall around her pale figure.

and lifting her head and shoulders up to lift it over her cold figure before it ended at her shoulders, but finally the beautiful dress was fitted into place. It took a lot of work, rocking her body softly from side to side to work the dress up, over her body. Damn she looks good enough to eat and I already have several times. The body of Abigail Elizabeth Miller, fully prepared, was now ready to be laid in its casket. He pulled the sheet slowly all the way off Abigail's corpse, before I rolled in and reached under Abigail, and tenderly lifted her, carrying her solemnly to the bier where a gleaming blue silver metal casket had already been placed, in preparation for the wake.

He wheeled the table out of the prep room up a ramp and down the hall that leads to the front of her viewing room. When the casket is in place, Zeke opened both lids, and then pushed the cart right next to the casket. I slid Abbie's beautiful young embalmed, dressed, cosmeticized, and coiffed 21-year-old body reverently inside sideways until she could lift first her upper body into the casket, then her feet. Then she pulled the cart away, the extravagant white satin lining yielding gently as the weight of her embalmed body came down fully upon it.

He took great care as I carefully positioned Abigail in the casket, luscious long legs were straightened together, black-shod sheer feet lined up precisely together, pulled on the hem of her dress till it lay straight and smooth and positioned her head on the lace-encased satin pillow. The pillow below Abigail's head, he sees, is overstuffed, elevating her head at an awkward angle. Zeke cuts a third of the padding from the backside and sets the reshaped pillow beneath her head, now more comfortably positioned.

Lifting her head and shoulders he zipped up the back of her evening dress carefully smoothing the dark blue, fluid silk over the graceful curves of her body before I arrange her shoulder-length hair framing her face. Zeke now brought out a small jewelry case and placed the diamond necklace around her lovely neck and fastened it before lying her back down. Abigail's rolex watch was placed on her right wrist. Small matching pair of her favorite diamond studded pierced earrings attached to Abigail's earlobes completed her burial outfit.

Abigail's head is already turned fifteen degrees to the right, the side facing mourners. Zeke wants more of her head to show so that her face can be seen clearly as her casket is approached. Using the Damask Rose's cranking mechanism, I raises the mattress bed until Abigail's right shoulder is level with the casket's rim, and then tilts her entire body ever so slightly to the right.

He now tucks loose clothing in and around the body, readjusts the scarf, and arranged her silky long blonde hair and arranged it down her bare shoulders so that so it framed her face. She took her hands and carefully folded them on her stomach. Mrs. Jones arrived at 1 PM with the first of the flowers. She made several other deliveries of flowers throughout the afternoon. "Now, a special present, from me, Because no woman should be without her bouquet" I brought a flower box from the back of the chapel and took out a lovely bouquet of white roses and lilies, tied with a satin ribbon, and placed it in Abigail's hands.

Her deep red nails complemented by a single rosary being entwined among the leather-sheathed fingers and a crucifix being placed in her joined hands. Abigail's color is perfect under the lights.

With a clean brush, I dusts off makeup that colors a bit of hairline, and combs stray strands of her lovely golden hair back from her face. He stood back and looked at her again, his mouth watered. There she lay, surrounded in satin, and shrouded in silk, wearing only the dress, stockings and heels.

She looked like she could sit up in the casket at any moment and that was always the look Zeke strived for with my attractive female clients especially the younger ones.

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The young woman was easily the most beautiful corpse they had ever prepared in their twenty years in the business. Under his careful hand, the young girl now looks at rest. In her gentle repose is the "memory picture" I wants her family to leave with, the lasting illusion of a beautiful girl who has slipped quietly, peacefully off to sleep.

None of them, of course, will ever know the effort it took to achieve that look. Zeke closed both lids of the casket and then returned to put the supplies away. he went upstairs, shaved and showered and dressed before having a bite of lunch. Before 2 pm he came back down and opened the upper lid of Abbie's casket. Her father came a few minutes later with a digital camera in his hand.

As I approached the casket; I could see Abigail's body lying in repose. Her hands lay crossed on her abdomen. Abigail had been very good to him and was a great daughter; in some ways, I didn't feel like I deserved her. Now, though, she had been taken away from him and it was hard for him not to wonder what could have been. Abigail's father broke down in tears as she saw his daughter, then composed herself, and stood a long time, just took a long look at his daughter's corpse over carefully.

"You have done a wonderful job" she said to Zeke "he am heartbroken to loose my daughter, but it is a great consolation to see her as a lovely bride. he don't understand the torment that led to this, but she looks so peaceful and composed now. Thank you for your kindness" He then asked if the lower lid could be opened. he complied and stepped back as I took photograph after photograph of his daughter's long stockinged legs. he left the room and went to the office and turned on my hidden camera and started the tape.

he saw his hands shuddered with pleasure as I began to caress Abbie's medium sized breasts thru her dress and moved the hands to the side and lifted her head and shoulders unzipping the back of her dress and slid it down to her waist; taking time to squeezed massage and fondle the breast through her bra and snap several photos of her chest. He was growing stiff himself. Eyes still closed I reached for her with his other hand.

Down past where I hands lay interlocked I slid his palm along the curve of her belly He ran his hand up the hem of her dress and felt the silkiness of her thighs.

His fingers danced up the length of her inner leg until I felt the tickle of the hair that covered her crotch. Her dress now hiked up to her waist exposing all of her long beautiful legs and most of her desirable crotchthen began to rub each stocking clad leg from the ankle to the thigh and rubbed and pat her pantied crotch. Then, you pull the shimmering blue dress down from her well-toned body and pile the garment on the floor and Gary took another round more of Abigail's young corpse.

Taking a spray bottle of Abigail's favorite perfume; I sprayed some lightly on her arms, legs, abdomen and neck. Gosh; did she smell good enough to eat and felt her stocking foot.

Slowly, looking at my dead body longingly in her bra/panty set, He slid the shoulder straps of her lace bra easily from the shoulders to expose her wonderful, firm breast and I quickly snapped a few more pictures of Abigail's young corpse.

Gary took more pictures, lifted her head and upper body unsnapped her bra. As he meditated and took pictures, his erection grew and unsnapped her garters and pulled down her panties.

He had unbuckled his trousers and let them drop freeing his rampaging cock ,he took his hard cock out of his pants and began to masturbate while looking at those legs. I could tell he wanted to fuck her so bad he could hardly stand it any longer and climbed up into the casket with her and mounted her corpse.

He dropped to his knees between her legs and thrust his rod deep into her pussy. He alternated fondling her succulent breasts and caressed the nylon stocking clad thighs as he continued to fuck her. As you get close to orgasm. It didn't take many strokes before it he let his load of seed gush shooting across the floor beside the corpse. He was all teary eyed and were about to break down but now slowly sat up and I'm not exactly sure what happened next.

He screamed at the top of his lungs and he fell sideways off the casket. I heard a thud and a crack and then a gurgling sound as he hit the concrete floor; then an eerie silence. The first thing he saw was his left feet and ankle upside down caught between the two rail sections on the side of the table. To my horror; his eyes were staring blankly into space. A tinge of blood was pooled at the right side of his open mouth. He was laying partially on his right side with her legs spread widely apart.

I crawled closer and touched his outstretched right hand and felt for a pulse in his wrist. No luck; he was a goner. I took a roll of toilet paper and soaked up the urine and cum on the floor and flushed it down the toilet.

I called the emergency number and explained there had been an accident at the funeral home and Dr. Miller was dead. I sat and waited for the authorities to arrive. The police arrived only a matter of minutes and the coroner arrived. He briefly talked with and I told my story. I had explained so the coroner it was an accident and began his preliminary examination of Ron.

The body of Ron was placed in the black body bag and transported to the morgue. His autopsy would be performed early the next morning. I quickly dressed up and slid the hem down to just above the knee length and then returned to the viewing room.

I washed the evidence and retrieved Abigail's dress and slowly drawn up Abigail's legs pulled over the shapely hips lovely rear and positioned back in the correct position and tucked in behind the corpse and went for the night. A little before 6PM that evening Mrs. Carson arrived for the family viewing of Abigail Elizabeth Miller's exquisitely beautiful corpse. They, along with Abigail's grandparents on Mike's side of the family and David, stood just past the casket and people viewed the bodies and then spoke to them.

Soon other guests arrived, and in turn, stood before the casket to say their farewells. Later There was quite a crowd of Abigail's close friends and fellow students both from high school and college family and the guests start to arrive for the viewing. A steady stream of mourners filed past the young bride's casket that evening with most of the women sobbing into handkerchiefs as the evening progressed.

A few bent low and kissed Abigail's forehead. They said their quiet prayers, and sadly turned away. A few attendees took photos with their cameras or smartphones and remarked at how great of a job the funeral home staff had done in preparing her body the way they had.

You stand at your usual place in the corner to check out any of the sexy females you can see. You lust at Abigail's older cousin Vickie; quite lovely in short black dress and black heels and her younger stunning blonde cousin Chrissy clad in a dark blue business suit, white blouse and black heels. Through the evening you see a number of beautiful women you'd like to fuck either alive or dead. You also notice More than a few of the men who've been in the viewing line several times who had trouble concealing their erections they were trying to hide as they viewed the delicious young corpse that lay before them, leave the room and return 10 or 15 minutes later.

Abigail could do that to us even dead. One of them felt her left breast. The hand moved around, gently stroking her breast. He say, "She is very pretty.

We might have to make a stop on the way to the graveyard and play with this one for a while." Abigail heard another man laugh as the hand left her breast.

the old man said, "It will be time shortly." And the two men walked away. You know what they're thinking and doing. Can you blame them with the most beautiful piece of female flesh lying there in the casket for them to lust after? They'd like to do more than lust. One young man of about 18 kept standing where he had a good view of Abbie in her casket. I gathered he was a cousin from the family conversation.

I could tell he was lusting after Abbie's dead body. I couldn't blame him.

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Zeke smiled to himself as he get numerous compliments throughout the evening on how lovely she looks and how she looks as though she's only sleeping and not dead at all. Danny's got light-headed as the body of his beautiful bride came into view and he had to be helped to a nearby couch while the rest of the family viewed the corpse. A number of them were sobbing as Danny regained his composure and walked unassisted to the side of Abigail's casket.

He turned and nodded his approval of their work to the funeral directors. He wanted to steal a kiss but the crowd made him decide not to. But David knew he had to touch her. He reached over and squeezed Abigail's cold stiff left hand and says "I Love you Abigail, I wish there was someway I could keep you." With a tear in his eye; He caressed her cheeks knelt down then to everyone's surprise; leaned over slowly and gave her a passionate kiss on the cherry red lips and squeeze her hand and whisper "Goodbye, my love" as he filed on out.

Both her lips and hand felt like cool plastic. The crowd continued to file past and was starting to thin out at 8:45. At approx 9:30PM the viewers had stopped coming and Zeke said goodbye to the receiving line. After everyone else had left, As the viewing ends you lock up and return to and took a long look at Abigail Miller's young corpse. The face of pain I had once seen now had a smile, and her eyes were closed like she was sleeping, heavily done up with black eyeliner and eye shadow.

His hands shuddered with pleasure a. Your penis is at full alerts you touch her face. His cock was rock hard. He had to touch those magnificent legs. You hiked the dress up to the waist pull out your rod out of his pants and begin to stroke it while looking at those legs standing beside the casket as he rubbed each leg from the ankle to the thigh. It didn't take many strokes As you get close to orgasm you pull off one of Abigail's black high heels and your cock erupts with streams of hot sticky cum exploded into the shoe.

He stopped and grabbed the table because his legs were feeling weak. Once you've finished He quickly pulled up his pants you wipe most of the cum from the shoe and place it back on her foot and pulled the hem down into place mid-thigh.

Your lust satisfied once more; tidied up closed the caskets lids you lock up and then leave for the night to bed.