Tranny babes jizzing and getting jizzed on

Tranny babes jizzing and getting jizzed on
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When I was a child my mother remarried. Her new husband was not fond of my father, I have several dominating features of his, and so it was somehow decided that I would go live somewhere else. I lived with a family that had a set of twins that were 6 years older than me, not identical. Another boy that was 3 years older than him and a girl that was 2 years older than the oldest boy. I was 4. It wasn't't long before I realized this family wasn't't everything I was used to.

Having lived with several families before settling down with this one, I really just didn't't want to be sent away again.

Keeping that in mind it was a warm evening when the entire family went out to the pool. I'd been in the pool all day and out in the sun and was sunburned. I had to stay inside. Caleb, one of the twins who was also sunburned, offered to stay inside with me. Earlier that day we had built a house of cardboard boxes in the living room while the family watched Tv and had lunch. He asked me if I wanted to play house again while he laid his comforter over the top of the boxes, to make a roof. I crawled into the house ahead of him and was surprised when my feet were pulled out from under me.

I tried to pull myself up right in the dark when Caleb pulled my shorts to my I'm confused. Having lived with strangers since I was very small I was used to strange situations. This, however, was not one of them. I felt his finger running gently up and down my slit. He reached the top, my little stomach jerked involuntarily in response. I'm breathing harder.laying Really still just hoping he won't hurt me. He runs his hand up my shirt, leans over me, I feel his little hard dick tickle my bare thigh as he puts his lips to my ear and says, "be really still, and I promise you'all like it." I closed my eyes.

Wondering.what Am I going to like? He runs his finger up and down my slit.


Hovering over my little rosebud feeling my stomach tighten each time. He knew I liked it, whether I said so or not. He pulled my tight little panties down to my knees and pushed my knees up into the air. By now the anticipation building in me is enough to kill me.

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I'm light headed from the heat building in our tiny room and I know we would hear anyone come inside all the doors in the house were so loud they'd wake the dead. His tongue is in me now. Oh god it felt so good. My little 4 year old body was moving about, trying to climb away from the pleasure.

I knew I was going to pee on his face if he didn't't stop I couldn't't make the feelings stop.he Gripped my thighs buried his face deeper in my tiny cunt and probed deeper and deeper with his tongue. I started pulling his sandy blonde hair.

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Needing relief before I burst. He tongue fucked me.lapped Me up. Licked at my tiny rose bud and I couldn't't help but to moan.

I had no idea what was going on. Now tears are streaming down my face. He hears me sob and stops, climbing up to me he wiped my tears away and asked me, "what's wrong?? You don't like this??" Unable to talk, I shoved his face back into my slick pussy lips. I knew it couldn't't be right but it felt better than anything I'd felt in my life. I remember bucking up on my back and pulling his face into me.pulling His hair and slapping at him to stop until I felt a dam burst inside me and I was screaming.

His hand was over my mouth now and he was pushing my little soaking wet thighs together. He flipped me on my stomach, my tiny frame still twitching, and slid his prepubescent penis between my thighs. The moisture making it easy to fuck me without coming inside. This was weird to me but when his dick would touch my still tender rose bud I'd relish the feeling. Burnign sensations running through me and my hands and feet Could I complain.

I realize it seems so wrong.and For a long time I was really upset knowing that I'd been "molested" but as an adult the truth is - it felt good to me then too. I wasn't't thinking please stop I was thinking please put your tongue between my legs.

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He licked me that day and then fucked my thighs until we both lay there together breathing heavily. His 10 year old body and my 4 year old soaking wet cunt.laying Together in a house of cardboard boxes in the living room of my brand new home. We heard the patio door sliding open, both of us jumping up to get our clothes right.

He wiped his mouth, climbing out of the tent. I just knew whoever it was would know we had done something wrong. I hid in my little sanctuary until the blanket was pulled from the top and Christian held his hand out to me, inviting me to go swim. Out in the pool it wasn't't long before it started lightening. I am fascinated by storms, even to this day and wanted badly to stay in the warm pool water. The family got out and who agree to say with me? Caleb. We had built a floating castle on the water with all our blown up floats and it was almost dark now.

With the storm coming the sky was darkening steadily. Caleb swam to the floats and peered at me from between them, beckoning me to come.

I felt a jolt of excitement for this new game. Swimming steadily to him I kicked my slender legs feeling sexy and mature. Swimming deep I came up under the float with my mouth trailing up his length as I came. I can only imagine how he felt when I came to the surface. He gave me my first real kiss. Placing his mouth on mine he shoved his tongue inside running his hand down feverishly to my tiny clit he rubbed pulling out his penis it was so hard he flipped me over the float I was holding onto and pushed me to grab the side of the pool.

Putting his dick between my legs he lifted me out of the water on the shallow end and thrusted between my legs. The chlorine stopped all lubrication and it burned.


I wimpered, asking him to stop, at this point he must have been taken by a need to release because he didn't't listen. I tried to pull away, kicking my legs hard and fast.

He thrusted harder and harder till I felt him relax against me. Having thoroughly rashed my legs they stung as the chlorine washed over the tiny abrasions from the friction. My eyes watered.

I lifted myself onto the float and blew on the red blotches.he Looked down at them, kissed them softly, pulled my bathing suit to the side and ran his tongue up my length.I Laid back wrapped my legs around his head and held onto the side of the pool.

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Our wall of floats saving us from being seen. He lapped me up even with the burns on my legs it felt so good. I shook and trembled and bucked against his face pushing his tongue deeper in me with this new feeling rising in me I told him, I'm going to pee I'm going to pee stop stop stop!!!

He dug his tongue deeper in me I could see the white smearing around his mouth when I came for the second time in my life. The rain came down pelting us with tiny pieces of hail and I rode his face with my young virgin body. Having no idea what I was losing by enjoying this adult act of pleasure. I took my little finger, pushing his face away, and pushed it deep inside me. Needing to feel relief. He grabbed a tiny dart that we played with in the pool, hard rubber and rainbow bright, and slit the smooth tip inside me he played with my clit quickly with his other hand.

I was shaking. Tears streaming down my little face when I saw the white soaking the little submarine missile in his hand. I felt my body relax.

My muscles contracting involuntarily. I slid down into the water, my bathing suit still pushed to the side and had a total shock wash through my body when the now cold water touched my sensitive clit and a rush of pleasure flooding me again and again. I held onto the float, unsure of what was happening when Caleb leaned me further over it, pulled my bathing suit down again and stuck his tongue barely into my ass.


Probing further and further I didn't't like it at all. I was trying to swim away and a little angry that he had ruined the good feeling I was just having. I felt him take his pinky and licking it, he stuck it in just a little. Seeing that this wasn't't working he flipped me over, his pinky tearing at my budding ass hole as I spun on it, I winced, kicking at him. He pinned me against the side of the pool and rubbed my clit through my bathing suit.faster And faster while he worked his pinky further and further inside me.

When I began responding in tiny moans and my hips wiggling furiously, he flipped me back over and started eating my pussy from behind, his pinky still fucking my ass hole. I came.and Came.and My little body shook so hard with pleasure I was sobbing. Wanting nothing more in the world than to feel him inside me.

Thank goodness I didn't't know about sex then.I Would have been begging for it. I, to this day, can get off just closing my eyes and reliving this experience.

My very first orgasm, or as close to one as I could get at the time. It was amazing. It's been 19 years and I dream of it right now. No matter how good the sex is, nothing is as good as the first orgasm you have. Especially as helpless to it as I was. Because of this, today - I'm a hot 23 year old freak. <3

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