Amateur Ebenholz tanzt das erste Mal

Amateur Ebenholz tanzt das erste Mal
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I can't believe that he just admitted he lives right next to me.

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Why can't he be like his son and take no for an answer. Damn should I tell Mark that he dad has been chatting with me in a rape site chat room. Looking over to Mark's house, the back door opens and his dad comes out his tablet in his hand, calling over to me when he spots me "Hey Melinda can I borrow my son for a minute?" hearing that Mark gets up and goes home.

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While alone all I can think is 'Fuck what am I going to do, I said if he and his friends found me I considered doing a gangbang with them'. Shit what was I going to do now! Mark returns "You think he of all people would understand that not everyone stays online all day!" laughing as he sits back down on the lounger "Someone just freaked out and left a chat room dad was in after he posted some personal info.


God and he says I'm reckless with my personal info!" Looking up at Melinda, "Hey earth to Melinda, you listening to me, that was your cue to agree with me!" "Huh what?" What was he going on about. " Sorry Mark I was distracted by something I read online while you were helping your dad!" "Oh I said that dad couldn't believe that someone wouldn't talk with him online, that's all!" looking back down at his laptop then "Hey Bill wants to know if you like to make some easy money tonight helping to lay carpeting?" he carries on "Fuck I could use the money,"Raze The Dead 3" comes out Tuesday!" Lay carpet tonight, well that would help me with my little dilemma with his father.

So I readily agree to help. "So when do we start tonight?" "Right after dinner so around 7pm want me to drive you there?" then he says the magic words "I'll get dad's car for the night, He's having some friends over and there's something they want to do, so he won't need it until tomorrow morning." Melinda thinking 'Yeah they want fuck me in all my holes, over and over all night long is what they want to do!" Further questioning herself "Should I tell Mark what his dad wants to do to me or keep him in the dark about his intentions?" Starting to open her mouth before closing it and nodding to him.

"Okay I'm in, like you I can use the money!" "Great! I'll e-mail him that we both coming right now!" Lowering his head back to the screen ,his fingers flying over the keyboard. ' She will be there after 7pm, Acting weird though, keeps looking at my place for some reason!" Within a minute the reply, 'Great think she'll actually go through with her claims?' Replying 'Three guys like us why wouldn't she.

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Too bad you can't see her in her new bikini- having hard time not getting a boner looking at her in it!' Fast reply 'Mark got your phone with you- take a picture and send!' Damn i didn't have it on me, in all my haste to follow her i forgot to grab it off my night stand. So I reply back ' why you'll be seeing and using her nude body tonight, just wait until then!' Looking to her "Say why don't you christen your new bikini with chlorine?, let's go for a swim!" "You just want to check out my ass without the sarong on!" as she ties it.

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Moving my laptop off my lap I join her. For the rest of the afternoon we swim, tan, joke around and surf the net. Whatever was freaking her out earlier seems to have vanished.Leaving her a six I go back home for dinner. By five to seven i'm asking dad if I can take his car for the night. Getting permission and the keys, the doorbell rings and dad's two friends are outside. Letting them in, they greet dad then the bell rings again letting melinda in and I tell her that I forgot my phone, so come in and wait for me.

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In she comes dressed in a loose t-shirt and sweatpants and all three heads turns to check her out, making her slightly uncomfortable. "Hi Melinda, this is My friends John and Tyrone!" both offer her their hand "Ready for a big night?" Visible nervous Melinda answers "Just going to lay some carpet with Mark,Bill and Aaron, nothing really big!" "Well enjoy yourself!" dad tells her "Maybe We'll see you when you and Mark get back!" Without answering she turns to go out as Mark comes down the stairs "We're off dad, don't know when I'll be back tonight!" Turning to see dad's head and his friends head following Melinda out the door "Pervs!" laughing as I think about what I'll be doing to her that they wish they were also doing to her.In the cardriving for five minutes before I pick up Aaron and Bill.

Five more minutes before turning to Melinda "Why so quiet tonight?, usually we have to tell you to shut up to get some peace around you!" "Just thinking what I'm just avoided that's all!" She doesn't elaborate about it. We really don't care all we can think about is how we're going to spend the time in the basement doing her.


Five more minutes were there 130 Bay St. Pulling in around back, going to the back door, waiting for Bill to unlock it, then entering.

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"So dad going to pay us $100 per room we lay the carpet in. There's three bedrooms upstairs only the living room and dining room on this floor and a rec room in the basement!' he tell us before offering "I think we should split into two teams and work the bedroom first then gather to do the rest of the place!" And that's what we do and by 8:47 we in the living room laying a giant one piece, letting melinda cut as we guys pat it down.

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By 9:30 we're in the basement knowing we just earned $125 each for our night's efforts. Deciding to take a break, Bill brings out four tablets and without planning this we all surf to RavagedMe then into the chat room.


Seeing all of us logged in Mark starts the conversation as per the plan <htdapr> Hi BluePeaceDove what you up to? <Aaro69> BluepeaceDove want some lovin' <Bildic> BluepeaceDove lookin, good! <BluePeaceDove> Hi guys, sorry I didn't stay to get acquainted with you like i said i would, maybe later!" <htdapr> But you are with us right now, so do you want to get aqquainted, we got all night to lay the rec room carpet!

Melinda drops her tablet, looking up "You!' "Yeah me who did you think htdapr was?" then it comes to me "Damn you thought my dad and his friends wanted to gangbang you tonight!' The three of us get up and move closer, surrounding you on three sides.

"Well If you're up for it after showing us a good time, I'll call dad and see if they want a turn with you!" Bill grabs her by the left arm, Aaron get's her right as I grasp her sweatpants pulling them down her legs, revealing a white thong. Making her step out of the pants Bill And Aaron pulls her down to the under padding, holding her down as I grab her legs and thong,cutting the thinnest part with the utility knife. "Damn finally going to get to fuck you Melinda!" Struggling against the three of us "I was only joking when I said I'd do all of you if you found me!' tears coming to her eyes as Bill and Aaron grab a leg and pull it aside, giving me a chance to strip naked and settle between them.

"Please I don't want to fuck you, you're my best friend in the world!' "Too bad cause I been wanting to fuck you since I first saw you naked after developing your tits!" Positioning myself, sliding my hand under the side of her ass, lifting her pelvis up and burying my mouth between her legs.

Looking up to her scared tear stained face "And tonight the night!", then beginning to give her the first of multiply pussy probing of the night!