Big ass and tits brunette anal taking control of this crazy situation

Big ass and tits brunette anal taking control of this crazy situation
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BE ADVISED: Although designed to be appreciated by itself, the following writing will make more sense to readers of the first 2 segments of "Dire Action" trilogy. CONTENT WARNING: This particular writing segment contains perceivable rape, orgasm denial, science-fiction, legal irresponsibility, curse word usage, pharmaceutical usage, and firearm usage. The white mouse yawned as she walked along the wall of her clinic, closing the blinds. She was used to much busier days, but with the facility in partial-lockdown and all experimentation under arrest, she was only rarely called for assignments, and even then, they tended to be brief.

She'd been cooped up far too long in this building. Everyone had been. Ever since the earthquake knocked out their communication systems over a month before, they've been out of contact with friends and family overseas. Not that they were allowed much contact anyway. Such is the nature of working for the military on an artificial island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

They weren't equipped to deal with long-term isolation, so with the incoming shortage of food limiting choices, authority figures, such as Officer Jake, could no longer pull the wool over the eyes of its workers. This was a serious situation, and now, everyone knew it. Although loyalty remained strong, morale had begun to sink and the chain of command grew increasingly less formal. At last closing the final set of blinds, Dr. Kaidi turned her head to view the BESA unit, a chair specializing in organic sterilization and stimulation.

She walked up to its control panel, and began typing a series of commands, shutting down the various stages of the chair. Before deactivating the final sequence, she took a moment to take off her lab coat.

The heat in the medical wing had a way of fluctuating wildly, and she felt a bit overheated. With just her blue scrubs on, she reached into her lab coat for the clinic's keys, before placing them in her pocket and pressing her attention again to the control panel. Her bored mind began to drift into a daydream, and she thought of her last patient, Private Diris, a female dragoness with what Kaidi felt was a stunning figure.

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But of course, Kaidi was a professional, and would never express such a thing to a patient. Still, Kaidi had never performed the sterilization procedure on a female before, a procedure which entailed bringing the patient to the brink of orgasm, keeping them there for some time, and then allowing them to orgasm. She was very surprised to see the dragoness' ecstatic reaction. "Is the procedure that pleasurable for ALL women?" she pondered.

She thought about what it would be like to go through the procedure herself, but alas, she didn't work in the genetic's department, thus, there would never be a need for her to undergo it.

She sighed, her eyes drifting to the floor, when something incredibly obvious suddenly struck her, "Even Officer Jake, our head of security, is breaking protocol in these trying times…" she turned around, glancing towards the blinded windows before quickly looking back at the floor.

"No… I can't do that" she said in a hushed tone under her breath. Normally her work keeps her busy enough to keep her mind off of her sexual interests, but she'd been understandably pent up what with the lack of activity in the medical wing. Her mind began to justify things. When would she ever get an opportunity like this again? This isn't half as bad as what Officer Jake's doing, and who would find out anyway?

A naughty grin cut from the corner of her mouth. She spun around in place, double-checking the windows. The doors closed, the windows blocked, and the room completely soundproof, the obtuse solitude comforted her. No one holds a card authorized to open the door in this room but her.

A gentle surge of adrenaline sent a shiver down her spine. She was really gonna do this, and frankly, she was psyched. Turning towards the control panel, she expertly entered a series of complex commands. She had never operated this machine remotely before, so she wanted to make sure it was as easy and straightforward as possible. She picked up the remote from underneath the hologram and cycled through the sequences. She had managed to set it up to the single press of a button. The first sequence locks her in place, the second places the chair into its stimulation mode, the third begins her stimulation, bringing her right to the edge of orgasm but no further, the fourth sets the machine in full throttle stimulation, and the final sequence revs the system down and removes the binding latches.

Even if something went wrong, she could halt everything with voice commands. She even bound a kill-switch button on the remote, just in case. Absolutely nothing could go wrong. As the doctor approached the chair, she glanced over her shoulder at the windows and door once more to alleviate her paranoia.

She removed her scrub pants, and then her panties, neatly folding them before placing them on the floor. As she sat in the BESA chair, her heart began to race. She warded off her guilt with justifiable sensibilities. After all, would it not be beneficial for her patients if she had some experience with this procedure first-hand? Now seated in place, she pressed the button on her remote.

Steel latches shot out of the chair, binding her wrists, waist, neck, and ankles. She pressed the button again, and the latches around her wrists and neck retracted. With her legs and waist still bound, the seat underneath her began to shift and transform until it fit the contours of her body. The position of the leg clamps shifted, bringing her to a kneeling position over what ergonomically resembled a motorcycle seat, complete with handles.

Kaidi grabbed one of the handles with her free hand to balanced herself. Now kneeling on the seat, a portion of the padding opened up, forming a seal around her vulva. The deed imminent, Kaidi closed her eyes and constituted herself before pressing the button once more.


Though expecting it, Kaidi let out a sharp squeak as her cavity was instantly filled with a warm, gooey fluid, which was followed by two, powerful, somewhat tentacle-like appendages. She went quiet, tranquilized by the lovely sensations as every milimeter of her innards were rubbed and sucked by each calculated twist and thrust of the tentacles.

Forgetting to breathe for the moment, she let out a long wavy sigh before inhaling sharply, feeling her excitement grow exponentially. She knew it had to be good, but not this good.

It was clear that at this rate that it wouldn't be long before she approached her orgasm. Her breathing grew more and more labored, her sighs making way for pants. The tentacles picked up their pace. Their slick, smooth surface lacked texture, but made up for it ten times over in behavior.

They adapted, knowing exactly what was and wasn't getting her off. She couldn't possibly instruct them more efficiently herself. Kaidi let out a long, soft moan that echoed gently against the large walls of the room as she neared her orgasm. She knew the machine wouldn't allow her to orgasm until she pressed the button again, but she didn't dwell on the remote. She didn't expect to, nor would she want to, stay on the edge as long as her previous patient, Diris, did, but she was certainly curious to what her own personal limits were.

Approaching ever so close to climax, the mouse inhaled deeply and clenched her hands, one around the handle-bar, one around the remote. The appendages did not slow down, and for a moment, she thought that they were unintentionally going to drive her over the edge. Her back arched and her eyes clamped shut, when just before the edge of orgasm, the tentacles stopped instantaneously, and entirely.

Her eyes shot open, and with her heart racing, she teetered perfectly on the edge of orgasm. Instinctively, her hips rocked into the machine, but could not move enough for any stimulation.

After a few seconds, the appendages every so gingerly began to squirm, keeping her right on the brink. She'd known that this machine was designed to keep the patient on the edge of orgasm, but she had no idea that it would be this close.

Her thoughts shot back to Diris, who had been in this state for over ten minutes, and here, Kaidi was feeling overwhelmed in less than ten seconds. Kaidi checked her watch, compelled to keep going as long as she could. She then grabbed the bar once more, desperately grinding as much as she could into the machine. For what felt like eternity, she held on for as long as she could, but soon, she began to shake in uncomfortable longing. She checked her watch, "Two minutes, thirty seconds?!" she thought to herself.

She could hardly believe how close she was. She yearned desperately for the tentacles to return to their original pace. To press the button and let go. Relief. At the very least, she wished the tentacles would back off of her edging a bit, rather than dancing with her nerve endings like a hair trigger.

Her mind screamed for release as she quivered, the sloth of time taking its toll. Her eyes began to well up with tears, blurring her vision as, once more, she checked her watch. Three minutes, forty-five seconds. Defeated, it was clear to her why patients were bound the way they were. A seemingly infinite number of moments later, she checked her watch one last time. Four minutes, five seconds.

Unable to bear one more second of this torture, she at last pressed the button. With no hesitation, the tentacles picked up pace to full speed, and near-instantaneously, Kaidi was thrown over the edge, her hands and feet contorting as her climax hit her full throttle. Her vent clenched powerfully around the appendages in rhythm with the pulses of pleasure encompassing her body. Her back arched and each wave of pleasure was followed by an ecstatic cry. Her mind was swimming in euphoria, and her muscles contracted in response.

The utter intensity enticed her toes to curl and her hands to clench. It went on for what felt like a full minute before she finally began to calm down, and the stimulation from the tentacles began to grow uncomfortable. Thoroughly satisfied, she pressed the last button, designed to power the machine off.

The machine kept up its vigorous rate. Kaidi waited a moment and then pressed the button again but the tentacles continued at their pace. Now in the refractory mode of her post-orgasmic state, the pleasure made way for pain. Now squirming in the increasing discomfort, she glared down at the remote to find that it was slightly damaged. "Oh shit" the otherwise well-mannered mouse spouted.

She must have accidentally crushed it during her orgasm. She let out a pained squeek as the machine continued at its relentless pace. This was becoming seriously painful. She shook the remote and continued hitting the button, trying to get it to stop, and it wasn't long before the sensations began to grow unbearable.

"B-Bessy. Cycle the next s-sequence!" she stammered. A professional, mildly robotic female voice echoed through the room "I'm sorry, but this action requires higher control privileges." Writhing, the doctor's voice stammers again, "I'm the highest ranking m-medical personnel in the facility!

Run a v-voice analyses!" The computer responds once more in its usual, flat yet happy tone, "The medical division of the BWG, Bureau of Weaponized Genetics, apologizes for any confusion on this matter, and would be happy to clarify for you: All personnel, military, medical, or otherwise, forfeit their rank and permissions during any Class A sanitation or Class B or greater sterilizing procedure in order to mitigate any attempts to interfere with the procedure.

We understand that this procedure can be uncomfortable. Please refer any further questions to the doctor. Thank you." Kaidi wouldn't have believed it if she didn't hear it with her own, long and rounded ears. "I AM the doctor! Doctor Kaidi!" Her toes curled as she let out a long, uneven squeal. "Hello Dr. Kaidi. Please refer any further questions to the doctor supervising your procedure." Her legs pushed against the bonds, trying to separate herself from the machine, but it was in vain.

There was no physical way out of this contraption and she knew it. Her eyes began to well up in tears and with a shaken voice, she cried out for help to anyone who may be standing in the halls, but this too was in vain. She writhed in place as the machine mercilessly tenderized her innards. She dug her fingernails into the side of the remote and tried to pry it open.

After some nerve-racking struggling, she discovered that the internal damage was much worse than hinted by the exterior. Wires were torn, solder was knocked out of place, and there was a giant crack through the circuit-board.

It was apparent that even if she could concentrate enough to fix this, she didn't have the tools to do it. Her shaking paw placed the remote back into her lab coat pocket and she began scouring her pockets for anything that could help her. Pens, pencils, a notepad, and a sound recorder.

useless. Tears began to obstruct her vision as she continued to cry out for help. She was already completely out of ideas. She thought the edging was unbearable, but this was so much worse. She felt like her mind was going to split open. "Bessy! H-how long will this c-continue if not interrupted?!" the patronizingly happy voice responded, "Your B-Sat levels are at eighty nine point three three percent.

Standard protocol requires less than zero point five zero percent B-Sat levels to conclude the procedure. Your current rate of B-Sat level decline is zero point zero zero percent per minute.

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At this rate, it will take ERROR minutes to complete the procedure. The procedure shall run until your B-Sat levels are under zero point five zero percent or until the facility power is completely drained. At this rate, the procedure is due to continue for approximately six hundred twenty eight years, thirty four days, eight hours, thirteen minutes, and thirty seconds, accurate within a fifteen second calibration." The doctor began to catastrophically lose her constitution.

"Let me out of this thing you stupid fucking cunt!" As time passed, the doctor's hope was beginning to dwindle, and she was in too much distress to try to formulate a new plan out. As the frenzied mouse tugged hopelessly at the machine, she heard a hopeful thud coming from the door, and she let out an uneven cry, "HELP!" The distinct beep of a keycard being flashed at the lock echoed through the room, and there appeared the husky officer, with a first aid duffel bag in hand.

"O-Officer J-Ja-Jake!" the mouse stammered with just as much relief as embarrassment. "You left your security camera on! Are you okay?!" the blushing officer replied, closing the door behind him and propping it closed with the duffel bag as the rodent squealed, "Turn this thing off!". The husky briskly walked to the holographic monitor and glared at the screen. "P-please!

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Cycle the next sequence! Turn it off!" the doctor cried, her words beginning to slurr. "Uh, BESA, cycle the next sequence." Jake had no idea how to operate a BESA. The cheery voice responds once more, "I'm sorry Officer, but only medical personnel are authorized to operate specialized equipment." "Turn it off manually!" the mouse cried "How?!" the husky replied, who was faced with a complicated looking command prompt.

The mouse stuttered and squealed as she tried to explain the commands to turn it off, but given the complexity of the code and the inexperience of Jake, very little progress was being made. This continued for nearly a minute before the doctor, arms clenched to her body and fingers contorted, began to hyperventilate, and couldn't formulate complete sentences.

"Doctor, you're not making any sense, it's asking for your fingerprint, I can't get any further." Desperately as she try, she could not explain how to bypass it.

The husky moved away from the hologram and approached the machine. With Kaidi still trembling and crying terribly, the officer withdrew a multi-tool and tried to pry the steel bindings apart, but the steel bars were too thick; it was clear that the pliers would break before the bars. Suddenly Kaidi had an idea. "J-J-Jake- grab the- over in- an autoinjector." Kaidi couldn't formulate a straight answer and Jake was on his knees prying, hardly paying attention anyway. Kaidi grabbed Jake by his shirt with a deathgrip, and heaved him to his feet with a strength disproportional to her size, held him facing her, then released one hand to point to a shelf opposite of the room.

Upon releasing him, he darted to the shelf and opened its' drawer. Inside were combat shots. Jake was quite familiar with these, autoinjectors filled with adrenaline, dopamine, and a bunch of other feel-good chemicals, but he wasn't quite sure what she wanted them for.

He ponderously crept back to Kaidi with the shot in hand, "Doctor, what do you expect to do with-" the mouse interrupted him, snatching the autoinjector out of his hand, and with no hesitation, uncapped it and drove it into her leg. The officer refrained from spouting something about how that was against protocol and simply stood there dumbfounded.

In a matter of seconds, Kaidi stopped crying and let out a long sigh of relief. "What the hell was that?" barked the husky. Kaidi, now panting pleasurably replied, "Dopamine. cancels out the refractory period after orgasm.

Turns the pain back into pleasure." The husky, somewhat relieved to see the doctor in substantially less discomfort, relaxed a bit. "Okay, so how do I disengage this thing." Kaidi let out a long, gentle moan. "Doctor Kaidi?" the husky inquired again.

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The mouse, not sure what to say, ignored him. The pleasure back, she didn't want it to stop now. With the chemically induced arousal, it felt even better than before. "Kaidi!" the husky barked. "I'm sorry! Please just give me a minute!" The mouse was feeling too much pleasure to even feel the embarrassment of the officer looking at her. Officer Jake glanced around the room, making sure everything was closed before facing Kaidi once more. He'd always been obtusely bashful (one may call it his Achilles heel), needless to say, he wasn't quite sure what he was supposed to be saying right now, so he just kept his muzzle shut.

For some time, the officer thought the worst part of this moment was figuring out what to say at the end of all this. That is, until he noticed her vital signs. Over 170 beats per minute and climbing. He was no doctor, nor a medic, but he knew enough to know that that wasn't right.

"Kaidi!" he hollered with urgency, "Your heart's going way too fast! You have to tell me how to turn this off, NOW!" Kaidi, lost in her own world of ecstasy, couldn't form a response even if she wanted to. She was visibly hyperventilating, and quite entranced. As Jake fussed with the controls, Kaidi's demeanor changed. She was shaking, and writhing, clearly in pleasure, but her posture pointed and she looked fatigued and uncomfortable. Her heart rate nearing two hundred beats per minute, Jake drew his gun from his holster, "Fuck this." Before firing several rounds into the power supply of the machine, ensuing a series of sparks and cracks before finally, catastrophic shutoff.

The machine's latches gave out and a panting mouse stepped off of it, and clearly dizzy, leaned against the BESA, "You're okay now, just try to relax." Jake turned around and picked up her clothes before facing her again, only to find her fingers buried deep in her vent, feverishly trying to work herself to orgasm, "Nnnnggg!

This isn't enough!" Jake approached her and grabbed her arm, "Kaidi, you need to get a grip! You need to calm your body!", Kaidi opened her eyes momentarily before locking eyes with the husky, "A grip you say?", suddenly, she pulled her dripping hand away from her crotch, and planted it onto Jake's. The officer let out a comically high-pitched yelp before stepping back, moving his hands to his block his bulge, "Kaidi, no!

You need to-" "What I need right now, officer, is help! Please Jake, I need it, deep, and hard!" she lunged once again for his crotch at which point he jolted backwards before stuttering, "BESA, restrain her!" briskly, over a dozen robotic forceps descended from the ceiling and held the mouse in place, "Bessy! Doctor's clearance! Restrain HIM!", the forceps hesitated then began to obey. "Security clearance. Restrain her." The husky growled. Like a child caught between two parents, the forceps peeked left and right between the options before opting to obey.

The mouse shouted quickly "Jake's indicated to me that he wants to kill himself and intends on acting on it, I'm vocally signing a 302 warrant!" the husky tilted his head, "Wait wha-" in an instant, the forceps plowed at maximum speed against the broad-figured canine, pinning him on the ground and disarming him of his gun and knife in one smooth, fierce movement.

With incredible grace, Kaidi leapt onto Jake's lap, "Don't fight it Jake" she said as she eagerly undid his zipper like a birthday present (and it's not even her birthday) "You keep saying no…" without even reaching in, the husky's large member ejected like a spring outward, "…but your raging hard on screams yes!", Jake's struggle against the powerful forceps appeared pathetic.

He wasn't moving an inch more than the machine wanted him to, "Kaidi! Don't do this!" she placed her fingers against her wrist for a few seconds and let go, "My heart-rate is fine now. I really need this!" Jake growled, "This isn't how I wanted to do this!", Kaidi laughed, positioning her vent over his thick girth, "And how would you have preferred it?" Jake went silent as Kaidi toyed with her pleasure button.

She gawked at his length, most impressive, as is quite apparent even with his pants on. She gently slid her slit against his length, teasing herself even more, before finally looking up at Jake, who remained silent, his head turned to the side. Suddenly, she realized she somehow sprung a note with that comment. "Jake… how would you have preferred it?" Jake let out a long, shuddering exhale, "I've been trying to work up the nerve to ask you to dinner some time…" Kaidi froze for a moment.

Jake looked up, "You're intelligent, kind, and very level-headed. I've felt way out of my league." Kaidi remained knelt motionless for just a moment longer, the silence being broken only by the consistent sparking of the late BESA. But soon, a warm smile met her face, and she suddenly grabbed his broad jawline, pulling his head forward, before locking into a kiss.

A few moments into this embrace, and Jake suddenly went very limp. Upon separation, Kaidi whispered, "I'm sorry Jake, if this isn't what you want.

I really need this. Please, you're a good man… Try to enjoy this." Clearly not making any progress, Jake elected not to continue fighting.

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Kaidi restrained herself no longer; in one smooth movement she mounted the full length of his pulsing girth. Jake exhaled a gentle sigh of pleasure.


At this reaction, Kaidi locked eyes with Jake momentarily before he turned away. She closed her eyes and let her body do what came natural. Her fingers explored her clitoral hood as she rode the husky, at first slow and smooth, but quickly picking up in pace.

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Jake turned to face her, and he noticed her eyes were now shut, lost in the moment of their connection. Jake let out another long sigh, and almost like clockwork, Kaidi picked up the pace yet again. She bobbed on his member, grinding and thrusting. As pent up as Kaidi was, it wasn't long before she felt her second orgasm coming on.

She began sighing, vocally, enjoying the freedom of going at her own pace, when a Jake's soft voice broke it's silence, "Kaidi?" he said hesitantly, "I'm close…" he said, his eyes clamped. Kaidi smiled, "Impeccable timing, Officer." As Jake's breathing accelerated, Kaidi's orgasm hit her full-throttle. Her loud cries echoed off the walls as her walls clamped mercilessly around Jake's length, driving him over the edge, he unleashed a loud howl which actually managed to startle the rodent.

In unison climax, he pumped rope after rope of his thick seed deep within, and just as his howl ended, so too did her pleasurable writhe, and she collapsed onto his chest. After a few moments, the gravity of what Kaidi had done begun to sink in.

"I'm so sorry Jake…" The officer, hardly in a graceful position, still breathing heavily, replied, "It's okay Kaidi." Kaidi pulled herself off of his length, his investment neatly sealed within her. "No Jake, it's not. I'm sorry. I can't reverse this 302 warrant without two other medical staff here to authorize it. You'll be pinned here until I go do that. This could cost both of our careers." Jake smiled for a moment, then laughed for another, at the confusion of the rodent, who was now replacing her clothes.

"BESA, activate martial clearance, and pardon Officer Jake." "Voice analyses confirmed. Greetings Officer Jake. Pardoning: Officer Jake." The forceps retracted into the ceiling, leaving Jake to take the opportunity to tuck himself back into his pants. Kaidi's jaw dropped, "You could have gotten out of that at any time…" Jake smiled, "It would be pretty silly if the head of security of a BWG grid didn't have authorization to modify and pardon warrants.

302-type warrants aren't rare among soldiers you know." He approached the jaw-drooped mouse, and snatched her hand. "So… Would you like to have lunch some time?" Kaidi smiled, "I thought you'd never ask." Lacing her fingers with his, she faced the BESA.

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"Looks like none of the fine-tuned equipment was damaged… but that power supply is quite literally shot to hell. That's going to be a pain for the engineers." Kaidi stepped closer to the husky, resting her head on his should, "Yeah," the husky let out an airy laugh, "Diris is gonna be pretty pissed."