Male anal creampie gay porn sucking the masked head and rubbing his

Male anal creampie gay porn sucking the masked head and rubbing his
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Thanks to everyone who left comments and for those who also gave a positive feedback. You are appreciated. The next day I could hardly concentrate on school work. Twice my math teacher caught me day dreaming. Little did she know what thoughts were running through my mind. I wondered if Emily was having the same problem. I was so happy when the final bell rang and we all headed out for the buses. I saw Emily talking with some friends and when she looked over at me there was no sign that she was ready for another go.

She simply looked at me and then turned away. Twenty minutes later we were getting off at our stop. There were several kids who also lived in our neighborhood who rode the bus with us and Emily was walking and talking with a couple of the girls. I walked behind with some of my friends. Once we got home Emily went to her room and I went to mine.

First thing I did was retrieve the SD card. I didn't feel right about it and was going to erase it. The whole shower idea had worked out well, but it was wrong. Emily was my sister and I would never do anything to hurt her. I felt bad about the whole thing. Not the sex part mind you, but how it all happened. About a half hour later I was doing my homework, or at least trying, when Emily knocked on the door.

'It's open,' I said. Emily came in. She looked around nervously.

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'What's up?' 'Doing this crappy English.' I held the SD card out. 'I'm sorry I spied on you yesterday. It was stupid. I never would have showed this to Dad, no matter what.' 'I know,' Emily said. She took the card for a moment then handed it back. 'Just erase it.' I felt good that she trusted me to dispose of the evidence.

Emily stood quiet for a moment then said, 'So'. 'So,' I said back. My heart was pounding again. 'You want to?' I nodded. 'You?' Emily smiled. 'That's all I thought about all day.

I was so wet I was wishing I had an extra pair of underwear'. She looked down at my crotch. 'Looks like you've been having the same thoughts'. Oh yea! Christmas morning all over again. 'Emily, that's all I thought about'. With that said, Emily pulled her shirt over her head and tossed it on the floor.

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She wasn't wearing a bra and her nipples were hard like a pair of marbles. I jumped up and nearly tore my shirt off. I dropped my pants and for the first time realized my underwear were also soaked through. Emily saw it and laughed.

'Aren't we a pair,' she said as she pulled her own pants down. She wasn't wearing any underwear, but it didn't matter. I could still see that her shaved pussy was wet.

We stood there naked for a few minutes.


I don't know if we were embarrassed or if we just wanted to look at each other for a while but we just stood quietly. Finally Emily spoke. 'Would you do what you did yesterday?' 'I will if you will?' Emily walked over to the bed and sat on the edge. She took my pillow and propped it behind herself scooting forward as she leaned back.

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She opened her legs and with both hands she spread her pussy open. Her clit was engorged and a bright red. It was swollen like a tiny prick that need attention. And I had plenty of attention to give. I knelt between Emily's legs getting right up to her pussy and began to lick. I had read an article in Penthouse on how to administer cunnilingus to a woman.

Now was my chance to see if it was true. Emily continued to hold her lips open while I positioned my tongue at the very base of her crack where her tight little asshole seem to be waiting impatiently. I stuck the tip of my tongue against it forcing my tongue in just a little bit.

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Emily moaned and let her fingers come together squeezing her clit. I reached up and pulled her hands away. Taking care of her clit was my job and I wasn't going to give it up to anyone, not even her. I darted my tongue into Emily's asshole a few times then moved up an inch or so to that spot right between her ass and her vagina.

I got my lips to it by turning sideways and then began to work on giving her a hickey on that smooth tissue. The article said that most men completely overlook this spot and if you really want to do a good job don't skip anything. And so I didn't. I sucked lightly and then hard and then lightly again as if I was sucking on a girl's neck which of course I wasn't. Emily responded by opening her legs farther and pushing herself into my lips. After every couple of sucks I gave the area a long lick or two and my sister responded by rocking into my mouth.

Next I moved up to the hole that had been right in front of my nose. I wasted no time and stuck my tongue as deeply into her as I could. A sweet salty liquid ran out onto my chin. Emily acknowledged my efforts by humping into my face and grabbing my hair.

I continued to lick and fuck her cunt with my mouth until I thought she was ready and then moved up to the grand prize; her clit. As I moved up Emily knew what was coming and spread her pussy lips out flat.

Her excited clit stood up waiting for the hot tongue it knew was coming.

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At first I just let the tip of my tongue graze across Emily's clit. Each time I made contact I felt the little nub pulsate against my lips.

Emily was squirming around on the bed trying to force as much of her cunt into my mouth as she could while I, on the other hand, tried to tease her by not letting her get what she so desperately needed.

Finally, I relented and took her clit into my mouth sucking gently, then with more force. Instead of licking and teasing I now turned my efforts to making my sister cum.

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I held her clit in my lips while at the same time letting my tongue slap it from side to side. Emily held her pussy lips wide apart helping me get to the heart of her sexuality. In other words, she fucked her clit into my sucking mouth for all she was worth.

And then, without notice she screamed out, 'Now!' and came. I didn't know it was coming and by the way she acted I don't think she did either. She slammed her clit into my mouth the way a guy would slam his cock into a pussy.

Each time she did I met it with a slap of my tongue followed by sucking. Emily came in my mouth for at least thirty seconds non stop and then fell back on the bed. I stood up and just as my sister opened her eyes my cock began firing off. I hadn't even touched myself once, but the shear excitement of eating Emily's clit was more then I could take.


We both watched in totally surprise as I shot huge streams of cum onto her tits and stomach and one or two directly into her face. Seeing what was happening Emily grabbed my cock and jerked me off. I had hoped for a blow job, but this was just as good considering it was spontaneous. When I finally stopped shooting onto my sister she looked up and smiled.

'I guess you enjoyed it too', she said licking a bit of cum off her lips and savoring the taste before she swallowed. 'Yum, not bad, Bro!' I wiped my dick off with my shirt and laid down next to Emily.

'I'm sorry,' she said.

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'I was going to suck you off, really.' I grinned at her. 'I guess I got a little carried away.' Emily was quiet for a few minutes during which time we both worked at catching our breath. As she reached down and took hold of my shriveling cock I cupped her mound with my hand. Emily slid over really close to me and squeezed my dick.

'I guess you know what's next?' I squeezed her pussy and said, 'Yep.'