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Two horny girls having bang on red couch pantyhose and lesbians
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Note: Fair warning: this is more about the relationship between the characters than sex. Christmas had come and gone, certainly the most memorable in Daniel's life. It was December 28, 10:00 in the morning, and he was dressing himself to go ice skating. While certainly no jock given his smaller build, he liked to swim, even making the school team.

Most of all though, he loved to skate. Yet, what made this day most important to him was that Carter, who also enjoyed skating, would be meeting him there. He was leaving the next day, his college break over, and Daniel wanted it to be as special as the last evening they had spent together before Christmas. Timing it perfectly, Daniel knew that his mother would be at work until 5:00 that evening. It wasn't a typical small-town rink. The large creek running through town formed a shallow pond somewhat larger than a square block that everyone knew as Lake George, although it certainly was no lake.

The creek entrances to the pond also froze over in winter, covered by old, wooden pedestrian bridges. However, town authorities had built a large warming house and kept the surface plowed of snow, thus creating an idyllic place to skate.

Daniel walked the three blocks to Lake George, skates tied together and draped over his shoulder. The sky was overcast with light grey clouds, but snow wasn't likely until later that evening. It was a perfect day for skating.and other things. After the short walk, he entered the warming house, where he scanned the cluster of kids, teens and adults.

They called it a warming house for a reason. There was a large propane heater in one corner that kept it toasty inside, ideal for changing out shoes and skates without freezing to death, or just taking a break to warm up. "Morning, kiddo," he heard from behind the door as he closed it.

"Hey, Carter," he said, looking into his eyes. He desperately wanted to hug and kiss him, yet knew that it was impossible; not here, not now. Carter was already in his skates, so Daniel found an empty spot on one of the benches that lined the walls and sat down, pulling off his boots and sliding into his skates.

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"So, you like the girlie skates," Peter said as he plopped down next to him on the bench. Daniel was caught completely off-guard and, almost like in a bad movie scene, everything around him froze in place while his mind reeled on. What was he doing here?


Of all people, why him? Why now? Please don't wreck this day for me! Snapping out of freeze-frame, he said "they're figure skates, not girlie skates." He looked down to see that Peter was wearing hockey skates, those with large, wide blades and no serrated tip. "Huh, they're girlie skates," he said again, smiling this time, but sure of himself. Although Daniel was shy and sensitive, he was no cry-baby prone to sudden tears.

"Try doing an axel wearing those clunkers, if you even know what that is. You'd fall right on your ass," he replied with unusual frankness.

"We'll see," Peter said, looking directly into his eyes, which sent a shudder through his body. Why he even liked this guy, much less had a crush on him, was a mystery to Daniel. Peter was the same age and average in every way. In fact, it was incredible how everything about him was so average. At 5'6" he was taller than Daniel, but not much. Slender, but not skinny, he weighed about 120 pounds.

His brown hair was neatly trimmed, and his facial features made him good-looking, but not necessarily handsome. What set him apart, however, were his eyes. They were chestnut brown with curious honey sparkles, almost like shards of broken glass that reflected light.

Perhaps that is what first drew Daniel's attention. Occasionally, their eyes would meet in the hallway, classroom or gym. He tried to avoid it, but when they met he was mesmerized, feeling the same shudder he just had, and always looked away as quickly as possible.

They strangely bored into him, melting his heart, yet luring him in.

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Peter was also just plain a nice guy, and Daniel somehow knew he had a deep, gentle side. Even though a freshman and certainly no jock, Daniel had seen him defend others being picked on by those much bigger.

He recalled an incident where a hulking oaf was terrorizing a kid in a wheelchair, showering him with verbal humiliation. Peter quietly walked up to him and stuck the tip of his thumb into the mastoid process at the base of his left ear, pushing him against a locker.

"Owwwww!" the creep howled, unable to move. "You're never going to do this again, are you?" Peter softly asked, then pressed a bit harder, bringing him to his tip-toes like a ballerina.

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"No, no!" he squealed through the incredible pain. "Excellent," Peter said, as he released him. It reminded Daniel of the defensive tactics his father had used as a police officer when he was still alive. If there was one thing about Peter that he found annoying, it was his unrelenting truthfulness. He would never tell you a lie or varnish the truth. If you smelled like a goat after gym class, he'd say, "dude, you stink; take a shower," without batting an eye. When forced to exchange essays for critique in English class, he would read it carefully, then bluntly tell the author that it was shallow and boring, if that's how he felt.

Should fate lead him into the diplomatic corps, Daniel was certain that he would single-handedly cause World War Three. They all went outside and onto the ice. Daniel skated effortlessly, gliding over the smooth surface with ease. Peter skated up next to him, sure on his feet. "So, I'm going to fall on my ass, am I?" he said wryly, flipping around so that he was skating backwards facing him.


Daniel wasn't impressed. That was kid-stuff, so he raced ahead, doing a single axel followed by a double. "Try that," he shouted. The challenge was now on. Peter had never actually tried doing an axel, but thought it could be no more difficult than flipping around 360 degrees instead of 180. Picking up speed, he timed his leap and jumped into the air.

Daniel was right about those hockey skates; he might as well have had a couple of rowboats strapped to his feet. Making it about 240 degrees, he came down with a crash onto the ice, landing right on his ass. Daniel laughed as he skated up to him, but didn't want to make him feel too bad.

"Told you so," he smiled, locking eyes for only a moment, then skated away. Peter just sat there without saying word. Carter was watching the events, and wondered who this kid was interrupting his time with Daniel. Catching up to him, he asked, "who's that?" "Peter," Daniel replied, shifting his view to keep an eye on both of them, wondering if he would return. "Your Peter?" Carter asked with a smile. "Well, he's not MY Peter but, yes, he's the one I like," Daniel said as he watched him get up from his crash and skate away.

Carter could see the near sadness in his eyes as he skated off, obviously not coming back. "Daniel, remember what I told you before's going to be up to you," Carter said quietly. Almost torn now, he didn't know who he wanted to be with more. "Go bring him back and we'll form a whip," Carter said.

Daniel smiled at him, somehow knowing that he was urging him forward while gently trying to let him go.

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Carefully looking around, he dared a quick kiss, then skated away. With his speed, it didn't take long for him to cover the entire area of Lake George, finally sailing up alongside Peter. "You were right," Peter said with his usual truthfulness, "and my ass hurts." "Don't worry about it.

Come on back; we're gonna whip," Daniel said. "No kidding?" Peter asked, smiling broadly. "Yup, and your ass may hurt even more afterward, unless you stick with me," Daniel replied. Together, they skated back to where Carter was waiting. Anyone familiar with ice skating knows "crack-the-whip." A strong person takes the center, then forms a chain of people holding hands, thus forming the whip.

Carter, being the fulcrum, called out, "let's crack the whip!" Several other skaters immediately joined in, wanting their place in the chain. It had to be proportionate in terms of height and weight, so little kids were excluded from this one. Forming a chain of eight people, Carter deliberately put Daniel and Peter at the end.

Holding their bare hands together pulled from their gloves, Daniel faded a bit as he felt the warm skin tightly clenched against his own. He wanted to look at him, but refused to do so. Everyone now holding hands, he slowly began to skate in a tight circle, swinging the chain around him.

Much like an amusement ride, the speed increased rapidly, people forced to hold hands as tightly as possible. "Crack the whip!" Carter yelled as he anchored the chain, skaters letting go of their hands and flying away in delight.

Being at the end of the whip, centrifugal force sent Daniel and Peter blasting off at incredible speed, losing their grip on each other. Although the more gifted skater, Daniel had everything he could do to keep his balance and avoid hitting anyone else.

He looked to see where Peter had been spun, and watched in horror as he fell, sliding along the ice until careening headlong into a wooden post supporting one of the old pedestrian bridges. He saw him bounce off of it like a rubber ball, landing on his back in a nearby snowbank.

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"Oh, my God! He's got to be dead, his neck surely broken," Daniel thought to himself as he raced up to him. "Pete, Pete, are you okay?" he shouted as he fell to his knees in the snow beside him, his heart pounding. Slowly opening those penetrating eyes, he said, "Dan, my name is Peter, not Pete." What Daniel didn't know was that both of them shared the same quirk of only using their full given names. "Well, excuuuuse meeee! By the way, my name isn't Dan, it's Daniel," he replied, thankful that he was still alive.

"Is that so, Danny dick-licker?" he taunted him. Daniel had a panic moment, wondering if he somehow knew more than he should have. Did Carter tell anyone? No, he's just being a smart-ass, he concluded. Impulsively, he straddled his chest, settling his butt on his stomach. "That's right, Peter, Peter pecker-eater," he threw back at him, eyes now locked, but without the shudder he had always felt. "Dick-licker! Pecker-eater!" they hurled back and forth, smiles on their faces.

Carter had seen the collision after cracking the whip and feared the worst, but saw that Daniel had reached him quickly. Hearing no cries for help, he took his time skating up to them. It was a good thing that Carter arrived when he did, however, because Daniel was caving in and ready to do something stupid, like kissing Peter right on the lips.

"Are you alright?" Carter asked. Daniel got off of Peter and stood up. "I'm fine, but my head hurts," he said. Trying to stand up, Peter wobbled and fell forward into Daniel's arms. "Hold on, we better check this out," Carter said. As Daniel held him closely, now almost ready to pass out himself with his body tight against him, Carter pulled his eyelids up and confirmed that his pupils were equal. "That's a good sign, but you may still have a concussion," he said.

Gently running his hands over his head, he touched a lump at the top of his forehead. "Ouch!" he yelped. "I don't know if you have a concussion or not, but I do know that you're going to have a good, old-fashioned goose egg there for a few days," Carter said. "Daniel, let's get him back to your house and let him rest for awhile, if that's okay. We can see what develops after an hour or so," he suggested. Daniel smiled and put his right arm around Peter's waist, then pulled his arm over his left shoulder.

Holding him tightly, they skated back to the warming house, put on their boots and Carter drove them to Daniel's home. They went into the house, Peter feeling a bit dizzy. They took off their boots and guided him up to Daniel's room where they laid him down on his bed. "Just relax for awhile and take a snooze, if you can," Carter said. "Then we'll see how that knot on your head develops." Peter simply nodded and closed his eyes.

Carter and Daniel went back downstairs, sitting on the living room couch next to the tree where they had had their pre-Christmas adventure a few days before. "You're really leaving tomorrow?" Daniel asked. "Yeah, it's back to college," Carter replied. Daniel moved to straddle him on the couch, resting his ass in his lap and putting his arms around his neck. Gazing into his eyes, he said, "I want to give you a going-away present." Leaning down, Daniel kissed him deeply, pushing himself more closely against his chest.

Carter put his arms around him, pulling him into a tight embrace. They continued to kiss each other, exchanging long, passionate kisses with playful touches of their lips, tilting their heads from side to side. Daniel could feel the bulge growing beneath his ass. He wormed his tongue into Carter's mouth, probing, licking, sucking his lower lip, ending with a long, intense meeting of their lips.

Pulling back, he stared into his eyes again, then slid off of Carter's lap to the floor between his legs. He gently rubbed the bulge in Carter's pants, then kissed and licked it through his jeans.

"Do you want your present now?" he asked with a seductive smile. "Oh, Daniel, you know I do, but we shouldn't; not with Peter here," he said. "In fact, you should go up and check on him." Almost pouting, Daniel got up and kissed him, then made his way upstairs to his room. Peter was sitting on the bed, his back against the wall, legs together and pulled tightly against his chest. His arms were wrapped around them, his face resting against his knees. Daniel was perplexed and concerned.

"Are you in pain?" he asked. Peter lifted his face, and Daniel saw that his eyes were puffy, almost as if he had been crying. "Yes, I am.

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My head hurts, my ass hurts and … so does my heart," he said. "What are you talking about?" Daniel asked, totally confused. "I saw you kissing him, making out with him, loving him," he replied softly.

Daniel had no way of knowing that Peter had tried to come downstairs, but stopped when he saw them together. Doomsday had finally arrived. Within 24 hours, everyone in town would know that he was gay. He could already feel the abuse. If not physical, there would be the snide remarks, sidelong glances and whispers behind his back.

He might as well have leprosy. Beginning to feel sick to his stomach, he wondered where his mother kept his father's service revolver hidden. If he could find it, he'd blow his brains out. "Why him … and not me?" Peter asked quietly. Daniel's jaw dropped, his mouth hung open, and his mind raced in total disbelief. "Why not me?" Peter asked again, this time his voice louder and more intense, after which he buried his face against his knees.

Daniel knelt on the bed in front of him. "How could I know, Peter? I don't have a crystal ball," he said. Looking up, Peter said, "couldn't you see it when I looked at you?" Daniel stared into his eyes, taking in those honey sparkles, now feeling drawn to him more than ever. He gently put his hands on his cheeks. "Oh, Peter, if only you knew how long I've had a crush on you. Your looks drove through me like spears, but I never dreamed that they could mean you felt the same way," he said.

"Well, now you know," Peter replied with his blunt truthfulness. "What about Carter? Is he your lover?" Peter asked hesitantly. "No, he can't be my lover, but he is my boyfriend. There's a big difference, you know." Peter mulled that over in his mind, but his thoughts were interrupted when Daniel leaned in and softly kissed his lips.

Pulling back, he waited for his reaction, remembering his own first kiss from Carter. "Wow," is all Peter could whisper as he dropped his arms from around his legs. Daniel smiled and pulled his legs down from his chest, moving up to settle onto his lap.

He put his hands on the top of Peter's shoulders, then started giving him tiny kisses, feeling his tight lips begin to loosen with each touch. Peter began returning his own kisses, softly moaning as he put his arms around Daniel's back. They were deeper, longer, more eager. He was a quick learner. Daniel could feel his cock harden against his ass, and stopped kissing long enough to pull him away from the wall and down onto his back. He laid on top of him and ground his own hard cock against Peter's as he resumed his kissing.

Peter held his back tightly with his left arm, but lowered his right hand onto Daniel's little ass, rubbing and squeezing his firm buns through his jeans. Daniel shifted away from his lips and buried his face in the side of Peter's neck, gently nibbling on his ear. Now breathing heavily and lost in passion he had never imagined, Peter whispered, "I'll bet you really are a dick-licker." Daniel pulled back from him and, locking eyes with a devious smile, said, "let's just find out." He slid down to his crotch, opening his snap and zipper.

Pulling his jeans and undies down only enough to unleash his raging 5.5" cock and balls, he saw that his grey briefs were already dark with the pre-cum still oozing from his slit. His circumcised dick was slender, with a perfect head to match. "It's like a torpedo," Daniel thought as he began to lick the juice from the tip and lash his tongue up and down the shaft. Now he was cracking the whip, but this time with his tongue on the dick he never thought could be his.

"You fucking dick-licker, stop it!" Peter grunted, his eyes closed, yet grabbing his head and forcing it onto his cock. Ignoring his demand, Daniel continued to flick his tongue around the tip, then took the whole thing into his mouth and sucked furiously, knowing that Peter wouldn't be able to stand it much longer.

He was right. Only seconds later, his cock erupted, filling Daniel's mouth with hot, creamy boy gravy. Peter's body was wracked with torrents of pleasure as he came, nearly crushing Daniel's head between his hands as he pulled his hair.

After swallowing his entire load and zipping him back up, Daniel cuddled next to Peter, kissing his neck. "Oh, God," he panted, "I never knew it could feel like that." When his breathing settled down, Daniel whispered into his ear, "I'm a dick-licker.


Are you a pecker-eater?" "No, but I will be soon. Get up here," Peter replied as he sat up against the headboard. Daniel straddled him on his knees, watching Peter lick the bulge in his jeans. He had to put both hands on the wall for balance as Peter rubbed, kissed and licked him. "Stop teasing me, you prick! I can't take it," Daniel pleaded. Peter opened Daniel's pants and pulled them down with his white briefs to his knees.

His heart was pounding as he got his first look at a cock up close. He took it into his hand, feeling the warmth and soft skin. He gently stroked it with one hand while fondling his balls with the other. "Oh, Peter, come on, eat that pecker before I blow," Daniel begged.

Ready for his first taste, Peter slipped his mouth over Daniel's aching cock and began to suck. Grabbing his smooth, little ass, Peter urged him into his face.

Instinctively, Daniel started to thrust into his hot, wet mouth. Peter was able to handle his 4.5" without gagging, and squeezed Daniel's butt as he rammed into him. "Ohhhhhhh, fuck!" Daniel moaned as he busted and shot jets of cum into his mouth. Peter chugged it down, but kept the last few drops to savor on his tongue.

After his balls were drained, Peter pulled up his jeans and briefs, then Daniel collapsed onto his chest. There was silence between them for several moments as they recovered.

"You know that I'm going to fall in love with you, pecker-eater," Daniel cooed. "Too late dick-licker. I already beat you to it," Peter said before kissing him. "Looks like you two are quite an item," Carter said as he watched them kiss, standing in the doorway. "Daniel, I've got to be going." He looked at Carter and said, "but you haven't gotten your going-away present yet." With a wink and a smile, Carter replied, "I'll take a rain check, kiddo. There's always Spring break, you know."