Gruppe von schwarzen Männer mit zwei Blondinen

Gruppe von schwarzen Männer mit zwei Blondinen
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Guido and Kallie (means very beautiful) were packing for their vacation starting tomorrow when Kallie realized her swimsuit was old and out dated. With this being their second honey moon she wanted things to be perfect, so Guido urged her to going shopping. He knew she was a little self-conscious and wanted her to find a swimsuit that she would feel comfortable and would relax with since she was not tall in stature being only 4'8''he knew that on vacation they would not find anything that would fit her without modifications.

Kallie was small but she was beautiful like her name states, her ample breasts were 34DD and were not as firm as they once were but still very nicely shaped her hair was graying but whose wasn't after all they were 50+ years old. Guido still found Kallie very beautiful and sexy, Kallie did things that Guido never wanted anyone else to do, or even thought of wanting anyone else to do.

While Kallie was gone Guido finished packing except for Kallie's new items, then he sat down with a beer to watch the game. When Kallie returned she went directly to the bed room and packed the items she had purchased humming softly the whole time. Guido asked "so are you going to show me or what" she giggled and said "he will have to wait until vacation".

The next morning bright and early they were getting on their plane for Tahiti. Sitting next to each other they were like teenagers holding hand and kissing each other.


They were talking about all the things they would like to do while on vacation and did not notice that they were the only ones on this part of the plane. After the Fasten seatbelt light went off Kallie requested a blanket saying she wanted to get some sleep since it had been a short night with all the excitement, She covered up and rested her head on Guido's lap.

About half way through the fight Guido woke from a nap to someone massaging his balls licking his shaft, he looked down to see Kallie with her head still on his lap with a sly smile on her face. She whispered this is payback for torturing her the last 20 years of their relationship being brought so close to orgasm then stopping then doing it all over again. This went on for better part of an hour she would have him so close then stop or even worse the Flight Attendant would be approaching and Kallie would stop and cover Guido's Cock.

Finally Kallie ceased Licking on Guido's shaft as the Captain announced their approach to Tahiti Airport. Guido had planned the Resort end of the vacation so the Bungalow was a surprise to Kallie, it was a Cabin not on the beach but in the Bay they had to reach it by boat, it was a cabin on stilts. At low tide the water was 10 feet from the bungalow but the water was still deep enough to dive off the deck and into the water without getting hurt. Kallie was in awe as they checked out the cabin; no matter what room they were in they had an ocean view.

Kallie was in tears at the beauty and the extent that Guido had gone to make their vacation perfect. Guido had stepped out on the deck while Kallie finished checking out the rest of the cabin, He turned around as Kallie joined him on the deck to find her with a big smile on her face and tears on her cheeks, all she could say was it is so beautiful and I Love you.

She approached him kissing him and urging him to the lounge chair on the deck. She pulled his shirt off kissing her way down his chest where she nibbled and licked his nipples while she worked him out of his shorts.

She then continued down his stomach and started sucking and licking on his cock again. As she sucked on his cock Guido removed Kallie's blouse exposing her body to the warm air, she moaned as Guido massaged her breasts. Guido worked her shorts off while she was sucking his cock, suddenly she stopped and stood saying "surprise" there before Guido was his conservative wife wearing a teal colored bikini panties, and in the 20 years they had been together she would wear only a high brief and nothing else.

Kallie turned 360 degrees to give Guido a full view of her beautiful body with the panties. Guido reached for Kallie pulling her back on top of him, kissing Kallie he could still his cock on her lips as he slid his hand down her body to her to her pussy he found her extremely wet, she giggled and whispered that she had been like that since that morning when she was dressing in the apartment.

Kallie Kissed Guido as she reached between her legs and pulled her panties aside to allow his cock to enter her pussy, as it did she bit down on her lip gasping for breath. Both moaned as she slowly lowered herself to the base of his cock.

Her eyes closed tightly as she rocked forward so his cock slid almost all the way out, and her savoring the feeling of his cock re-entering her again. The rhythm started real slow with each movement shooting shockwaves through both of their bodies.

As Kallie rocked back and forth she would bite her lip to keep from screaming, Guido could feel Kallie's juices flowing down the shaft of his cock and onto his balls. As the two neared orgasm, their tempo increased, Guido was massaging Kallie's breast with one hand and with the other hand was inserting a finger into her tight rectum, in a low growl Kallie cried "I'm coming", all Guido could say was "me too".

Kallie's eyes rolled back in her head as her first wave hit with a loud moan, Guido Grabbed Kallie's hips and arched his back as he came, Kallie riding his orgasm like riding a bucking horse. Kallie's second wave hit she grabbed her breasts pinching and squeezing her nipples. They collapsed in each other's arms on the lounge chair giggling, realizing they had never had romantic interlude in an open area like this before, with them living in a large city made them look around checking if they were being watched.

They lay in each other's arms lightly dozing for the afternoon. As evening approached they showered and prepared themselves for an evening out. Guido sat on the deck watching the waves approaching and enjoying the view of the bay; Kallie finished dressing and joined him on the deck.

Guido did a double take as she approached she was wearing a blue mid-thigh skirt on and a white satin almost see through blouse, she was gorgeous. "If I wasn't so hungry I would stay here and eat you, I kind of feel a little under dressed wearing a Polo shirt and Shorts" Guido said, she giggled and said "this old thing". They walked arm and arm up the beach talking about things they wanted to do to each other when they return to the bungalow enjoying the warm air.

She said "that if we keep this up I will not have a dry pair of panties this whole trip." They entered the Restaurant and were seated quickly in a nice corner overlooking the beach. They were enjoying the view of the sunset as they ate their dinner, music from live musicians lightly wafted through the restaurant as we ate and visited.

As they sat and chatted Guido felt Kallie's foot massage his groin under the table, he cautioned her that she may get caught; she giggled and stated that she was more than 1000 miles away from anyone who would know her and didn't care anyway.

Guido was surprised since his wife was very conservative and very seldom let her prim and proper side down, especially in public; Guido decided to see how far she would go with this new persona. They paid and left Kallie thought they were going back to the bungalow for a repeat of earlier in the day, Guido had other plans. They followed the sounds of music through town until they found they style of music they both enjoyed, entered the establishment and located a table where they could enjoy watching the dancers with the music being a mix of the 70's and 80's the dancers were really getting into the music.

Guido and Kallie were enjoying a glass of wine watching the dancers and visiting when a young couple came up asking us to dance, they agreed to a dance. The music started, a slow tune the young man that was dancing with Kallie was really getting into the slow dance holding Kallie tight, the young lady dancing with Guido was watching with a smile as was he, her man dance with a complete stranger. As they returned to their table, the young couple said their names were Jacquie and Cheri, both live in town.

Guido and Kallie introduced themselves thanked the young couple for the dance and invited them to join them for a drink. They declined saying they wanted to get to another club before closing time but would enjoy our company again to go club hopping if they were interested, they said it sounded like fun and would see them again. After they left Kallie excused herself and went to the restroom, upon her return she handed a piece of fabric to Guido, he opened it to find it was Kallie's panties, she whispered in his ear to smell them, as he inhaled he was able to see the crotch of the panties were completely wet, the aroma was intoxicating.

It then hit him that she was now completely naked under her skirt he reached down and slid his hand up her skirt until he reached her pussy.

He looked into her eyes as he inserted his finger into her soaking wet pussy, she bit her lip to keep from moaning, he then inserted a second finger filling them with her juices, he pulled them out inserting them into his mouth sucking the juices from them.

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She suggested with a smile that we leave and find a secluded place to take care of this issue. Guido thought they would be heading back to the bungalow but now it was Kallie's turn to surprise him, as they walked past a parking lot Kallie urged him into the back corner of the lot near a dark sedan, she leaned him back against the car as she unzipped his pants and dropping to her knees she started sucking on his cock licking it from the balls to the tip, he inhales sharply.

He urges her to spin around and hoists her skirt and lowers her pussy onto Guido's face. He starts to lick her clit; a moan escapes around his cock as she has his shaft in her mouth at the back of her throat. Guido lightly kisses her pussy and licks her clit; he then slowly inserts his thumb into her pussy while continuing to lick her clit.

Her butt is moving to the stimulation faster and faster, Guido is getting more turned on at how that 1000 mile comment was turning his wife into a vixen. Guido was on verge of coming and told Kallie so, she said I know, I want you to come in my mouth that comment pushed Guido over the edge, as he started to come so did Kallie.

She swallowed what she could and the rest settled on Guido's groin. Guido and Kallie left the parking lot arm in arm giggling; they walked around the town enjoying the sights, smells and sounds. They talked to local people asking about good things to do, and sights to see, after several suggestions they walked to a small ice cream shop where they shared a sundae like when they were dating. DAY 2 Guido and Kallie awoke to a beautiful sunrise, and a calm day.

Guido asked Kallie what she would like to do first, since they had received so many ideas for the local town's people. She said she wanted to check out the nearby island where infamous pirate once called home. According to the locals it is a Private Island but no one lives there, it is used more for studies by the University.

Guido made arrangements to rent a boat for the day, while Kallie picked up supplies for the day trip to the Island. They arrived at the Marina to find their boat was a smaller 45 foot catamaran sailboat.

Guido was giddy since it had been years ago when he sailed his parents boat along the gulf. They boarded, stowed their gear, and got under way for their adventure of the day. Kallie asked Guido if he minded if she got some sun, while they were away from shore, he said, "go ahead" not totally understanding what she had asked. Kallie stood and started removing her t-shirt and shorts, leaving a small string bikini that he was sure he had never seen before, since it covered very little of her body.

Guido could only whistle at her beauty. She handed Guido the lotion and asked him to rub it on her body since she did not want to burn. Kallie removed her bikini so she did not end up with lotion on them. Guido started to massage her back with the lotion. As Guido worked the lotion on Kallie's body he started to notice that her breath was getting shorter and she was letting out little moans.

Guido continued to massage her back and butt, working down to her feet where he gently kissed the bottom of her foot and licked and sucked on her toes. As he worked his way back up her legs to her butt he made a trail of kisses up her leg to her butt then down the other leg to her foot, where he kissed, licked and sucked her foot and toes causing her moan again. He then worked his way up her body until he was straddling Kallie's hips.

As he would reach up to massage her shoulders, his now hard cock pushed against her butt cause her to moan louder, and buck her hips against his groin? Guido stood as Kallie rolled onto her back where he continued to massage the lotion onto the front of her body. Several times Kallie reached for Guido's crotch, he smiled and told her she would have to wait.

Guido worked his way down her body and out to her hand where he kissed the palms of her hands and each finger. Guido kissed his way back to her breasts sucking and blowing gently causing the nipple to harden even more then he thought possible. Guido continued his kisses down her stomach, pausing to tongue her naval then to the top of her neatly trimmed pubic hair where he slowly kissed and licked his way down to her clit. His tongue darted and flicked her clit causing her to moan and bite her lip.

He urged her legs higher in the air exposing her nicely shaped ass. He lowered his tongue to her rosebud and lick around her butt watching that every time his tongue neared her rectum it would quiver. He slowly inserted his thumb into her vagina and massaged her clit with his index finger he then inserted his tongue into her rectum causing her to shudder and spasm with her first orgasm.

He then proceeded in one single motion to slide his tongue out of her rectum across her vagina and up to her clit causing her to scream and spasm again as another orgasm rocked her body.

Kallie then turned around taking Guido's cock into her mouth saying it was now his turn. She licked the shaft from the base to the tip causing a low growl to escape past his lips as Kallie has done in the past she worked the shaft between her lips while flicking her tongue each time she reached the tip.

Guido wrapped his fingers in her hair trying to hold her from torturing his engorged penis. He approached orgasm when Kallie again shifted her body allowing her vagina access to his penis, she got a devious smile on her face as she plunged her soaking wet vagina onto his penis and as she did she squealed with pleasure as she reached full penetration, she paused enjoying the feelings that were shooting like lightening through her body.

She withdrew his cock from her pussy and repeated impaling herself onto his cock again, this time rocking on his cock as her juices ran like a river, her eyes were closed tightly and her lip was quivering the whole time while she was mutter profanity, something that Guido very seldom heard from his wife, about wanting Guido to "fuck her hard", "take her from behind like an animal", Guido obeyed, quickly rolling Kallie off his cock and positioned her butt high in the air, Guido stood behind her admiring the body that lay before him when Kallie shouted "fuck me, fuck me please" "don't tease me", "don't make me beg" Guido then rubbed the head of his cock against her vagina lubricating the tip with her juices.

Then he inserted the tip, removing it and rubbing it again on her vagina, she inhaled sharply as he inserted his cock the second time and applied steady pressure as his cock entered her hot vagina to the base of his cock. With a slow rhythm Guido began fucking his wife, Kallie began moaning and what started out as a whisper and increased with each stroke telling Guido to go faster and harder.

With that insistence Guido began speeding up with each stroke, Kallie was moaning and rocking to meet each of his thrusts with fervor of an animal in heat, she squealed as he clinched her hips as they both came. They collapsed on the deck exhausted. Guido and Kallie lay on the deck basking in their post sexual glow and warmth from the tropical sun. They arrived at the Island about mid-morning, Guido sailed the Circumference of the Island trying to locate the bay the locals told them about.

They located an inlet on the southeast side of the Island. Guido guided the boat into the narrow opening finding that after a short distance the inlet opened up into a lagoon large enough to allow their boat plenty of room so as not to be grounded on the beach. The beach was white sand surrounded by palm trees and jungle on 2 sides and a small cliff on the third. A small water fall cascaded down the face of the cliff and into the bay. Guido anchored the boat near the sandy beach, and lowered the small dinghy.

Kallie packed a light lunch and some hiking gear and lowered herself into the smaller boat for the ride to shore.


Upon their arrival on shore Guido and Kallie stood admiring the majestic view of the bay area. Kallie wanted to explore the water fall, so following a small trail into the Jungle they walked arm in arm, listening to the sounds of the jungle. As they were walking they were discussing their future together and how they were looking forward to spending more time together, when they retired in 10 years. Kallie began to notice how the terrain was starting flatten as if at one time it had been a field, on the edge of this there were remnants of several small buildings more foundations than walls, it appeared to be 4 separate living quarters and a barn or storage shed.

They began exploring the buildings finding old copper cups and plates and broken bottles, fun to find but not much value. They were about to continue on their walk when Kallie noticed a shiny object partially buried in the corner of one of the buildings, retrieving it she gasped, noticing the object being a gold chain attached to a small gold cross with a jewel in the center, both appeared to be very old.

Kallie placed the necklace in her backpack securing it in a side pocket. They continued walking towards the water fall, discussing the necklace and all the possibilities, where and how the necklace got there and who might of lost it. They both stared at each other when they came up with the possibility of it being part of the pirate loot from years ago; both were laughing but knew they would be turning it over to the authorities when they got back to the main island.

The water fall was deceiving from when they first seen it. From the bay it looked like the waterfall emptied into the bay, it did not. As they approached, they were able to see how it emptied into a deep blue pool at the base of the cliff, and from there exited the pool through an underground river. The water was clear from their advantage. The mist from the falls were creating rainbows in the sunlight, the air sparkled with droplets of water.

Kallie was awestruck at the beauty of the falls she turned and kissed Guido with tears rolling down her cheeks. Guido wiped her tears away asking "what's wrong". She said, "Everything is so perfect" and kissed him again.

They walked down to the edge of the pool, kicking their shoes off and wading into the pool. With the warmth of the water it took them no time at all to strip down and dive in. They swam for a while dunking each other, playing and splashing water, they then moved up on the shore and lay on a blanket, absorbing the suns warm rays and holding each other. As the sun rose into the sky, Guido and Kallie lay on the beach watching the clouds float by with each of them taking a personality or shape of their own.

Kallie turned on her side looking at Guido and with a sly smile on her face she asked "do we need to be back at the marina today?", "If not let's stay here on the island tonight." Guido said "I will check on it with the marina and see what we have for provisions, and be back in a little bit." Guido returned to the boat leaving Kallie lying on the beach at the pool.

The warm sun felt good against Kallie's naked body, warming her all over.

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She lay there thinking about the last 2 days and how good she felt inside about her appearance and the way Guido made her feel every time he would look at her it would melt her from head to toe. She started thinking about how Guido would touch her body and the way his fingers would probe every opening of her body making it do things that she herself was unable to get the same feelings. The way his tongue would flick at her clit, causing her dance across whatever surface he just happens to be using at the time.

The more Kallie thought about how he made her feel the more she wanted him right now. Kallie in an attempt to imitate his actions began to slowly massage her breasts and nipples gently pinching them, she slid one hand across her stomach pausing to circle her navel with her fingertip, all the while thinking about what Guido would be doing right now with his fingers as her hand approached her mound.

She arched her back as she slid her finger up and down her clit, each time touching her soaking vagina and wetting the tip of her finger with her own juices. She let out a soft moan as her finger entered her vagina for the first time in a while, since Guido has taken care of her so well.

With her other hand she moved it down and began inserting 2 fingers in to her Vagina, while her other hand massaged her clit the faster she massaged her clit the faster her fingers moved in and out of her vagina, the louder she moaned until her body went rigid with an orgasm. As she lay there slowly massaging her clit in the afterglow of her orgasm, she heard Guido say "looks like I missed something good" all Kallie could say with a smile is "sorry couldn't wait any longer".

Guido liked it when Kallie entertained herself he liked to watch her as she approached orgasm. He thought that any woman in the throes of ecstasy was a beautiful site and should be enjoyed whenever possible, even though Guido found intense pleasure in being the reason for that ecstasy be by his hands, tongue or his cock.

Guido was excited and told Kallie that it was ok with the marina to keep the boat overnight and he found that while it would be fun to camp on the beach that sleeping on the deck of the catamaran would probably be the safest since he was not sure what kind of critters were around after dark.

Guido and Kallie decided to explore the island more starting with the waterfall after all it has been twice today that Kallie has been "wet" and she just wanted to freshen up. Guido Joined Kallie in the waterfall approaching from behind, wrapping his arms around her, and holding her tight to his chest, Kallie turned her head and kissed him and jokingly said "we won't get any exploring done if you keep that up" meaning his cock pressing against her buttocks. They both laughed causing an eerie echo from the far end of the waterfall.

Guido wiped the water from his face as he exited the rear of the waterfall, to find a small cave with the word Bedeau carved to one side of the entrance. Guido shouted to Kallie over his shoulder "Dear what was the name of the pirate that lived on this Island?" "baboon, babo or something like that" was her reply. "you may want to see this" Guido shouted. She came and peaked around Guido at the carving and the entrance. All she could say is "should we?" They dressed quickly and grabbed the backpacksentering the cave was a little claustrophobic for Kallie but she did a lot better when it opened up into a larger cavern, and off this cavern were 2 other entrances one to the right and one to the left.

The one to the left appeared to go up; Guido thought with the angle it may lead to the top of the waterfall, Kallie was checking out the tunnel to the right when she found in small letters c.b. She shouted "over here". They started following the tunnel on the right for about 50 feet when they found the remains of a skeleton laying in a small opening off the main tunnel.

The skull had a single hole in the temple area and a gun in the bones of the left hand. "He must of committed suicide" commented Guido. They proceeded down the main tunnel and around a corner to find a second skeleton lying on what appeared to be the remains of a bed. This skeleton appeared to have been wearing a dress, "Do you think the woman died and in his grief he shot himself" asked Kallie. "Sounds like true love to me" commented Guido. Guido then notice in the corner of the room was a trunk, he opened it to find some clothing and an old painting of a sailing man and a woman standing arm in arm.

In the lower right corner was a book Kallie opened it and began reading the journal of a young woman in love, her name was Cheryl Bedeau, and her husband was Captain Bedeau. As Kallie read the journal tears ran freely down her face, it was a story of mutiny, murder and the love of her husband, and how they were left there to die by their crew because the Captain would not reveal the location of the treasure. Kallie closed the book and placed it in her backpack.

Guido and Kallie returned to the main tunnel and followed the tunnel leading to the left. As Guido had suspected the tunnel wound around climbing all the while until they came out on top of the cliff between 2 large rocks.

The breath taking view was overlooking the lagoon where their boat was anchored. They sat holding each other on a small rock admiring the view breathing the clean air. As it was approaching evening Guido suggested that they return to their boat since they had a long way to walk and Dinner to prepare. After a dip in the Lagoon to wash away the Perspiration of the days excitement and dinner, Guido and Kallie lay on the Catamaran deck starring at the clear evening sky, drinking a glass of wine they watched the sun set on the horizon and just lay there holding each other, as the final rays of the sun disappeared below the horizon.

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The night critters started harmonizing filling the air with nature's sounds music. Guido Kissed Kallie, She giggled and asked "would you work my feet", "they hurt from all the walking we did today." She spun around on the blanket placing her feet in his lap. He said "Nope, turn over I will work your body". She did as she was directed removing her oversized t-shirt as she did, she wore nothing underneath. He started massaging from the top down working out all the kinks from her shoulders, down along her spine, massaging the hips, he could tell that she was tight and sore from the days excitement.

He continued down her right leg to her foot, massaging the arch, the toes, then he kissed and licked the toes, and foot working back to the hips, across the butt and down the left side again massaging the arch, toes and then kissing his way back to her butt again. Kallie was starting to get into his expertise touching and was starting to feel herself get wetter and wetter.

Guido was sensing Kallie's arousal, his finger slowly traced the outline of her butt, following the crack of her ass down across her rectum, moving the digit across her vagina and stopping at her clit, where he slowly started massaging it in slow circles she stretched her arms above her head arching her back as she raised her butt into the air. Guido continued to massage her clit causing her to start moaning and bucking against his fingers, her juices ran down his fingers.

He then switched hands removing the one in her pussy and slowly and gently inserted the lubricated digits into her butt he then took his idle hand and again inserted 2 digits into her waiting pussy. This motion was enough drive her wild and she started to come bucking wildly against his hands.

Guido started to rub his cock against her pussy lubing the tip up when Kallie pulled away saying no, here tonight pointing to her rectum, Guido said ok but let me know if it is uncomfortable or if you want me to stop, he ease the head of his cock past the outer ring stopping to allow Kallie to relax and allow for the intrusion of his cock.

She slowly pushed against his cock taking it a little at a time, when he was fully inside her they stopped, waiting for her anal canal to adjust to the new experience. Kallie started rocking slowly at first short strokes and longer and longer with each one, she was so tight and it felt very good to Guido.

As Guido fucked Kallie's ass, she reached between her legs and started massaging her clit causing her to moan and have another orgasm, which tripped Guido's buttons and he came at the same time. They lay there on their sides his cock still inside her admiring the night sky and enjoying the closeness of each other bodies. Day3 They got underway early and arrived back at the marina by mid-morning. They checked with the Harbor master where they would be able to find the local constable office, he told them 3 blocks down and 2 blocks to the right can't miss it.

They thanked them and were on their way, and as the harbor master said couldn't miss it. The building was in the center of town and fit in with the surrounding buildings, it had a large emblem on the sign out front designating it as the constable's office.

They entered and immediately recognized the only officer in the room, from their first night on the island and he recognized them also, approached with a big smile and shook their hands.

They excitedly told their story of finding the skeletons, jewelry and journal on the Island. Jacque stopped them and said that he was going to have someone join the conversation since he thought that it would be a historical find.

Jacque made a phone call from his office and retrieved cups of coffee and handed one Kallie and one to Guido. While they waited for the expert to arrive they were asking Jacque why he didn't tell them that he was the local Constable in charge when they met the other night, he smiled and said "that when he does identify himself people tend to shy away from him and all he was there to do was have fun".

Just then the door flew open and in walks Cheri all excited, Jacque said "Calm down" pointing to them "do you remember Guido and Kallie"? She paused a second looking at them and then the recognition sunk in and she produced a big smile shaking their hands. Jacque then reintroduced Guido and Kallie to Professor Cheri Blount, Professor of Archeology, and History, and Jacque's Fiancé. Guido and Kallie started telling their story of what they found and where they found it, as they were telling the story Cheri was paging through the journal and making note on a pad of paper she had brought with her.

When the story was over Cheri advised them that 2 years before they had a crew excavating on the far side of the island where a 2 village was found, but had not found a lot there, and they were scheduled to be excavating right now but with the budget crunch everything was put on hold for another year at least.

Cheri asked Guido and Kallie if they would show them where they had found the items, it would mean making another trip to the island, but Guido and Kallie loved the idea of being on a treasure hunt especially on that beautiful island and said "we're in". Cheri was so excited she looked at Jacque and asked "can you take us back out there?" He said "Be at the marina in an hour and we will go".

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An hour later all 4 met at the marina and climbed onto the constable's 40 ft. patrol boat, and departed. With the speed of the patrol boat they arrived in the Lagoon by early afternoon. Cheri was so excited that she had the backpacks all ready to go as soon as the anchor hit the water. All 4 climbed into the smaller dinghy and headed for shore. As they walked towards the village they all were commenting on how beautiful it was there.

Cheri commented with a wink and a smile on her face that as many times they had been there they had not made it much past the beach, except for the previous excavation which was on the other side of the island. They arrived at the village and started to explore again, examining the buildings closer, Kallie pointed out the area where she had located the necklace and how as they located items such as cups and plates and the pottery they just placed it on top of the ground where they found them.

Cheri was impressed and thanked them for being considerate of a historic site. Upon initial scan of the area and not seeing anything more than what Guido and Kallie found. They proceeded on, as they approached the falls Cheri let out a little gasp at the view from the rise, Kallie looked at her with a smile "I know, I had the same reaction". Cheri commented that she could not believe that they had not been here before, and she definitely will be coming back.

They all kicked their shoes off and waded into the pool enjoying the cool water. Kallie and Cheri then stripped out of their t-shirts and shorts to their bikinis and dove in the water, with very little urging from the ladies, Guido and Jacque did the same. They swam for about an hour enjoying the sun and water, they all lay on the beach drying off, and talking about family, friends and careers.

Guido was the only one who had a child from previous relationship. Lana was 22 and going to college, Kallie Loved her step-daughter and was more of a mother to her than her birth mom, they did a lot of things together and any time she had problems she would go to Kallie. Jacque and Cheri were waiting for marriage to start a family, but they wanted a large family. Both attended the same college and were college sweethearts, they were planning on getting married in 18 months right after Cheri finished her graduate school.

After they all dried off Guido and Kallie led the way into the cave at the back of the waterfall. They showed their guests where the skeletons were located. Kallie and Guido stood back to allow both Jacque and Cheri room to do their jobs, Cheri was reviewing the journal, while Jacque was examining the bodies. Cheri would every so often let out a soft, hmmm, and then continue reading. After this went on for a while Jacque finally said "for gosh sakes what is with all the Hmmm". She said that in the book it say that to find the treasure you need to initial it.

"What does that mean" he asked. Guido piped up stating that there are initials on the wall throughout the cave and tunnels. They all started looking for the initials on the cavern wall.

They exited out to the main entrance and started following the initials back to the small room where they found the Captain. Dead end no other exits from this room, as they stood looking around Kallie noticed rocks extending from the wall as if placed there for a reason. She started to wok one of the rocks loose causing several others to crumble exposing another tunnel behind the wall. All 4 helped create the opening large enough for Jacque to get through, upon examining the interior and deeming it safe the other 3 joined him.

All 4 excited when they found themselves staring at a small chest. Jacque slowly opened it revealing another journal and as they removed it the lower half of the chest filled with gold coins and jewelry. Taking the chest they headed for the entrance, as they neared the larger cavern they started hearing what sounded like explosions Guido and Jacque ran ahead to check on the sounds.

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They reached the entrance behind the waterfall and found that while they were deep in the cave a storm had rolled in. It was lightening and pouring rain, so hard you could barely see the pool at the base of the waterfall. The men returned to the ladies and gave them the bad news that they would have to stay for a while and possibly the night.

They checked their backpacks and inventoried their supplies, Cheri had packed well, no air mattresses but they did have emergency blankets, protein snacks and plenty of water to make it through the night. They settled into the large cavern for a long night since it was on 4 in the afternoon.

Guido volunteered to look for some dry wood and asked if anyone wanted to walk along and keep him company. Cheri said "I do", and they proceed to scrounge around the caves looking for anything that would burn. They took the left tunnel that led to the top of the ridge, as they walked they talked about their careers Cheri just starting in her chosen profession was excited and looking forward to finishing school this year. As they neared the entrance to the cave they located a pile of dry wood as if placed there long ago.

They hauled as much wood as they could carry back to the larger cavern. When they returned they found, Kallie and Jacque side by side studying the second journal.

It was Cheri who said "isn't this cozy" with a smile on her face. Jacque and Kallie looked at each other both saying it was cold and the journal was interesting reading so they were sharing body heat.

Cheri joined them inquiring about the contents of the journal while Guido started a small fire. It appeared this journal was the Captains and the Jewels and coins was some of what he was transporting from Queensland, Australia to the New World, being the United States. This appears to be a payment for the United States to aide Australia in their freedom from England, The money never got there so the aid was never sent.

The rest of the journal told about the love he had for his wife and unborn child, and the last day he was of this earth, when his wife and child died in child birth and how he was so heartbroken he could no longer live with himself and that was the last entry. The 2 ladies one sitting on each side of Jacque placed their heads on his shoulders and began to sob uncontrollably; He comforted them until they stopped crying.

The storm stopped about 2 a.m., Jacque and Guido decided that it would be best if they left around sunrise, then they could at lease see where they were headed and where the mud was anyway. Day 4 They made it back to the marina early in the morning. They were all tired and wanted a hot bath, breakfast and a comfortable bed. Jacque and Cheri wanted to thank Kallie and Guido for all their help and invited them to dinner after some well-earned rest.

They agreed that they would get together about 5 pm for dinner and dancing. Guido and Kallie slept until noon, after a light lunch they enjoyed a cup of coffee and some tanning on the deck. They watched several boats enter and exit the bay. Kallie being a little more adventurous since their vacation started ask Guido if he minded her removing her bikini top and do some topless sunbathing, he had no opposition and even suggested that if she wanted she could sunbath nude. She giggled and said she wasn't sure of that yet and would just start with the top.

Guido admired her body as she removed her top and lay back in the lounge chair, he noticed that she was tan but had very little for tan lines, which was sexy to him, and he made it known with the bulge that was growing in his shorts. With Kallie reading in the chair next to him his mind wandered to the wonderful times they were having on this vacation and he started to dread having to head back in a few days. Guido was feeling more amorous while watching Kallie; he felt himself getting harder and realized that with all the excitement the day before they had not made love at least once.

Guido Stood and removed his shorts, Kallie looked up, with a smile on her face asked what's up. Guido answered with a smile "nothing", then walked over and removed the book from her hands and dropping it to the deck. He took both of her hands and gently kissed each starting with each fingertip and working down to the palm of the hand, she then wrapped her arms around Guido and started lightly kissing him on the lips and face and each of his eyes. He worked his way to her ears and nibbled on the lobes, this drove her wild, and a little moan escaped her lips.

Guido continued to kiss her neck down to her bare breasts, licking and sucking on her nipples, and lightly blowing each one in turn causing them to harden an darken. He then proceeded down her stomach to her naval he encircled it with his tongue and then kissed it. She wrapped her fingers in his hair as he slid her bikini bottoms down and approached her pubic area. He could tell she was starting to get excited by the way her breathing was getting shorter and the way she closed her eyes.

He gently kissed the top of her pubic hair and then bypassed her clit and started working his way down her leg. She moaned that he was meaning for making her wait for what she needed now, and it was pure torture.

He smiled and said "yup" and continued down until he was kissing and licking her foot and toes, then proceeded back to the top of her pubic area this time softly giving her clit 1 kiss, before continuing kissing down to her other foot kissing and licking it. Her breathing was getting shallow as he worked up her legs kissing the inside of each of her legs spreading them as he did until he was staring at her beautiful mound. Guido then gently blew on her pussy lips causing her to shudder with a chill; she moaned and asked him to lick it, please.

His tongue flicked lightly at the lips, she raised her hips and pulling his head tried to get deeper penetration from his tongue. He controlled the depth causing her to moan and bring her hips up further, again he controlled the depth. The third time she bucked her hips off the chair he went all out and his tongue entered her vagina as deep as it would reach, he slowly slid his tongue from her and slid it up to her clit making small circles around her clit and then back to her vagina.

This was too much for Kallie, she squealed and came with force, locking her legs around Guido's head, and her orgasm was strong and shook the lounge chair knocking over the coffee cup on the deck. She lay there breathing hard short breaths, one hand on her forehead and the other fanning her face, Guido continued to gently lick her pussy and clit. As her climax subsided, she unclenched her legs easing Guido to the floor saying "my turn". She started licking the tip of his cock and working her way down the shaft to his balls sucking one into her mouth, while holding it in her mouth bathing it with her tongue; she then switched to the other ball doing the same.

She then lick her way back to the tip before inserting the head into her mouth, Guido thought how sexy and beautiful his wife was as her lips passed over the head and the shaft began to disappear into her throat. Kallie continued the assault on Guido's cock until he said "you better be careful it is about to explode". She then released his cock and straddled his hips, guiding his cock to her pussy, she slowly lowered herself taking a little at a time enjoying it until she finally reach the base of his cock.

She paused tormenting both of them, then slowly withdrawing all but the head again slowly riding the full length of his shaft to the base biting her lip as she did. She paused there leaning over she kissed him then down his chest to his nipples, where she licked and teased them.

This time she started rocking on his cock, speeding up with each stroke, her pussy felt like it was on fire, wet, soft and tight all at the same time. It was Guido's turn for his eyes to roll back in his head and moan, he was sure they were going to pop out the back of his head. As Guido produced his first shot, Kallie sat straight up and clenched her thighs around his hips with her own orgasm, massaging her own breasts and pinching her nipples as their body's spasm with wave after wave of pleasure.

They collapsed on the deck enjoying the closeness of each other while the caught their breath. Guido and Kallie showered and prepared for the evening, Guido in pair of Khaki pants and leisure shirt, fitting to the island lifestyle, Kallie returned with a very short sky blue one piece dress and low sandals. Guido was sure that every time she sat down this evening whoever was looking her way was going to get a show and it was starting to turn him on again.

Guido loved it when people checked out his conservative wife, especially when it was some young lady, and they would slap their date for the night for staring at her.

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Guido really got turned on one time when they were in a bar and Kallie was asked to dance by several different women, and a couple even sent drinks to our table.

He always teased her about being the hottest lesbian he ever knew, she normally would blush and tell him "BITE ME". Their hosts, Jacque and Cheri, arrived about 15 minutes early, and Kallie was finishing primping, Guido met them at the door and let them in. Jacque was attired similar to Guido and Cheri had on a floral halter top and short red skirt, both looked fabulous. Guido offered them a drink which they accepted. When Kallie entered the room, Guido watched Jacque and Cheri; their reaction was the one he had seen many times before.

They complimented Kallie on how beautiful she looked. Cheri's eyes followed every move that Kallie made and the look wasn't that of a cat protecting her territory. They departed heading down town, Jacque knew a place that served local cuisine and the hospitality was well known. It was only a short distance from the resort, but with the people out and about the ride took a while. As they entered the restaurant, they were greeted at the door buy a young lady with a large smile; she asked "same table constable", "Yes Sis the same table" was his response.

The restaurant was family owned by Jacques Mom, Dad and 2 sisters, and he would help out once in a while. The food was exquisite there was light music in the background and they were able to visit without shouting or being interrupted.

As patrons exited and the crowd thinned Jacques parents stopped at the table and visited the 2 couples, mostly asking how the wedding plans were going, and Cheri's excitement about the find on the island. The Couples wanted to check out the clubs they thanked Jacques family for the fun evening and the great meal then exited following the music that wafted through the air.

The first club was only about a block walk, where pop music was the style, they entered noticing that the crowd was pretty young mostly teenagers, they watched them for a while and decided to continue to find a music more their style.

They walked to the next club where the music was lively but not over powering. They crossed the club area to an empty table, Guido noticed that they were the center of attention, from both male and female patrons some with a scowl, some with a smile, but most eyes were on them. They sat and ordered drinks, while they waited for drinks, the band started playing a do-whop song from the early 60's.

Guido asked Kallie to dance, which she accepted and headed to the dance floor followed by Jacque and Cheri. They danced the next 2 songs then returned to the table to visit and sip on their drinks. After a while Cheri who was progressively swaying to the music asked Guido to dance with her, which he accepted taking her hand and leading her to the dance floor.

The music was slow this time and Guido held Cheri firmly in his arms as they swayed to the music, Cheri's thighs straddling Guido's leg, gyrating against his leg.

When the music stopped they returned to their table, Guido sat next to Kallie and took a sip of his drink, almost spitting it out as he felt a hand massage his semi hard cock through his pants.

He did not realize how turned on he was dancing with Cheri, and hoped it wasn't too obvious to their hosts. It was Kallie and Jacques turn to enter the dance floor, the first song was a faster song but the second was a slow song, and Kallie looked hot. Cheri and Guido watched their significant others sway to the music; Cheri commented on how well they moved and how they looked moving around the dance floor.

When the song ended they returned to the table and were seated again. As soon as Kallie seated Guido slid his hand up her thigh until his little finger lightly brushed against her panties, he found them extremely wet, she whispered "they been like that since they left the bungalow".

They visited a while longer when Cheri wrapped her arms around Jacque and with a smile on her face said "should we tell them now or wait". Jacque smiled and said "you can never keep a secret". Jacque proceeded to ask Guido and Kallie if they were in a hurry to get home, and went on to explain that the Government had asked them to stick around until Monday when the Minister of antiquities was flying out and wanted to thank them personally for the historic find. Guido and Kallie looked at each other discussed it for a minute and looked back at Jacque and Cheri, and said they would be able to stay but they were scheduled to check out of their bungalow in a couple of days, and would not have a place to stay.

Jacque got a big smile on his face and said that it had already been taken care of and the Government was picking up the tab for the weekend and their flight would be changed in the morning. The night was enjoyable, the couples danced and visited as if they were old friends, it was hard to believe that they only met 4 days ago.

At about midnight the couples decided to call it an evening and returning to their bungalow, Guido and Kallie invited Jacque and Cheri, in for a night Cap on the deck, which they accepted.

As Kallie prepared the drinks, the others retired to the deck. Jacque and Cheri reclined on the hammock, Guido on the lounge chair, when Kallie returned she joined him. Jacque and Cheri talked more in depth about future plans on the possibility of travel visiting the United States, but the life style was too busy for their taste to want to live there.

Guido and Kallie agreed with smiles they thought it would be nice to retire and return to Tahiti more on a permanent basis. Their visiting went on for several hours, not realizing how late it was they were shocked at the time.

Jacque and Cheri were apologizing about keeping them up so late on such a beautiful night. Guido and Kallie declared that the night was beautiful and they themselves were going to sleep on the deck and enjoy it, and that if they wanted to they could take the bed spend the night. Kallie kissed Guido telling all that she was comfortable right where she was. Jacque and Cheri looked at each other and said that if they didn't mind they were comfortable right where they were too.

They each said good night and eventually drifted into deep slumber. As they sun arose, Kallie open her eyes and was enjoying the sunrise, when she heard a little muffled moan coming from the hammock. She started to stir when Guido nudged her nodding to the view of their guests making love. Cheri was naked on top of Jacque and was slowly rocking back and forth.

Her body was beautifully tanned, and it was obvious that she was not one to tan in the buff; she had a bikini tan, though it is very small. Cheri had firm breasts and according to the sounds that she was making when Jacque massage them she like them played with a lot. Cheri stopped rocking and bit her lip to stifle the sounds as she came.

Jacque appeared to be getting close to coming judging from his motions as they were getting faster and faster. As he came Cheri had another orgasm as strong if not more that the first, they collapsed in each other's arms regaining their breath lightly kissing each other. As they were sneaking off to clean up they noticed that they were being watched and started to apologize for being so rude, but they got frisky and thought they would be able to be quiet enough not to disturb them.

Guido and Kallie started laughing and thanked them for the morning show as they enjoyed seeing young people enjoy each other the way they did, and there was nothing wrong with true love and passion, no matter time of day or audience.