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Horny Latina Perra Layla Rose Fingers Her Tight Wet Pussy
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This week in the Bahamas was just what Carl needed. It has been more than a year since Carl's divorce to Sandy was final and he needed to get away. His best friend Bob returned to the U.S. on their scheduled flight while Carl decided to stay a little longer. His architecture firm can spare him for a few more days. Carl made reservations at a small island resort he saw advertised at the boathouse.

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It was mid morning and the ferry ride would take roughly an hour. With Bob gone he was hoping to meet some new people on the trip. The ferry had an international mix of travelers with mostly Americans, but also British, Belgians, Germans, Spaniards, Japanese, French and a few locals. While walking on the deck he noticed a woman drawing the coastline on a sketchpad.

She had a very pretty but not flashy appearance with a slim figure and brunette hair. He liked her loose and wavy curls at shoulder length. While Carl's brown hair was ultra short, less than an inch. She looked to be in her late twenties while Carl was 33. She put the finishing touches on her sketch then flipped to another page in the sketchpad. Then she placed the sketchpad at her side while she rummaged in her bag. The sketch that was now visible seemed very familiar and then he realized he was looking at a picture of a building that his company had worked on three years earlier.

He acted as an assistant to the lead architect and considered it one of his favorite pieces of work by his company. Carl realized that if he wanted to meet this woman the sketch was a great icebreaker. So now Carl said to himself "OK, Think of something clever to say after I mention the building. Wait, I'll keep it simple and compliment her on the drawings." So he walked up to her and said "Excuse me, I know something about that building that you drew.

This is quite a coincidence because I am an architect and my firm worked on that building." She looked at him with surprise and a smile. Then she replied "Really, I was in Baltimore a few weeks ago when I sketched it.

I liked the style." Carl said "You do have quite a talent. Is this a profession?" "Oh no, this is only a hobby." She replied. Carl sat on the bench next to her and introduced himself.

She told him "My name is Julie." For the next thirty minutes they talked about Baltimore and her city of Philadelphia. He was immediately attracted to Julie and she showed a sincere interest in Carl. Then Julie needed to go below deck so she could write a note to her family and said goodbye to Carl. He was very interested in her and thought this was a good start for meeting someone.

Carl was looking through his travel guide to read more about his destination. Some of the activities mentioned were the typical vacation stuff, snorkeling, tennis etc.

Then he saw a paragraph that referred to a clothing optional beach at the east end of the resort. According to the book, the resort owned almost a mile of beach and the eastern third was treated as clothing optional. Carl very was intrigued and yet he felt that he would not have the nerve go au natural. Now optional would imply that there are various stages of undress. It does not matter since there will be plenty of other things to do on the island.


The ferry pulled up to the dock and passengers were starting to gather at the exit ramp. Carl grabbed his bags and left the boat with the other passengers.

He checked in at the main desk and then headed for his room. It was just before noon so after he put his things away he figured that he would relax with a swim. He went to the beach area closest to his room and saw a quiet cove with about ten people on the beach.

As he laid his towel out he saw something that his travel guide didn't mention. The beach areas close to the resort center allow topless bathing.

Of the four women there, only two of them were topless. He thought they are probably Europeans as he knew that it is common in those countries.

From twenty feet away he saw one of the topless women reading a German magazine. He purposely looked away since staring is rude and then thought this day is getting more interesting by the minute. The woman put down her magazine and began walking towards the water.

It seemed she was proud of her breasts with their ample size and everything. She just looked so natural. She walked up to a man at the edge of the water with his back to her and then kissed him on the shoulder.

Then she leaned her head on his shoulder and he put his arm around her. Carl thought to himself that it's nice to have someone in your life. He needed to look away again and thought he could distract himself by applying sun block to his skin.

After rubbing in his sun block he took a walk to the end of the beach where some rocks formed the edge of the cove. There was a young lady climbing on the rocks coming over to his side of the beach. She was being very careful to keep her balance and chose her steps carefully. She put her hand out to hold on to a rock while making a difficult step.

Carl said "Please be careful." Then he moved right up to the edge and held out his hand to help her down. She held his hand while she squatted down and then jumped to the sand. "Thank you so much" she said. Carl replied "No problem" and then he commented "you're American." "Yes, I'm from Ohio" she said. "I'm looking for my sister I hope she's at this beach." She was wearing a bright royal blue one piece swimsuit that fit very snugly.

You could almost see the subtle outline of her navel through the suit. She had an athletic appearance with breasts that were young and firm. It was not the kind of suit that gave support and padding, so her nipples were poking right out of the fabric. It was such a pleasant sight. Her ass was so shapely and tight that it was difficult to not show attraction. After thanking him again she ran off with a bouncy little step that that really showed off her butt.

They didn't exchange names which was fine since she seemed too young for him. He waded waist deep into the water and then submerged his head.

While cooling off he thought about Julie and hoped that he would see her again. He got back to his room by 2:30 and decided to take a nap. That evening Carl was getting ready for a casual dance affair at the lounge, attired with a dress shirt but no tie.

He arrived after eight and headed to the bar for a drink. While waiting he felt a tap on his shoulder and it was Julie. "I lost you on the ferry. When I got to the dock you were already gone" she said. Carl was surprised and happy as he said "Oh well". He was very encouraged that she felt so eager to see him. As the bartender got his attention, Carl asked Julie if he could buy her a drink and she said "a Mai Tai - thanks" Then Carl ordered a Spanish beer. They sat at a table and continued their conversation from the boat.

He liked looking at her face. She was dressed in a simple yet sexy dress, holy shit she looks good, he thought. They talked for another thirty minutes or so. The dance floor had half a dozen couples enjoying a latin beat when Julie said let's dance.

They danced for about a minute when the song ended and moved on to a slow dance number. Now this is more like it he thought. Her dress was a simple style which is clearly not the type worn with a bra. Carl had on a thin dress shirt so when he pulled her close to him, he felt her tits pushing against his chest. His left hand held her right while his right hand rested on her lower back just above her ass.

It had been quite awhile since he held a woman like that and it felt awesome. Her scent was a light flowery aroma placed behind each ear which he always associates with women. Julie's scent and the feel of her tits was really working on him. As the song ended they began to walk outside. One more minute of slow dancing and his erection would have poked her in the pelvis.

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Carl walked Julie to her door and he said "I hope to see you tomorrow" "Oh sure, I'll have brunch by the pool, about eleven" she replied.

Carl slowly leaned forward and held his lips about four inches from her face to see if she would respond and she meet his lips with a closed mouth kiss. She said "goodnight" and closed her door. Oh shit he thought. "Was the kiss wrong ? Or maybe she wanted more.


I should have Frenched her, yeah. Now what? - - - - - - - No, no, no, everything is fine" he decided. While shaving the next morning Carl thought about the clothing optional beach at the east end.

Could he actually do it. Go bare ass and have his dick out there like that. Well it is a clothing optional beach he figured where some do and some don't. Wait, he thought. What about Julie?. She may be sexy but is she really wild like that? Well he won't be with her the whole day. He can slip away for an hour sometime. Maybe she would be interested.

She's really great, but can he take a chance like that. This doesn't make him a pervert, does it? He considered all these things.

Carl's interest did not fade. It became an unshakable fact that he was going there. He realized that he had better take care of something or face an embarrassing social situation. The sight of erections was not appropriate and if he was nude, he would have to lie on his belly the whole time.

Carl masturbated while fantasizing about the young lady with the one piece suit. Her nipples were jumping out of her swimsuit and he couldn't forget about her ass. He remembered that Julie said something about brunch at eleven.

While putting on his shirt and swim trunks, he looked in the mirror and saw the anticipation in his face. He walked to the pool area to have brunch with Julie and saw her standing at the other end of the patio. He picked up a bite to eat and as he approached her she looked his way and she waved.

She was wearing a sky blue mid length T shirt that fell right to her navel. She had on cherry red bikini bottoms that really caught his eye.

They were very sporty bottoms and showed her lower half to be very shapely. They sat while they ate and Carl wasn't sure what he saw. He couldn't be sure if she had on a bikini top under her shirt.

Then Julie said "I'm going to the beach." OK, now his mind is working double time. Which beach? Does he invite himself along? Does he suggest anything? Then she asked "Do you want to go too?" With a rushing sensation that ran from his belly to his throat he calmly said "Yeah, great" Then she put some snacks from the buffet in her beach bag and said "OK, let's go." As she bent over her bag, he could see her T shirt was smooth on her back with no sign of a bikini top. Carl decided that he would keep her in the dark about the beach, unless she already knew.

As they walked toward the ocean she said "I really want to see the east end." Carl quietly took a deep breath and felt his pulse quicken. He tried to be cool and said "fine." Then Carl told himself "don't talk, just let it happen." Julie said that she heard some people on the ferry talking about it. Hearing this, his confidence in the situation had doubled. But still, what did she hear and what did she know? But then what the hell he figured, she's topless so it's cool.

He began to relax but then, the anticipation started to make his cock stir. If he didn't relax, he would have to keep his suit on the whole time. He tried to think about something boring, like how his car engine needs an oil change. He'll take care of that when he gets back to Baltimore. He tried to recall the flight number that brought him to the Bahamas.

540 he remembered. He started to gain control. Now they were close to the east end section when Julie turned to Carl and said slowly "One important thing about this beach is - - - " Carl stopped her and said "It's alright, I read about it in my travel guide." They continued on and now Carl was 99.9% sure that all was understood.

They reached the beach area and the first person they saw was a woman in a two piece bikini walking toward them. As they past the woman they saw more people ahead lying on blankets. There were three women lying together, all topless with bikini bottoms. Strolling at the edge of the water, was a man and woman, both were nude and she had a shaved pussy. Julie didn't seem phased. They saw a lot more men and women, all with different degrees of undress.

It was all natural, casual and beautiful. No sex, no humping or sucking. It was just eye candy and relaxation. They put their blankets down near the bushes lining the beach away from everyone else. Julie sat down and pulled a bag of dried figs from her bag. As she nibbled she offered him one. He sat down and ate the piece of fruit.

As she was sitting her knees were bent and her legs were spread apart in a comfortable position. After she reached to put away the snacks her legs returned to a soles of the feet together / yoga like position. Now her crotch area was clearly visible The view of her cherry red bikini outlining her crotch was a real treat. He could see the hint of her nipples popping through her T shirt. All he could think about was massaging her pussy and sucking her titties.

Carl told himself "Get a grip, this is not the place for that. Maybe she was interested in sex, but that could just as easily be the case at a regular beach." Now she said " I'm going swimming, how about you?" Still not sure what she expected from him, he pretended to be calm and replied "Yeah, sure" She pulled off her T shirt showing her bare breasts.

These were firm, strong B cups with raisin size nipples. She did not seem to acknowledge her own nudity and while keeping her bottoms on she walked to the water's edge. As Carl stood up, she turned around and looked at him with arms stretched out to her side with the implication of "what are you waiting for." While he kept sight of her face and body, he was ready to do it.

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Without looking away, Carl pulled down his swim trunks and left them at his feet. She appeared happy at this situation and yet it wouldn't have mattered what Carl did. He walked toward her with a smile on his face and then she held out her hand. While holding hands they walked into the water up to their knees. Carl had no erection, but that was changing. He could feel himself getting turned on with the reality that his cock was right there for her to look at.

He needed to go farther into the water to hide what was about to happen. It was extremely clumsy with the way he let go of her hand and jumped into the deeper water. While standing chest deep, he submerged his whole body under water and then came back up with a nearly full erection. As water dripped from his face he opened his eyes and saw Julie looking at him. She was not naïve and knew exactly what had happened.

There was a slight grin on her face so no apologies were needed as she was rather amused by his problem. Nothing was said and he started to feel better about the situation. After a minute the crisis had passed and Carl had moved to meet Julie at a waist deep position.

Trying to create a subject to distract them both Julie said "I think tomorrow I'll play some tennis." Carl replied "yeah maybe snorkeling." With another minute of cooling, Carl was confident that he could go anywhere on the beach and be OK. Carl said "Let's go back to our towels and put on sun block" and with that they were off to their towels.

Carl and Julie applied their own sun block to most parts of their body. Then he rubbed sun block on his butt and Mr. Johnson.

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Then she rubbed on her tits. She jumped behind Carl and said "Let me get your back" and proceeded to rub it in. He had a strong back which she liked very much. Julie laid on her stomach and said "now get me." He started between her shoulder blades and worked down to her waist. His hands got more sun block and moved to her sides where his finger tips reached the fleshy edge of her breasts.

Health and safety was never so sensual. They both laid on their stomachs for at least five minutes to rest and soak up the sun. Finally she sat up and faced Carl, asking him if he wanted some more of her food. He sat up facing her and said "alright." She looked in her bag and said I have some juice and a muffin." Her offer of a muffin had teased his mind. Oh yes, he wanted her muffin.

They shared the muffin and the juice while Julie told him of working in the Admissions Office of a Pennsylvania college. She braced herself with her arms in back of her and her knees were bent with her legs spread about a foot apart. Every once in a while Carl would grab a quick look at her crotch.

This last time she caught him and she didn't seem to care. For the last few minutes he forgot about himself. Now he was back to thinking that his genitals are in full view for her to see and with her nearly nude body he was back to building his hard on. He put his legs together and with knees bent his erection was hidden from her view. This sudden change of posture seemed out of place and once again Julie knew what had happened.

Julie showed no expression at first and then she started to smile and giggle. She began to bite her lower lip like she was planning something hot. She asked him in a very slow speech "Carl - - - would you open your legs for me?" Carl felt his heart skip a beat and he didn't know what to say. Julie said "I know you were looking at my crotch, so why don't you show me?" He took a few moments and then decided to grant her wish. While he leaned back on his elbows he spread his legs. Her request made him harder and the exposure made him harder still.

She stared at his throbbing cock like she was ordering from a menu. The experience became weird, so after about twenty seconds he returned to his former position except his legs weren't held as tightly together. When his dick was soft again they headed back to the water. Julie was following him from a few steps behind not quiet sure how he felt about what happened on the blanket.

Then she stood next to him with her hand on his forearm and hesitated. Then she said "Carl if we went somewhere else I could give you a blowjob." When hearing that he was right back in the water and Julie was close behind. She approached him in five feet of water and put her hands on his waist. She asked "What do you think?" There was no answer, but his cock was rock hard.

Then one hand moved slowly to his hip and down his thigh. Her hand was between his thighs and started to move upward. Finally her fingers touched his cock and Carl exhaled with shrugged shoulders. Her hand rubbed his cock and then her other hand lightly massaged his balls.

This went on for almost a minute when Carl said "Ah wait - - - OK, let's go back to your room." With in ten minutes they were at her door. As she was putting her key in the lock he said to her "Julie, it's important to give as well as receive." Hearing that Julie quickly opened the door and Carl set the lock behind them.

Julie moved to the bed while Carl took off his everything standing there nude. He walked up behind Julie and removed her T shirt. While placing both hands on her belly, he kissed her neck. After feeling her belly and kissing her neck, his hands went up to fondle her breasts and pinch her nipples. He loved the feel of her tits. As her nipples got harder, his hard cock was poking her in the buttocks.

While one hand stayed on her chest, the other hand went for the prize. He firmly placed his hand on her bikini's crotch section while still massaging her tits. He rubbed her crotch up and down. His penis head was throbbing as it stabbed and rubbed against her buttocks.

Carl put his hand inside her bikini to feel her cunt. It was dripping slippery wet. His finger rubbed her clit while she made humming - moaning sounds.

He kept kissing her neck. Carl said "Julie would you do something for me?" "Ah mhhhh, what is it?" she said. He asked "Would you talk dirty to me?" She was silent as he kept rubbing her. "Talk dirty to me he said. She replied "Ah - - - Oh - - - Eat me, - Eat me, - lick my cunt" She quickly removed her bikini bottoms and she laid on the bed with her legs spread.

Her pussy was neatly trimmed and her cunt was pink with shiny wetness. He put his hands on her thighs, spread them wider and was ready to go down on her. He took the very tip of his tongue and while her lips where spread he lightly, he licked her opening. He licked it again and again while inhaling her sex smell.

Then he put his whole tongue right on her lips and moved it all around. He licked her snatch up and down. He could taste her juices, they were sweet and nasty. Then it was time to do her clit. He wiggled the tip of his tongue on her clit while she rocked her hips and her pleasure increased. He sucked on the clit. He trapped it between his tongue and upper lip. He sucked and rubbed with his tongue.

She couldn't breath and he wouldn't stop. He jammed his tongue into her cunt and proceeded to play with it. Her head and shoulders were shaking. As she squirmed, she announced "I'm gonna cum, - - - Oh shit I'm gonna cum" True to her word, she did and the juices were his. He ate and sucked as much as he could until she calmed down. Carl said "Julie, would you suck my cock." In a millisecond she was on him.

His cock was in her soft mouth. She was kneeling while her head was bobbing. Then she lightly put her tongue on his penis head while her fingers fondled his balls.

She tickled, fondled and sucked some more. His cock was throbbing. He put his hand on her forehead to get her attention. As she looked up he said "Julie, I really like the sixty-nine position. She got on top of him and continued with oral stimulation. She squatted over him with her legs spread and her pelvic region in his face. Even without touching her cunt lips, he could see they were open.

When she squatted that way the snatch was spread wide. He licked as she sucked. He ran his tongue in and around her area. She was jamming her head up and down on his rod. As she sucked and sucked, he could taste her sex dripping from her cunt. His tongue was moving fast on her while her hips rocked up and down. She was getting close again, but he was even closer to cumming. He stopped her and said "Wait I want you to cum once more before I do." He kept licking and sucking her faster and faster.

His tongue moved up and down her snatch. Then he said "OK Julie, you can start again" They worked together with sucking and licking. Then he focused on the clit. He held it in his mouth and rapidly tortured it.

Her pussy juices were good. He put his middle finger in her and began to finger fuck her. He stuck her and stuck her until she said "Ahhh - Oh, Oh FUCK, I'm gonna cum.

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He took his finger out and went back to sucking her opening. She trembled and shook as she felt delight. He sucked and licked.

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When it was done she went back to sucking his cock. She rubbed her tongue on his penis head. She rubbed with her tongue, then stroked with her hand.

Carl was too hard and had a perfect upside down view of Julie's spread lips. Carl was going to cum. She sucked and sucked as he said "Yeah, GO GO don't stop" He couldn't hold back any longer. His cum shot in her mouth and she continued to suck his head. His cum dripped out of her lips as she wiggled her tongue on his head. They both laid back and took a nap for the next hour.

Later that evening they ate dinner together and talked about spending time together when they got back to the states.

The train from Baltimore to Philadelphia was about two hours.