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Shemale and Boyfriend on Cam
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Stepdaughter Laura: Chapter Five Most of the morning was spent at my computer. There were fifty photos in the folder Laura had marked 'Susan' and not one of them of her fully clothed. The first jpg was of her in her bedroom sitting at her dressing table in a bra and panties. The next jpg showed in her closet looking though her clothes, still in her bra and panties.

The remaining photos were of her either in her bedroom or bathroom. The door on her shower was clear glass not frosted so the camera had a clear view of the person in the shower.

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As I started the last ten pictures the subject cha nged. It wasn't Susan but a younger female, fully clothed to completely nude in her late teens or early twenties and I assumed to be Susan's daughter. There wasn't any kind of tag to her identity.

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When I was checking my e-mail after lunch, there was one from Laura. It said that Dan still had Danny and her on tape and he would be more than happy to send me a copy. It was around three-thirty when I heard the backdoor open. Thinking that Laura had decided to come back by before heading home. I just called out. "Hey baby-doll, I'm in the computer room, got a surprise for you." I was sitting with my back to the door wearing only a pair of her panties. The picture on the screen was of Laura sitting on a rock on some beach completely void of any from of clothing.

"You do make a good looking model. baby-doll" "She does look good, doesn't she." I turned my head to see who it was. With a surprised look I remarked, "You," that was a bit of a pause then, "I was expecting you to be Laura." With a raised voice and shoulders, "Surprise," was Nancy's response.

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"What are you doing here and how did you get in?" Nancy told me how Laura set the whole thing up with her mother. "Laura sent me a text this morning telling me where she left a key for me and to just let myself in when I got here." "Oh she did." Nancy was smiling-to-beat-the-band, "Yes she did." "And your mother is OK with you being here?" "Well, she and Laura had a long talk and as far as my mother is concern, I'm on a baby-sitting job this weekend." "This weekend?" I now was completely confused.

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"You plan on staying here all night?" "Yea, I'm not expected home until Sunday night and if I work my mom right I can make it Monday." I could hardly believe my stepdaughter set me up with an eighteen-your-old and that Nancy had agreed to go along with her.

Looking into her eyes, "So what do you expect us to do?" Nancy kinda nodded her, "Well first of all, put some clothes on so we can go eat some where." Nancy followed me into my bedroom as I slipped on a pair of jeans and a shirt. I drove us an hour up the interstate to minimize any chance of seeing anyone either of us knew. Over diner we talked about her plans of collage and marriage among other things. Nancy went to the ladies in room as I paid the check The man at the register committed that I had a great looking gran-daughter and I just told him that she was very special to us.

I noted that the guy was eying Nancy as she come out of the restroom. I just smiled at him and said good night as we lift. By the time we arrived home we pretty much covered her entire life. "I can give you something to sleep in if you didn't bring any thing with you." "O that wont be necessary, I don't think it wouldn't be on me come morning and besides, I wouldn't any thing in the way of you getting whatever you want, when you want it." "You can have the bathroom first so you can have some privacy." "Laura said you always took a shower with your wife or her so I want us to do the some." As much as I tried, I couldn't talk her into taking a shower by herself.

She is just like Laura and my wife in getting their way. After the shower she followed me into the computer room where I set her up on Laura's computer. Then I check my e-mails.


I had one from Laura and one from Dan. The one from Laura was a video of her in her car. I don't know if she used a cam-corder or her phone for it. From the angle I could tell she was minus her skirt and panties. She was saying that she hope that would have a good weekend and that she would be in touch with me later. I looked over to Laura's computer and Nancy had someone in IM.

"Who you chatting with?" "It's my mom." "Your mother!" I'm glad my computers don't have web cams. With some concern I ask, "What have you been telling her.?" "Oh, just girl talk, you know; If I'm OK, having a good time, if the kids being good, things like that." I clicked to open the e-mail from Dan. As it was opening I glanced back over at Nancy.

She was looking at my computer screen as the video of Laura and Danny played. Danny looked about the same age as Nancy. "They both look so hot." I had to agree. The video began in what I assume was Danny's bedroom with Laura on her knees sucking him. He was unbuttoning her blouse as she pumped his cock. The video lasted about fifteen minutes. It ended with both naked and cum leaking from her cunt.

When the video finished, I looked down at Nancy who had been working my own cock. She looked so cute covered with my cream. To say the lease, we took another bath before turning in for the night. When I woke Saturday, Nancy wasn't in my bed. I found her in the kitchen fixing breakfast, still naked. After breakfast, we got on the computers. Nancy IM'd her mother as I checked my e-mails.

There was four from Laura, all photos showing her with very little or nothing on. Looking at the latest set of photos had Nancy and I so horny that we ended up on my bed fucking to-beat-the-band.

After recovering, she and I returned to the computers. There were a screen of 'Are you there' on the computer I set Nancy on. There was three e-mails from Dan. The first one showed Laura leaving Danny's bedroom naked and entering a bathroom. It followed her as she bathed and dressed. The next was a video of Dan doing Laura. The last was of Dan and Susan.

By the time we had watched the three video's Nancy and I was going at it again.

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This was pretty much the way it went the entire weekend. When Sunday evening arrived, Nancy told me that her mother would pick her up the next morning.

Monday morning and Nancy didn't seem to be in be in any hurry to dress. As she was riding my cock, we heard some one asking if she would be much longer.

I turned to see who was speaking. In the doorway stood a woman and girl, both looking much like Nancy. Without missing a beat, she introduced her mother and sister. Watching the two ladies stripping, I filled Nancy's pussy.

After dismounting, her mother and sister joined me on the bed.


I fondled Nancy's sister's tits as her mother stroked and sucked my cock. Once I was hard, her mother slipped my dick into her sister's pussy. After filling her sister, Nancy's mother went to work on me as the two girls looked on.

She drank me dry then after reloading she took a full load in her womb. Nancy told me latter that her sister had been fucked only once before and that her mother was pregnant. I also found out later that Nancy's mother know my wife and she and Laura had planed the whole weekend. To be continued

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