Awesome HighDefinition Japanese Skank Has Censored Sex

Awesome HighDefinition Japanese Skank Has Censored Sex
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Things with Barbara cooled off after awhile. Neither one of us was looking for a big commitment.

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We really didn't have much in common besides the sex. I have to say she taught me a lot, though. I discovered I loved eating pussy and, according to here, I was a natural. To this day I love looking up from between a woman's legs and seeing her moaning and wiggling because of what I am doing with my fingers and tongue. I put what I learned to good use with the girls in junior high but never went all the way with them.

Even the ones that would get totally naked with me were too afraid it would hurt or they would get pregnant, even though I showed them I had condoms. Getting a handjob or a blowjob was nice but once you've had the real thing they just aren't enough. About this time I was making money mowing lawns and doing odd jobs around the neighborhood. I was good with my hands and was very responsible so by word of mouth I was usually pretty busy.

That's how I met Mrs. Danvers. My sister took the message.

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She lived three blocks over and got my number from one of our neighbors. What she needed was yard work, especially clearing a patch so she could plant roses. I called her back and gave her my price, which she agreed to readily. I arranged to come over the following Saturday.

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When I got there I found a note that the garage was open and to take whatever I needed. She would be back in the early afternoon. I gathered all the tools and garbage bags I needed and got to work. It was unseasonably hot and I soon took off my shirt, which was soaked with sweat by 11 AM.

I had just finished clearing her patch when she came out from the house, just arriving at home. "Hey," she said to me. I jumped a foot, then turned around. "I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to startle you." "That's okay, ma'am.

I just really get into a zone when I am working." Our eyes met. She was checking me out as I looked her over. It was a lot easier for her since all I was wearing was an old pair of jean cutoffs. She looked to be in her early thirties with a nice face and blonde hair. Hard to tell about the body since she had so many clothes on. "I'm Mrs. Danvers. You can call me Jill." "Nice to meet you, ma'.I mean Jill." She gave the yard a once-over and whistled her approval.

She was impressed at how I stacked the bags of debris so neatly by the side of the house and had swept after myself. "You sure did a great job!" "Not finished yet. Still have the hedges to do." She nodded. "Okay. Come inside when you are done and I will pay you.

Do you want some water or something?" "When I'm finished." "Suit yourself". She turned and walked away, giving me a great view of her fantastic ass as she retreated. It took me about half an hour to trim the hedges. I put everything away and went inside as instructed.


Mrs. Danvers had changed clothes. She now wore a tight pair of shorts and a halter top, which was just sheer enough to where I could make out the shape of her nipples.

She had the air conditioner on full blast which made those nipples erect. "Oh, there you are.

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There's lemonade in the fridge. Can you pour us a couple of glasses?" It took me a second to stop staring at her before I did as she asked. When I returned to the living room she was sitting on the couch and she motioned me to sit down.

She leaned over the coffee table to write me a check, unintentionally giving me a great down-the-neck shot. Her nipples were just out of view but tantalizingly close. I don't know what possessed me but I reached out and cupped one of her breasts. She jumped a little when she realized what was happening but didn't remove my hand.

I was too young and inexperienced to know if she wanted me to proceed but I was all hormones and optimism. She turned to look at me as I leaned in to kiss her, forcing her down on her back on the couch. Our lips met met and her mouth tasted like chocolate. My cock was at full staff and she had to have felt it against her leg as I eased myself down on top of her.

When I reached under her halter top I noticed how soft her tits were and not nearly as firm as the adolescent boobs I was used to fondling. Somehow that made them more sexy and pushed my desire up a notch.

I think Mrs. Danvers was in shock at my efforts, for she neither resisted nor encouraged me. I got even more bold and started moving my hand up her leg towards the leg of her shorts. Suddenly she came to life and her hands were all over my body. She tore at the front of m shorts as I did the same with hers.

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She grasped my cock and guided it into the fiery pit between her legs. I reached under her bra and grabbed her tits as I thrust all of the way into her. It was pure animal sex.

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Wild thrust and moans and grunts. The only thing on both our minds was the wild joining of cock and pussy, our groins pounding against each other.

It was like she hadn't fucked I Year's and all that tension and desire wanted to be satisfied in one wild act of mating. I could feel her juices dripping out onto my cock and coating my balls with her nectar. Moaning and grunting and calling out her name I fucked her, only my second female to allow me entrance to her treasure. My balls started to hurt from wildly hitting her ass repeatedly, but the absolute pleasure my cock was feeling made me ignore it.

The only thing that mattered to me was taking her, and doing it hard and fast. Before long I felt the sperm start to churn up. "Gonna.gonna.GONNA CUMMM!!" I didn't notice her trying to push me off. Primal instinct was telling me to fill her with my essence. My inner caveman wanted to be fruitful and fill her with baby. Even if I had not been bigger and stronger there is no way she could have stopped me from making every attempt at seeding her.

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My semen shot out of me in mighty blasts. One.two.three.four streams of my white cream left my body and went into hers. Her pussy got hotter and her muscles clenched, trying to get more and more sperm up into her womb. When I was finished I lay there for a second before I realized my hand had dropped between us and my fingers rubbed her clit with no mercy. Her hips thrust up and she screamed as I brought her to a powerful orgasm, the biggest I had yet witnessed.


The act of mating complete I got off of her. In our awkwardness we rearranged clothing. Before she pulled up her panties I could see a tram of my ejaculate dripping out of her. She reached into her purse and handed me money without meeting my eyes.

I retreated, knowing it was time to leave. I did not get any more calls from Mrs.

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Danvers for odd jobs. A couple of months later I heard she was getting divorced. I overheard one of my mother's friends tell her that she was going to have a baby and "the due date didn't add up right." I remembered her attempt to push me off and wondered if even in her passion she realized that something like this would happen.

It was a real trip to realize I had fathered a child at so young an age. Still gives me an instant hard-on every time I think about it.