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I'm Nishaged 28, from Bangalore India. I'm a software engineer by profession and working in an MNC and also an experienced masseur (providing massage) for females and couples.

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I have travelled to major cities in India to give massage to my clients. Life has been smooth and fun for me so far. I don't believe in paying or receiving money to have sex, though I charge a very nominal amount for massage.

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I have been giving massage treatments to my clients over the last couple of years, and most of my clients are referred to me by word of mouth. The majority (90%) of my clients are women, so I have to control my sexual urges sometimes. After reading my previous experiences, I received many enquires, some were just pretending, some were looking out for contacts, some were asking me for jobs, among those was a mail from a husband, who decided to hire me to give his wife a well needed soothing massage, to show his appreciation for everything she does, as a housewife and mother from Mumbai.

We exchanged our yahoo IDs and got to know about each other's genunity.

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He was looking for a complete body massage for his wife. I told him about my charges and conditions, he agreed for the same (my massage charges are very nominal, though I don't do it for free).


I briefly explained him about the procedure of the massage; he was ok with it and was very much keen to get a massage for his wife. (Yes, a woman does think 100 times or more to get massaged by a male, especially, if he is an unknown person.

I respect the privacy of a woman or couple, so before taking my services, you can feel free to get to know me better). He informed the same to her wife, who after some hesitation agreed for a massage.

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She didn't want the massage to be done at her place, so chose to come down to Bangalore with her husband. About her, she is Naina (name changed), aged 40, a housewife in Mumbai. She looks beautiful, a perfect figure, every man's dream, long silky black hairs, brownish eyes and chubby cheeks. She informed her schedule for which I was ok with it and I made sure that, on that particular day, I don't keep other appointments.

We got to know each other much better. It took almost a week for us. We had a cam2cam chat, voice chat over phone, made sure we were more comfortable and trustworthy.

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They came down to Bangalore in the morning. They had arranged for their accommodation in a service apartment, and had made all the necessary arrangements for the massage. I met them around 11am at the service apartment. We had little food and went back to the apartment. I was carrying the oil and cream needed for massage. I had informed them to get some ice cubes.

Since the apartment had fridge, even the ice cubes were ready. They had got the chocolate sauce. Hubby chose to walk out during the massage, though I had asked him to be around. Even she would feel secured. But, he said, she wanted to be alone during massage, if he is infront of her, she may feel insecure or may not be comfortable.

I assured him about the satisfaction which she would get post massage.

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He was happy with that. There was big table in the room. It almost looked like a massage table. So I suggested her, she can lie down on this table, making the bed to go dirty free. We both changed into comfortable clothing. She was little hesitant initially, to make her feel better, I told her, I would start the massage over her clothes. I started massaging her shoulders. She was in her saree. After few minutes, I asked her to lie down on the table, so that I can massage her legs. It was not a massage rather.

I was helping her feel comfortable. She excused herself went to the washroom. I thought maybe she was uncomfortable and may take some time to come, but, she changed into a robe and stepped out of the washroom, lay on her stomach on the table. She loosened her robe so that, the legs and back was visible to me to start the massage. Since we were staying in a service apartment, I had luke-warmed the oil which I use, took it in my hands, started massaging her leg.

We had soft music (instrumentals) and lovely aroma candle lit inside the room. While massaging we kept on talking with each other. I massaged both her legs and feet. After a session of oil massage, I applied chocolate sauce on her legs and allowed the oil in chocolate sauce to absorb, once it dries, it can be washed and thus gives glowing skin. I started massaging her hands now. I used the same procedure. Massaging with oil first and then applied chocolate sauce. Then, I started back massage.

I poured lukewarm oil, and slowly started massaging her back. I started with a basic massage. Nish : Do you have any pain or stiff muscles on your back ? Naina : Yes. (she mentioned the region) Nish : How are you feeling so far ?

Naina : So far, so good Nish. My legs and hands feel so light. Hopefully, I'll get to feel much better and rejuvenated post complete massage. Nish : I'll definitely give my best ï&Scaron. After few minutes of basic massage, I started deep tissue massage. Deep tissue massage helps you make feel more relaxed, by eliminating nodes and stiff muscles, if any. Once you start massaging, you can feel the stiffness of muscles.

The entire back massage went on upto 20mins. Post oil massage, I applied a layer of chocolate sauce. Naina : Nish, I have got done massages by females, but never felt so rejuvenated like I'm feeling now. This is the first time, I'm getting a massage done by a male.

Thanx for making me feel comfortable. Nish : Thank you. Naina : Most massage parlours are money minded, doesn't care for customer satisfaction. I see you are very nice person. Nish : For me, customer satisfaction is important. I charge because, end of the day, I need to be benefited for my hardwork. Naina : Yes. I allowed the chocolate sauce to dry on her back, got some lukewarm water, with a cloth, and cleaned the chocolate sauce on her legs and hands.

If you allow the chocolate sauce to remain for a long time, some people may not feel comfortable. Its always good, if you leave the sauce on the body for atleast 15mins. Once I cleaned the back, I instructed her to turn onto her back, and continued massaging her scalp, neck, shoulders, upper chest, and stomach.

Once I reached her thighs, I saw that her breathing started to increase, and as I maintained my professional demeanour, I concentrated on her inner thighs, gliding down to her calf muscles, leading back to her feet. Since she spends much of her time on her feet, I decided to spend more time on them, loosening the tendons, working the muscles around the bones in the feet.


As I looked up, I saw that her nipples were protruding through the sheet, and her hips were slightly rotating into the table. She started telling me how much she loved her husband, and that she was afraid of being able to look at him in the face. I explained to her that a massage is in itself, a very intimate situation, and that there are pressure points in the body that related to different chakras… one of which is the heart/love chakra.

If there are pent up sexual frustrations, then those feelings can be released by applying pressure to a particular point. I started massaging her stomach, hip and chest regions again, before I finally worked on a specific spot.

Her YONI. Her breaths became longer, as soon as I touched her yoni. I offered a soft massage on the surface of the yoni. She closed her eyes in pleasure, but I started working on it. She started letting out moans, and finally as I touched a pressure point her body started to convulse, as she mouthed out: "GOD Yesssssssss.

Oh fuck Yesssssss" I went up beside her, and held her hand. Once she regained her composure, she looked up at me, and turned beat red. I put my other hand on her cheek, and instructed her in a soft voice: Just breath… in through your nose… out through your mouth… She started to blurt out apologies, and I told her that what occurred is perfectly natural.

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I increased the pressure of the massage on her yoni and put my fingers inside it and slowly started massaging the interiors of the yoni. I poured some chocolate sauce in it. She started pleading me to use my mouth and tongue. Naina : Nish, please use your tongue and mouth. I would be obliged if you could do that. And before you could ask, Yes, I have informed my hubby about this. Nish : Are you sure, you want this to happen ? Naina : Yes Nish, please.

I need to feel a mouth on it. Saying this, she closed her eyes, hoping that I would use my tongue right away. But, I massaged for some more time, then got my mouth on her yoni, used my tongue, started licking the chocolate sauce, which I had used to massage.

She started blurting out more now. Naina : AAAhhhhhh… Yessss… Do that more… Its heavenly feeling Nish. Uuuummmmm… These moans were increasing. She held to the edge of the table, and started blurting (moaning) out more and more.

She was also pressing her breasts, the signs of her hornyness was seen. This massage went on for sometime and she was about to ooze out. My fingers were still in when she was oozing out, just at the right time, I moved out, and she was calming down steadily. All of a sudden, she excused and sat on the table, she pulled me towards her, started smooching me.

I tried to avoid, but went in vain. We enjoyed the kiss for sometime. I started massaging her shoulders. But before I was about to do that, she just undid my shorts and took my cock in her mouth and started giving me a blowjob. Before I was about to say, its not good, Naina : I have told my hubby, if I give-up my patience and control, I may tend to have sex with you, he was ok with it.

Nish : Are you sure, you want this to happen ? Naina : Yes. But your massage has aroused my sexual needs. Saying this she started giving a blowjob. I started enjoying it. Her long silky hairs felt so good on my tummy. I really love to enjoy having female's hairs falling on my tummy, while giving a blowjob. I smiled, at her, and half-laughing, I told her: Nish : "The best way to take advantage of what happened, and to thank your husband for what he has done for you, is after I leave, wait a few moments for your husband to pay Me, then walk out to him naked, pull him back into the bedroom, lie on your back, spread your legs wide open, and tell him to fuck you deep into the mattress".

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She did admit that she was very horny, and that she not only loved her husband, but also his care and trust on me, and also giving me this wonderful birthday present in the form of a massage done by you. After few days, her husband called me up to have a coffee, I was surprised to hear that they were still in Bangalore and he handed me an envelope which contained a significant amount of cash.

I was taken aback, and I asked what this was for. He said: "I don't know what you did with my wife, but we haven't had sex like that since we got married, and the next day she told me that she wanted a baby, so I took time off work, and we haven't left our bed in the last four days".

"She's expecting me back soon."… So with a wink, he left the table.