These sluts fuck for a living

These sluts fuck for a living
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Once there was a girl named Cindy she was short at 5"3 with jet black hair down to her butt and beautiful green eyes, she had the perfect body with D cup breast and a nice round ass.

But she lived a complicated life although boys from all over wanted her she had no interest in them she wanted to be strong and successful like her mother and father.

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her mother died giving birth to her and her father died in a car accident when she was sixteen sadly before he died he had remarried to a women named Vera, she had two daughters, Christina and Katrina, they weren't the best looking girls and were always envious of Cindy.

Anyway, after her father died she had to stay with her stepmother and depend on her for money and a place to live and although they were very wealthy Vera refused to give Cindy money because she wanted to keep her as her sex slave but Cindy will be 19 in 4 months and plans on going to college, she has been doing sexual deeds for her stepmother and sisters for far too long in her opinion. "CINDY!!!" "Coming mistress" Cindy slowly walks into her stepmother's bedroom where her stepmother is waiting naked with her legs spread "you know what to do" Cindy got on her knees in front of her stepmother and began to run her tongue up Vera's thigh and then lightly brushed her pussy with her tongue "stop teasing me and put your fucking face in it" Cindy started viciously licking Vera's clit while sticking a finger into her wet pussy as Vera began to moan loudly " ahh!

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Yes! Lick my pussy yes!


Ugh!" Although Cindy ignored it she could hear her step sisters moaning behind her as they fingered themselves watching her, she stuck another finger into Vera and pumped faster as she lightly bit her clitoris "Ahh Cindy! YES! im so close! YES suck on my pussy make me cum!" just as the words left Vera's mouth her juices squirted out into Cindy's face and all over her fingers " now lick your fingers" although Vera could be a bitch Cindy had to admit she tasted pretty fucking good so she gladly licked her fingers " bend over slut" Cindy got up and quickly bent over the bed all of Vera's screaming made her hornyso she bent over and waited for Vera.

Vera went over to her side table drawer and pulled out a 10 inch strap on which she put on and approached Cindy from behind she slowly put it into Cindy's pussy and smacked her ass Cindy moaned from pleasure and relief of being filled with the make-shift cock Vera pulled out slowly pushed back in hard and fast she did this multiple times before speeding up "O Yea!

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im sorry ive been such a bad bitch please fuck me" Vera grabbed Cindy's hair and began to fuck her harder and faster in response to her screams "you like this slut tell me you like it" " I love it mommy I love it ohm! Yeah! Fuck me!

Fuck me! im about to come all over you cock mommy don't stop!

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O yes!" Vera sped up fucking her relentlessly " Cum Slut Cum Now" " YES YES UUUUGGGGHHHH YES" Cindy felt all the juices pour out of her as she experienced a powerful orgasm " AAHHHHHHHH" she collapse on the bed and Vera smacked her ass once again and whispered in her ear now make me breakfast bitch.

This was the morning of her life every day get up fuck Vera and make breakfast for everyone. All Cindy wants though is someone to make her breakfast and give her more than just great sex.

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Although she hated this routine because she always felt guilty for enjoying it she had to admit that Vera was an attractive women, she has kept her figure from 30 although she is well over 40, she's sexy with her curves of a young women and a height of 5"7 C cup breast and her pussy was still fairly tight.

After making breakfast Cindy helped her step sisters get ready to go to school she picked out their clothes which were usually very conservative and Cindy wears 1 of the 5 outfits she is allowed to wear throughout the school week.

Her sisters had cars they could drive to school while Cindy was forced to walk or take the bus and because she wore a mini skirt and tank top everyday walking wasn't an option so early in the morning because something could happen to her and Vera would kill her. In her mind it was wrong that her, so beautiful and graceful, had to be forced to be so dirty and treated as a lesser than. While her fat hag identical sister at 5"9 with their short tangled brown hair and beady eyes.


It doesn't make sense. But there was nothing she could do about it her dad didn't have a will and she was under 18 when he died so everything is Vera's.


So anyway she hopped on the bus like every morning and all the boys from her school as usual grabbed at her and as usual she did nothing. see growing up after her father died Vera would always tell Cindy how much of a whore she was and without a role model she believed it so whenever anyone asked her to do something sexual she does or whenever someone touches her body she lets them if she is a whore she will act as such.

So when she got off the bus and James whispered in her hear "meet me in the janitor's closet in thirty minutes. So thirty minutes later while sitting in class Cindy looked at the clock and stood up to walk out the room "Where exactly are you going miss love " " Um, to pick something up" with that she walked out the room and went straight toward the janitor's closet but was stopped by Lucy, a small girl with large glasses and red hair that she kept in a bun you couldn't tell anything about her body she could've been boney or fat have big breast or completely flat chested but no one could tell because she was always covered up.

"Hey, uh Cindy I was wondering if you would like to come study with me after school Ms.

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Kim says you've got the microbiology notes that I need." "Um sure! I would love to Lucy!" with that Lucy opened her notebook and wrote down her address and handed it to Cindy. Glancing at the clock as she walked away from Lucy Cindy began to rush as the janitor's closet came into view.

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She swung the door open and found James standing against the shelves. So she walked over and he quietly murmurs "on your knees" as Cindy kneels down she immediately see his dick its strong and hard and fat easily 8 or 9 inches. She begins to slowly stroke it and lick the tip after James groans slightly she takes the head into her mouth and sucks it as she strokes faster and faster "damn Cindy, Yeah Suck my Cock!

OH Yea! Shit!" She pushes half of it into her mouth which puts the tip down her throat and she begins to moan on his dick which sends vibrations through his cock making it feel even better "AGH!" as he nears his climax the door burst open and James dick immediately falls when he sees the face of the person who opened the door and Cindy turns "HI!"