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Deutsches Amateurpaar geht dabei
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The World's First Futa Transformed into a Futa Chapter One: Futa's First Time By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 April 17th, 2047 "You're going to be fine, Becky," my wife smiled, her youthful face spreading wide with her grin, her blue eyes so loving. Sharron's strawberry-blonde hair framed the smooth features of her cheeks. She hardly needed makeup at all, but we were about to go on a live-streamed talk-show, beamed out across the internet to the entire world.

"You've done this a thousand times." "And I'm still nervous every time," I said, giving her a smile. I adjusted the tight sheath of my skirt, my futa-dick half-hard against it, forming a noticeable bulge.

It made my panties feel snug around me. "It's what keeps you looking so enchanting," Sharron said. She leaned in and gave me a hot kiss on the lips.

My futa-dick twitched and throbbed in my panties. I could feel the eyes of the crew watching us. They were all male, a necessity. Women who met me for the first time had. problems controlling their lusts.

Scientist had studied me for three decades, and they still didn't understand how any of it worked. Dr. Senior had run so many tests on me in those early years, trying to understand how my clit spontaneously grew into a dick. Or why my ovaries produced such fertile cum that women couldn't help but get bred by me. My wife's belly already was growing round with our third child in the little more than four years of our relationship. "One minute, Madam President," one of the crew said, a young, Black man with his hair spiked up and dyed bright blue.

I did not get some of the styles the youth had. Sharron broke the kiss and stepped back. "You'll be amazing." "Thanks," I said, sucking in a deep breath. "Okay, let's go out there." The studio audience exploded into thunderous cheers as I stepped out onto the talk show set. Cameras, all broadcasting wirelessly to the internet, pointed at me, each operated by a man who could control himself around me.

The studio lights shone in my eyes, making the roaring audience only dark shapes to me. I imagined more than a few tits were being flashed at me. "It's so lovely to see you again, Madam President," Adelia Tash, the host, said. The caramel-skinned woman swept to me on her stiletto heels, her big, fake tits jiggling in her low-cut blouse.

She threw her arms around my neck and planted a hot, soulful kiss on my lips. My futa-dick throbbed as she melted against me. It reached its full girth, far, far larger than any human males'. My pussy clenched, juices soaking into my panties. They were extra absorbent, manufactured just for futanari like me.

The crowd whooped and cheered as I kissed the beautiful host, my hands grabbing her plump rear. "Go, Mom!" shouted from the audience. My futa-daughters were always so proud of me.

I just wished I could know them all. Adelia groaned when she broke the kiss, her dark eyes glassy. "Right, right, we have to get seated, Madam President. We have thirty seconds." "Of course," I said, smiling as I took my seat. I adjusted my blonde hair pulled back into a bun. I never thought I would adopt such a. motherly look thirty years ago when I was eighteen and sit fully female. I crossed my legs, my futa-dick tenting my skirt, and stared at the cameras.

With a few moments to kill, I asked, "How's our daughter?" "Topenga is doing great. She's starting Vassar next year and can't wait to be surrounded by all the coeds," Adelia said. "We're going live in five," a male producer said, standing beside one of the cameras, "four, three." He mouthed, "Two. One," then pointed at Adelia. "Good day to you all out there watching our stream live today," Adelia said, her back straight. "I know you're all excited by our guest today. We have former U.S.

President Becky Woodward here with us today. We'll be celebrating the miracle of her life on her forty-eighth birthday!" The roars deafened me. I straightened up, drinking in the admiration and love of the audience. I may be forty-eight, but I was still hot, my body still tight, my breasts still firm, and my dick could fuck and fuck and fuck.

I smiled at the cameras, knowing that millions, maybe even billions, watched me around the world. After a minute of their applause, the crowd quieted down and Adelia continued: "Becky Wayward has lived a life that many would envy.

Ever since her miraculous transformation into the world's first futa, celebrity has followed her around.

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She's been the focus of several films, including more pornos than I can imagine." "I even starred in one playing myself," I said to the crowd. "It's my favorite!" a woman screamed from the crowd. "She's been worshiped as a goddess, had fathers bring their daughters to her to be bred by her amazing cock, sparked off more public orgies than Caligula, and has just finished off two amazing terms as the President of the United States." "My nomination came as quite the shock," I admitted.

"I didn't even know the Futa Party existed until they had gotten enough signatures to get me on the ballet in all fifty-states." "Yes, yes, the first sitting president not from one of the two major parties since Lincoln," Adelia nodded. "And now you stand poise to rule the entire world. Women across the globe, plus many men, have spoken. In July, you'll be sworn in as the first President of the United Nations. Even Middle Eastern countries have agreed to the proposal to create a one world government." "I worked hard for it," I said.

"Eight years as president convincing the world leaders that the human race needed to be united. Even if we now had a third gender." A loud whoop roared from the crowd. "As you can tell, many in our audience are your very own daughters," Adelia said. "There's an estimated 33,000 first-generation futas in the world, and your eldest daughters are starting to sow their futa-seeds." "I know, it's all so amazing," I said. "I can hardly believe it myself. I wish I could know them all. But it's why I want a world free of violence.

My daughters and granddaughters are found across the globe. They live in every nation on this planet. They're how we will unite as a species." After giving so many speeches, my talking points flowed with ease. "Beautiful sentiment," Adelia said, her nipples poking at her blouse, her cheeks flushed dark. My dick throbbed. "So, how did it all happen? How did you become the world's first futa?" "Well," I said, then recited a line I'd rehearsed so many times, "it was right after the first—and last—time I had sex with a man.

I was a freshman at the University of Washington in Seattle and." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ September 30th, 2017 My heart raced and while my body squirmed.

This was it. I stared up into my boyfriend's eyes. We had been dating through most of high school, but I just wasn't quite ready to go all the way until tonight. Kurt had been so patient with me. He even attended the nearby University of Washington so we could stay together. My heart pounded in my chest as I reached up and rubbed his naked chest, feeling his firm muscles.

He had the build of an athlete, his green eyes twinkling, a big, friendly smile on his lips. His russet hair glinted in the lamp by his bed. The box springs creaked beneath me as I shifted, trembling, his hands creeping up to my breasts encased in my bra. "Becky," he panted, his voice so strained his cock tenting his light-blue boxers.

Such wonder crossed his face. "I'm ready," I promised him as he reached my bra cups. "Just. don't be rough, okay?" "Never," Kurt breathed. His hands pushed up my bra cups, spilling out my round breasts into his strong hands. I quivered over the rough touch. His masculine presence made my pussy tingle so much. His thumbs crossed my hard, pink nipple. Sparks flared, shooting down to my pussy.

He'd touched my nipples before, but never bare. Never without at least my bra in the way. This was really happening. I would lose my cherry tonight. Kurt leaned down and kissed me. I melted into his lips as his weight settled down atop me. I squirmed beneath him, my arms locking about his neck. He hadn't shaved. His stubbled rasped on my lips. I felt the bulge of his cock pressing against my panties as I moaned into his kiss. My tongue darted into his mouth, swirling around, meeting his as I squirmed against him.

My virgin pussy grew juicier and juicier, aching to finally be penetrated even as a nervous writhe twisted through my guts. What if it hurt too much? What if I wasn't good enough for Kurt. He had dated another girl before me. I knew she'd put out, the skank. What if I couldn't compete against her? I whimpered into the kiss, tensing. Kurt broke the kiss. "Relax, Becky," he whispered, his hand stroking down my side to my hip, brushing my white panties. "I'm not going to hurt you." "I know," I said.

"You'd never hurt me." He hooked his thumb into my panties. "I'm going to make you cum." A smile played on my lips, his confidence shining down on me, evaporating my nervousness. He tugged down my panties as he moved down my body. I shuddered. I had let him eat out my pussy before. It struck me that he'd touched my naked pussy far more than my naked breasts.

His rough stubble pressed into my blonde bush. My golden curls spilled around his lips as he nuzzled into me. I shuddered, my back arching. My breasts jiggled as he took his first lick, his tongue brushing my hymen before flicking through my folds and rushing my clit. "Kurt!" I gasped, electricity zapping through my body. "Mmm, just enjoy." His blue eyes twinkled up my body, his red hair rubbing on my thighs. "I know I will. You taste so good." "Yes!" I groaned, loving his words and the feel of his tongue lathing through my pussy.

The bedsprings creaked louder as he licked through my folds. His tongue darted over my petals and brushed my clit over and over. My pussy drank in the pleasure, the tingles racing through my body. My toes curled. My hands grabbed his red hair, gripping him hard as I ground against his lips. His stubble rasped so wonderful on my pussy lips. I gasped and groaned. I couldn't imagine lesbians not wanting the feel of that masculine roughness on their vulva. It made me feel like so much of a woman as he probed against my maidenhead.

"Oh, Kurt, I'm going to cum!" I groaned. "I'm going to cum so hard. Oh, wow. I just. Don't stop!" He didn't. He licked harder. His tongue flew across my pussy lips. He caressed them. He stroked them and drove me wild. I moaned and whimpered, squeezing my thighs so tight about his face, pinning him in place. I didn't want this delight to ever end.

My moans burst from my lips. I gasped, fuzzy tingles racing through my body while my pussy grew tighter and tighter. The pressure grew inside of me, threatening to drown me in the most amazing rapture imaginable. I whimpered and groaned, humping against him, smearing my pussy lips on his hungry mouth.

He sucked on my clit.

"Oh, my god!" I gasped. "Oh, my god, Kurt, that's it. That's what I need. Yes, yes, yes!" I came. The pleasure surged through me. The rapture consumed the last of the nervous wiggles in my stomach. It swept into my mind, drowning me in ecstasy. I gasped and bucked on the bed, smearing my pussy against his licking mouth. My eyes widened, stars bursting across my vision. He fluttered his tongue against my clit as I spasmed on the bed. My juices flooded out of me as my fingers tugged at his hair.

My pussy convulsed.

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It needed to be filled. That deep itch in me finally would be scratched. "Kurt! Now! I'm ready! Do it!" "Yes, Becky!" he moaned, not fighting me as I hauled him up my body. He'd shoved down his boxers while eating me. His dick, which I'd sucked on many times, thrust thick and hard between his thighs.

I wasn't afraid of his girth now. I just wanted him in me. I grabbed it, suddenly greedy to lose my virginity. To be fucked by the man I loved. His dick pressed on my hymen as his lips met mine. I tasted my pussy juices for the first time. This exciting, sweet delight that made me groan.

Then his hips thrust. His cock pushed against my hymen. Pain flared. I groaned, my pussy clenching. A sharp tear stabbed into me. Then heat rippled out of my pussy. The friction had me spasming as his cock dove into my virgin depths. He buried to the hilt in my untouched flesh. I spread wider and wider, so wet from my orgasm he sank in with ease. "Kurt," I groaned into the kiss, breaking it.

"Oh, wow. Oh, wow, you're in me." "Uh-huh," he groaned, drawing back his hips and slamming into me again.

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"You're on the pill, right?" "Yes, yes, the new one," I panted, my eyes rolling back into my head. "Ooh, yes, just jam that dick into me. Oh, wow, this is amazing." "You have no idea," he groaned, his voice so strained as he pumped in and out of my pussy. What did it feel like for him? For me it was amazing. He reached so deep into me, stimulating all these naughty bits inside of me. Silky friction sent pleasure racing through my body.

It had me gasping and moaning, shuddering on the bed. The headboard banged into the wall separating his room from his step-sister's. Janice had to know what we were doing now if my shouts hadn't alerted her.

I didn't care. Let her know that her step-brother was a stud. "Oh, yes, Kurt," I whimpered, my pussy clenching down on his dick as he drew back. "Ooh, yes, don't stop. I want to cum on your dick. I want to feel you spurt into me." "Yes," he groaned, face twisting with pleasure. "I'll hold out. But. Damn, you're so tight. It's been a while." "But you'll be getting pussy every night," I said and then kissed him hard.

I thrust my tongue deep into his mouth again, my hips moving with his. The last of the soreness faded beneath the pleasure pumping away into my pussy. I whimpered, my nipples throbbing against his chest, my thighs locked about his waist. At this moment, my orgasm building for a second time in my pussy's depths, I believed nothing could ever pry us apart.

That we would be together forever. I could see it all ahead: our marriage, our children, our life together.


I wanted it so badly. My heart raced, pumping excitement through my veins as his dick thrust into my cunt faster and faster. The pleasure built through me. My back arched, grinding my clit into his pubic bone. His weight felt so wonderfully solid atop me.

I moaned into our kiss, my pussy growing hotter and tighter, clenching down on his dick. He buried into me. I came. My pussy spasmed about his dick, celebrating his cock pumping in and out of my deflowered depths.

I spasmed beneath him, my sheath writhing about his wondrous shaft. I whimpered, moaned, the pleasure rippling through me. "Becky," he groaned, breaking the kiss. He stared own at me, his blue eyes so glassy with lust, with desire, with love for me. "Oh, Becky, yes." "Spill in me!" I begged as the ecstasy reached my mind. Stars detonated before me, fireworks celebrating our passion. "I want to feel you in me!" "Yes!" he groaned, face straining, flushed with his exertion.

He rammed into me. And it happened. His cum fired into me. My eyes widened. Instead of the euphoric bliss I expected to spill through me as my body accepted his seed and felt him spurting into my depths, a wave of nausea washed through me. My stomach writhed. My skin crawled. "Kurt!" I screamed. "Get off of me!" "What?" he groaned, wracked in the throes of his orgasm in me, pumping more and more of the jizz into me. Oh, god, his seed was in me.

I could feel it in me. It felt so wrong.

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What was happening? My stomach churned worse. Bile burned the back of my throat. My hands pushed at his chest, struggling to heave him off. "What's wrong, Becky?" he asked, rolling off of me.

"I don't know!" I cried out, all the pleasure evaporated. I could feel his cum pooling in me. I had to get it out of me.

I bolted from his bed, racing mostly naked across the room, my bra still shoved up over my tits. I needed to get his cum out of me. It felt like poison in me. My blood thundered through my veins. I burst out of his bedroom and ran down the hallway. "Becky!" he shouted, following. "Jesus, what's wrong, Becky?" I reached the bathroom and burst into it. I shoved it closed behind me, trembling. My thoughts didn't want to work. They raced. I fell to my knees, my hands shaking. Waves of cold washed through me, sweat breaking out across my body.

I wrenched open the cabinet behind the sink, knocking around cleaning supplies. "Come on," I groaned. "I know you have one. Please, say you do. I have to get clean." My clit ached and throbbed. "Becky?" The doorknob started to turn. Cold panic knifed through me.

There was no lock on the door, the house old. "Don't come in!" I screeched. "I'm sorry, Becky," Kurt gasped, releasing the knob. "I. I thought you wanted me to. to cum in you." "I did," I said, my shoulders shaking. Tears fell down my face. What had gone wrong? "I. I'm not feeling well. Okay?" "Yeah," he said, sounding both confused and concerned.

"Do you need me to get you something?" Relief shot through me. I spotted a douche. I grabbed the box and yanked it out. "No, no, I found it." My clit throbbed more, twitching and writhing in disgust.

I bolted to my feet and darted to the shower. I turned it on, not even waiting for it to warm up. The spray wet the cardboard, turning it into mush as I ripped into the box and pulled out the pink douche. I filled it with water, my heart hammering. My skin crawled. My stomach gurgled again. I had to get his seed out of me. Was I allergic to cum? Was that even a thing? Tears fell down my cheeks, sobs bursting from my chest. I couldn't be allergic to cum. I. I. Not now. Not now that I had gone all the way with Kurt.

He was a great guy. I shoved the nozzle of the douche up into my pussy. I squeezed so hard, glad Mrs. Albertson, Kurt's step-mom, kept one in the house. The warm water squirted up inside of me, splashing like the cum had against my pussy walls.

Only this didn't make me feel nausea. I pulled the nozzle away and groaned in relief as the water ran out of me, milky with his cum. My clit throbbed in gratitude. I squirted more water inside my pussy, sucking in deep breaths, the water splashing on my back, warming my flesh. The panic died down. My trembles slowed, ceased as I squirmed third time into me.

The boil in my stomach settled, the burning bile retreating back down my esophagus. I leaned over, bracing my hand against the shower wall. "Thank god," I muttered. "Oh, thank god." It was over.

Whatever happened, whatever reaction my body had to my boyfriend's cum was. My clit throbbed. It itched and burned. I blinked my eyes, my hips squirming, and stared past my round, wet breasts to my soaked patch of blonde pubic hair. I frowned, reaching down to nudge my clit.

I gasped, feeling it pulse with the beat of my heart. I stroked it, feeling how swollen my little nub was. I could see it thrusting pink out of my folds. Was it bigger than normal?

I had never really studied my pussy much. Once, not to far into puberty and before my bush really sprouted, I'd looked at it in a mirror, but that was years ago. I had developed into a full woman now. It just must be its the normal size, right? Then why did it pulse like that. I had masturbated before and it had never felt like this.

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Overripe. I rubbed it, trying to ease the itch and burning sensation. I gasped, my eyes widening at the jolts of lightning zapping through my flesh.

My breasts quivered. My nipples ached. I let out a moan. And rubbed harder. "You okay?" my boyfriend asked, giving a gentle rap at the door. "I." I bit my lip, not sure what I was as I kept stroking the nub. It pulsed more, the electricity coursing through my body. I whimpered, my breasts swaying before my vision as I stared down at my crotch, my finger manipulating the bud. Was it swelling?

I stared intently at it. "Becky?" "Just. I'm not sure what's going on, Kurt," I answered, my eyes narrowing. It was growing. My clit was already two inches long and it kept pulsing. It looked thicker now. I gripped the swelling bud between my thumb and forefinger, stroking up and down it like a mini-cock. I groaned again, my pussy clenching, that itch forming in the depths of my deflowered cunt, just begging to touched.

Manipulated. I sucked in a deep breath, my blooded screamed through my vein. I wiggled my hips, so confused by what was happening.

Every heartbeat seemed to swell it more and more. It grew thrusting longer, expanding wider and wider. And the tip. "Oh, no!" I groaned. "Becky?" Kurt asked. I slammed off the shower, my stomach twisting and writhing. A clammy fear gripped me as I kept stroking my clit. It was now four inches long and thicker than my thumb. The pink was fading to my beige flesh tone. All except the tip. It looked. like a mushroom. Like the tip of Kurt's dick.

"This can't be happening!" I groaned. My breath came faster, sharp inhalations as my clit expanded past five inches onto six, the tip spongy know, a slit forming. "No, no, no!" "I'm coming in!" Kurt said, sounding as scared for me as I felt. The doorknob rattled. "No!" I screamed at the top of my voice, stroking a clit-dick now. I had a clit-dick. A cock. "Don't come in!" How was this happening? How could my clit turn into a dick? It was now eight inches, almost as big as Kurt's.

It felt so much like his, that mix of rigid sponginess. Precum leaked from the slit as it kept growing, expanding in my clenched fingers. "What's going on?" Kurt demanded. "I don't know," I moaned. I struggled to breathe now. Each inhalation came sharp and fast. A wave of dizziness surged through me. Darkness fuzzed across my vision as my dick reached ten inches, bigger than Kurt's, thicker. I swayed, my free hand grabbing the shower bar to keep me upright. I needed to think. To breathe.

I had a cock. "No, no, no!" I screamed, stroking up and down my swelling shaft. It was a foot long and still expanding. "What is going on out here?" an annoyed, female voice asked. "And. Holy shit, Kurt, why are you naked? Keep your sex play in your room!" "It's Becky," Kurt answered, his voice sounding as strained as mine. "They're something wrong with her. She fled into the bathroom." "Wrong?" Janice, Kurt's older step-sister, asked. "Did you hurt her?" "I don't know," Kurt asked.

He knocked on the door. "Are you in pain, Becky?" "I." Pleasure flared down my dick, even larger now, thicker. It was a huge slab thrusting from the folds of my pussy. I couldn't stop stroking myself. It felt so good. These tingling raced through me, slamming into the panic choking about my heart. "I don't know what's going on!" I shouted. "Just don't come in, Kurt! Please!" I couldn't let anyone see me like this.

Even if it felt incredible. Oh, god, that was amazing. Every time my hand reached the tip, pleasure shot down my shaft. My pussy clenched. Fresh juices trickle down my thighs, not water from the shower, but pussy cream. I gripped the shower bar, fighting the throaty pleasure building in my throat, wanting to moan out of me. "What do I do?" Kurt asked.

"Go to your room," Janice said, sounding like her step-mother, Kurt's mother, "and stay there. And put on some clothes, little brother.

I don't need to see your dick flopping around." "And you'll help her?" "I don't need help!" I quickly said, stroking my new.

dick faster. Oh, god, I had a dick. And it felt so amazing to stroke. "Yes, yes, I'll help her," Janice said. "Now go, Kurt. This sounds like a girl-problem. Let a girl handle it." This was so beyond a girl problem. Why did it feel so good? It was so amazing, better than rubbing my pussy. I whimpered through pursed lips, my hand stroking faster and faster, slapping into my crotch. A light knock came at the door.

"Go away," I groaned, fisting my dick faster. A pressure built at the tip of my new, impossible dick and in the depths of my pussy. Two hard points that were so full, that needed something to escape out of me. "It's me, Janice. I sent my brother away. Okay. It's just us girls. I know losing your virginity can be tough." "I don't think you understand," I panted, my pussy clenching as I stroked my dick faster. That pressure needed to escape.

I whimpered, licking my lips, my breasts jiggling. I was so close. Just a few more storks, and I felt something would happen. I would cum with a dick. Like a guy. "I do understand," Janice said. "I've had sex before. I know the first time isn't like in the stories. It's not as magical as you think." The door creaked open. "But let me help you out.

Let me take a look. If you still had a hymen, some blood's natural. And it's okay if you're sore. It'll go away in a day or two, and the next time will be amazing." "It's not that," I whimpered. I could see her through the shadows of the white shower curtain. I shuddered, unable to stop myself from jerking off even with her in here. "Just leave me alone, Janice!

I don't want you to see. this!" My dick ached. I stood on the cusp of my impossible eruption. My toes curled against the rough vinyl coating of the shower floor.

"Becky, honey, I'm going to school to be a doctor. Trust me, I can handle it." The shower curtain opened. "No!" I gasped, flinching and turning just as my hand stroked up my dick and brushed the crown of my shaft. My orgasm erupted through me. I thought the previous lightning bolts were powerful.


Ecstasy jolted through me. My new cock erupted. Pearly cum fired from my dick and splattered Janice's pink t-shirt that fell down past her hips, covering her underwear.

The thick jizz soaked into her dress as my cock erupted again and again. Each blast sent rapture surged through me. "I'm sorry!" I groaned through the pleasure, my pussy convulsing, juices flooding down my thighs.

Janice's short, brown hair, cut in a bob around her nineteen-year-old face, swayed as she flinched back in surprise. Her breasts heaved, unencumbered by a bra, as she hit the sink right behind her. My cum kept firing, the next blast splattering her breasts, molding the fabric to her tits. The thin material let her skin bleed through, her nipples a darker pink than the shirt.

I couldn't stop myself. My new dick just kept cumming and cumming while her cheeks paled. Her hazel eyes stared at my huge dick. Her jaw dropped as more ropy lines of girl-cum splattered her body, soaking her t-shirt through.

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The salty scent of spunk filled my nose. "I'm so sorry!" I gasped over and over as I squeezed out the last drops of cum. "I'm so sorry." "Y-you're a futanari!" she gasped, saying a word I had never heard of. "Oh, my god, I can see your pussy. You're a dickgirl! A real life futanari!" "What," I groaned. "Your clit turned into a futa-dick!" she groaned, a violent shudder wracking her body. Her hands rubbed at the cum staining her shirt. "And you drenched me." I grabbed the shower curtain, wrenching it close, my body buzzing with euphoria that danced around the shame burning in my cheeks and twisting my stomach.

My vision grew blurry. My shoulders shook, hiccuping spasms that preceded the tears building in the corners of my eyes. "I'm so sorry for cumming all over you, Janice." "Ooh, god, this taste so good," Janice moaned. I could see her moving through the shower curtain, the lights above the sink making her into a dark shadow. "Oh, wow, futa-spunk taste amazing." Then the shower curtain ripped open.

Janice stared at me, her tits rising and falling in her cum-stained t-shirt, her tits outlined now by my pearly spunk. Her nipples were so hard. Her eyes lidded with lust. And her face. Her face swelled with perverse hunger. With almost an animalistic snarl, she threw herself into the shower. I gasped as she pushed my naked body against the shower wall. My breasts heaved before me as she fell to her knees, grasping my huge girl-dick. "It's so big," she moaned. "Just like in manga. You're a real-live futa-dick girl.

Oh, this is amazing." She stroked my dick, holding it right before her face. My boyfriend's sister leaned forward and licked the pearly glob of spunk from the tip of my girl-dick. She shuddered, savoring the flavor. "So good!" "Wh-what are you doing, Janice?" I groaned. "I'm dating your brother." "It's just so good!" she groaned. "I need this dick. I need to love it. Worship it!" Her mouth engulfed my futa-dick.

My eyes widened as she held up her promise. She worshiped my girl-dick. I moaned out in shock, my entire body shuddering in delight as she sucked on my girl-dick. She bobbed her mouth, working her hot lips up and down it. I sucked in a deep breath, my heart pounding in my chest. Her mouth felt amazing on my girl-cock. My pussy clenched. Her tongue swirled around the tip, sending naughty waves of rapture through my body.

It was incredible. Juices ran down my thighs as I squirmed against the shower wall, my flesh squeaking against the vinyl.

"Janice," I panted, my breasts rising and falling. I had never cheated on Kurt before, but. Her mouth. It was incredible. It felt so right for her to do this.

Proper. Her hands, wrapped about my thick girth, stroked up and down the base, brushing my pussy lips on the downstroke. That sent a tingle of delight racing through my body. I sucked in a deep breath, squirming more and more as the pressure built at the tip again and in the depths of my cunt. It just felt so incredible. I wanted to cum in her mouth. I wanted to spill my jizz into the wet, sucking warmth of her hungry mouth. She craved my futa-spunk.

Why shouldn't I give it to her? Why shouldn't I give her the hot jets of spunk that she craved so much. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked with all her might. "Yes, yes, yes, Janice," I whimpered. "Oh, my god, that's good." Her hazel eyes, glassy with lust, stared up at me past my heaving breasts. She swirled her tongue as she moaned her delight.

"You love it. You want my girl-cum. My. futa-cum." I shuddered, liking that word. "Because I'm a futanari now." I know this was so messed up, but right now, with her mouth sucking on it while her brother, my boyfriend, waited in his room sent a naughty thrill through me.

My pussy clenched again. More and more juices flooded out of me as my cunt grew hotter and hotter. The pressure in my depths, in my ovaries, grew. A fresh load of futa-cum to spill into her mouth.


"Yes," I groaned, stroking through Janice's short, brown hair. My hips thrust forward, my back rubbing against the wall. I fucked her mouth, her lips stretched so obscenely wide over my girl-dick. I bit my lip, loving this amazing feeling. What would her pussy feel like? I shuddered, my pussy squeezing down hard. That thought shot a wave of rapture through my body. My girl-dick throbbed in Janice's sucking mouth.

I thrust forward, the sensitive crown of my dick sliding across her tongue and the roof of her mouth until I reached the back of her throat. My cum exploded out of me. That wonderful, pulsing rapture surged through me. It cut through the more familiar delight of my feminine orgasm. My pussy convulsed. Stars burst across my vision as cream flooded down my thighs. I groaned, my voice echoing through the bathroom.

"Yes, yes, drink down all my futa-cum," I moaned. "Ooh, yes, you love it." My breasts heaved as the pleasure smothered my brain. Janice sucked so hard. My boyfriend's sister drank down every drop. She gulped it down with such hunger, squeezing her eyes shut as she savored it. My last blast of cum flooded her mouth. I shuddered, gripping her hair. I sucked in breaths, my body buzzing with euphoria. Climaxing with my futa-cock sent such pleasure surging through me, such wondrous rapture that had me gasping and groaning in delight.

I treasured it. Then her mouth popped off my dick. She hopped up before me, pressing her soaked t-shirt into my naked tits. My pearly cum felt so naughty adorning her as she threw her arms around my neck and kissed me with such passion.

I melted into her lips. I tasted my own salty spunk. It tasted so much better than Kurt's. Not as bitter. Sweeter. I moaned in delight, my heart racing in my chest. Janice squirmed against me, my futa-dick trapped between her shirt and my stomach.

I was still hard. I needed to fuck her pussy. I grabbed her ass through her t-shirt and turned her. I pressed her back into the wall to our right. She groaned, squirming against me as her hands squeezed my naked rump. She moaned, grinding against me, her lips so hot.

She needed me to fuck her pussy. She had a pair of panties on beneath her shirt. I felt knots on the side; her underwear only held on by two ties like a bikini bottom. I groaned, pulling on both the strings. The cloth fell away from her, landing wet on the shower floor. I hauled her soaked T-shirt up enough so my dick rubbed on her bare flesh. "Janice," I whimpered, breaking the kiss. I was really about to cheat on Kurt, and I just didn't care. Everything had changed.

His step-sister with her feminine features, delicate cheekbones, plump lips, and soft breasts just appealed to me more right now. "Fuck me, Becky!" she groaned, fingers biting into my asshole. "Fuck me with that big futa-dick!" I grabbed my cock, rubbing it down her crotch. I groaned, feeling a landing strip of silky hair leading my dick down to the shaved folds of her pussy. My eyes widened at the silky heat of her cunt. As great as her mouth felt, just the outside of her vulva felt more incredible, making my dick ache and throb.

I found the entrance to her pussy. Thrust. "Becky!" she squealed as I sank into her pussy. My eyes widened at the incredible sensation engulfing my girl-dick.

Wet, silky heat. I shuddered, spearing deeper and deeper and deeper into her. She was so tight, almost a vice. She let out such a wanton moan, her cunt squeezing down on my dick. Her body shuddered, soft moans escaping her lips. I kissed and nibbled on her neck as I bottomed out in her.

Then like Kurt had done to me only twenty minutes ago, I drew back my dick through her hot sheath. I shuddered, the pressure so utterly incredible on my girl-dick. The friction made the tip ache and throb in her. I let out a moan into her neck. "Oh, my god." "I know, Becky!" she moaned, her pussy clamping down on me.

"You're so huge! I've never had anything this big in me!

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Oh, god, I love it!" "Me, too!" I moaned. And right then I never wanted to give this up. Having a futa-dick felt so incredible. I was buried in hot pussy. I just had to fuck her so hard. I rammed my futa-cock forward. I buried to the hilt in her.

She squealed out in delight. Her eyes widened as I pumped over and over into her cunt. The silky friction bathed my girl-dick. Such pleasure surged through me, spurring me to fuck her faster and faster. I pumped my hips, my nipples drinking in the sticky delight of her soaked t-shirt. I brushed her hard nubs, sparks flaring down to my pussy. Juices poured down my thighs, more and more flooding out of me as the heat grew in my depths, fanned by her tight, boiling snatch.

She shuddered and writhed against me, moaning out her pleasure. I sucked and nibbled on her throat, loving the smell of her and my salty cum wreathing the air. She worked her hips back against me, her fingernails clawing my ass as I loved her.

"Oh, god, yes!" she whimpered. "Oh, Becky, I'm going to explode on this girl-dick!" "Good!" I moaned. "I want to feel that. I want to feel you spasming on my cock. I want to feel that hot pussy milk my dick!" "Your futa-dick!" she moaned. "You're a futanari!

They're real!" "Uh-huh," I gasped, not caring about anything but that growing ache at the tip of my futa-dick. The harder I thrust, the more it built. Pleasure rippled down my shaft as I reveled in the silky grip of her pussy. Her tight embrace brought me closer and closer to spilling my seed with every thrust. My ovaries grew so tight, aching to explode.

I moaned and gasped, our passion echoing through the bathroom. I didn't care about how much noise we made so long as I could keep plowing into her cunt. We moved together, sharing the wonderful pleasure of my new girl-dick. "Becky!" she groaned as I kissed up her neck. "Oh, my god, Becky!" "I know," I moaned right before I found her lips.

I kissed her hard. I thrust my tongue deep past her lips as my cock rammed into her cunt. She groaned, her snatch clenching hard about my girl-dick. I savored the hot feel of her about my dick. My eyes rolled back into my head as I pumped so hard and fast. Then her pussy rippled about me. She moaned into our kiss. My eyes widened, feeling the orgasmic delight pulsing through her pussy. Her embrace became incredible. I rammed over and over through her convulsing depths as she bucked against me.

Then she broke the kiss. "Cum in me, Becky!" she howled. "Give me that futa-spunk!" "Yes," I moaned and buried to the hilt in her. My futa-cum fired out of my snatch. I shuddered as the hot cream pulsed out of me. My body quaked and quivered.

The ecstasy fired through my body. My eyes widened at the utter delight filling me up. I groaned and gasped, savoring this amazing, wondrous delight surging through me.

It felt so right to fire my spunk into her. To fill her with my seed.

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Over and over it pumped out of my girl-dick. It spurted into the depths of her cunt as she squirmed against me. She moaned and gasped, her pussy writhing about my shaft, milking me dry. "Janice," I gasped, breaking the kiss, staring into her hazel eyes. "Ooh, Becky, yes!" she groaned.

"Your seed's filling me up! It's amazing." "Uh-huh," I panted, my tits heaving, rubbing against her t-shirt soaked in my jizz. That smelled so good. My last blast of cum poured into her. "I have to taste more of it." Janice's eyes widened. "Yes, yes, eat my cunt out!" I groaned as I pulled my girl-dick out of her pussy. I was still hard. Kurt never stayed hard after cumming from my handjobs or blowjobs, let alone three times in a row.

What had happened to me? Why did I grow a girl-dick? I didn't know the answers to these questions. And they didn't matter right now. I fell to my knees and pushed part her thighs.

She squeezed her tits bleeding through her soaked t-shirt, staring down at me with those smoky, hazel eyes. I stared at her shaved pussy, her pink lips gaping open, my pearly cum leaking out of her depths.

I leaned in to kiss Justine when the door burst open and Kurt exploded into the bathroom. "Becky!" he cried out in shock as i leaped from his sister.

"Holy fucking shit!" To be continued.