Nude men Brody Frost and Direly Strait stop at a motel on their way

Nude men Brody Frost and Direly Strait stop at a motel on their way
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I was Watching TV with my sis Maddie, and just bored out of my mind. I asked her if we wanted to go to our neighbor Jesse's house. "Do you wanna hang out with Jesse?" "Sure, let me text him." She sent a text, and it wasn't even a minuet till she said "let's go." I grabbed a coat, and my beenie, because it was cold and rainy out. We sprinted over to get out of the rain. As we passed his pond, she slipped on the wet grass, and hurt her knee.

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It was already hurt from soccer, so I knew she needed to get home. She's my twin, so I was able to pick her up and carry her home. Jesse just then sent me a text. "Where are you? Are you ok?" I sent back "Maddie slipped and got hurt by the dock, shes ok, but she wants to stay home. Should I still come over?" He sent back "sure." I make it to his porch, and knock. His mom says "come in!" I open the door, and she welcomes me with a warm hug.

(My mom is never home, so she's like a mom to me) Jesse leads me downstairs, and I hear laughing. I walk into the movie room, Mitch and Clayton are both fighting over a phone on the mattress on the ground. Lion King is on, and both the end tables are covered with chips and drinks.

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I plop myself onto the couch, pull out my phone, and send Maddie a text asking how she was. "I'm ok, I'm icing my knee, but I just want to lay down.

Sorry, I won't be coming back over." I then text back "it's cool, gnight!" "Gnight" Just then, Jesse snatches my phone and sticks out his tongue.

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He's a little taller than me, but thinner. He has short brown/blonde hair that he spikes in the front, and a pair of glasses. I grab his leg, and flip him on his back. He losses his glasses in the process. He jumps up and shoves me onto the couch. He comes towards me, but I push him away with my legs. We both calm down, and Mitch gets his phone back.

Clayton turns out the lights and we all go onto the mattress.


Mitch is a lot shorter than me, and has short red hair. Most of his face is covered in freckles, and he has hazel eyes, and and a brown buzz cut. Mitch is to my left on the mattress. Jesse is to his left, and there is a space for Clayton to the left of Jesse.


But as he's coming back from the light switch, he trips over me and lands on Jesse's waste. Jesse let's out an "agh" of pain, and it turns me on. Mitch seems to notice and begins to stare at it. He is wearing loose shorts, and so is Clayton, but Jesse is wearing sweat pants.

I begin to notice. I'm not the only one with a boner!

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All of them show through there pants, so with Clayton on top of Jesse, Mitch seems lonely. I make a very daring move. "So can i see all your dicks?" I say They all look at me a little mesmerized, but mostly shocked. I almost begin to regret what I said when Jesse says "I bet I have the biggest," as he pulls out his thick perfect 6 inch cock.

Good thing I jacked off in the shower that morning or else I would have cum right in my pants! Next Mitch pulls out his, and it's a little smaller than mine, but his head is really big. Then Clayton pulls out his, it's just as long as mine, but not as thick. I pull mine out, and mine is the thickest.

We are all circumcised, so it's easy to compare. We put our wastes together and I feel Mitch's warm hip on mine, and I assume he is getting the same treatment from Jesse, and Clayton is too. I'm daring again and put my hand on Mitch's cock.

IT WAS SOO HOT! II moved next to him, and put my knees on the outside of his. I kept my hand wrapped on his hard dick as I moved my lips down his chest, to his belly button, and kissed just below his belly button. I made out with it till my chin felt his pubes.


I guess both Jesse and Clayton liked this because I saw them both jacking off to my right. I finally moved my way down to Mitch's head and decided to lick the tip. He was leaking pre cum so I licked it all up. I moved my head back down, and kept bobbing up and down as he was pushing down my throat. I felt a hand wrap around the back of my neck and pushed my head further and faster down his cock. I looked and found it was Clayton doing this as he rubbed his dick. I heard someone move behind me and saw Jesse with baby oil in his hand.

Without asking he moved his middle finger all lubed up to my hole. Jesse pushed his finger in and it felt so good.

I lost pace with Mitch, but Clayton helped me and kept pushing my head up and down. Jesse then slid in another finger, and I let out a yelp of pain and joy. I kept going when I heard a groan come from Mitch. Just then he pushed up hard into my mouth and shot a hot, sweet and salty, creamy, cum to the back of my throat.

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I turned and leaned in for a kiss with Clayton. I exchanged the cum in my mouth, and gave half to him. Jesse has already popped in a third finger by now, and my ass is hungry for his hot boner. Mitch moved and began stroking Clayton, and Jesse turned me onto my back. He lifted up my knees and placed them on his shoulders. He pinned both my arms up with his and whispered in my ear "Do you want my cock?" Just then he pushed hard into me, all his cock at once and I grit my teeth.

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It felt like his cock was splitting me in two. It hurt so much, and he pulled out just as quick. This time he went in really slow, as if he knew I was in pain. I felt his cock push into me, and I could feel every bump, ridge, and vein of his rock hard dick.

I was ready, and I wanted more. He made a grin as if he had some evil plan to come next. and he did. He thrust hard into me and I felt his balls slap against my cheeks. He pushed in harder. Out faster. In. Out. He just kept forcing his cock in and out harder and faster. He lifted my legs up a little, and now with every thrust his head stabbed my spot. I was literally at my climax already! I guess Mitch had sucked Clayton off because he came over to me with a mouth full of hot cum.

This cum was thicker, and sweeter. We had a deep make - out session and he swallowed the cum, and I swallowed my share.

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Jesse was grunting a lot now, and pushing deeper into me. "Im!

Gunna! Cum! Soon!" He said with each pump. Mitch licked up and down my nipple and got it hard as he kissed my chest. Clayton came over and began pumping his head up and down my cock.

Mitch and Clayton actually 69'd because Claytons mouth was also full of cum as he bobbed up and down my shaft. Finally I let out all my sweet sperm into Clayton's mouth, and his lips felt baby soft on my sensitive cock. We all cleaned up and went to sleep on the mattress spooning. The next morning Mrs Epling made us cinnamon buns. When I left to walk home Jesse sent me another text. "I had a great time last night!

Maybe you could come over again, just you and me?" Before I could reply, the first snowflake of the year landed on my phone. >>>>> THIS WAS MY FIRST STORY. A HELPFUL TIP OR COME WOULD BE GREAT. DID YOU ENJOY? SHOULD I KEEP WRITING?<<<<<