Zay Out Smoke Out Starr Mamii Gettin Drill Like A Hoe

Zay Out Smoke Out Starr Mamii Gettin Drill Like A Hoe
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I would like to thank ChasP and BlackStallion21 for editing. I will try update it regularly, a chapter in every two weeks. Focus is more on the story line, though I intend to include plenty of it.

John and Anna. John slowed down his pace upon reaching his neighborhood. Reducing the volume on his iPod he trotted towards his house. He had hoped a morning run would clear his mind but he was as confused as he had been hours ago. He didn't notice the song playing through his headphones or the elderly couple taking a morning stroll or the paperboy delivering the daily newspaper.

Everything seemed irrelevant at the moment except for one question. 'What am I going to do if Anna didn't get in?' he asked himself for a thousandth time. From the time he could remember he and Anna had been together in everything, no matter what it was, from silly pranks on their parents or friends to serious thing like stealing a police car on a dare.

If they were in for a lecture from any of their parents they were in it together. Growing up John couldn't ask for another best friend. Entering through the back door John silently walked towards his room, not wanting to wake his parents early on a Saturday.

Tossing the iPod on his bed he quickly shrugged out of his sweaty pants and t-shirt and rushed to his bathroom. He turned on the shower and stood under lukewarm water spray. His cold body welcomed warmth and his thoughts returned to Anna.

Academically John's performance was great but Anna's was the best. They were both accepted into many prestigious colleges all over the country. But Anna nearly fainted when John got his acceptance letter from a university which they really want to attend and she didn't.

She spent the next fifteen minutes bugging Alan (postman), until he told her to piss off, for her acceptance letter. She was quite sure Alan or someone in the postal department misplaced it. That was a week ago and the chances of Anna getting in were beginning to thin.

Ever since they entered high school, both teens set their eyes on a particular university; it was one of the most prestigious colleges in the country and best of all it was only eighty miles from home. Being an only child, John was very close to his parents and same went for Anna.

They both wanted to stay as close as possible to home. The next university with same status was eight hundred miles away.

They could attend some other college nearby but their parents would never accept that. When it came to education their parents never settled for anything other than the best. John was now torn between home and Anna. If he accepted the offer it meant saying goodbye to eighteen years of friendship. If he chose to attend the same college as she, it would mean staying far away from home with no weekend visits.

On the top of all of this, he was still surprised that Anna was not accepted. Graduation was only weeks away and they hadn't made a decision. They decided to wait till the last day before choosing. "Come out, you lazy ass," Anna's voice came in along with the loud banging on the bathroom door. "How long are you going to stay in there? I have been waiting for you since forever." "Quit it.

I will be out in a minute," John shouted, with a hint of annoyance in his voice. "When are you going to learn to knock before entering my room?" John grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his hips, not bothering to wipe his body as he opened the bathroom door. Anna jumped on him wrapping her arms around his naked wet chest and started bouncing up and down in his arms laughing.

His vision was filled with fiery red hair and John tightened his grip on her to bring her down to earth. "I got in. I got in.

I got in," she exclaimed with glee. "Alan brought the letter as soon as he could after seeing my name on the envelope. I am so happy right now." Hearing those words John's tension melted away and he hugged Anna as tightly as he could.

Anna hugged him back increasing her grip. They stayed like that for a few moments. John became aware of her wonderful body and quickly disentangled himself from her embrace.

"Great, that's just great. All that left is graduation. I can't wait to live the college life." John said with pure excitement. Even through the recent confusion he was really looking forward to it.

Now that the things where on track John paid attention to the details. A water strain appeared on Anna's white t-shirt, a result of her hugging his wet body, making it semi-transparent.

Her nipples were clearly visible through the thin fabric. 'Shit! No bra,' John thought shifting uncomfortably to hide his instant arousal. But Anna paid no attention to any of that.

"John, what would you have done if I hadn't gotten in?" she asked him looking in his eyes, expecting a truthful answer. "What a stupid question, Anna. Of course I would have come with you," he answered without a doubt.

John realized the truth behind his involuntary words. Yes, he would have chosen to go with her sooner or later. "I know I can always count you," she said and hugged him again. "I can't wait to tell mom and dad about this. I just ran here after receiving the letter." John disentangled himself so that Anna couldn't feel his hard on. He walked her to the front door, silently listening to her exited babble. "See ya." Anna stood on tiptoes and kissed his cheek before walking towards her house across the street.

"See ya." John stood in door way watching her until she disappeared in to her house. John didn't have a single memory without Anna in it. Part of the reason was that their parents had been best buddies since med school. Anna was also cool to hang out with and not to mention the fact that she was the most beautiful girl in the whole school or the whole town. Anna's red hair was long and straight & glowed like fire.

She liked to leave it free over her shoulders so the orange highlights could be seen when sunlight hit her hair. Her face was slightly angular with distinct high cheek bones, with a straight edged artistic nose. Her lips were full, and attractive dimples are formed on either side of her mouth whenever she smiled. Her beautiful smile could light up the entire town. Her almond shaped eyes were deep blue and one could be lost forever just by looking in them.

At 5 ft. 9 inches, Anna was every guy's fantasy in high school. Though she considered herself a bit tall, to John she was perfect. John got a few glimpses of her naked body few times (pure accidents). Her tits were perky without any sag and pointed nipples. John once raided her drawer and found her to be 34c.

Her slender waist and wider hips formed a perfect pear shaped body. Filled with these thoughts, John strolled into kitchen. His mother was up and making breakfast. Noticing him she turned around to give a 'good morning' kiss as usual.

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"Don't you think you would be more comfortable with your clothes on, honey?" she asked, diverting her attention back to cooking. "Yeah mom, first I need some water and by the way, Anna just got her admittance letter." "That's a relief, John." She turned her head to look at him, over her shoulder. "I was a little worried myself." John grabbed a glass, filled it with water and gulped it down.

His mother left the kitchen, presumably to wake his father for breakfast. He followed her out to his own room, watching her. Samantha, John's mother, at 40, was still is in great shape. Her blonde hair was smooth and straight and she was 5 ft. 6 inches tall. John owed his mom for most of his facial features. Unlike his mom, John was tall. His height and build were from his father, Richard.

At 6 ft. 2 John's a couple of inches shorter than his father. He inherited his father's black hair but he got his mother's piercing green eyes and cheek bones. John liked to maintain his body. A daily hour in gym, along with his football practice ensured that. Along with sports, he also managed to keep his grades up, unlike other jocks on his team.

Frankly, Anna was the reason behind them. All in all, this made sure that John had access to any hot girl in the school, either a cheerleader or a geek. He had had his fair share of them and none could resist his charm if he put his mind to it.

Right now he is dating Amanda, a hot strawberry blonde with a gorgeous rack. Most of his friends wonder why he wouldn't date Anna. Sure, Anna was the hottest, cutest and sexiest girl in the whole school but she was also his best friend.

He didn't want to lose her by making a wrong move. He treasured her friendship beyond anything and did not want to lead their relation in a direction that might make her feel uncomfortable. Right now the only thing he was looking forward to was his high school graduation and the after summer college life.

Graduation and break up. "Why can't you do anything properly?" Anna grabbed the tie from John's hands. Placing it around his neck she tied the knot. "Thanks. No matter how many times I try, I can never get this right." John checked the knot with his hands, loosening it a bit. They were standing on the school grounds watching the stage, prepared specially for their graduation, waiting to be called.

John was wearing formal white shirt, neatly tucked into black pants. Anna made her entrance in a lovely blue dress, matching the color of her eyes, ending a couple of inches over her knees.

"Come on. It's time." Anna pulled the black graduation cap over her head. John did the same, his eyes searching for Amanda. She was late, as usual. Anna pulled john's hand dragging him towards the teenagers, forming the line, impatiently waiting for their named to be called. As her name started with an A, Anna moved ahead in the line, leaving John behind. John turned around, searching, wondering where in the hell Amanda was? A few moments later, she came running towards him.

"I got held up by mom." She answered his unasked question, giving him a brief hug and quick peck on the lips. She was wearing a low cut, pink, short gown, which barely covered her ass.

No wonder she got held up by her mom. Amanda wiggled away from her mother's lecture regarding her dress. She leaned forward, catching her breath, adding a good portion to her fairly exposed cleavage. John bent down to kiss her cheek.

"You look beautiful." he whispered in her ear, knowing that she was expecting a compliment. Hearing it, she blushed deeply. "Now hurry, you are one of first ones to be called upon to the stage." Amanda took her place in the line, in front of Anna, talking to her.

It took few minutes for the first student to be called.

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John cheered silently, for both girls, unable to see them from the backstage. When his name was announced, John stepped on to the stage with a relief that the wait was over.

He looked over and found his parents. Anna and her parents were clapping wildly. Little to the right, Amanda's parents were doing the same. Before he came to his senses, John had the certificate in his hand and was shooed off the stage, making way for the next student. John stood there not really knowing what was happening or what happened. He'd waited for this moment for a long time and it was over in a matter of seconds.

Shrugging his shoulders, he walked towards his parents. He was immediately pulled down by his mother, Samantha, for a hug and a kiss on forehead. "Oh god, John we are so proud of you." Tears welled in her eyes. John wondered how a med school graduate could get this sentimental over a simple high school graduation.

'Well, that's what mothers do,' he thought to himself. As soon as she pulled back Jessica raised on her toes to give him a kiss on both cheeks. "I am so happy. You have no idea how much happy I am." Jess also started crying. Jessica, Anna's mother, was a read head just like her.

The man with John's father is Anna's father, Daniel, a leading cardiologist in the country. Like Richard, Daniel also has imposing personality. "Good work son." Richard gave his son a one hand hug, other wrapped around Anna shoulder. "You already know how I feel kids.

So just give me a hug," Daniel said extending his arms. "Photo time," Sam dug up a camera from her purse and started taking snapshots. Couple of hours and what seemed like a hundred pictures later, everything calmed down. Finally, parents started leaving.

Most of the kids remained, to attend one of the parties. John and Anna walked their parents back to their cars. "Have fun, kids," John's dad said before getting into his car. "Don't come home early," Anna's dad shouted and received a friendly punch from his wife. Anna and John got into his Volvo XC90 and headed to football team captain, Michael's, guest house. Michael considered himself very luck to graduate, as he lost his hope of graduating high school long time ago.

Now he's throwing a huge party and probably the best. "What about Amanda?" Anna asked, stretching her hands and legs. Her dress rose a few inches up exposing her soft thighs. It took every ounce of his concentration to keep his eyes on the road. "She left half an hour ago. I will meet her at the party." John answered, his eyes traveling back to her thighs. Anna didn't seem to notice. If she did, she didn't say anything.

Michael's guesthouse was blazing with music and activity.

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Drinks were circulating freely. Some people were drunk enough to skinny dip in the backyard pool. When they walked through the front, all the male attention was diverted towards Anna. She had broken up with her boyfriend six weeks ago and most of the guys were hoping to get lucky, including her ex.

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John found Amanda talking to some girls. Noticing him she stood up and gave him a long kiss. Their tongues found each other and started wrestling. John gripped her ass cheeks with his hands to lift her higher.

She curled her hands around his neck to maintain her balance. After a minute, she pulled back to catch her breath. A few friends came to greet them, forcing them apart. John helped himself to a couple of drinks and passed chit chatting with someone, kissing Amanda every now and then.

John looked across from time to time and saw guys flirting with Anna. When the party started heating up, Amanda suggested they go upstairs. But every bedroom upstairs turned out to be locked from the inside. "None available at the moment," John said, as he tried the last bedroom door. "Let's go to your car." Amanda grabbed his hand and pulled him. They were out of the door and in the backseat of his Volvo in under a minute. "Kiss me," Amanda whispered in his ear.

John grabbed her head and attacked her mouth with his. Their tongues fought for control. Her hand found his cock and rubbed it through his pants. John broke the kiss and slid his mouth over her chin. Amanda moaned. John reached around her back and pulled down the zipper. Amanda rose slightly, shrugging the dress off her shoulders. She was naked underneath. When her huge tits popped into view, John attacked them mercilessly.

He took the right nipple into his mouth while pinching the left one with his thumb and index finger. Her breath was now coming in gasps and she started making purring sounds.

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He moved his right hand over her stomach, teasing her belly button. Slowly he moved it further down and started caressing her thighs. She pushed his head over to her left nipple. John oscillated between them while his hand traced circles closer and closer to her pussy, teasing her. He reached the edge of her lips and pushed a finger inside.

She moaned in response. "Oh God… Oh God… Oh God." John inserted another finger in her pussy and started moving them in and out. Amanda rocked her hips back and forth, matching his moments. She pulled his head back and brought her lips back to his. She moaned in his mouth, still riding his fingers like a mad girl. She pulled her head back and cried in pleasure.

"Oh…oh…Joh…John…don't…don't stop." She caught his hand and pulled it deeper. She shook violently for a minute and pulled his fingers out of her. Looking in his eyes she simply said "My turn." She loosened his tie, pulling it over his head.

Her hands found his buckle and loosened it. She undid his zipper and pulled down his pants along with his underwear. His rock hard cock sprang upward, seeking attention Amanda got on her knees and started licking the tip with her tongue. John pulled the seat back to give her more space. Her hands caught the base of his dick and started moving up and down along the length of his shaft.

She simply licked the tip while her hands milked him. John caught her head and pushed it towards his cock. She took the head in her mouth and John shoved a couple of inches into her mouth. She slid her mouth on his tool, finally managing to take it all the way in. When the head hit the back of her mouth John started bucking his hip, fucking her mouth. "Amanda&hellip.soon…I am cumming…" John moaned. John grabbed her hair tightly and shot his load in her mouth. She swallowed the whole stream with a smile on her face, and licked his dick clean.

Amanda rose and sat on his lap, straddling his legs. She kissed him and their tongues lashed out to meet again. "I need you in me now," she whispered. "Now fuck me." She reached for cock and held it straight.

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Kissing him she slowly slid it inside her. They stayed like that for a minute, his cock inside her hot, wet cunt, without any moment apart from kissing. Slowly she started grinding her hips. John caught her ass and raised her a little before pulling her back. Amanda threw her head backwards and started fucking John. He kissed her neck and jaw. "Har…harder&hellip.harder," she cried. John started pounding her back.

"Harder. fuck that little pussy harder." John increased his pace bringing his mouth to her right breast. "Yes suck them…suck them…suck them." John took a nipple in his mouth and chewed on it. He slid his hard in between the cracks of her cheeks, inserted a finger in her little hole and finger fucked it. That drove Amanda to the edge.

"I am close…faster," she shouted. John increased his pace further along with his finger in her asshole. "Ah…I am…ah…ah&hellip.cumming," she moaned. Her body shook violently and she exploded on his cock. This drove John to the edge and he started pumping his seed deep into her. They sat still catching their breath. Finally Amanda moved to retrieve her dress from car floor. She slid her hands into shoulder's flaps and John zipped her back.

John pulled his pants upward and fastened his belt. Amanda sat in the side seat silently, looking out. She looked like she wanted to tell him something but was unable to find the right words. John sat looking at her face without making any sound. "John, we need to talk," she spoke finally. "Sure," John replied, knowing that an after-sex talk was really dangerous. He knew this was going to happen sometime. Amanda got in to a college two thousand miles away. She wanted to study politics.

"I don't think a long distance relationship is going to work," she said flatly. "Yes. I was thinking the same." "So this is it, then." "Yes. This is it," John said, looking into her eyes.

She leaned forward and gave him deep, slow, lingering kiss. Breaking the kiss, she got out of the car and walked away without looking back. John sat in the car waiting for the pain to come. But strangely, it didn't. Partly because he knew that this was going to happen. Still he expected some pain. Then it hit him. He liked Amanda. He liked her a lot but he never had any genuine feelings for her.

Probably, it was same with her too. John wasn't stupid enough to think that all the high school romances would last forever, especially when they were going to live thousands of miles apart for the next four years. He knew some people made it work. He also knew some people tried very hard to make it work, But that happened only if they had true feelings for each other and a spark of love, like any other. John was fortunate or unfortunate to have never felt that spark.

John considered himself former because he was only eighteen. There's enough time ahead to fall in love.

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Right now, he just wants to enjoy his life. Shaking his head John got out of the car to enjoy rest of the party. He spent time with his friends, drinking and laughing. He was careful not to drink too much. One look at Anna and it was pretty clear that she couldn't drive. A little after two Anna wanted to go home. They were in the car when Anna spoke. "Seems like you had a good time." she said looking at the backseat.

"Yeah, pretty much. What about you? I saw Jason trying to hang out with you." Jason is her ex. "He's a jerk.

All he cared about was getting in my pants. I don't want to talk about him," she replied hotly, turning away from him. "I broke up with Amanda," John said after a few minutes of silence. "What? Oh," she said looking back at him when the words finally registered with her brain. "I am sorry." "Don't be. I am not." "OK." She moved closer to him and rested her head on his shoulder. She fell asleep immediately. John stared at her beautiful face for a moment before diverting his attention to the road.

Yep, there's no pain. He just looked forward to his future. He got into great college. His best friend will be beside him. What could possibly go wrong? Little did he know that everything was going to change. He never expected that college was about nothing but change. He certainly never thought that his life was going to take an unexpected turn when he met Susan, a woman who would change everything about him, her and Anna. College and Leslie. John stood in the circle formed by the cluster of buildings.

All the freshmen were organized into different groups, for a tour of the entire campus. At noon all the groups converged here for the lunch break as every famous dinner and fast food joint were located in this little space. In the center there was a beautifully designed water fountain with a small garden around it. Water from all the fountain heads showered on to a huge University logo, carved out of the black marble.

The raised pavement around the fountain was wide enough to accommodate a dozen food stalls camped on it. Currently his family was gathered around a small hot dog stall. To the left were academic research buildings and lecture halls and one of the student resident halls, in which John and Anna were able to secure rooms, was only two blocks away on the right. As the campus housing was based on first come first served basis, Anna made sure that their rooms were as close as possible to the lecture halls.

Freshmen were allowed cars but John didn't see any reason to take out his Volvo daily. It was just a ten minute walk and John loved to walk as it helps him clear his mind. "Beautiful, isn't it?" Anna said, standing behind him, looking at the marble logo. "Yes, it is," He answered and turned around.

Anna had a red T-shirt on with college logo on it, like all other freshmen, and blue skin tight jeans that hugged her really long legs. Her red long hair was pulled back in a ponytail and she was as beautiful as ever. John grabbed the second hot dog she was carrying and started gulping it down. He looked over her shoulders at his parents. Since parents were allowed to take the tour along with the students it was hard to keep them away.

His father was talking to an old man selling the hotdogs and his mother, Samantha, was watching him. "Geez, John, take it slow." Anna wiped a bit of sausage, he successfully smeared on his face. From the corner of his eye he could see his mother smiling at Anna's involuntary action and she whispered something in Jess' ear.

Both mothers started giggling but John didn't know why. Sometimes women were mystery to him and he stopped trying to figure out what they were thinking long time ago. "Okay kids, It's almost time for you orientation.

Get going. We will meet you here after." Daniel, Anna's father, nudged them to join the student group leaving to attend the orientation. His father nodded his head while their mothers just waved their hands when they left.

A half an hour later they were sitting in a huge lecture hall listening to the most boring student orientation ever. Anna grabbed the seats in middle knowing that John would never sit in the front. Five minutes later Anna was engrossed in the speech, on college history, rules and regulations, being given by a stern looking senior professor but John had lost interest. He started checking out the girls, who were seated around him.

What John noticed was male to female ratio was well balanced and some of the young ladies present were real eye candies. One thing that bothered John was most male attention was directed in his direction rather than the dais in the front. Anna was still into the lecture, oblivious to all the attention she was receiving.

This confirmed what John already knew. Anna was freaking hot and beautiful than all the girls present in the hall. 'Get your eyes off her you assholes' John wanted to scream but he just sat there with a big scowl on his face.

After a few minutes his foul mood eased off knowing that this was gone happen sometime and he was back to checking out the nearby girls. A good portion of them were real attractive in one way or the other. Like him some of them had lost interest in the lecture and were looking in random directions.

There are many cute read heads, sexy brunettes and attractive blondes. What caught John's eye was an animated chatter of a cute little blonde, sitting a few rows ahead, Shoulder length blonde hair, that curled her face and a height of five four, give or take an inch.

As John observed she was cute. Her lips were a round, with a delicate touch of pink lipstick. She had a plane skin which looked like its goanna turn red if something touched her a little harder than necessary.

She turned her head precisely at that moment and caught John staring at her. Instead of turning away, he simply smiled at her. She returned the smile but turned a deep shade of red, quickly looked ahead. They continued their little game for the rest of the speech.

One would catch other looking and smiled in return. Finally, the orientation came to an end and thankfully Anna didn't seem to notice that John's concentration was on something else. Someone passed a few flyers in the end about the college. Anna struck up a conversation with a brunette beside her. John stood up and took a few steps searching for the little blonde in commotion caused by the students leaving the hall.

"Hi" someone called out to him from his right. He turned around and found himself facing her. She was straining her neck upwards to look at his face. "Hi, I am John," he introduced himself. "Hi. I am Leslie." She noticed Anna heading towards them.

"Call me." She handed John her flyer and danced away from him before he could reply. There's a phone number scribbled, using a red lipstick, on it. "Is that the shorty you have been staring at?" Anna asked him looked in the direction Leslie went. Busted! "Yep, she's cute," John replied. No point in hiding now. "She's short," Anna said in matter of fact tone. "Come on, we need to get going." She grabbed his hand and started dragging him towards the nearest exit, ignoring all the gathered boys hoping to talk to her.

They found their parents near same hot dog stall. In minutes all six of them clambered in to his Volvo XC90 and were racing towards some fancy restaurant in the town for dinner.

Richard drove them to an upscale restaurant, called Paradise, which looked like a set for a Hollywood film. A group of people were waiting outside and a valet took their car, eyeing them curiously. When Richard handed him a hundred dollar bill his eyes widened in surprise. He quickly pocketed the money and rushed towards the Volvo. They stopped at a receptionist table outside. A tender young blonde was looking at them with same expression of the valet (before the hundred dollar bill), like they were lost.

Who can blame her? John looked around and confirmed what he already knew. They are seriously under dressed. Two of them were still in their freshmen uniform and their parents' attire was suited more for taking a stroll in the public park than to eat here. All the men waiting outside wore tuxedos and the women were dressed to kill. "How can I help you, sir?" the receptionist asked them drawing a smile from Richard.

Sam laughed with her eyes when the young woman's heart fluttered at her husband's smile, which John inherited. "Yes, we have reservations," Richard replied.

"I am sorry, sir. Even if you did you are not dressed appropriately. So, I am afraid I have to ask you to cancel them and leave." "They are on the name Richard Miller. Why don't you check your list?" Richard said still smiling.

Sam shot a sympathetic, knowing glance towards the young woman. If her husband decides on something, he can be pretty hot headed. "I am sorry, sir," she repeated. "But you -" she cut off as the realization drawn to her. "I sincerely apologize for my mistake, Mr. Miller.

Your table's waiting for you. Please, follow me." She signaled her colleague to cover for her. It had been a close call. She had had come very close to losing her job.

"Don't worry about it. Happens all the time," Daniel said from the back. She looked back only to find another heart breaker smiling at her. Can't imagine why, she thought. How can she expect that the great Richard Miller and his family would show up in plain jeans and tees? Her manager practically danced when Mr. Miller called for the reservations. He called her twice in the evening telling her to escort them to the table herself and notify him immediately.

"My name is Janet," she said as they reached their table. She took the menu cards from a waiter and placed handed them to everyone. "I will give you some time to order." She was off to find the manager. John took a seat opposite Anna and started scanning the menu, which was a lot thicker than the normal ones.

It's probably due to the fact that the restaurant offers items from most of the cuisines known. "You could have told us this was a formal restaurant and save us all the trouble." Sam sent an accusatory glare towards her husband.

"Lady, suits and gowns are for dates, dances and meetings. When I have dinner with my family I like to wear what I want but you already know that. So stop nagging at me," Richard said rising an eyebrow. "Damn right," Daniel agreed. Sam and Jess simply rolled their eyes at their husbands while Anna laughed lightly. When the waitress came back a few minutes later they were ready with their orders.

When the food was server it turned out to be damn good. It had to be, John thought, considering the few hundred bucks spent on each meal. For the next hour they made small talk about things like interested courses, living away from home etc. They were only interrupted once when the manager came to greet them. Nothing out of ordinary until Daniel signaled for their attention. "Here's to our children, the best of all," he raised his glass for a toast.

All the parents raised their glasses acknowledging it. John grinned while Anna blushed. Never before was there a toast given in their names. "And we got you these as a token appreciation, for being most sensible and responsible kids," Daniel continued, pulling out a pair of keys and tossing them on the center of the table.

John's heart skipped a beat when both the keys came with the Porsche logo. John picked the nearest key and examined every detail. He was very satisfied with his Volvo but only an idiot wouldn't exchange it for a brand new Porsche. "Sensible and responsible; even when we stole the cop's car?" Anna asked picking the other key and Jess glared at her daughter.

God, she never got over that. "There were couple of times when we thought of strangling you," Sam answered. "Excluding them I would say you earned it." "What are the models?" John asked. He might be in to cars but he can't tell the model just by looking at the keys.

"Where's the fun in that." Richard laughed. "Go look for yourselves. They are waiting for you in the parking lot of your dorm." "Can we leave now?" "Hold your horses John. You have plenty of time when we leave tonight.

Till then you are struck with us," Jess said waving her hand. An hour later they were pulling in front of the student dorm where John and Anna goanna spend the next academic year. As both of their parents were required at work early, they are in a bit hurry to leave.

All the women eyes were filled with tears as soon they got down. "I am going to miss you." Sam gave John a bone crushing Hug. "I love you." John rubbed his mother's back slowly telling her that he felt the same.

"I love you too, mom." Beside him both the redheads were sobbing in each other arms. When Jess raised her and met John's eyes, she pulled him for another hug and kissing him on both the cheeks. He would miss her too. Jess was his mother as much as Sam and Anna, probably feels the same, was now in the arms of Sam. Both the fathers gave him a one hand hug but Anna pulled them in for a long one.

When their parents pulled out of the parking lot, Anna was still sobbing into John's shoulder. Together they watched the car disappear in to the traffic. "It must seem silly for crying when we will see them every other week," Anna said without raising her head. "No. It's not. Let's face it Anna. We have always been closer to our parents than most of the kids. It's O.K to cry," John said rubbing her shoulder.


He pulled her towards the parking lot, the only way to divert Anna's attention. "Let's go check out our new rides." Their Jaws dropped when they saw them. There they are, two new Porsches, parked side by side. One of them was a shiny dark blue metallic '911 Turbo S Cabriolet' with a black convertible top. This little baby has 530 hp and can do zero to sixty in 3.2 seconds. The leather seats and interior were titanium blue.

Beside it sat a hot Red 'Cayenne Turbo S'.

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This SUV has 550 hp and can do zero to sixty in 4.3 seconds. Same as the 911 the interiors were matching red. Anna danced towards 911 running her hand over the shiny blue exterior.

She pulled out the keys, unlocking it and jumping into the driver's seat, removing her high heels. John got into the side seat when the engine started to purr like a kitten.

"Let's go for a ride," Anna shouted and the little 911 shot out like a bullet. The city was glowing with lights and Anna skillfully navigated through the never ending traffic. Finding a small ice cream corner Anna pulled to side and got out.

Bare footed she ran towards ice cream booth and got a couple of cones. She threw one to John. "This calls for a celebration. Look at it, it's so cute." Anna's eyes went all gooey when she looked at it. "Sure is," John replied. Well it's cute but John was more interested in its engine. It has a top track speed of 193 mph. One day he will put it to test. Beside him Anna was still ogling at the car.

At least he succeeded in deviating her or else she would have spent all night crying. "It's a pity we will not be using them daily," John said. He decided to pop its hood at the earliest opportunity and take a look at the engine. "Yes, it is. It's ridiculous to use a car for a five minute walk," Anna said licking the cone.

John took the wheel on the return journey. It handled like a dream. The acceleration and breaking systems were remarkable. He almost broke a couple of traffic rules while testing what the new car is capable of.

They repeated same process for the Cayenne. When they finally got away from their rides, the toll of the really long day took its effect on them. Their dorm floors alternates between the males and females. Anna got out on the fourth floor giving him a fierce hug. John got out on the next floor and headed towards his room.

His roommate whoever he is, hasn't checked in yet. He changed into his pajamas. He wanted check his emails, some computer game updates but was out like a light within seconds, when his head hit the pillow. Susan. John rolled over to shut his alarm off and ended face down on his dorm floor, nearly breaking his nose. Cursing he pulled himself up and staggered to the bathroom. What a great way to start a Monday. Damn! He had full day ahead. The morning session was filled with classes and the afternoon one with a lab.

If he was lucky, the lab will not drag on. May be they will get lo leave after the introductions. In no hurry, John got ready for the day ahead. He met Anna in her floors lounge (every floor had one). She looked great, as usual.


They went to the common dining area for breakfast. While eating Anna pulled out their schedule and started scanning them. They were in the same classes throughout the semester, she made sure of that.

As both of them wanted to do a major in computers and a minor in management, why not have the same classes. They paid with their student cards, figuring it would be best way, instead of cash. Anna was babbling about all sorts of things during their five minute walk from the dorm to classrooms. It took them a few minutes to find their classrooms but they finally managed to settle in the center seats with plenty of time.

Thanks to Anna and her sense of punctuality they were early than most of the other students. The classrooms were auditorium styles with a two per bench seating, which means the professor has clear vision of everyone present. The morning session dragged on and on. John sighed when the last hour came to an end. In less than two hours they were expected in the computer lab. The fact that steely looking professor Bell who thought the third hour, was the one in charge of the lab session didn't help either.

They had their lunch in the cafeteria and passed the rest of the time. When they entered in to one of the huge computer labs, it was crowded. Professor Bell took three classes and all the three classes' students were divided into only two lab sessions, one on Monday and the other on Tuesday. Anna waved to some girls, while the professor bell called for their attention.

John caught some one waving to him and turned around to find Leslie. She tried and failed to wiggle towards them. The noise died down, when the professor started writing something on the black board in the front. For the next half an hour one of the teaching assistants explained what they were expected to do.

"The assignments and projects should be submitted as a group. A single group must contain three members. You can choose you own team mates, so choose wisely," the TA ended his speech.

Choose wisely. Great how are they supposed to do that when they don't even know the person next to them? Anna got to work and pulled someone towards them. That's how he met Susan.