Horny Teen Fucking Her Neighbor

Horny Teen Fucking Her Neighbor
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This story takes place in the 1960's in rural Long Island, NY. It's the story of two "relatives" who become a lot more than friends. NOTE: Some of the terms used would be politically incorrect today, but were appropriate then. Paul is a popular student who gets all the pussy he can handle.

He knows though that a much slower approach is needed with his naïve "cousin" Rose. CHAPTER 1 It had been a long hard day made even longer and harder when my mower ran out of gas. Now I'd be late to the dance. There weren't many at the nearby church so they were pretty special. I had rushed through my dinner, much to the annoyance of my mother, and ran upstairs into the shower. Five minutes later I was dressing in my navy blazer, a white button-down shirt, striped tie, and grey flannel slacks.

A quick combing and my hair was as ready as it was going to be. I kissed Mom, waved to Dad, and was out the door to my truck. Twenty minutes later I was searching in vain for a parking spot. Finally, after another ten minutes I found one—across the street and a block away. I walked hurriedly back to the large brick building. It appeared that I had arrived just in time.

Rose was backed up against a wall as some bruiser who looked to be about ten years older was peering down her dress. I could see the terror in her eyes. Rose and I are the same age—eighteen—but she's really naïve. She should be a junior like me, but she's only a freshman. She's not stupid, on the contrary. She was terribly sick for more than a year and a half when she was eight and nine so she missed two whole years of school. She's better now, thank God. Now, all I have to do is rescue her.

I walked up with a huge smile on my face, stepping right between the gorilla and Rose. "Hi, hun…sorry I'm late." I kissed her cheek as I took her hand.

"C'mon, let's dance." I pulled her away before her erstwhile suitor could react.

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He may have been twice my size, but I'd bet I had twice the IQ. I wrapped my arms around Rose and pulled her close, wondering if she'd say anything about the proximity of our bodies—she did. "Kind of close for cousins, Paul—wouldn't you say?" "Yeah, but…we're actually not quite cousins." "What does that mean—not quite cousins?" "Essentially, we're not cousins.

We're not related. Care to have me explain?" "Yes, I'm confused." Confused was good. She hadn't moved that luscious body with its big round breasts and that sweet firm ass away from the straining erection that was pointing down my left leg.

"Okay…let's go back a few years. I've always called your mom 'Aunt Celia' and you've always called mine 'Aunt Martha,' okay, so far?" She nodded. "I call your dad 'Uncle Carl' and you call mine 'Uncle Stan." If we're related how come we've never seen each other at family gatherings? To be real cousins one of your parents and one of my parents would have to be siblings--you know, like brothers or sisters-- but you're never at any of our family functions and I've never been to any of yours.

I asked my mom about it last year." "Okay…so what did she say?" "She said that she and your mom grew up next door to each other in Queens and were best friends all through school.

They were so close that when they married and had kids it was natural to have them call each other aunt and uncle, especially when our dads got jobs at the Lab." "I don't believe it." "Okay, how about a bet?" The music had stopped, but we were still dancing.

I loved it. "If I'm right I'll pick you up next Friday night at seven for a date—a movie and ice cream after." "And if I'm right?" "I'll pick you up at seven next Friday night, but not for a date. We'll do whatever you want instead." She leaned back a bit and held her hand out to shake.

I kissed her cheek instead.

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"Oh, thanks for the rescue. He was getting pretty obnoxious." "I noticed. It was the least I could do for my girlfriend." She laughed then realized we were the only ones dancing and walked off the floor with me following closely behind. I had always loved Rose, even back to when we were both six.

That was when we moved into the same neighborhood—my family from Oak Ridge, Tennessee and theirs from Alamogordo, New Mexico. My dad and hers had taken jobs at the Brookhaven National Lab in nearby Upton out in rural Suffolk County, Long Island. It was a real reunion for our moms and the first time our families had met.

Rose and I hit it off right away, especially because she was a real tomboy. She could actually pass, catch, and kick a football better than I could until I made it to junior high and was almost as good at baseball and basketball, too. By then she'd been sick and held back. I still saw her every day in school. Our small community had a K-8 school. In ninth grade we all went to Port Jefferson High about twenty miles away. Back then it was a familial love—the kind one has for a brother or sister, or even a cousin--but over the years it had grown in a different direction.

I'd kept it a secret for several years, but—no longer. As time passed we'd both grown into young adults.

I was now 6 feet, 2 inches weighing an even 200 pounds. I played football—linebacker and fullback—and baseball—center field-- on the Port Jeff varsity until my lawn mowing business took precedence in the spring.

I had a muscular build, my body developed by years of lifting weights and working out in our basement. I worked almost every day during the summer mowing lawns and doing yard work. I had twenty lawns that I mowed weekly at seven dollars each. Most of my clients rounded up to an even ten for a much appreciated tip.

I earned between $150 and $200 a week which was pretty decent money at the time. I was saving for college even though I was hoping for some kind of scholarship.

Rose had also grown up…into a beautiful young woman. Rose stood 5 feet, 8 inches, and if I had to guess—maybe, 115 pounds. She had a gorgeous body, the kind that made my classmates drool. Only my threats of a severe beating had saved her from being pawed repeatedly. I knew she had never been on even a single date.

Her illness had made her extremely shy and her parents were overly protective. She was fine with me, but most other guys terrified her.

Rose had the kind of black hair that looked reddish under certain kinds of light. She wore it short, exposing her slender graceful neck. Rose had the most delightful brown eyes and a cute slender nose over full sensual lips. We had a great time at the dance, probably dancing more than sixty percent of the fast ones and all the slow ones. I especially loved the slow ones. I thought that Rose had already figured out that we weren't real cousins; she moved really close to my body.

I was sure she could feel my thick erection, but she never pushed away. We left at eleven, driving to the local soda fountain where I treated to banana splits. Rose had hers with three flavors I wouldn't ever consider.

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Me…I loved every flavor of ice cream so long as it was chocolate. We joined another couple from school and had a wonderful time. We left at 11:45 so I could get her home by midnight. I parked the truck and walked her to the door. "Want to come in, Paul?" "Thanks, Rose, but I have a really busy day tomorrow. Mr. Eaton is putting in a stone wall and I'm helping him. He promised me $50 for the day so I have to be ready to work. Good night, Rose. I had a great time." I leaned in to kiss her cheek, but she turned her head at the last second.

My lips touched hers briefly. It was like a bolt of lightning passed between us. She noticed it, too. Her eyes showed her shock. I waited until she was inside before driving the five blocks to our house. Once in the house Rose walked into the living room to speak with her mother. Her dad always went to bed at eleven; her younger brother Eric was always in bed and sound asleep by ten. "Mom, can I ask you something?" "Of course, Rose; how was the dance?" "Oh, it was wonderful.

Paul rescued me from some big guy who was getting nasty with me. He pretended he was my boyfriend. While we were dancing he told me that we weren't really cousins. Is that true, Mom?" "It is true that we are not related by blood, but Martha and I are closer than most sisters are. We might as well be related." "Okay…so…then…we're not really cousins, are we?" "No, even though you might as well be." "Then I should tell you that I have a date Friday night." "Oh?

Who with?" "With Paul, Mom; we had a bet and I lost, but I'm kind of glad. Does that make any sense?" Her mom smiled then responded, "Yes, dear—it does. Now let's go to bed, shall we?" CHAPTER 2 My parents were both in bed when I got home so my usual inquisition took place at breakfast the following morning. I told them I'd had a wonderful time and that I had a date Friday night. "Do we know her, Paul," my mother asked. "Yes, Mom it's with Rose." I went on to tell about the bet.

I could see my mother thinking as I spoke. "I hope you plan to be a gentleman, Paul. I don't want to see her hurt in any way." "Yes, Mom, you know I will and I'd never hurt Rose. You know I love her." She did, but not in the way I meant. I excused myself and ran out the door, looking forward to a hard day's work. Mom didn't like me skipping church, but knew it was for a good reason. I saw Rose Monday morning when I picked her up for the ride to school.

It was better than waiting for the bus and a lot quicker, too. She seemed unusually happy this morning. She spilled the beans even before I had the chance to ask her. "We have a date, Paul.

I can't wait—a real date." I reached across the bench seat to squeeze her hand. Next thing I knew she slid across to sit next to me. I could see how thrilled she was. I held her hand almost all the way to school—except when I needed two hands to drive and shift gears. I gave her a brief peck on the lips once we were at school. Friday night I was at her door at 7:00 sharp. Aunt Celia answered the door. "My goodness, Paul—Rose has been looking forward to this all week.

She's been on cloud nine. I hope you have a good time." "I'm sure we will, Aunt Celia. We always enjoy each other's company.

I'll have her home by twelve." "I think we can make it one, Paul. I don't want to stand in the way of you two enjoying yourselves." I heard a noise and turned to see Rose descending the staircase. She looked beautiful—even more than usual. I took her hand and led her out to my truck.

My truck—it was a 1952-53 Ford. I got it at a junk yard. Most of the parts were from a '52, but some, like the seats, the bed, and the transmission were from a 1953. They were basically the same and the price was great--$100! We drove all the way to Port Jefferson Station, named, no doubt, for its proximity to the older town of Port Jefferson and the end-of-the-line station of the Long Island Rail Road's northern spur.

We sat in the balcony and held hands while we sipped our Cokes and nibbled popcorn. About half way through the movie I put my arm around her shoulders; I was extremely pleased that she didn't object at all. After the movie we drove down the hill to Grammas' for ice cream, exactly as I had promised. It was still early so I drove us to the beach.

We sat in the parking lot overlooking the beach and Long Island Sound beyond. The moon's reflection glistened over the tiny waves. We sat quietly, just watching the water. Normally, I'd be making out with my hand up my date's skirt, but this was Rose.

I knew she had no experience and I definitely didn't want to scare her. There'd be other dates and other opportunities. I went to turn on the radio, but Rose stopped me. "Paul…have you brought other girls here?" "One or two, but none like you." I could see her smile even in the dim light. "What did you do with them?

Can you tell me?" "That's not something a gentleman discusses, Rose." "Did you kiss your girlfriend?" "Not yet, but I was thinking of doing it in about a minute." She looked up at me.

I moved down to her and our lips met. She was tentative at first, but after a few seconds her arms gripped my neck pulling me to her as our lips mashed into each other. I'd had plenty of kisses, but none as sweet or loving as that one. The kiss lasted for more than a minute before Rose broke it. "I liked that, Paul. I liked it a lot." "Me, too, but next time try opening your mouth a bit so our tongues can touch." She gave me a questioning look, but separated her lips about a quarter inch before leaning up for another.

I gently pushed my tongue between her lips and teeth. She jumped back in shock then smiled and moved in again, opening her mouth wider. This time her tongue beat me to the punch. It wrestled with mine, moving between our mouths. Rose was obviously a quick study. She was a great kisser. Her face was red when we broke it.

"Yeah, I agree. It was incredible." "Is that all you did, Paul?" "No, there were other things, but I don't think you're ready for them." "Can you at least tell me?" Rose was going to open Pandora's Box come hell or high water. "Touching, mostly—her breasts, her pussy, my penis." Rose gulped several times. "Like I said, you're not ready for that—not yet, anyway; maybe sometime in the future. The idea is to give each other pleasure, but you have to be ready…and you have to be willing." "I think I want you to touch me." "No!

Touching is something like kissing. Both parties have to be involved and It'll be a while before you're ready to touch my penis, won't it? I love you, Rose, so I'm not going to rush you into anything…and especially not that. You'll know when you're ready." I leaned down, opened my mouth and waited, but not too long. Rose was all over me in a second. We kissed for more than an hour, but nothing more. We both knew she wasn't ready.

I got her home by 12:50. We kissed again outside the door and she went in. Ten minutes later I was home. I had a feeling my mother would be up waiting and I was right. "So…how did it go?" "Great, Mom—we both had a wonderful time." There was a lull then she spoke again, "Did you try to kiss her?" "No, Mom, but she did kiss me," I grinned before continuing, "several times, in fact.

We're going out again tomorrow. Danny Shea is having a party." "Just don't forget what I said. I don't want to see her hurt." "Don't worry, Mom. I'm not going to hurt her. I love Rose and I'm in this for the long haul." I'd told the truth even if I hadn't fully explained my love for Rose.

I didn't say anything, but I was certain a very similar inquisition had occurred with Aunt Celia and Rose, just as I was sure our mothers would compare notes early tomorrow morning. I wasn't worried; I hadn't done anything to be ashamed of. I picked Rose up at eight Saturday night. Danny Shea lived only about five miles away in the next village down the highway. We parked on the road and walked hand-in-hand to the front door.

The music was almost deafening as we walked in. We met with Danny who offered us beer from a keg. It was tempting, but we opted for sodas instead. I could see that some of the kids were drinking a lot; some were already tipsy and it wasn't even 8:30. I could also see that there were too many kids at the party and that Danny's parents were nowhere to be seen. This could be a recipe for disaster. We stayed until ten dancing almost every dance.

Rose actually kissed me in the middle of one. Once I noticed several guys becoming argumentative I knew it was time to leave. We were just getting into my truck when the first police car arrived. We were questioned, but even the cop could see we hadn't anything to drink. "I'm glad you're sober.

I hate to find kids killed in traffic accidents." "Yeah, that's the biggest reason why I only have beer at home," I replied. We were gone a minute later.

"Why'd we leave, Paul? I was having such a good time." "Because there's going to be trouble, Rose; some of those kids are drunk. There was no supervision and, believe me, there will be some fights unless the cops break up the party. We may be eighteen and legally able to drink, but that doesn't mean we should. I'm responsible for your safety. I'm not taking any chances with you. You mean a lot more to me than a couple of beers." She looked up at me and kissed my cheek.

I drove around the block and headed to the miniature golf where I let Rose beat me. "I know you're better than that, Paul. You let me win, didn't you?" I laughed then held my hands up in a defensive position.

"Who, me?" She joined me in laughing then she hugged me, looked into my eyes and kissed me. It was long and sweet, our tongues dueling for minutes. She broke it, but only to whisper, "Take me to the beach." All the beaches where we live are private with the exception of an occasional town, county, or state park. We have two beaches in our association—Sill's Gully where one can drive all the way to the beach and East Path near our houses.

That's a walk down a long and winding path in a ravine. It's also a long walk back up. The homeowners have improved it, installing benches and a boardwalk where feasible.

I drove to Sill's Gully. It was named for a big rock—Sill's Rock—about a half mile straight out from shore in almost twenty feet of water at high tide. There are probably a million rocks on the north shore of Long Island. They all came from New England during the last ice age when they were pushed by a massive glacier and deposited once the glacier receded.

I hoped the parking lot would be empty. It was. Rose wanted to go onto the beach so I pulled an old blanket from behind the seat. We walked holding hands under the moon's light.

We sat on the blanket, Rose snuggling close to me. It was April and it was chilly. I took off my sweatshirt and pulled it over her head.

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The waistband got stuck on her breasts until I made a concerted effort to pull it out away from her body. "You did that on purpose." "Of course, I'm not an idiot, you know." Rose laughed then leaned forward, pressing those glorious orbs into my chest as she kissed me.

Ending our dates on the beach became one of our favorite things. We dated every Friday and Saturday night and we often saw each other at family functions like birthday parties or cookouts.

Our parents seemed to accept our relationship. I know that my mother no longer interrogated me after every date and Rose's mom always welcomed me when I picked her up.

We had dated for more than a month, doing everything teenagers could imagine. I had even taken her over to Coram to the drive-in there. We bought the obligatory Cokes and popcorn, returning to the truck while it was still light. It was fun watching the young kids in the playground, many of them clad in pajamas, while their parents looked on. I recalled looking forward to the movie, but we never saw more than ten minutes at a time. The following week we went to another dance, this time at school.

One thing about school dances, they ended early—at eleven. Rose and I left around 10:30. I asked Rose if she'd like to get some ice cream, but she shook her head. "You know where I want to go." I drove to our favorite place—the beach at Sill's Gully.

Rose joined me on the blanket. One second I was sitting and looking at the water, the next I was lying back with Rose on top of me. She gripped my head as she ground her lips into mine. Her large globular breasts pressed into my chest. I could feel her hard nipples through our clothes. Her legs were wrapped around mine. We kissed and kissed until she broke it. Looking directly into my eyes she spoke quietly, "I'm not as naïve as you think, Paul.

I may not have done as many things as you, but I know what they are and how to do them.and I want to do them, too. But first, I think I need to confess something to you. Promise you won't laugh at me?" "Of course, Rose. I'd never laugh at you." "Okay…here goes; back when we started to see each other Mom thought I was so thrilled to have a real date.

I was thrilled, but because the date was with you. Now…the hard part; I'm sure you know that I love you. I realized about a year ago that it wasn't the same kind of love it was when we were younger. I thought I was a freak—being in love with my cousin, so I was thrilled to learn that we're not." I couldn't control myself.

I broke out in wild laughter. After only a few seconds I could see that Rose was at the verge of tears. Leaning up I brought her face to mine. "Oh, Rose…I'm definitely not laughing at you. I'm laughing at me." She gave me a look that told me she thought I was crazy. "You see, Rose I've been terrified-- struggling with how to tell you exactly the same thing.

I love you…I'm in love with you. I've been in love with you for…longer than I care to admit. I think you're the most wonderful person I've ever met and I love being with you.

I love kissing you and holding you." "Touching me?" "Yes, that will come when you're ready. I know a lot of guys who think that mauling some girl's tits is fun, but it's only fun if you're using it to make her feel great." "Paul…I'm ready.

Make me feel great…please." She placed her hand on my thigh. My cock responded immediately. I could see that she could feel it…feel it grow. "Oh, Paul it feels so big. Can I see it?" I moved her hands to my belt buckle. It was open a few seconds later. She fumbled with the button on my shorts then pulled my zipper down. She turned to me and kissed me. It was quick but sweet and hot. "I've dreamed of this for so long. It's what I think of when I masturbate.

Dreaming of you always makes me so hot." She pulled down my shorts and my briefs; my cock sprung up, swinging free in the cool evening.

Rose hesitated not at all in touching and stroking me. "Oh…it feels so hot and I can't believe the skin is so soft and smooth. That's kind of a contradiction, isn't it--hard on the inside, yet so soft on the outside." She shocked me when she leaned down to kiss the tip, testing the sponginess with her lips. "Go ahead, Paul—open my blouse. I want you to touch my breasts." My hands found her buttons, opening them easily despite their tiny size.

She shrugged out of the blouse and helped me with the bra's clasp. I gasped at her beauty. Her breasts were perfectly symmetrical, sitting high on her chest despite their size.

They were big--easily a handful for my big muscular paws with their dark brown areolas and hard wrinkled nipples. Despite my strength I knew to be careful and delicate as I massaged them and rolled her nipples between my fingers. I could sense how turned on Rose was becoming.

Even in the dim light I could see her arousal—the way she threw her head back, moaned, and arched her back. What the hell would happen when I touched her pussy?

I found out a few minutes later when she jumped up and slipped out of her slacks; her panties following a second later. "Jeez, Rose I hope nobody comes down here. You're naked." "No…I'm wearing my sneakers." I groaned at her humor. "Well," she continued, "you could join me, you know." "Not much point, is there?

If anyone shined a flashlight on me I'd be arrested for indecent exposure, for sure. I'll say one thing—being in love with you sure is interesting. Let's see if I can make it more fun for you." My mouth replaced one of my hands at her breast while the other explored between her legs. My fingers pushed through her thick curls to find her wet—pussy juice literally running down her thighs. My middle finger ran up and down her slit, tickling her clit several times before finding its way into her tight tunnel.

Rose's moans became loud groans as she humped my hand. She continued like this for more than five minutes and it was a good thing I was paying attention. She had straddled my hips and was about to lower herself onto my cock.

"NO!" I pushed her up then pulled her to me. "Don't misunderstand me, Rose. I'd love to make love with you—I dream of that day--but not here and not now. We're not doing it without protection. If you got pregnant…well, I don't want to even think about the consequences. I love you, Rose. We'll do it, but under better circumstances and when we're prepared properly." I pulled her in for a kiss then we dressed and I took her home.

That time came two weeks later.

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We went again to the Coram drive-in, leaving around eleven so we could get to the beach by 11:30. I had laundered the blanket during the week so it would be clean and soft for what we both wanted so badly. I stopped off this afternoon on the way home from school to buy some condoms.

Rose had stayed in the truck at my insistence, but peeked into the bag once I had returned. At first she gasped then she had jumped into my lap and engaged me into a torrid kiss before we resumed our trip home. Our touching had become more daring and more frequent over the past weeks. Rose had confided that she masturbated furiously after our dates. "You get me so hot, Paul. I could never sleep until I can get relief." I had admitted doing the same.

We both thought we were ready now for the next step. I laid the blanket carefully onto an area that was clean of any seaweed and where the pebbles were small and plentiful.

North shore Long Island beaches were a combination of sand, rounded pebbles, and rocks. I'd learned at an early age that lying on the pebbles was much more comfortable than lying on the sand which would pack down and become as hard as a rock.

Rose and I stood together and kissed as she ran her hands up the back of my shirt.


I ran mine down the back of her shorts. We were so hot for each other; our clothes were off in less than a minute. This was the third time we'd been naked together on the beach. Last Friday night we played miniature golf again knowing that we'd be done early. Rose laughed when I let her win again. We came to the beach and undressed each other eagerly. "Have you done this before, Paul?" "Not exactly like this, Rose. I'm doing this because I love you. The other times were pure lust. I'm sure I lust after you even more, but I also love you terribly." We kissed then and I pulled her down with me to the blanket.

We would both cum, but tonight we would masturbate each other. I lay next to Rose, fondling her right breast with my left hand while I suckled at her left. My right hand went straight to her pussy. I wasn't at all surprised to find it gushing with delicious juice. My fingers found her tunnel and fucked her at a frenetic pace. Her hand found my cock, but I restrained her.

I wanted to make sure that she had a very pleasurable experience, one she'd want again and again. She writhed in her ecstasy and when I moved my finger to her clit she came so hard she screamed at the top of her lungs until she collapsed into my arms.

I clutched her back by running my arm between her legs and my hand over her butt. I could feel her humping against my forearm as her orgasm went on and on. Finally, it ended with a sigh as though all the air had been forced from her lungs. I moved to hold her, but she was quicker—her lips mashed into mine as though all her passion was escaping through her mouth. I looked down to find she was almost unconscious. I held her gently until she stirred.

"Oh, Paul--what was that? It was so incredible…overwhelming." "I'd say you had the mother of all orgasms. Do you remember screaming for like thirty seconds?" She looked incredulous. "You did. I hope nobody calls the cops." "I didn't do that, did I?" I just nodded and pulled her in for yet another sensational kiss.

She broke it a minute later to ask, "Can we wait a bit before I take care of you?" "Of course, I'll wait forever for you. You know that." "I don't want you to wait that long. I want to take care of you just like you took care of me.

Besides, I want to see how that big hard thing you have really works." I laughed. "I only have one piece of advice, Rose—move to the side.

Don't aim it anywhere near your face unless you want an early bath. Don't forget, the water's really cold now." She looked unsure so I continued, "When I cum I'll probably shoot two or three feet into the air.

You don't want to get in the way. I doubt your folks would be too thrilled to have you come home with semen in your hair. Mine would probably kill me." "Don't worry.

I'll protect you." Even Rose had to laugh at that one. "Okay, I'll stay out of the way." I pulled her to me for another kiss. I felt her hand on me as our lips came together. Her tongue flicked in my mouth as her hand gripped and stroked me. She kissed me passionately, but broke it after only a few seconds.

"Sorry, but I want to see this." She sat up to stroke me with both hands. She gripped me tightly, her hands moving faster and faster. My breathing became rapid and shallow as my orgasm approached.

Suddenly, the familiar feeling was there. "Rose!" But instead of aiming away from her body she twisted my cock so my first spray hit between her breasts. The second struck just a trifle lower. All in all she took seven forceful rivers of slick white semen onto her magnificent body before the final weak eruption flew a mere six inches from my cock.

I lay there on the blanket totally drained. "Paul…that was so exciting. I guess that when it's in my pussy it will shoot all that sperm into my womb. Isn't that how it's supposed to work?" "You were supposed to get out of the way." "I know, but I thought it might be more fun this way and I was right. I loved having it spurt all over me. I think I need a shower." She seemed to notice the mess on her fingers for the first time so she brought them to her mouth for a tentative taste.

"Hmmm, a bit salty, but otherwise kind of interesting; maybe tomorrow night I'll try to swallow it all." "I think I might enjoy that." I stole a quick kiss then tried to wipe my cum from her body with a towel I'd remembered to bring. "Why don't you wet it?" I jumped up and walked to the water.

I had just bent over to moisten the towel when I felt her hands on my butt. A second later I tumbled into the 56-degree water. I'd been in the Long Island Sound in May before so I had a good idea what to expect. It was COLD! I turned around to see Rose laughing.

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"Okay, you got me. It's a good thing I'm in love with you. C'mon, help me up, will you?" I was almost to my knees when she extended her hand—big mistake. I pulled her onto my body as I fell back. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…oohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Damn, Paul…it's cold." All I could do was laugh and soon enough she joined me. We were two freezing maniacs laughing as I rose and carried her up the beach. I walked tenderly back down for the towel.

It would normally take a few weeks before my feet grew accustomed to walking over the pebbles, especially once the skin was softened by becoming wet. I dried Rose as best I could, but she was already drying herself with her clothes. "I'm pretty sure there'd be hell to pay if I came home wet and my clothes were dry." "You know, we're both eighteen…legally adults." "I know, but we're both still in school and we're both still living at home.

I guess that means we have to follow some rules." I kissed her cheek as I dried her hair. I knew she was right, but that didn't mean I liked it. On the positive side all traces of semen on her chest and stomach had washed away. I went in with her, expecting her parents to be shocked at our condition. I was right.


"Rose! Paul! What on earth happened?" Our hair was drenched; Rose wore one of my sweatshirts and an old pair of gym shorts.

I was shirtless, but wearing a pair of sweatpants that matched Rose's shirt with no shoes or socks. "You have an evil daughter, Aunt Celia." My tone of voice told everyone that I was kidding. "We went to the beach and I bent down to test the water temperature." "Yeah, Paul—you looked so funny doing that somersault into the water." "Rose!

You didn't!" "So, here I was pretty much wet and freezing so I figured tit for tat would be appropriate. I asked for some help and when Rose reached for me I pulled her in, too. Lucky I had some spare clothes in the back of my truck. Rose changed in the truck; I changed in the far end of the parking lot." "Oh, I swear…you two.

Shame on you, Rose." "I already apologized and it was accepted." "Yes," I admitted as I kissed her cheek. "I'll see you tomorrow night. By the way, we're going fishing. Trust me, you'll love it." Rose laughed. She knew exactly what she'd love about fishing then she reached up to peck my lips, I said good night to Aunt Celia and handed Rose a plastic bag with her sodden clothes.

Needless to say, my mother knew all about it by the time I had driven home.